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Jackie MacMullan with Grande and Max before the Thunder game

Nov 23, 2012|

Grande & Max talked to the Hall Of Famer about the C's post-Thanksgiving prospects.

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Which brings us to our full court press hall of fame night. The powerful corporate documents going. Joins us here that's the guy does not brought Jackie is in the hall of fame and I -- -- that -- so together with those three things combined I think we could. Move forward is always the what you see you happy with themselves they -- the classic what that'll. You've got to do Comcast sports I decided that they're big they're big topic tonight is. You know are the Celtics. Do you -- that they're not -- the team anymore and my thing is only feel I think is. I'll watch the play twelve games -- right now that ultimately. I'm sure there weren't an elite team after twelve games last reports -- -- about thirty. Maybe even 3035. So here's my only concern and it's really a mild and because it's too soon is I don't. Like the defensive indifference. I don't like it and I don't like the rebound in difference. And I'm sure you guys -- done this -- and it and it and I asked I actually asked Scott Brooks this question before the game because there are also horrible offensive rebounding team almost as bad as the Celtics. And I said don't you worry. When you just concede that as the Celtics do that they'll use it as a crutch. As an as a reason to not hustle to get maybe the -- -- you know you can actually get without Fort -- in your transition position. And so. But you know what when Avery Bradley comes back. Everything's gonna change and I don't put so much on him but it's just the rotations will change. You'll be in the starting line up. One of those other guards will be off the expansion and I'm gonna like this team better and also I won't mind Rondo gambling so much when he everybody's out there -- them. Well what that you don't do control probably did this year with the attack because now you put it the Gaza over the basketball you put Israel itself. A big oil what they do defensively right now Rondo gambles. Breaks down gets in the middle and all of -- that bull bull bull all these bad things happen. I am one that they -- you the way rebound the basketball I've never seen that before. Concede he rebounds and shot this several times before I design the Celtics don't go to the glass some light. Why would you design in the -- like that maybe. Did Tiago Splitter gets that one off op as a rebound you get the opposition after the it will went mythical when the game Ed noted that that to me is ridiculous. See it it's a problem when Tiago Splitter looks like him don't that's what it looked like the way they look like Tim Duncan looked like Olajuwon who wish. -- -- Ready and that you know -- hard thing is really interesting variety of levels I was surprised at the the psychological damage seat view coming out if it was if you -- -- -- -- apartment door obviously for nine years doing ritual for nine years this is not that bad it's that elegant throw. It's right distance you know it's a serious player what's -- -- figures out. The best way to use him right they are they still the fallback choice here in the west. I mean I like the melodic and you know I'll be -- him I don't love Kevin Martin a lot because he doesn't defend. And I like players you know Hardin defended pardons if you -- in a better player Kevin Martin that goes without saying. This is trade is not. If you -- -- -- they had to take a little bit -- a step back to make this deal but I think with Smart enough -- they still certainly have a chance to -- -- now and then and a couple of years now. If everything breaks that we we probably think you -- they're gonna have some incredibly high draft so. I think this is one of those rare treat him really did help both teams. While I believe it to a big one that they should look at it both teams. That they used a -- of part of a -- it's got to the best -- we've seen him. Several times -- knock down jump shots. That guy -- or interest in him apple that they keep the search box he is that he is that got it up if the so if he was available. He's locked up you know beat anybody at taking anybody over there with the Celtics have right now and I would make it move it makes them can change if you're gonna start. Is basically the growth commit a product of the Congo. Blowing you know what that's why they treated James -- they made the decision to lock up these pockets that instead and. And I understand it did I really do it's I mean heartless and I I looked as numbers out. When there was when we Houston wins ardent averages 32 points -- game. When we may lose he's averaging nineteen points in a lot of it's on his shoulders out there a lot of them. This is a typical night for the year to be forced referendum on Jeff -- Given the -- it is it exactly it is also the weight yet. Start here obviously. You have observed -- Celtics how they relate to -- -- over the years and there are certain players eagle Boston players certain players that don't come across that way race Jeff Green. Close already there because of the way it appears he's going to getting you some trouble with the things you. Well I hope not because they're not understand let let let's go back here the guy's chest was cut open. Okay he had major heart surgery. So let's take that and then add the fact that he missed an entire NBC's. I think the problem here almost as president in the race really. People you know psychologically -- looks fine what's wrong then we'll come on the guy missed a year Scott Brooks said before it in his pregame talk to us now. And don't care how good you are after -- member Michael Jordan after a year -- to whatever it was when he went to -- the baseball thing. It takes time so people need to give him time and the other thing is. He's not been scored eighteen or nineteen points to gain. They don't expect him to that's not what they need from him eating into the multi dimensional as he was in Oklahoma City and by that I mean. Heat's defense treats different positions which you guys these to rebound the ball and pass the Arnold doesn't. Yeah he has done a good job is not a good job job rebounding no question about or Stewart finished at this point any doesn't listen. He looks to me like that guy. It every once in awhile it's really demonstrative. And over the dump -- down. But is still there's still -- going on its head and -- liken it to this if I can't Tom Brady coming back after his knee surgery. Tom Brady wasn't Tom Brady for another full year. But guess what I was there was sort of getting -- advance. This reality their perception sure that we go through all those things -- exactly true we -- the reality but there are times that I wonder because of that. Perception of Boston fans worth Tom -- for it to the Super Bowl all the right he had at -- sir Geoffrey what is an impossible situation replacing a very popular player. And now you started this way he doesn't have that built up -- they would -- they know it doesn't but but the teacher he works parties in the community I would like to think that. Accounts for something for some people and and you know that that the trick to this team is. Always after the first hear it talk about the no rebounds that's by design as well. That. Good community programs that that could be what it is realistic that's course correct that you could with what it is what. When it comes out and clearly if if if it really is that without talk about the way re it was so I think that I want Jeff Green. It's to be attacked the real. Be aggressive. Show people. I think that's with the big thing that we don't -- but yeah if you have turned that on. Currently he is a person. He's very laid back. Is it cut the Catholic. It's -- paper drew is that -- -- play without the benefit I think that -- -- up. That person with that personality. -- -- out to you it's a solid player it would give the other week at war you know what. Well let's remember one thing this is interesting to me who did we did we the Celtics yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which is obviously at the because they're there were two. The dividing lines in this new beat three error on Garnett injury and the orchestrate this crystal clear you can but I'm telling you what. A couple of years now Perkins and Perkins in outplayed by his back up and we're talking about releasing him with the amnesty. Now I love park because I love what he does in the locker room and his toughness and all the little things but it's not like -- -- away. Kevin Garnett trajectory. Let's be clear on -- -- all this is all perception of reality -- if you -- on really double that and that brings me to. What movies that were -- topics here obviously there was -- great politics in me enough to make this one goes to. It's hubris it arrives on one note it. -- who worked it was great to be seen. That is the reality that. I'll do what we all want them. I think it is on this team I thought it was on this team last year -- although Paul Pierce didn't want to beat and they don't want to. And now I think -- -- -- -- guy whose team that really was in a lot of ways Kevin Garnett is the guy who beat your rival Indian Rondo pretty -- you know his lifetime. And so once Garnett came back in late that was maxis group practice. That let's get a little joke about that. That what's Garnett came back then everything was gonna fall into place for the other guys if they wanted it to you I do think Ron do you spend a lot of time behind the scenes. Keeping these guys -- organize them if they really like him more than I think the public realize it and now he's not you know doing little brother he has. But he still has some growing but tonight. Well I mean you we talk about the red -- Rondo and that would have been if Detroit. With the John where -- went -- it's history but double figures. Aid you with its seven. Is 88 in Detroit for about two and a half minutes ago and so between now about seventy Wright and Doc Rivers is that they can -- up with the backing it is the Celtics. But -- the only -- -- out a way to get. I didn't like I didn't write that I don't I can understand because what they decided to continuously. Had that we yourself their -- That's mother felt the way it's about winning games that would create the environment that you know you are beauty and its fiscal. That if that work for you I. I understand -- line and stand up and and I think doc I don't think doc was that. Let himself out trying to kill himself and -- it put it back in it manifested itself -- it happen. I understand where you're coming from. You know that was the the big thing about it was never Celtic that -- that -- -- when he was in when championship I'll that I get that. And you know it's funny my husband was seen meeting that resistor anyway who. Could do that the other and I said. Well I mean I don't know because I wrote a book with a dude but I don't know if anybody else -- that appeal or court I'll bet my husband was saying like it's just. You as you guys know records -- for baseball -- -- for footballer with us. Connect via a human equality movement that we don't. He'd be running score but you know what your room war again I don't know -- you you make yourself perfectly this is no. It's okay I'm used to it now if you guys have been -- good yet -- interrupted me says that alone isn't. It is it's -- reply the worldwide leader right. Jackie influences 30 it through your all of my 25 era this program like it's not you have do you don't -- that would show. I I've enjoyed a -- -- BA's next to the WEEI Celtics radio network.

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