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Michael Fabiano, NFL Network, on week 10 in fantasy football

Nov 23, 2012|

With the three Thanksgiving games in the books, fantasy guru Michael Fabiano joins Mut and Kirk to discuss the remaining games in a key week in the fantasy football season. Topics focus on the rise of Denario Alexander, Marcel Reese, Brandon Myers and Julian Edelman. Also, he tells you whether or not to start Percy Harvin.

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Final hour -- -- -- three point seven WEEI week twelve already underway with still plenty. A football play questions regarding your fantasy football lineup Michael -- beyond of nfl.com NFL network fantasy live kitchen there. On to get him on Twitter and Michael underscore the -- on joining us as he always does at this time I hope you and your set a great Thanksgiving. Mr. -- It was very good actually went on to at a ranks plays who's a buddy of -- from out of office and -- It'll Turkey you know watch the cowboys get buried again and I got to ask you guys one question though you know all the Yankee fan diehard Yankee's fan and you guys hate the Yankees to hit the jets more than the Yankees. Was that just like the best thing in the world for patriots and why don't I like I absolutely destroy the jets. Labor patriots fans perspective I think they don't respect -- the jets anymore they've kind of they've almost moved on -- there it's it's at all cigarette -- so fat I mean two years ago you thought. It change in the garb might be happening coming in when a playoff game and now you slap them. It is there are laughable and actually that was a great play for fantasy owners to Brady had a huge game Ridley had a very nice game. -- adamant who I told people to star had a pretty good game four in -- getting injured. Brandon Lloyd bell still. Was there any bigs are the three games yesterday was there something you look back and say gee I wish I would push people towards that player or you know what I -- -- is gonna have a good game and I should of I -- pushed -- player more. Here's what happened with me with 1 scenario I am firmly on the Colin capita -- Latin he's gonna start this week the seats are awful against the past I think he's a great start. So maybe in eight different -- keep in mind. I was worried about Romo I love the match up I absolutely love the match at the Redskins are just terrible defensively. But when the cowboys give -- seven -- of the browns last week I was a bit worried there Romo was -- Actually have time and stand up brightened and make some passes and make some plays. And through most of the game that was exactly what it happened he had put up anything as -- point. And then Romo who could be king of garbage time and fantasy football but up gigantic numbers in the second half. I benched rubble for cap predicted a -- but that I played Romo and another league so. I wish they would -- starter Romo but I still firmly behind -- it as a very good play this weekend so. Let's get to -- your -- causes are still a lot of games let this weekend and a bunch of injuries gonna make this I think tough for a lot of people to set their lives you know by -- everyone's available. But a lot of injuries this week -- -- got up rob your Michael that beyond on FL dot com. It's unreal it's good man are you. What I got pretty quick question audio out try to rattle off all want to bet I'll sit back -- -- it. I get pretty quarterback -- -- -- what we're all running -- Marshawn Lynch or Greece from -- Oakland which wanted to start of the match ups. Secondly Bob quarterbacks. Remember. Pop -- and bird art architecture Harold and it and you ought might bench because I just don't know what to do with them it's not it's a life. -- -- and that you are receive an idol literally why it is sort of put up better for a minute week in week out. And Erik and Martin like Julia battle and are available free agency now wondering like that Larry FitzGerald and pick up -- -- well Lotta questions first question it's it's -- but I love -- -- which has been so good how do you bench him I do like re still but I Alec which more. And the dolphins -- -- good defensively last couple weeks ago I would worry about their run defense quarterback coach Freeman Palmer's matchup is not nearly as kid. Freeman is a guy who's been on fire an apartment -- two bit. I don't like to match up and plus for him is playing missile field I I can't drop later mr. I -- bench him. Especially with the quarterback situation there right now it's an absolute -- But can I benched or drop Larry for show for Julian adamant. So that some but still meet the couple now I couldn't do it as bad as the -- has been and it's not his fault yup that's of -- trash in the quarterback position is an absolute mess. It's not Fitzgerald's fault if you put him in. Denver or to put him in Indianapolis or similar they had a good quarterback this guy would be gangbusters but. I can't drop him benching yes struck and now. Are you dropping Rob Gronkowski in any league's thinking that he might not be back in that by the -- the fantasy playoffs start. This guy might not be playing. Well I have. Seen him drop that a couple of minor leagues and I'm I'm waiting to see sort of what happens with that. If someone does drop them I think it makes sense if you have a dead weight on your roster the pick them up in stash of it because back in week sixteen you're lucky enough to make it fancy championship we'll guess what. He's got the best tight end fantasy football arguably but. That four to six week timetable makes it real real close -- perspective. I'd rather see him roster. And stashed. Then freeagent on the waiver wire displaced too good to just drop its -- like Willis McGahee who we know he's not gonna play again for the rest of the fantasy season. If you're Broncos Q owners are under the radar tight and -- kick around out there. Brandon Myers Brett Myers has been really good for the raiders he's in the top five conspiracy which at his position over the last four -- not including yesterday's gains. And he's got a very good matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals and Myers is available -- a lot of leagues he's got nice report go to Carson Palmer. So he -- -- pick up I think Jermaine Gresham in that same game as another player who worked consideration off the waiver wire. A lot of people keep asking me about something Shiancoe. I mean. Didn't do anything yesterday that the -- it was a good play on Daniel -- almost I mean exactly so. I wouldn't I wouldn't even touch any other tight -- in New England outside of of course Aaron Hernandez. All let's talk to Sean remains gotta flex question go to John here I don't now. In wide receiver. Economic -- one and I -- scenario Alexander Mike Wallace in the Marius more. You know what I'm gonna go to I'm gonna go to an area about Zander. And I can't believe I'm saying that because. Let's let's look at it this way Mike Wallace on paper is the best option guys right. Well maybe he's not because they're playing you're searching quarterback Charlie Batch. Joseph -- looks like he could be back this week which means Mike Wallace is gonna have -- all over him the Cleveland Browns defense is far better at home against the pass -- they are away from their home field. I think my losses in the -- this week to air Alexander has had two monster games he seems to become like the new Vincent Jackson for Philip Rivers and you can throw on the ravens a little bit you know they gave up right right 250 yards game passing. So I'd roll with the hot hand did areas more I think he's a three this week I love the last week any disappoint me. Alexander's been the most consistent again Mike Wallace is someone that if you can afford to bench him I would I don't like this matchup. -- Nate on Twitter had a trade question a little bit late for trades I thought but he says what side of the deal would you favor here Brady Welker Spiller. For Roger is gore Stevie Johnson Michael. Oh. Boy that's that's a tough one it was pretty Welker who is the third hospital -- I liked outside of the trade adding it's a good trade for both. For both teams getting Aaron Rodgers obviously it's fantastic -- is Brady is one of the best quarterbacks in Tennessee -- well. Welker especially it's in a PP our league. And Spiller to me is a guy to watch out for during the second half of the season and Alfred Jackson's coming back this week but. He's so good I mean this guy is so versatile and so explosive. And I think is a good -- get tickled I think it's a very fair trade I would go with the Brady Welker Spiller side of things that. Odd days in Rhode Island with a question that a lot of people have this week -- had Dave -- Michael Fabiano. Guys that are good. They're an actual -- that picked up -- a couple of weeks ago not knowing that rock -- was going down but my question regarding. Pretty and I've got him into league's all CPI. Option -- -- out to play. In one week. So short saw Alexander. In another league the options. When it's more -- until adults so Alexander. Portugal it did get operated out and you believe he is going to be out. Well we're still waiting on the practice report from the vikings for today so if you see. But he is not practice today and there's reports out there they're saying basically it's very slim that he would play. Because of that ankle injury. I think you need to have other options ready and clearly you do -- firstly I'd go which sees -- shorts the guy scored double digit principal reason for the last five games he plays the titans. Which is a better matchup and Alexander has. Against the ravens. The second question that it depends on what kind of scoring system you have. Gave him a dole when he is healthy okay he is in the top ten and finish points at wide receiver. Based on his numbers from the games he's played this year I mean he's got on a ridiculous -- pace he had missed two or three games earlier in the area of injury. But it is a PP our league and I'll tell you can't go wrong with Danny Amendola this guy is under the radar underrated. And a very good wide receiver. What do you do what Ronnie Hillman in Denver McGahee out ACL done for the year. Is he got it could be a top twenty back the rest of the way somebody you're starting as the number two. Top twenty I think is reachable for the rest of the season but. Remember he's playing in an offense where it -- balls behind him on the depth chart and so I don't think he's in the future featured back you pick them up yes the Plame as a -- this week. Against the chiefs absolutely it's a good match a very good match. But I don't expect this -- to come in. And become an apps the gangbusters fantasy football running back because again. You have Lance Ball behind him on the depth chart so there's a little bit of an issue there again -- would still got a target. Top twenty -- could see maybe on the low end of that but certainly someone who needs to be added in every league right now let's go to Peabody talked to Eric when Michael Fabiano nfl.com go ahead Eric. Very very very -- not that good good good. -- just one quick question and Eli Manning or -- and. You know I'm going with the Eli I've got a sneaking suspicion that the -- are gonna put up good could total this week. Eli has been real bad in his last three or four starts from a fan's perspective and they have a bye week that are coming off and as much as I like Wilson's matchup against the dolphins he's been better overall at home and he's been on the road I still think -- a nice play if you need to sleeper quarterback. I'm not start over Eli Manning the Packers -- that to me guys that can be like a 28. 24 gain a high scoring game two good quarterbacks you they get back on the horse -- gets back on the horse plays well Victor Cruz I think is going to be a lot of points were -- and from a fan's perspective. Now -- Connecticut talking quarterbacks Michael -- beyond your approach. I don't particularly like a lot I can I got up three and then I got up Flacco lot of action. A Japanese extolled don't want a -- is somewhat different -- but not only this weekend but the rest of the economic first place I don't wanna -- Well that's a good place to be my friend for Thanksgiving because that means you've been doing a darn good job with that -- roster. Flacco is on the road and if you listen -- -- -- all -- -- you lie ever -- in my columns is -- -- its -- I want nothing to do -- Joseph Flacco he's on the road nothing so. Put him aside. I actually have cap -- ranked higher than Freeman this week and have people are probably gonna go crazy and say. He he'd be he's basically had one star won a really good game he can't base anything off that well. That one good start came against the Chicago Bears and have a pretty darn good defense and this week he's played against the -- given up more fantasy points to quarterbacks and any other team in the National Football League. And the third most quarterbacks at home. So I would roll the dice it cannot predict an offering it's been really good I think he's a very good start. I just see something in cabernet I really do he's got that Tim Tebow -- sort of running style they can utilize him near the goal line. Play a little -- they've done that the past. And he has the rocket arm that he was never had to so. This is a dual threat guy got Jay Wiener did say that Dan Patrick show that it's going to be cap -- starting I don't know if you let the cat out of the bag a little early. But as long as Catholics under center for the niners this I think he's a real good sleeper. For argument sake if you're throwing everybody out in the whole draft again tomorrow -- RG three going among quarterbacks. He's gonna go in the first round but I won't do it I won't listen I've been doing this for almost fifteen years and last year. Sorry this year I -- you know -- -- -- a little bit because quarterbacks put up on these numbers in the running backs are down with injuries. And I drafted two quarterbacks into a -- that occurred at the for front to -- and both of those teams are awful if you are running backs -- shot so. I'll never do it again will he be a first round pick next year I probably will. I would just. Be where the Cam -- sophomore slump issue that Robert Griffin the third could endure next season. I would draft him into the second round and typically on the drafting quarterbacks utterly regardless but overall he's gonna. A lot of a whole lot of second next year. Yeah do you have. RG three's their Doug Martin's new -- to Doug Martin over RG three yes our absolutely. Can I tell you what let me tell you why Yankee fan -- let me tell -- -- -- -- let me tell you I'm okay. Give me the list of the top quarterbacks in this -- football this season are out of we have time to go through everybody. Robert Griffin the third are now has more -- -- and and you recorded accurately he was drafted after round eight okay. Peyton Manning he's fit and finish points right now he was shot in the fifth or sixth round Matt Ryan he's in the top ten draft in the fifth or sixth round Josh Freeman. He's in the top ten he was drafted late if at all injury -- In the top ten he's drafted somewhere around eight or nine any -- same thing Carson Palmer same thing. You can get a good quarterback too late or in the middle rounds of your draft if you -- on a running back you're screwed you're dead there's not going to be good running backs left out there. To me I will wait on a quarterback -- -- right and most successful in. -- my career as the ones where I've draft at running back early and I've waited on a quarterback and that quarterback is put up numbers I've never seen more quarterbacks drafted in the mid to late rounds put up better numbers and have this season it's a quarterback driven league. And that's why you can wait on a quarterback running backs -- premium. You get too much fantasy live NFL network you get him on Twitter Michael underscore -- beyond of course nfl.com slash fantasy football. Michael great stuff enjoy the holiday week in week twelve good advice as always reported talking next week take your guys Michael -- on joining us here. A Sports Radio WEEI helping you out ready to as many questions as possible. Six pick and you you bloody self proclaimed worst. And is worst fantasy owner in sports fans football GM coach -- Six RG three. Omar Bob I mean it did come -- those two guys that take RG 2% think he's the real deal. So in -- guy you think is going to be running backs also he talked to a quarterback. -- pretty movable feast too I mean you. Year to year you can't trust those for example Doug Barton by the way Donna Martin on what round this year and it's helping people out yeah I'll when their --

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