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Peter King, Sports Illustrated, talks the misery of the Jets, Pats playoff outlook and the 'Jim Schwartz" challenge rule

Nov 23, 2012|

Mut and Kirk track down Peter King to discuss the long day of football on Thursday, starting with the debacle that is the New York Jets franchise. They then move on to looking at the performance of Steve Gregory and a hot New England squad as well as what's up with the questionable challenge flag rule that came up during the Texans-Lions game.

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Joining us on the AT&T hotline eight TT four GL TE was speeds up to ten times faster three G. It's ATT rethink possible a friend for the Sports Illustrated human NBC sports as well. Peter King on a patriots Friday Peter Mikey Kirk Dario. Hope you and -- had a great Thanksgiving. For the jets it was not a good Thanksgiving and we try to figure out for a patriot standpoint. What to take out of the game because that the jets when you give up three touchdowns in 52 seconds and when you play the way they did. How they just did not seem prepared to play what was a a season saver in my opinion -- That. Means you know what what beyond. You know first of all. They -- totally hypocritical. And they. There are eight quarterly coached team if they're performance -- indicative. Of how their coach. I mean and mean the first thing here should be used today literally. They need to bring somebody. -- -- You don't have a performance like that there'd be fumbling and stumbling in the running in your guard -- And have a formal called by somebody. -- It's it's you know they are they -- Larry it's weak pathetic seeing. And it's it you don't -- things have changed. I think the first thing you have to do and I. I learned that firm. From. I like are really knew how to handle it seemed when bad things happen. Bill Parcells. Bill Parcells in my opinion would have -- today whoever it is pick somebody ordered the -- villains or. You know one or the other cereal farmers they have under. Any prior. I mean they say it's a tough thing plane in the NFL should be critical. And after a performance like that last night. Is you know partly. And he hardly appears that the players are taking it as a privilege after they -- I think it is an absolutely abominable job by direct line after acting out. -- possible. The threat EOL. Europe and the coordinator special. Which he admitted today I don't want -- plate in eagle. While admitting he could have played if he has -- But he I don't want to play. Well. I mean there's so many ways people go. Why in the world what you every third quarterback on your roster in great tackle. Why in the world. You're not actively exploring. And let people. I am. Wholly totally people. And the only thing I can think of is that they not think that great Mac or -- play. And it keeps asking why -- should be on the rock. So I mean there's 94 ways you can go did you all know that they've made archer a very very easy and. If you're Woody Johnson Peter at the end of this year. As an imam and Rex they got. I never would have thought that I say it. Even when they were struggling early. I never thought I would say this but what he's gonna -- it is. -- yet need to not get green and backed by bringing back both of those guys. He's a pretty get a ticket problem. Gets denied denied denied it here in trouble selling tickets. And mean every time I live in New York everytime I look -- there's that there's yet on EP your radio or something. I mean they're trying to -- their tickets away. And so. It easy you know they've got it is something. I don't believe that there's. Woody Johnson will be lol no matter what happens even now. Rex Ryan had an awful night last night and he had a nightmare keystone cops. A conference call today with reporters. In which he'd say the offense was really progressing. In which he -- Geithner says that he told. Tony Sparano and Mike Webb thought he -- one -- the -- people. And yet -- yet people 100% who played at at. Any. Minute look at what is what's going on there. I mean it's an -- it's it's it's an asylum so I mean I think I I doubt. -- I think Rick bottom so Clinton now. Sort of capital would be ownership. By going to the AFC championship game first two years in New York. I'd be very surprised if -- -- -- but he's not doing themselves any favors -- Well we opened the show today talking more about the jets in the patriots Peter because to me it's so hard. To take any big picture results from the patriot stamp in the score three touchdowns in 52 seconds I just felt like the patriots repaired to play. Brady throws another 300 yards three more touchdowns no picks and is outclassed the jets and a game the jets had to have any big picture patriot thoughts out of that when last night. Opera is the thing that -- in the game I really felt -- -- -- things one. They really were the pressures on these -- I thought that the goal in spite any great play. You know I think the Gregory's stereo up to the great -- such an instinctive player. Sees the light. You know the physical type player that Bernard Pollard is but. A lot more instinct is to get to the ball in -- I would say that last night in her. We -- all were beginning -- -- the NBC guys this guy really. As a nose for the ball really Smart guy. And and then you know the other thing I would I would take from it a little bit about that last night. You know they scored whatever is under -- points the last few innings. And they want for the role played by an average of 27 innings. The thing that I think is most encouraging offensively fear is that. You know -- and Marines. Over that four game winning streak Iran and Iraq at her under its senior game between. So right now there is not the scene you know -- and sometimes in the past. Well you look at the patriots and say though it goes forward Bree goes well obviously they're running Berkshire helped immensely. By having a quarterback who puts the fear audience into the Tom Brady. But you know he and it's the first time I think he's that sort of deputy little Balkan goes down. You know with the suspension that for the first time that they're excited yet. You know not to mention you know look at sector but this the first time they've that the kind of -- where. Entering late in the season it appears as though they're going to be able to. You know they're going to be able to run appalling after. You know the big take away I think nationally yesterday Peter if not the jets in the -- before that was now rule fifteen section nine which we all know. Chapter and verse now at this point is there -- way in the world in the -- brings is back next year its current. -- I -- last night on NBC. This rule is not coming back you can count on. I mean I'm a marketer they've held the mortgage on it but you know talk into. Very well informed we sort last night. That this thing is here he uses the word through owner. There's too much bad that can happen with this play. And that is. Inside. Its spirit. Oh what the NFL it's trying to do we instantly what you're trying to get a play right. So that some guy makes the mistake it for a challenge. And all of America is means that. You know you're officials may call. I I mean every bit as bad as the call in the end zone in Green Bay Seattle we. It brought it into the replay official. Sitting there saying that was an abominable call obviously so. You know they're gonna say it's time for next season and again you know like I am writing. My Friday column on its -- there are some of the things like everybody as what did you do it now it would now what it doesn't matter. No -- I mean coach -- would be fired on the spot. If he ever for a challenge flag. You know after the turnover scoring quoting now he is going to be the biggest goal for all time to view them. Peter -- join -- turns every football Friday at this time is the Friday column edu. It is is Ndamukong Suh in any part of the SI column today appearing. It it'll I'm conflicted about that play have watched it. So many times in -- it means there. It looks at the end like -- knew exactly. What -- doing is putting that little extra effort. In. You know one match growing. -- -- but then again if you watch the play regular ocean. You know if you just watch it without slowing it down. It's very very hard to tell whether the guy you're you're reacting. And you react when you get knocked over him and you know your legs flail around. It's so I can't. I wouldn't say like that feeling is meant to do it but I -- if you're saying he meant to do suspend him for being. Has he lost the right though kind of deferred for doubt though. As a kind of lost the right out for everybody I mean and I aren't watching you watch it in the leg pauses for second and again from -- -- Yeah the it was a border field. But how -- I. I understand exactly what you're saying which is why if I had a gut feeling what happened on the play my gut feeling is that he meant. It natural. -- I can't. I I say you know I wouldn't. I wouldn't bet on it it appears that that's what eat it but I think -- a little room out there but obviously. First of all he needs to get sanction for that. Secondly. If somebody conclude that he did that on purpose. I am there's some evidence that he -- somewhere some and I are aware of that would be and he doesn't deserve it Chinese users it's suspended for a month. You have a chance here -- Peter King NFL owner you can pick one of two quarterbacks -- franchise for the next decade RG three airlock. How were you going right now today. Well I think law. Just because I've said that all along I wrote about it right before the draft last year and I talked to -- and about it. He personally. I mean I think it but if you could tell me right now. Then each guy I was gonna play the same number -- over the next ten years I think written in a heartbeat. But in my opinion Robert Griffin exposed himself too much. Danger you know he's right 99 times this year many of them on design around the not unscramble out of the park it. So I I would take a look because I just -- even though look it's gotten blown up a couple of times this year. I just think he's got a better chance to stay healthier longer. Did you ever think though I mean I know I didn't at this point didn't answer his rookie year. RG three at sixteen touchdowns for 667 and have to push to the 204 quarterback is Iraq. It is ridiculously. You know left to go actually the last whatever five days. You know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Made it absolutely. Certain. That if you're. Picking the top ten quarterbacks in this game right now out of the filter team around. He absolutely. Definitely would be -- might be in the top three in. He's a phenomenal football player I just worry about the exposure that he has and yeah how many times he's gonna do it that's. That's a worrisome thing here if you ask me. Is Jim Harbaugh doing the right things sticking with Colin Capra -- which is the report that he will start this weekend instead of Alex Smith. I don't think so not not in the superdome this week I think because. I think that that if you keep it close. I think he's hurt them that are in the air because of the -- that don't. He -- and it is that you're gonna have to use the silent snap out of all the time. And again. I just think that. I don't I -- I am very daring you can't help but the nominal per. -- is with what you saw its effort without any question but. I still have no idea well it is on the -- jobs. And again I go back in the air the only game on Monday Night Football which they were about extensively Monday Morning Quarterback. Week or so ago. It will see that number. Of tax annually through sixteen of nineteen passes that works for he was eighteen and nineteen. And sixteen of the throws he -- Or so on target that the guy receiver. Could just simply keep running without breaking stride sort of field and it will get Eric record at. And I -- I'm being followed by you lose your job after poignantly with displays its. You don't get shot on this the Sunday -- and you have on NBC is going to be a good one you point out your picks this week and SI dot com. In the last five games Eli Manning has got two touchdowns and six interceptions what's your best theory as to what. Has -- Eli during the stretch you believe in the dead arm theory it's been espoused. I don't believe that dead arm I believe that. That the pass rush. And I don't think they hurt themselves by a replacing Sean Locklear was David he's number one. And I think the data points that out I mean he's hitting it more. We -- playing any let's look like we're playing. So. And I also think what is happened is that we've seen and not healthy and I -- they eat and be healthy fully healthy you're the year. I think that that that put way too much pressure you single scene. And I put way too much pressure. I'm Victor Cruz you know being. Always -- -- he's right on top of it puts too much pressure on him to be the total playmaker. So I mean I think that's part of it I also think that is -- a very very inconsistent indeed operating. So it seems can pin their ears back and say we're just gonna -- try to beat the crap out of -- which is what they've done. But Peter got bio for iPhone -- him -- update my contacts he can between your new phone number so I can change. Do that could spend a couple of things I only had 370. My closest friend the other day after we -- Alpine. How -- -- wasn't -- it was enough for. It was the first item I'm guessing about six seconds and do it. Because I put it out and then I -- and I am because I intend -- to direct message an agent right I was trying to reach him. And so sure that they saw that it went there everybody I immediately. I immediately Yury. And I -- serious six seconds 82 match. Besides dad danced -- -- that. -- Baghdad's green grabbed it and but definitely looked like from the big city. Peter have a great holiday week we appreciate the time is always in Dallas -- docket next week. And I he's the best Peter King SI SI dot com -- Friday called -- -- museum. On the NBC broadcast we talked to Peter he is brought to you. By our friends at town fair tire bike about a tractor corporation and by -- hill for.

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