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Paul Pierce with Grande and Max

Nov 23, 2012|

Grande & Max talked to the captain, who had 27 points in the big win over the Thunder.

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I John thank you devastated -- went. They get a big when they beat the thunder one away 100. At the garden tonight Paul Pierce -- point seven joining us in the celtics' locker room. It winds that I would it was a tough night obviously here on a variety of levels what was the focus with a day off yesterday. After what happened on Wednesday going into the game against the fourteenth or -- -- in the. We thought the story if you know we often do lawful vote -- -- or. Well whom want to be and of itself. If you will be. For me after all for the sport and look. Live from this point. For. For. With them. So folks -- Applaud every vile ways looks at it as something that transition and sometimes when you're home -- -- -- -- -- you've got to protect all put here with their young guns -- coveted. Yeah you know -- definitely got two of the best players and let them will be -- We are confident we'll certainly play -- -- -- -- Who can't get accomplished right here about its quality ball. What those late possessions that was I was looking at jobs that it ended -- you do damp you know. One -- one the ring that was complete with the -- was bogey now and Westbrook was -- toward you didn't know who would have gone this. Like an epic Garrett if they give the -- -- -- man up too far away. Right Elliot FY I wanted to the best -- and India. Flies -- help on one over the other one accuse you off like this report. Definitely some great theater company. You played against LeBron so many times you watch its evolution from the minute you walked into this league. Kevin Durant as a player you that a lot of success going against his early years he was sort of learning that -- to the floor. How is he got more dangerous over the last couple years. Sort of on them and -- half of -- a lot better. -- on a high level. Well rounded -- and good afternoon defensively. They're VP candidate who won the MVP last year will be -- -- -- you're going to come out tonight. With -- -- political. Great win you guys had that might put together though you have to go down to Orlando. Complete this task on Sunday for this game pretty much means not. I'll -- you know form you. The bigger than you know Fernando you know they've been up and down but -- may -- some of the good things they've lost before. From this team so you know big baby that there would be a pregnant you know -- and leave them there so government. While four hours ago this wasn't night that Jeff Green who really didn't say anything -- than I ever -- try to give talk about the founder of -- against his former team. And I think something -- you guys know already that I think fans are starting to learn is that. Jeff what do his talking with the way he plays like tonight. Let us sort of how to do you know we noticeable. It's about. You know sort of build consistency now with -- this is the fifth rooms this year I don't know when you're this. And the hell with that I just -- a smile lobbed a ball beard and when I felt throughout the jokes about. I did some emotion did you. You know it's listener. If you wouldn't play -- and nothing on the from them excellent source office. And we'll have become instantly in the lead me you know when -- I -- my personal see on the plane tomorrow right.

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