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Tom E. Curran breaks down the Patriots-Jets game

Nov 23, 2012|

Pete and Matt talk with Tom E about what went right for the Patriots and what went wrong for the Jets on Thanksgiving night. He also talks about the possible injury to Julian Edelman and how that could affect the offense the next couple weeks.

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Back here are the big show it's a beach ever match at a filling in today for Glenn on where Michael Holley 6177797. 8376177797937. Time now for our we look at the back the vocals just a sectors you guys led up. But time -- would you agree with that Tommy car brought to by Tom Wes Welker haired doctor doctor Robert Leonard. Call 1800. Get here I taught me. Audio I am I'm -- defense that is -- a little match out of -- but will it ever. Man but. So -- thinking the whole day of football yesterday I was thinking action respected obviously this is the candidate that karma Slava has your group Venus Stewart kooky in his. You know all three games that's a mug group we think staff about what you witnessed last night. Was something. Something unique couple of things we've never seen before. No I've never seen I mean the actors of Q why am I know it does so little last night. Silicon it's a nine point for the patriots this year refers to a map spots that. It's been a fumble that's right in the first meeting it was good -- -- -- the first pick in now whatsoever in a more doubts. So they're -- stats for that. But I think that it would such a monumental implosion. On national television in primetime in the second most watched they have the football -- -- Bryant who global. That athlete of all things that we've the Rex Ryan era. May becoming open public who has. A number I'm with -- -- sites exists I'd I don't see how I am still we'll get into the -- enough to both the game by. Try to explain to me. How you can have a backup quarterback on the field to not eligible to play and McIlroy and always you know designated as the emergency quarterback. All I can -- of his Bill Belichick would never have a player on the sideline -- wasn't gonna play he would activate somebody that could possibly help the team whose fault that this was -- -- blow is this Rex Ryan's decision you think what he overruled. Well he's still worshipped at different gods got the worst they've got to immediately there propaganda. And they worshipped the attention which is -- pages. The momentum started. And see him and the cameras and and that's indicative of who they think they might not feel the fan. We go to the press box -- the game. Will be supplied quote slow walk up quotes from every single player political podium. And they'll -- up on a full transcript. So we had. -- -- -- -- -- The people 92 players stretch and I want it -- people did not want the podium. White dress them. Because woody Johnson. And their chests. Are concerned with the attention you put it it's recordable great example we're over there how much time to -- them spend -- you just -- And editors just -- I mean what Johnson's -- But job but it does Johnson have the balls to fire ten Obama Ryan because everything you read -- -- these guys he loves a -- I mean. Maybe if they lose out may -- that gullible as everything I've read Tom is that they're not going anywhere anytime soon. Well that's pointed out in the -- wrote today yeah I saw that someone -- -- it you'll go away and point out 200 billion dollar investment. And the money of the Johnson and Johnson and where you're -- government troops. Where. A brand and it's you know really becoming a Frontline. So I know how -- is Mike and Bob who you know I like like in about what he's done an incredible amount of ingratiating himself now. What we got to a point where. Peace through -- and you don't serve real skated -- now at some. Perhaps that could create a -- and decisions that lessens the seem bereft as well so. Now if you can survive I just don't understand. How Rex Ryan -- as well -- someone get past you know take the propeller beanie what do you just sit and point out to him that. This team has put -- that came in its own division and getting worse. The government. Kind of -- -- I'm I'm just curious if you think their supper bowl do you think if you think it's packaged deal you think it's like do you think Tim. Ten bomb and package deal because it can't Obama has had its second chances is -- iron and it was refinement and just sit there last night and have. -- -- -- You know -- rise he wasn't that bad yet the night before -- About you brought that up what's the status my Bible stupid is just mind boggling but. You know which it sort of -- it was just 6 o'clock as well what's the patriots or Newt and Bill Belichick what I find interest in I like PX note -- don't. -- -- -- And you know what I wouldn't -- What I find fascinating -- in the field might change the subject. A little bit it. How Josh McDaniels is getting better. And better and better as prospecting of these pieces fit together and play values Brit awards first match up they thought he could win outside. -- roommate pat Gillick got one ball society still tax supported that are. What they were able to accomplish on the perimeter we -- -- like chamber in Panama. Ways it's stretched and put the defense -- position to use and take it to another level for. -- -- Well what I thought was kind of cool as you know we spent a lot of time. Not knowing the answer to how they would respond and I guess so my on my guesses that the loss America is going just stories you're wrong and to be honest I'm not but Shiancoe was the most natural answer -- -- -- I mean admitted he had a -- I mean I think they were Barbara south down the end and I thought that one thing that you look -- your comment you will be Oneboxes kind of Amanda. Hernandez's not a scary guys a run blocker he's a willing run blocker -- a lighter guy. Any action off the work really well with drunken while white situations she was a better is sort of an accomplice it's about. And yesterday they would point. Hernandez actually in the -- spot he would play the why. And -- was in the back field as a fullback and they would run something that's called the band played. It looks like a place I've played the tight inside which were -- hit it isn't the Sandra was goofy. And then -- back to the open side. And got a lot of yards offer was Shane Vereen and and rudely as well. So why follows chemical and I was watching there was did they -- afraid to me to ask him to play tight in for a few wraps and you don't. You don't expect to see him that they do in the whole thing from an x.s and most important work they did some -- you wide. Where it looks like awhile which is why are for fans others too tight ends and -- extra to the -- little wing. They flip him around so the wing is actually on the ball on the titans often critical little bubble on the inside him and they did this little short -- Well let me that you want to quick on the same side and -- -- like you'll. Coast guard's -- I didn't I didn't step that. -- that's -- -- up in the U why would -- just come one guys stuff -- guys step back. Makes a little bubble you the bubble screen -- -- what you double what they do is based they were short motion in a lot those kind of weird. What was cool if there were able to pull off they were short motioning with Hernandez as a -- got it. You know what you see somebody they don't -- which would you -- grow up to him I mean he's not like a glass cedar meaning is a good player and isn't tough kid but you didn't expect them to do to see that. And it was bizarre and it looked like the jets had no idea was happening because. You're usually did that the coaching points the old -- Washington the events to whoever happens replay and it's a technique. If you weigh on the whenever soon as you see out your proof. Personal vision you just see a little short motion happening you stand up and go attack again. I hate that puck but it happened before the position to get a god it's a hundred pounds heavier in them. And they were able to seal off the nose tackle Chris Hernandez. And -- -- for play after play in a little short trapped Graham what -- -- call it. And that shouldn't happen today you know ended just the creativity in the things that they do that. You know old days it says you shouldn't do that it but you know in did yesterday was not just -- Hernandez -- wide receiver game not at all. And that's not what I would've anticipated is his first game back. It was just different and creative and I think you're right Tommy adding it's really cool to just watches things sort of change from week to week. Oh that that's -- -- Pete you know if you went into the jets' locker room and master Antonio Cromartie play we will Rhodes came up that Perino went on. And look what -- that happened was. They weren't bad -- and so the play call they weren't covered three and who is Eric Schmidt -- sixty who was not curl -- In. A market was covering haven't ordered. And view had. Bart -- -- hearts -- -- -- fire inside is what might sentenced to fire inside to get out to parade. Couldn't tell you explain things -- saying the play call on put him to have. He should ultimately camaraderie that we should check certain responsibility to kind of mind. They'll actually taken that Arctic -- and won election to take robbery because he's so far out there. You're 25 years worth of not so experienced between those three players. And there's a lot of teams in the NFL you have good coordinator. You can stretch the minds of players to make mistakes and I think that's what the versatility of the patriots. And just the Kindle can do that right. Well I I think what's interest of that was because it did happen on the outside one of things you off the -- into a situation where you're making checks from from outside the numbers you know -- and make -- from the inside out and a lot of times of data made that late change -- may not -- it back to the middle. And that -- -- more things up. I thought the year was you know it wasn't technically we were up we reps off them where you run out the flat back and turn it back up it was just -- swing routes -- never actually should've lost vision of the guy. He just or doubt in kept his body squares and look like it was -- -- right from jump. I thought the year that he made was just you know it's usually the general under the it's -- Popular -- -- whatever is the outside guys the outside of the four underneath route guys. In cover three. He you can't get out levers of the general rule is generally covered -- man -- -- you just have to be as wide as he has so he's running fast luckiest -- you know turn her life you try to stay as wide as it. On a real round opting to -- yet exit you'll and he got rubble with there was a little -- from west smokers he came across so. As much as an annual -- Scott was still continuing to communicate with from Marty for some reason whoever was. And didn't sort of understand the exigencies that you can understand that and drew was out there and -- better give up and you're -- I don't think there really understood how fashion and green was quite frankly I didn't until yesterday. And that's -- one -- than the other two plays that were I mean that he's just not accustomed to seeing no Rex Ryan coach jets defense that mean to further Welker touchdown wide open realize that was a miscommunication. And the element. Big grab for fifty plus yards I mean it's just. Are they just looked it looked law I know Revis hasn't -- the -- up but they'd they'd just looked lost. And gave up. -- to upper such stompie you have to patriots receivers with three jets defenders covering that we're in court reporter to the vehicle went right in quarter. And the communication was so bad that I think was my external let. Welker go in recent weeks so it seemed. But but might come later Kyle Kyle Wilson dropped back to an already covered diet the second level with the back and lesbians don't. So he basically ended up with three guys. To covering 11 covering zero. And -- by itself yeah -- that's that's that's communications legal evident and you know I will -- beleaguered. I don't like street number a little look like what's at stake. -- usually big goal line is is one of the going to Austin C communication errors down there especially if if they're not gonna match things of the gonna try to play -- often -- sort of so match let it happen for just the second -- latch on your guy. That was there are a couple of weeks ago with buffalo think -- a buffalo game early on the patrons have a handful of sort of managers and it on the short yardage stop it it's it's an amount. Making excuses -- it was not easy. When it's often when you see the I got that guy you got that -- I got to check out of -- confused look it's often in the short yardage stuff from its usual between the outside guys in the first inside linebackers. But talk you hear anything about the -- Dog -- do you every urinating any news about element and Andy. Any update at all about Roger you over what's your what's your gut feeling is as serious in Vegas every week there's going to be back in three or four. I don't think repeat I really think -- approach. Into that December 23 period it looked at Jacksonville Jaguars and -- finale. I believe it's -- by any. Appear yup Miami here in April 30 so he'll have two games. What the division most likely clinch at that point. So I think it would be a stretch it if your record book that -- -- patriots can't earn home field advantage they get some cooperation. From someone else playing the Texans. They can move into. Position where it gets I think it's you know you certainly would not have -- -- -- -- -- husky. It is I think the -- and can measure this that was about to be candid -- no update on on the ability other when it was so repaired. But worldwide Wendell 48 weeks. Is what it was -- So we -- it is there enough not to get on -- and I'm sure that the symptoms. Are probably still present and the talent war and throughout the week -- the so deductible Roman. A bit -- I'm Richard -- and -- probably isn't known to be able to take a Tom report dudes did what's your feeling non. Like the -- solace possibly beyond like that last spot. In the event that now element is as potentially an issue. Is it is -- Some movement not the other -- which puts. Termed it very questionable -- the reason he was released. -- -- -- brought out products at the last gave the colts game and it's also sounds clear to what it's not quite as best game 82 years. The week previous. Political game. So you know -- it could use him excuse creativity back. I think he's an excellent I'll let the number complement its settlement built to -- Because you ought not all the random lord -- spoke -- terrific player coming everybody took part two of that. You want to vaporize them all it can't that ever get a guy go to one need to make a reception. On -- privacy did. Couple weeks ago if bill was inquiring about it. He's a pretty player a lot. But he thought dependable highly played so life patriots want out of sure -- guys they probably need you operation. Get back -- All right some great stuff. You drive back or your back already. -- back already and you look at last. Our great stuff Tommy covering CSN and he can read his stuff on CSN India dot com and -- over TV and radio so you you know we're you're. -- that we get -- dog -- a lot Tom he covered here on the big --

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