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Patriots Defensive end/outside linebacker Rob Ninkovich on the Pats' happy Thanksgiving

Nov 23, 2012|

Rob Ninkovich calls in to talk with Dale and Steve to discuss the Patriots' blowout on Thanksgiving night and how the defense has developed over the season. They also discuss Rob's nose for the ball and how timely his performances have been this season.

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Patriots beat the New York Jets 49 in nineteen last night and last night at MetLife stadium joining us right now is to England patriots. While I was gonna say linebacker which also got to say defensive lineman Rob Ninkovich heart conversation with rob is brought to buy all this dental. And by lunch dates rob it's dale Arnold and Steve -- how -- Great throughout. Hey how hard is it just from a physical point of view to play two games in five days. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who's got a couple days that aren't sure. On Thursday hours to recover so. It's got to -- The messages they're so we know that there's going to be back -- you know on -- percent. Of that sort of a bit there. -- I was thinking about it last night when I thought about the Houston Texans not only played two games in five days like you did. All played two overtime games in five days. -- -- some -- That -- from probably. Pretty soon -- -- through -- congress. Shall opera career home. Rob is this team whose defense in particular has been so good move more -- to leave creating turnovers. Has that -- a point of emphasis this year for the for the defense. -- not. On camp. -- -- -- -- Cents an ounce on all our room and now -- -- And -- Not. Now. And so on and so on those holes that are -- problem. Turnovers and calm down on. This -- team score on its. That's common. -- Our. Current. And hours on the so much obvious Obama. You know he's he's. All and over in the top scorers. -- -- -- -- There's a great historic piece of patriots video and I have a feeling -- probably shown to you guys at one point or another and it's Andre Tippett. I think it's Johnny Hector. The running back that he role is basically at the jets quarterback to great piece of video. Last night I watched Vince Wilfork throw a 330 pound man into the quarterback now that is an impressive feat as well. -- -- wrong you know there -- no honor. -- -- the car. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- evolved into a very. Active and important player on this defense what's the difference between. Your game. What three years ago when your game now wizard does that chose the experience or or is there. -- or something else to. You don't walk on a number -- don't get first year. Now charming and does not urgency and neither boat goes wrong. Option. I'm not accurate and not. Well -- freeagent. Long snapper. I mean at this moment in you know. He proved that their toes more. Now -- you know get on the special team units in. -- they couldn't. The line. You know. And the economic team. And you know from their old all. You know you don't let the video. -- You are so. Well you know from that point I think this is. All -- user's perspective at Ole. Ole Ole. Well there was giving him more so I think it. -- -- -- More reps in the more confidence so. Did better and better than yours -- was that more comfort. Org. That are -- please. -- opportunities. There's there's a saying in the game that says -- of the ball follows player acts around and I think -- it's obvious that the ball. Follows you were around it seems like every fumble recovery Yuri either involved in forcing the fumble or recovering the fumble. Is it just one of those years where the ball happens to be there or is that something you work on. And something you try to be around the ball when it's available like that. We know total long time ago it. Those guys that also doesn't giggles turnovers and just you know. More chances you have of -- hopefuls -- have to actually go because it's so. Well we're a little balls that. You know what you're trying to slow -- Enron and its plan watching term. Wrong and the guys you know it's caught -- those huge chip and -- coming full speed of the ball. It's registered applies. The recovery so. A lot of that has to do this effort and and I try to. It was played uniform. You know super gas the entire -- -- that's predictable. And that's when things happen also. All of you that that's all the great things that are decent everybody's trying to get the ball consulate told -- -- these turnovers is not just there. When guys get the ball out -- that -- for common. No predictable. Trouble is as defense have to do to. To improve -- -- move towards the playoffs. You know I think you need to you know. As the season progressed almost to last. You know couple gamer all. Said the right -- felt -- was couple. I would rather you like that especially you know being in the game. Last couple. You know they get the ball. In the court -- there it was known drug. Only drive down -- -- are certainly don't want leaders such as. -- -- you know if you on third down -- Well. You know obviously get off sensible. And you know it's little things yeah I think that. Won't even get me wrong obviously a couple places. -- accurate game all. Well. It's awful game. Well the audience were sort of problem but lost it -- You know there were lured young defense -- A few that are still lower than it was -- couple years ago the reps -- the most important thing so. Well you know young kid that we. It up for us but at least that your. And you know you're more reps -- comfort -- You wake up and or. Sorry you get a couple extra days off -- UA get out of town kinda guy RA. Hang around in and rest your body kinda guy. Almost unrelated but right now but. I'll just try to get my body that is what you do you know you can do. Intriguing aspect of that also allowed to sit around here involved Foxboro tomorrow. Rob we appreciate time congratulations on the win and we'll talk to again -- thanks. Take care of that as the patriots. Linebacker Rob Ninkovich our conversation. Conversation with rob rush to buy all this dental and buy lunch states.

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