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Mike Reiss, ESPN Boston, talks Pats-Jets and what's wrong in New York

Nov 23, 2012|

Mut and Kirk talk with Mike Reiss on a shorter segment than usual to break down Thursday's beatdown of the Jets and how the Patriots outlook for the rest of the season has changed. They also go into the chippy Texans-Lions game and the challenge flag rule that has become the center of much debate.

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Butler not three point seven WEEI Lou enjoy the day off Kirk -- -- hand is here we continue. Picking through patriots and jets 4919. Your final and joining us on the AT&T hotline. ESPN Boston Mike Greece my Greece brought to you by KM the official Franken sausage. A little England patriots you want it to this game like with a similar feeling and I had a -- predicted 2620. I'm patriots all access kind of nip and tuck throughout so my guess he didn't expect to see three touchdowns in 52 seconds last night by the patriots. And now but he never expected and I will be honest expected. More from the -- you know you you've looked at it going and instead they're four and six. They're playing their seat and and they just came off the game and what you know what they showed some resolve -- -- went -- especially when it. Indeed a range scheme that the week before -- played the 49ers. He said you know what at home the jets. I'm gonna give them a little bit credit here. Shame on me you know nick nick being the butt of the jokes you know Mark Sanchez. You know right into the bottom of the offense and -- -- and what -- choked up performance was not -- -- you say about that are -- Barack. From New York -- and they are -- them on the top radio there it is like. Just absolutely unleashing a fury on Mike can't bomb the general manager -- Rex Ryan and the head coach -- their job. I haven't seen anything like that or. What's that thing Mike as you know a lot dobbs he wrecks the and he brings loss on himself the -- said over the years here but I can't Obama was gets. Nationally a free pass and he gets kind of lost in the -- stuff. Yeah and Turk I don't think that's gonna happen anymore because you sort of sense that building that you know the idea that they just don't have the wonders and mutually trusting because we're looking -- -- -- New -- expected since. And are correct me if I'm wrong whether -- just over a year ago a few years ago that. Many about social club they did the patriots should take the jets' approach you and -- more -- -- kept -- Darrelle Revis is in the David Erickson. Don't worry about accumulating all those -- will actually exceed the residual effect the record because. The celts did but they got a couple good players. But they don't have any -- I -- -- -- the couple guys you have to be able to sustain and they haven't been able to do that. Is the is the you were there last night is the feeling the vibe around there and it was on the people you talked to with the jets and in the writers there that tandem bomb in -- -- a bad thing this year. Are they back next year they both on -- once they want goes. I think I can handle on the ceiling I guess it would be -- Obama be more in jeopardy it may be being reassigned or not Barack. -- still held a winning record as a head coach and I think. Got momentum. The idea that maybe they just don't have the -- Given the chance he'll make a go back to the last two appearances in the AFC title game pregnant so. My -- is that. The feeling among the forward with a team that has the better chance. And maybe for the Obama and the other actor is the owner Woody Johnson the idea that you don't wanna pay these guys. Do not think that there you'll want to give them every chance. The try to come back but that's a tough sell here and he right now I mean I didn't centric environments. There last night I don't know not every seat -- a kid and I think that have to be a concern but how much secure woody Johnson. And hold on what you want you -- I just don't know if you will be able to. I promise we'll talk about the patriots but was the as the Tebow chant as loud in person like is it was on television NBC last night. It worst terrorist it was pretty decisive -- and and. Definitely the type thing let you know you're working and you're watching McCain and and it just sort of stopped you in your tracks and it's -- really hearing what you're hearing and I go back to when they and they acquired our men and you sort of -- and maybe it could work you know let me say do you have prepare for Tebow and chosen. What I underestimated was you checked. You just drop a bomb in your locker room and among your and they accepted distinct. That's sort of highlight of everything that's wrong with -- right now you just can't do that and that environments they just brought that all upon themselves. Like -- ESPN Boston joining us suffer a patriots perspective. My big take away it was the offensive line like I thought that when he heard Ballmer went down and and Marcus cannon was one start in PRD missing Logan Mankins -- okay -- they get through first play of the game Brady knocked down after that. The job of that group did especially without Vollmer. They probably -- -- a lot of fans didn't did a great job protecting Brady and also given the running -- a ton of room last night. -- point night and I I go back again I feel like we talked about this a couple arms arms brought on yeah on he's writing it. Where Dante Scarnecchia back in August remember that's what we were talking about. But you know this -- gonna be okay remember the big yet. Brady was taking in the three feet and executed former can't go market and then at right tackle looks we looked thoughtful and appreciate it. Man have they turned it around into it's yet here as. Now they've they've grown they've developed over the course city here and I agree with -- -- -- quite a bit and under sold storyline in this game are but the -- defense. Is any great shakes but beat -- traditionally it. The patriots a hard time and let's not forget it was a scoreless game. After the first quarter so I think that's set up SharePoint that's what I make an offensive line if you look at the way they they went -- -- and shoulder. Comment when bill Connolly and more than I don't think any of those players that started in those spots. We're starter in those spots last year which against speaks about I'm more. -- obviously these things can change its movable feast but right now the two quarterbacks haven't played almost every snap last night in UN record he. By Gregory is the safeties up for the most part those guys are looking at in in the backfield did you see patch on playing a bigger role here as the weeks go. Welker this is one of the things that I am really actually is on its way in terms of like how all the pieces that are. He's been such a problem for them this year that it's a doctorate scheme that they really had a a full compliment -- now that you sort of look at accordion as the church saint -- And we greatly played. I'm not sure you can go away from that right now but prior to that game -- I didn't beat Gregory in his first two games back from injury. Wasn't great it was two and a great job but. Now it's almost like to -- -- you've got to stick with arrogance about makes -- your third man in. Charmed and a contract you're all the actors but together except the movie. An intriguing situation at all because. Even before -- and -- think he would acknowledge she wasn't playing. At at a high level. I actually thought he did some good things that twenty Q that last site so it's almost like a good problem to have Robert Kraft would call it -- I apps problem. Eagle from an immediate shortage of personality. He went in Seattle they were playing with Avon Wilson and eight editor at the end of the game. Almost too many right now it's funny how that worked over the ports in the -- Other question going in that you guys sanity as Villa boss was who. Who takes the place -- gronkowski -- -- they make up for that seems like from a -- standpoint Mike Daniel -- played a lot of the other gronkowski snaps and saw a big bump in his playing time. How -- -- the offense accounted for Rob Gronkowski not being there. They just weren't should be and that's sort of what defines the patriots -- -- the next man up and there you go and that would Kindle shells and and public interest thing because. You're healthy scratch. Turned against the colts do you. How do you explain -- you know what I did earlier I think I actually healthy and kept trying to lay on the forty tricks on game day roster. I -- later he's replacing him arguably you don't want your top offensive players and rock and as you bet. That's the way the patriots roll they've got a lot of they're cute I don't shut it -- like accepts no reinvent themselves so really. -- one of those stories aren't going to you said with a big deal. And it turned out to be sort of a sidelight to what unfolded in the game on Thursday night. Yet few catches last night Mike -- actually get more -- brand after the captured you don't see often are you for -- patriots perspective. Concerned about sort of the lack of production I guess from Lloyd you're the past few weeks or is that just life in an offense for the as a million options. It may be a little bit of polish church you know not the Alba and -- that -- -- I do think he's done some good things for them. But maybe not as advertised you know not the be -- -- gonna -- NPR -- -- -- Bernard on the field. But it seems like sometimes sort of compared to like grinding years you know like. Some funding and to achieve its belief that other games. -- -- -- -- You know just not not natural if you will you know so what not to the level of Ochocinco obviously because. Boy don't I really feel like a bunch -- good things good but it seems like it's a little more polyps I'll. But you would -- you know every game you can count on. Welker did you receive and -- Hernandez coming back you know Hewitt he doesn't want a little bit more volatile but I think in the end. Are they need them and I think you'll still hopeful but maybe it just happens -- -- exactly like we thought it. And Mike last question for me I know that you know it's still up in the air because the game was just last night and he got a really a mini bye week here. But the joint -- injury and the concussion labeling as that does that open adorn your mind for the return potentially. A Deion Branch event -- gonna miss some time -- that makes sense. Bolster this receiving corps if he's gonna miss extended amount of time. But that would make a lot of sense to me at -- but the danger for the patriots is that they're just being that. Cheaper and you know when you got a column Matthew Slater -- to run your three wide receiver package and a team. I think that's a situation you wanna -- or later you're special teams out there and really cute moderate -- keep an emergency options so whether it's Deion -- to eat healthier -- Greg salas should keep your papers today it's maybe you bring him back. I think that's an area they're gonna after addressed at this sort of manage that roster -- -- Belichick. It out here in recent weeks or how -- handle the back end of the roster based on the health of the overall roster but what they need not specific game. Like travel safe back from New York got enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday Asia haven't looked -- talking next week. I'm like -- -- PM Boston joining us here on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. With speed that the ten times faster than three G to AT&T rethink possible.

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