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Mustard and Johnson Talk about the Disaster that is the NY Jets

Nov 24, 2012|

After Thursday night, it is officialy that the Jets are a pathetic team at this point. All the turnovers, Mark Sanchez, Tebow on the sidelines with broken ribs etc. It is just an awful situation. The guys take calls from Pats fans reacting to the big win Thursday night.

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Really wanted to go -- mix throws left side. But shouldn't leave a settlement. It gracefully into the third and 2520. New England Patriots. 83 yards. -- -- Smith said. Snot out of position. And New England strikes. Quickly it's like thirteen nothing -- He had a wheel route and time. They carried west and and Brandon on the outside they just cared about the field there was a lot of space and once sector attendees. He can't he's so fast I mean he can now run those guys so he covered up the sideline and because I see in the back of his Jersey you know run all the way down the field then he opened up and it was a great play. Come back shame shame comeback -- -- cries Bart Starr impersonating a little -- from the classic western movie could. Shape when you watch that played over their beauty of that player also -- when you see Brady -- -- the receiver than he looks over. -- as -- -- quarters of exactly how we drew it up in about the last guy you want to have the ball 41 you're running backs is very because that's part of this -- -- he's very fast. Patriots pretty much. Holdings in delaying mutilating any which way you can. They beat up on the New York Jets even throw out those 21 points and 53 seconds of the the player of the year but we've been brought up the player of the year. Percent reached the -- as a -- that decided not to find life but defying the posterior one. Oriented more who. Apparently was as a partisan rockers. Impenetrable as the wall -- -- was pushing them back points or Iran and on top of all he said what happened on that play is Sanchez said he. Got the play mixed up and he thought it was a different play when you watch at the running back go right by -- really funny no placed ago. So reach Christ who's sly -- under brand and more in of course Wilfork is pushing -- and more like he's on world skates. I don't think I've ever seen that before where -- guy runs into his own teammate in just that manner. And that was definitely one for the island was amazing. Series of plays our -- Were working in the game limited -- Edmonton nothing without the garage door openings came back. It is -- seven that nothing or you know obviously -- and catch it again to my god and an epic kick off. Fumbled element and then he's in the end zone unbelievable. The way. Doing your Raj on Thanksgiving -- Point -- you can't get up and and take a bag of trash on Letterman in the film arguments that like they were -- my right creative my wife averages thirteen bags of -- week -- Larry does all party liquor. An update on the path are now on so. That's when it as it's now totals yesterday. Again we're gonna write to the phone you set I was nervous couple weeks ago yeah I -- cemetery one that was I was -- five -- -- of that because of the secondary in Frankfurt tomorrow we can't get into it now -- very tight vote are covering. Variety of subjects but that would get intimately what you -- about the issue was well. But it. When I'm nervous about and I still haven't totally got outdated yet. Finally seems to the secondary. Looks a little more -- I think equality is is slow much better -- say. So -- he's a great aptly. He made yet on the -- he's so much better at safety and I think the biggest concern that the patriots have. Where was the secondary we still don't know for sure yet has ever really been tested did a great job putting pressure. On and on lock. But I think it is the secondary is nervous about I don't take that bracket. But again we don't know while the secondary played out Thursday because around I don't know where it is genius who never even put the ball up. -- all the backup quarterback. Way. Why do you have a quarterback to rest -- can't play and and you have tackle right I'm in cities who quit have been -- -- if they needed them -- not only. Our picture fans celebrating the impressive win against that he had -- a day are just. I'm applying all kinds of -- and Freud in the direction of the East Rutherford, New Jersey enjoying. Jets go down in flames just as well it's just a ballot confusion on -- has amassed on their right now and out and people movement in Bible via text during the five awaits -- guys. They have beaten two terrible teams settled down and they will lose next week -- Miami. They have no shot at getting the number one -- and yet another texture. Says wow this is in the 978. Yahoo! nation is back six of eight wins against teams under 500. End the colts are one of the two and give it up guys. I don't think anybody saying they're going to be they got to run the table and be my dimple ball I had -- -- yet again and you thought the reds are sure gonna to overtake the Yankees. IE I did I go week though Craig wait for the whole season I go week to week. You can I agree with you techsters I agree that the last two weeks certainly can't -- litmus test for. Determining just how good this team will be. When they play a team that hit back. But you can't blame the patriots -- that mean that -- did drop of the court when these games anyway and as we found out. You know Barack teams that go up there and blow these kind of games. All right let's get to the phones it's 61777979. 37. Bob in the car you're gonna. It can offer mustard and Johnson sports good morning Bob. Good morning happy Thanksgiving thank you Sam do you. Three quick comment annul them on a earlier in the week column called there what's happening now is that Belichick has made -- shift in focus did not become a the offensive. Girl has posted defense is because is the impression is that. The -- -- -- offense. Public -- say about that. However stop suffers second Bob hall or made this. Opinion isn't based on any evidence. Well I mean I don't really want to be viewed companies magic speaker do you guys think about that assessment that's an interesting one I think he's -- -- He has shifted its focus. They like that's. Seattle where let's just let's discuss each point I don't know so much if he shifted his focus I think the offense. They've been averaging about thirty points a game anyway I don't think there's anything wrong with Brady and I think right cows -- how well Kirk. These guys have been just a motoring along I think the problem had been on the defensive secondary side. That's where people at least I was very concerned about and in. Obviously that's the pot that was broken in and of teams keep coming -- -- -- You know long bombs on the field on it doesn't matter how rich -- offenses so. I don't bundles go ahead. I would agree I would say rightly been aligned Beckett that great on the running game that you weakened coverage. I mean did get beat out problems and that's the no doubt about it maybe. Funny with the Mayo has always been a really good coverage guy he's got great range and speed and an understanding of the game. Hightower is rookie so I don't know how much can expect out of him. I think Brandon Spikes all of a sudden has become a terror. In his position against the run. In when he -- people they -- the sandman because he puts people to sleep he is out. If Robin offensive player and I am getting the ball the first thing I want and always wears spikes. And that goal line stand that the patriots when I know it's just the jets but still it was impressive your other point out that. He was great partners. I can't in -- where it's like I -- men and really the yeah I do I give him an a minus the contents I -- he's the delivery I think because gonna perpetual smirk on its face I think arrogant. And I just put -- nobody yet. Heidi you know we as a smirk on his face of the cameras -- may make it. Isn't that you like OK. Okay rhetoric but Bob would you take if he could only have one -- enlisted to Bruton are called. And well I think Sam Rosie you're you're used to -- he's almost a patriot house announced -- space at CBS has the patriots -- least eighteen to the number one team Nance and Sam's doing it. Sims is very comfortable with the organization very comfortable bella jackets a lot of -- so I I think he certainly if your patriot fan he's much more user friendly I don't want that almost. Almost the house I don't want that -- that's the problem I think Collins worth in across the country. Bank is robbed by media ties maybe not Kansas -- usually don't like honest. Analysts -- I don't agree with you at all -- that. -- I think for a lot of people you know I don't I I think I I I customary -- don't go right now I've been very astute football for -- -- I said the average handler what are you so -- not like nearly -- most of people area idiots sent. I think people not -- I think that you know I think people want. In an analyst -- talent like it is in effect guy yell at reliant by the idea in both saying you have bomb of require very little bad -- no right I'm there I don't. I don't know what you like OK I don't want homer in the 1970s. Howard Cosell was the most. Heated announcer in sports and he was the most well liked announcer in sports wide because people knew what there is no such thing as bad publicity. But I think there are a lot of people out there. Who fine Collins -- and I'm not one of them all right I understand it went there went one pointed -- was in the negative against the patriots exactly that's you don't like -- -- in as the tendency. For. Hometown fans that think every national announcing team is against them. And the reason why they don't feel that way about -- and chances. They do somebody patriot games the patriots are CBS's flagship franchise is the most successful franchise in the AFC CBS does the AFC. Year ago Nantz and -- there's so many of the games. You know it seems like here it seems like you're watching a local station when it's Nantz and Simms. Larry and I wish I can remember the play -- that it recently it was it was a controversial play and yes Simms about it and he was a lot. I'm not really sure I -- -- say a I don't think he gives distraught is stronger as it says he used to he does not that's what I want and I I want. Now there's a Mac had to wing it in and I think. -- is worth is one of the best. These -- -- a half ago they happen instantly and annually -- backs of hoddle. In instantly he can you analyze -- and had a breakdown app play for you and tell you exactly why it happened why it didn't. I would I would rank of the number one analysts I would port call through them BC wanton. I would put on Troy Aikman fox to Sims three in a distant fourth would be Jon Gruden obvious you only get off to. It is not number one he's the number 290 yeah I like the auto analyst yeah I like deer are a lot to doesn't do a lot of picture gains for some reason that they always give. The patriots -- the number one tight it's pretty average -- ago pints and Eric -- last night arrows throw out that there there was there was apparently Colin offensive foul on traffic it would Corina is something. As he wore on and off the defender what is and writes in says. He asked our right to take as sovereign strike out Adam -- opponent and I couldn't stop laughing I -- I particularly listen with what's. Which slow morrow and I'd definitely -- an output cut out there. -- -- -- You know make up -- and you can't pretend something didn't happen if you're looking at it in all your viewers are looking at it. You have to go back a couple of a second agrees that you almost along feature is Tommy was less than objective and as it was fun it was a funny comment he has got to otherwise he really was he he was lauding the opponent -- what was good. Luck. I just. --

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