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Patriots safety Pat Chung on the Pats' dominance of the Jets

Nov 23, 2012|

Kirk Minihane fills in for Lou on a Black Friday as he and Mut talk with the Pats safety, fresh off his first game back from injury. They go into how none of them have seen anything like the 21 points the Patriots scored over a 52-second stretch last night and the struggles of not being to get back on the field.

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Our arts are a lot little not a three point seven WEEI -- went hand in for a little -- off for the Thanksgiving holiday your phone calls. At 617779793. -- get right back to the -- joining us on the eighteenth the outlawed. Is the patriots try to meet Patrick Chung joins us show Patrick good to get back in their last night after miss some time here with the injury. Never having significant is that if you know. It also could go -- What's the hardest thing come back a missing. A lot of weeks like that is there any. -- -- setbacks the speed of the game is get back into rhythm anything stand out first game back. I would think -- were dramatically and urban got used to the game but that was an extra couple plays you know. You can -- -- -- -- we practiced we used Google to. You know all of the same -- Google users. In your back on track. Patrick if you ever seen a quarterback run into him off as a Limon three Iran to fumble the ball that's a big return for a touchdown. -- -- 52 seconds though I mean 21 points. I got asked I mean you've played the point your whole life have you ever seen Obama team played against the team scored 21 points in fifty cents. I've never seen them and you know it felt great on the silent -- little probably loud as you can crater where. Know when things happen to -- to prepare -- -- -- group -- -- to convert to -- He thought the jets are prepared for that game Patrick will be talking a lot about the jets this morning in the they're trying to save their season your short week there culminate. It really play inspired football how to they look to you from a -- They'll look into that game for the beginning last night. On the -- -- you know we work hard to -- you've been buckling down to. If we are short week was distraught that we're trying to do all in their head start and absolutely -- predators are very focused and all eventually. You know just worked out or. Obviously you've played -- Gregory his first do you play with them that -- -- -- breakout game here for the patriots. Surprises seemed that kind of stuff present the -- waiting for. Now he's a ball event is definitely confident. Companies go out there that knows he can make -- and very little America on. -- an opportunity to get in their last night with a key to -- we asked you about him last week. What does he brought to this defense and a chance to finally play alongside him. Thought competent. Flat farm is fun to -- -- nuclear -- -- like playing with Indy Lights and that -- is it's called uncle. It terms of the jets' offense last night anything surprise you I don't we talk that it maybe they were trying to throw the ball. A little bit early last night they seem to want it at the pound it try to establish the run they surprised with the approach early and I came. Are not it was primarily come you know how you know we focused on the TV -- for anything so. If something happens or not -- not prepared for -- -- -- too late you know to kind of look at gravity or whatever they -- I mean we're gonna just to. You said the short week -- trying to prepare up and practice hard during a short week for a Thursday game. How different is it you know when you come off that game on and Sunday against the colts and Belichick says it's already Wednesday night how does that affect the week of preparation. Is -- -- when -- -- out of people without Harangody played Thursday in the co pays off color. -- -- -- -- -- as I get the ongoing and they get a little break talking to stay focused and just you know get the -- stretched. I a couple of questions here that -- little investigative journalism by me so be ready -- Chris Paul -- said last night that you have been healthy scratch the past couple weeks lecturer falls. Let. Okay and before the colts game. You -- couple hours before. God love business that you took down the -- was seven referenced the fact. Don't know what the media. Makes it work this side -- -- not a common on network like we didn't take it down. Could obviously mediate all the focus a lot we have always away. But you're -- immediate that you did yourself tweet that the ticket out. Yes. But that's a look at the screen shot right here it's okay between and take it down -- -- -- mean is that what you did. But that was not referenced any pitcher related Patrick in your mind. It terms of this stretch now the secondary and the communication a ten day break is there a chance now with this group and a new guys involved to leave you Gregory -- according. Play in opposition a chance to work that communication we've talked about so much between that's secondary players are. Are -- that is as good men I mean there's been going there and now we. We're all on the -- data -- on it isn't a problem here. What does organ that's due to get this championship game at that's a real important questions. Will we had a little bit. You know we've heard from the -- are. Would you or neutral neutral field I think Gordon beat Notre -- to touch you agree that. It's easy easy or already -- thirty. Notre -- not a good value and not that good. All about it Notre Dame. On the double -- organ and Camilo has pretty demanding their right for a reason not you know yeah because they -- because there aren't. We'll go to break here any chance to sneak out that organ organ state game this weekend. Document until a little bit. Well have a great Thanksgiving here extended break for you guys your back in on Monday appreciate the time is always -- congrats on the win last night. Thanks Patrick Chung joining us here Patrick Chung joins us he's always brought to you by quick lane tire and auto center.

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