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Fri. November 23rd Whiner Line

Nov 23, 2012|

A Black Friday best-of Whiner Line.

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Abuse excuse views expressed and expressed the white -- these cars like ET TE Chris Cox. At -- this discretion exercised. -- And now it's warning airlines. They're running and -- They're not call off the dogs they're doing things that most teams don't do that and you -- level -- while. But it's a good thing okay is that can I say that and now how do I have to say they're not running and there's no such thing as running on day. Did not wish you wanna begin in the third quarter they win the ball locked. -- -- -- -- This take out -- -- dial 6177793535. Detail we understand it you can't take all eleven guys on defense and eleven guys on offense and we understand there's a 45 man roster we're talking about wholesale replacements and putting the second and third team in Hawaiian Airlines we understand all that don't try to read -- argument to. Well you can't take I haven't -- -- -- eleven other guys in both. Course you can and now on you can have placed selection can change. You can you can you can take your quarterback got your you're don't read don't motto don't don't large -- -- even explain it. -- -- And just about county judge you want in the wiz kids what you tactic I haven't I put eleven guys in the WEEI. Whiner line. Houses the first time or where it talked about abuse soccer moms in Iraq and -- -- get. Did those voices of -- he -- you can't hate and I hit the batted ever heard are back for 2007 that it has Leo that Clinton myself I want. Seventy last night because -- predicted on the -- on this various -- human which you know -- minute that they woods written pages or seventy -- Chicago and I have an -- 35 and a half a -- -- the old -- at the thirtieth -- the rest of human and make them you know 35 point prediction did you -- -- point Florida now did you figure -- where it is on the depth chart as far as tiebreaker like that -- I think I had tonight -- give us anything at all and I still -- that night. The while I pub by AT&T WEEI lives are available on your iPhone android or Blackberry device brought you by AT&T AT&T forgy LT he would speeds up -- -- Chesapeake that's regular three G-8. -- and I -- -- are there three GAT and T rethink possible. All right that they'd best Dublin Mike GeMS in the house coming up after the big show it's a beach -- bad judgment and Mikey for the -- as always and patio stuck it up best. -- -- to put rocks and or our time if you total package -- dot com. In order have quite -- Hillary. Bobby -- And depending on WOR. Look like but I have no contact. Having fun kind of big Bill Belichick. -- -- -- -- Yeah com and didn't grab -- -- And people always had pretty good. Do that it paid. If you want to do. Purple wave you know formal good. Pain pain with a better than that. You know what and I couldn't. Really haven't I think it's -- -- I can't -- thanks again loses little. This little. Better date and terrible leading Soviet being the speedy. When he got valuable part very week. I'd get started I'd say they are the kids and -- thought -- -- -- And I. They did. That a bit for the world -- -- at all. Good about that I. -- The low end of men. That little tweaking it should be in the -- like -- five days worth of discussions. All the -- for joining me -- studio with the NBA analyst. You know they don't Paul -- -- draw upon. Quick lap now but quote. Who patrol the border the wonderful -- word cool -- to work on both political and. It but it -- dot com. Don't think almost cardinal almost. And -- Bob Byrd went over there. Article it's OK -- we gotta. Have more real more about it after ultraviolet. -- that's levels allies in the Nvidia beat the movies of HBO. I'm Brian St. Pierre. At duke it out. My site. Time -- dynamic and engaging. And now a cute to India's dynamic and engaging personality. Out. -- and again let's place this week. Last -- you know gosh I don't know if there -- been -- Good -- limited. -- and met here tomorrow BCI NC state and -- -- embassies and thank goodness. Can't -- -- But that act and all the things -- definitely. But the prep and a message. That's how he he made a statement today and and he set a record for himself of stupidity and seven seconds sprint and contradiction. He basically. But he basically approved. We're just broke his argument seven seconds to -- his art -- seven seconds unbelievable missed a person. Yeah you know let it do about it is not what I read. Second you know my hair. And have been up and the big actually done about it -- again about -- apple would. I can't pick up that there are -- -- -- -- -- -- let them out Juan PRO hey you know whatever he'd done me. Know you've been been ideal -- -- current one pound and two down it felt on a hopeful. Unquote Arab light up in my -- off how big I'm bad at the box and could you crazy. Betsy you don't want me so how much. These things need to be better than Bobby -- -- -- -- so -- -- He could be an odd cause right. I gotta go up another day and soak up that I have home why. And pick up a belt -- that they face and iPad -- apple. And check out and may. No way out. And just met him at at and -- -- activities did notice that the. Gary -- Let big news because truly. Did it just kind of a three year deal mobile X that it actually. They've got drilled for oil in. Here. A little self deprecating humor from little man with the big -- And that message that's stereo review government. We'll talk to Michael -- from Bobby -- It's called I -- gonna watch the game but it was. -- It's just where my. Last in the big show it is. -- too much and again. We're too much and get. Question is were you watching the game Bobby you watch him a ticket Saltalamacchia service -- out of my head is that day when he said. Us supple Barkley had no chance to catch the ball is devastated even though Savvis. Basically pay check them out of the way right an insult that was the only one -- -- they'll get I can't get an Oakland him out of my head on the Obama forget that village C ladies halftime show last night. Yes I did just awful dot it was them. There was interest -- -- Kravitz at halftime last night the temperature oh yeah you guys region in a very broad is outfit from share. I did think that's spider web look at things how was it. Any doubt that -- who were on. And the mind all day yesterday. So lower -- heightened. I keep telling -- apiece shepherd as a judge you -- IP I want your arm yet been a long time IP IP IP. Tom good game yesterday in like that Sergio at the -- city. -- -- now if he's really haven't struggled with that before -- throw -- on -- field Vincent wanna leave you Gregory that's the -- ever have about that your doctor the doctor the cost of the -- -- it important that. -- -- -- Lots of candy. Our memoirs. I wouldn't know England patriots have had over everything he had -- Base pay and correct it can be bad. Not Bob points -- nobody thought of running back from the hip hop but I don't want to. Step -- and that's that good -- that -- you know they have I don't know Matt. I had maybe a detriment pregnant but I think that it -- not under any of -- back. I have -- -- brought in through. -- met Sunday and mole. And -- that's oil wide apart by AT&T AT&T forgy LT with speeds up at ten times faster than three GA GAG -- that possible.

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