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Jerod Mayo, it was a good game but still room for improvement

Nov 23, 2012|

Pete and Matt talk with Jerod about the physicality of the Patriots-Jets game. Jerod says it was a good game but they still made mistakes and have room to grow as the season progresses.

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Well our conversation with Jerod Mayo is brought you by KM France's sausages Sam Adams Boston log and Boston rule and Boston laser it's a -- to match out of it today -- would patriot linebacker Jerod Mayo. Good afternoon to rocket gradually is on the win last night. Right here. Well. Was that his physical game must -- to debate and all year. Hey Elizabeth and then when I was going to it and known to get on a -- option nor -- to run the ball and it is -- -- so. The bigger. How about -- you know yourself doing led the team in tackles last night also had a -- where they ate it -- and and spikes. We're we're just enemies seem like every play you guys were all over the field between you adieu to advance. And Gregory one night the defensive unit day. -- good to put you know -- but -- game together -- even though that we should have a lot of room for improvement a lot of things you know we have noticed -- Today's actually -- your blog and play left my car out there now let's show and what's the trauma of their beloved figure that. To improve a -- it a step in the right direction. Join us -- match out of I don't know about dodges the question America did catch the TV companies -- on -- he can't seal off from that but. It seemed like you guys put a decent amount effort in to sort of particular way some of the receivers like instrument to sawdust and Jordan and beat a pretty -- at the line look like sort of be a little more physical and that in the than the front half of the pass game and in my accurate Sarah. You know that chart you know we always focus on. No -- on the opposing offense and you know. And he's learned though that -- dangerous you know more majors down the field and Erica on its terms. Did put -- emphasis on you know getting -- I -- getting hit from the last -- an outside job Oklahoma. How about the play the one to play every stalker mom call that the -- that you play with Sanchez in more Sanchez's -- -- racers both -- what you ask for more. I mean have you ever seen a player like that. Never never in my life. Has -- -- like their breath and look take it will take to turn over military -- Certainly whether it's coincidental and not since that -- has -- been your last -- last couple weeks but he is it seemed that. And we saw this Lester was well right around this time that you can see a shift in the Patriots defense. They are starting to get it yes I mean as a unit and starting to get better and better stroke that was the case Lester got much -- Monday yards to doctor about it -- -- never have. I care about you know -- points allowed. And being more physical and it if you guys seem to really be clicking at the right time. Did you know we always say you wanna play vessel on November an electric chair but we we really pride ourselves on that and you know it is to gantlet and talk to step in the right direction and I think the continuity of just having the same group of guys out there. Just paying off course and hopefully it continues to those. I. Like a lot of people I'm I'm very impressed with the the way you guys available take the ball off people's we always try to preach that there's a huge averaging just giveaways takeaways in the way that you guys have been able to get the ball off people we can we you know -- just blown a guy up and let them put the ball on the ground. In the didn't interceptions are urged -- out. To talk a little bit about double artists of that my recollection is it -- you know Robert Johnson Elizabeth pardon out of the ball destruction is always something that pre July because have been Gilroy top police get that this year and looks like I don't -- -- You know -- that would not -- talk about. You know knocking the ball -- graduate and we predators every day in practice every day -- your degree offered you know our guys. All the China or China -- -- ball out. It is company that yet to concentrate on all the time you'll have to think about it every time you go back in the open about getting the ball -- -- -- -- -- the ball off the -- mentioned that -- -- chance -- Offered to block him a couple of and so we're awestruck -- position. If the jets do anything yesterday that you were appropriate for such a bizarre you know for obviously the first and second quarter couldn't have been more different and and just don't see that look I was going to be a real -- close -- game -- all of a sudden boom. I I can't ever remember the same team scoring three touchdowns in 52 seconds I don't know about you guys I don't remember ever. Seeing. 52 seconds three touchdowns by by the same team that was unbelievable. I'm telling you it was crazy you know to be a part of just -- -- you -- -- -- 07 to zero in second quarter. You know we -- you're an adult I know certain critical turnovers in the -- cut -- that back. You know defense featured speaker -- I'm sure Obama -- yeah that would be is that what he knows good negated good to professor. Best thing about Thanksgiving game as the do you now have a long way to get ten or ten days to prepare for the next one to give -- chance -- -- after feel a little bitter what's the plan. You know code -- better drivers -- don't know where it's easier to plan. And I've fairly or interviewer about getting the picture is better. All right -- well we look forward to log down the road with you get -- golf again in ten days on the north because my -- birthday is December circuits are no that's the case. Campbell thought that every record I well -- that how do that we'll take care we'll talk to -- talk to next week. Our partner at Q February excellent as a patriot linebacker Jerod -- quickly grew drug -- presented by SP a -- -- -- -- is like insurance company is now offering low rates for men and -- call 88 get SP -- of -- SP -- dot com. -- for your free quote.

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