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Thanksgiving couldn't have ended better for Patriots fans

Nov 23, 2012|

Pete Sheppard and Matt Chatham are reveling in the Patriots win over the Jets on Thanksgiving night. They talk about how the Pats impressed in all facets of the game, and talk briefly about the other two games that were played.

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And good afternoon everybody I know what that -- should know. Glenn and Michael amazingly off today -- -- and match -- -- -- and I'm sure will be admiral admiral -- body into the show I guarantee that. Lots going on below with the patriots are first of all it was -- but I hope we have but he had a helping in the NC for a happy Thanksgiving. Those are you maniacs who are I don't know double off the right thing to say to go to shopping today at any. In -- mall Matt I mean I don't get it. There's still so bright Black Friday online you know you can actually you don't have to stand on line and we're not a government laptop or computer you can buy could shop online and get probably even better do exactly that I don't get it it's like going to I mean come OC some people up on myself going -- -- -- -- marathons the output. I don't understand going to stores have that -- 4 o'clock in the morning I don't get it. General -- I you know I don't know. Dude on the Lester this time a restaurant a mall so I don't have endured this where. I know people were standing outside your place no lines at midnight. And then they're they're all day it's his rabbit I mean people crazy just you just you do your saturated by the end of the day I have no idea. What motivates them to you know save ten cents but -- to drive out but that's -- in some people suddenly. Unbelievable but though we'll get it will you know if you wanna share a stupid Black Friday story feel free but speaking of stupid and crazy and -- -- the cuckoo's nest -- the team. How about the New York Jets -- -- they're always fun to watch -- flexible -- and -- not to play football there's so much to get into. With this football game last night it was bizarre times. It was you know patriots doing what they're against scoring in the you know or playing well in all three phases of the game but for the most part. Tom Brady I've really looked out and be honest about it. Probably got one of his better nights -- the numbers came out great but it wasn't as sharp as he's been over the last month. And this is -- some nice throws but he was he guitar music was attacked off last night a little bit. And the three touchdowns in 52 seconds in the second quarter if you ever get depressed ever for the rest of the year or whatever to go back. And and just look at that 52 seconds in just laughed and -- -- did win how. A bizarre were some of those plays in that game must -- it will get all I want is I wanna start wondering -- talked about which is a pulpit cheek to cheek. Which is -- Sanchez cheek against Morse cheek. And Chris Collins were the immediately points out he would never seen anything like that about you Matt. Well -- I would do. I would describe it is it's as bad football -- first and foremost but. You know center is essentially motivate more important the backside of the -- -- -- guard. A vicious or awareness is dropping a missile is trying to slide he's got no ball security which are solely problems you could you could point to -- I actually was a sort of after watching that a few times felt like. You know yes it was nice play -- events but it was much more about just the problem the Sanchez that I mean I felt -- Collins reform or portal overboard with. -- the affection there -- actually you know is pretty much of a standstill between the two immigrant more than both cuts optimal it was a -- block one block. In Sanchez just jump up his guard back is Angela the ball to what -- have the thanks so. To me I think it was who got a little over dramatized it doesn't really just -- -- football means throwing to me you know much more than that. I think you deem it's and Reggie White analogies that you know -- you know of course I think that's an awesome player and to find the place in the game the -- reflect about one did and bought. You know it's just emblematic of the the style and just the bit numb nuts type thing that was Northrop course again. And it. We -- Teleflex -- are let -- it's essential to -- the head off to -- -- what -- -- -- the wrong way or Sanchez called the rock well I don't know what but. He's not blame -- at once he went by M Sanchez. I guess. So at home on the try to get something -- bravely of him -- -- -- -- that that -- going to be reflects that that's right up there are c'mon man -- guarantee of of the year ran up there in the top ten for the well is his post game comments were you know. Somewhat contrite and no way you actually said OK I had. I was thinking of two different place I think he was -- portion of the blame their -- you know you re in the long played not -- and Hilliard. Any actually admitted that he was trying to get down and you could -- he actually starts to go into a slide that's -- the Eagles -- and ends up with the dues waste. But if you're gonna do that I mean of course the next star doesn't matter can easily just thickening of flopped your side in an -- you can -- put the whole way. I think as much as the apple that that play opposite shows just the bolstered issue imaginable have been on the ground for five times a job where -- -- -- point. In chest showing as another guy who. Fourth quarter fumble was fourth quarter and late in the game where you forty -- 456 what -- -- -- the ball on the ground. Cash expenses and and cut and I think is out in in an instant and it's just do this isn't happening games bad plays happen but blasting what to do was beat. The guy that repeated the -- that happened five and six times per hour. And the other thing that to me as bizarre and I don't know who's lying whether it's Rex Ryan or ten and bomb. Or two or Johnson. But to have Tim Tebow up their last night with Boston Braves are not able to play and McIlroy city -- emergency start of course -- get the Tebow. To to get the map roared right. That is just -- If it's Rex -- and it's horrible coaching and how to -- drew heavy guy on your team that cannot. Help your team play we see Bill Belichick all the time to do with Seles against the cup players a day or two before whatever it takes to act activate someone on the roster that can help your team. Who is to blame for that the -- last night that is disgraceful. You're jets' trip and I'm sure all of them are going out of their minds today in the New York Sports Radio stations how something like that happened. BI. First and foremost -- seems like him mangled the messaging there a little bit because. If he's dressed. You shouldn't be under selling Helm how courteous -- or oversell maybe in the census. The reality is if he's in uniform he -- to be able to help you especially if he's not designated via the emergency quarterback so if you've. If you're basically admitting publicly that we were OK with come into the game with 44 -- -- 45. That's just a bone headed decision so maybe you know maybe this is just -- middle hole like Tebow narrative and he's offering mobile Blanc. You know babies oversold affected he could've contributed some point I actually heard some. -- knew who those are credible desist but something that he had been playing catch after the game with the -- a young kid Tebow -- It was -- appoint a trade him or -- was probably the son of Leftwich or resolved in his hand to. To me that tells me it's not just a contact thing with the ribs that he was having a -- -- Miller. You wanna go through all natural mostly we're not talking about the kicker rob ROR zero and I don't know the guy whose job it is to throw the doesn't -- comfortable throwing in a casual situation. -- -- But you know it to me you know that the biggest the biggest submission is -- -- import a lot of his is -- his other job the kicked himself is not their -- not doing his other normal mumbled job that. Is early this thing gets all the heat for. I was actually kind of of the mine board before this game knowing about all of us that this is going to be that Tebow week it's Thanksgiving. There on the big stage there it's sort of a crucial sort of to fork -- -- kind of moment they haven't used a marginal last several weeks it's easy to sort of keep this in your back pocket is a game plan thing. And the spring and applause some what you know has a short week of preparation couldn't possibly have prepared for this and then to have amassed enough the abuse images and make any sense. Is it is a possible is it crazy to think that Woody Johnson told Rex Ryan lucky Tebow -- with the whatever. PR that he thinks gonna save this team because they're they are having trouble sell tickets and your Peter King was on earlier are talking about it. It was that was that just a PR command from four more from -- from. The dots and tell him to keep mop their is that possible I doubt that you know I I think what he's a good owner I think he's a guy who the USO conversation from the offseason and needing him to sell tickets and things like that. That's something that's a gas a little. While swing -- would be more offseason presuming that you get the season it's you're there to help and not helping your there. So you're off I would imagine that you know I don't -- the resilient any. Ronald Celtics Olympics I think that's one game you can coming out of the stands are going to be full. But you'll maybe there's a little pressure internally to try to use them because they hadn't used them they needed funds and -- remember that the Alaska it was a good game they beat the beat. Saint Louis and -- look good doing it the offense was efficient they just you know Saint Louis we Pryor led by its efforts Cisco -- -- the NFL source knowledge. They were in dire straits I think that came in this game with a pretty big opportunities so. The typical stuff to me is not them back -- it's on its on the stove top not even how's the scene is so out of out of context of what matters. It just seems like an odd -- because some sort of short and yourself does seem like usually a good reason to do. Dollar and you know my business would you brewers are the -- just horrible what about the respect as a person and I think -- place for him in the NFL as the players no question about that he's talented. I'm just going -- from the coaching standpoint maybe because have been rumbles along Bobo checked in the wind -- I just can't I can't even imagine. Him. Having a player on this team -- game day knowing that he cannot contribute I can't even imagine -- Rex Ryan was part of an and that's why am wondering. Did he get overruled his -- Rex Ryan. Did the key to not have possibly been happy with having a player on his team that couldn't play when maybe could've gotten activated somebody that might have been able to help the team -- some capacity you're shooting from the -- here maybe Tebow is a really -- Made a compelling argument and you know coach. See my video you know hole I can cut through high school college thing and played into the broken leg of that like coach I can do this -- believe in certain aura of him analyst. And he does bind the you know will be able figured out we need him there have been the motivational boost whatever it is. I think -- you know today your point is valid -- that this is such with a 45 man roster you know. I know how those roll those Ross restrictions or was always emotional team a backup linebacker so I know how important it is if -- common in and -- starting. You're need to you need to contribute 1015 point plays on offense or defense in addition to special teams. That's the only guy who conceivably is carried with 45 the doesn't take snaps is that quarterback that doesn't play the back of you know back. In the may be your swing guard -- tackle the -- just give maybe some fuel rounds. -- Young arm that every single guy who travels plays a lot the guys who play at least. Or just the special teams only guys the guys might be like the fifth or six quarterback -- on fourteen employees twentieth point five what that's like the bare minimum. What to have an entire spot the didn't step on the field that isn't. Not doing it because the quarterback is simply this a special -- was well. Does that make it sets -- give it to me again have the 45 they could have ninety guys as it would matter the renewable. All I'm really leverage are here today because I don't wanna get into what we talked about of the earlier in the week to hold you know should rock of an up -- not been up there -- when people it says. Of course you should be up about what app but specialty you know you understand the patriots lost to Bill Belichick wasn't where he's coming from. And -- attention is -- that the highest paid players on the team but the patriots treat special teams defense and offense. Equally it's -- mean I may are coming try to try to read inside Bill Belichick -- and you wouldn't know a lot better than I would. I really believe that he feels that way he thinks special teams is -- support as a unit as the defensive unit and as an offensive unit and that's why the you know the best players are out there are some of the better players drop their point and all the articles -- -- -- -- -- last week of some new York and Borges and an -- -- it all the injuries that happen OK fine. We're all the other great plays that happened that all those players made at some point and you're seeing it now -- in the justice as a small step the last couple games. Yeah I think for me. I think catches the negative articles but they did. That to me is sort of the litmus test for if you understand this game and you don't presumably. A bright white or bright line there and if you're on the -- side just mean trying to longest just not how works here and at that's what the proposal about. You play you always boy he never stop playing the might be one guy that you were considering that be a quarterback in a blowout in running situations and collect output. Just -- -- you know seven -- in seven mantra that thing but. Just doesn't happen a scam the system works so and its hard even have discovered station early to make much sense of order even try to engage because it's just it's so wrong it's hard. Part of acknowledged but I guess the thing that's interesting you bring up a point from yesterday. One of the biggest players in the different social standpoint demo -- coming in an afternoon to make him play and I don't think people understand that actually don't think it's someone usual you know hyper. Intellectual interpretation to call specialty in the part of the you know it's like yes some greater inside of filtered -- -- team. It accounts for nearly a third New York. If Russia after productive mechanic James is that the amount of yards of the ball moved from where it starts word ends the -- are just as much movement -- downfield as the office defense -- is not some sort of special -- it's it's. What do they senator I don't usually not is really not that much to us up a complex so if anything it's other people that are a little slow to come along with -- and it to be honest. Or replay area are played these yes she somewhere Bruschi some rubles up there and you saw Roman Phifer and so -- linebackers involved in the stuff. This makeup because not a 34 team they're more bigger heavier one of the -- it's one of the material linebacker to last. You don't seem Mayo actually out there high tower or her children's erupt -- special teams so much more than the defensive back group. So -- Yes it's for allowing guys but it's you know you see them -- up a little bit of sixty. And you'll see you know -- some really guys what's interest -- is the safety position on a kickoff team. If you covered on the field you know. You can you can personal fielders five Gaza and his son usually maybe six and four there's actually a safety on each item and kick off play as well were Shalala to me it's a -- safety drops off. And generally disguise your your greatest act. Because he's there in in the event the play breaks you don't want the calamity captured what did your play. So you it's easier is easy argument to make that it's more important it is to have him there. Then one innocuous you know second -- play on the -- -- display actually does cover more ground accounts for more -- an event that you don't do well sort. Drawn up that far fetched at that should be how it's interpreted everywhere. And -- I was amazed as some of the I'll be broadcast of radio TV writer not angry. Or some of the fans who did not know the -- even played. -- BAT's adds that Jimmy Graham has to win as to a lot of good tight ends in this there's a reason there's a reason for this is not a Bill Belichick when the patriots lots has been going on. For years and I don't know why I did -- I don't fool -- injury to rock and it was a fluke injury. Everybody has you know their pennies -- much understand it's rocked by. Mallorca -- try to duplicate I talked about a wise that you can't just plug and a fourth -- fifth identical to what he does noble want you don't know what that kind of a person is it going to be on the team. On a week to week basis which I think people forget about that. Well I actually love bill's comments I was I was actually on the way to the stadium to a taping for some for a -- -- or -- last week and I heard his interview with -- Victoria last -- Almost all opera and I think it was I think yes -- nailed and it's all the all the arguments of players have their that'll be arguments that we make to one another and be the big team meeting rooms. The we will cross cited media members on the come up with a stop full on the radio fills up appears on the questions 'cause it's justices in Saint Louis. The idea that you know. If you can tell me when it's gonna happen please do you. Because of course it's not that I don't know it's not that you know something I don't but if you could tell me when that's going to be of course a Brinkema. It just the other thing is that people off the worst enemy when you say things like special teams it's like same. I live in Massachusetts. To west rocks Purdue from an argument was to deliver a special teams is a very broad there's a very broad umbrella. That bit extra point play is little leave the safest if football if you wanted to hide someone and put them out there and ensure that he's gonna come back -- -- an extra point put the wing position next report. In mr. Allbaugh I've never heard this happening I mean it at any level pop Warner anything added extra point waited this this is an up and play. So everything happened so is no less likely would fellow stairs and doing struck by lightning that it again you're not commit -- gonna be upset if you didn't but I've. Earthquake insurance because you lived in and in Framingham. A -- would have been that much. Likely that you would have caught in an earthquake contrary and it had this you know and he got ranger on this section -- -- -- million ruling is that much of an -- sort of two of the spin as if you was doing something unnecessarily dangerous and just a factually true. So this is one of the census is resting players coaches and people are in the game to slow across several present -- next week. But they're just -- before it will break -- What people are upset about to what kind of what you're saying is well. You know what it why is crock there why is -- here and I think because he's the best guy who is going to be their pro there's a lot of reasons why he's there. What's your take on this is the body types of mine threatening these dogs -- bigger no longer and I am but. He use its outside linebacker. Tight end you know over able bodied. You know the bit of the big long Qaeda because -- -- -- -- -- gaps of the injury you saw happen and happen on his inside -- It's actually a step function had to do this electors while. It's he's responsible Vince I gap of the left and wanna broke in the responsible to do a secondary punched the outside for the -- -- -- the guy you know the guys that always stresses. Sent him off the -- block that. Blocked if you Google -- protector got a tough job literally is a very difficult job. Bought generally stab analyst handing it to a tiny little BB -- -- breaker when that generally -- freak thing happens and that it can happen anymore. It's you know sliding on the ice -- doctors and I mean. So it's -- -- long body because -- can cover more ground when he takes a second outside step just for the foot -- -- prematurely it's a simple physics. If you wanted to shorter stub your -- that it it shortens the corner. You like these long tall guys because it makes longer and and bill are also made this point I think it's it is a ruling out points. The defeat. If you put a dog out there are some of the wasn't used to doing it and got his kicker hurt. That caucuses just as many problems opened on the roster and you know you just you just never know where to pull the strings he just don't that's the point. I'm with -- -- percent and it's just hard to get people because it's rockets that's just is such a high profile guy. But think people forget -- rookie year he's on the kickoff coverage team member a -- had against Cleveland. And the -- game Jiabao was one of his worst injury that he also drop but I mean he's he's a great player. But there are a lot of great players pitcher players a lot of other teams are on the NFL back ray players by special teams. And it's just difficult I get really pissed off when I read all the -- negative articles strictly one sided that these guys you know some of these guys get injured. And there's no other side to all the great plays that they've made over the years that's that's that's the real problem I have with a of people have -- members.

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