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Mike Lombardi, NFL Network, on Thanksgiving football and the Pats blowout

Nov 23, 2012|

Dale and Steve break down the Turkey Day football triple header starting with Lions-Texans and Ndamukong Suh's groin shot. They then move on to the main course: Pats-Jets and the way Belichick and Co. feasted on Gang Green. They finish up with the Pats' outlook for the rest of the season and how they matchup with the AFC's elite, like the Houston Texans.

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There are a lot of great NFL reporters out there this is one of the best you can follow him on Twitter -- Michael Lombardi. He is Mike Lombardi of the NFL network Mike this is dale Arnold and Steve DeOssie where -- filling in for DNC thanks for being -- -- how aria. Good morning happy about it until Thanksgiving let's start away from the patriots and work our way back. Let's start with the Detroit -- Houston Texans game. -- look you can make an argument of why would Jim Schwartz be so undisciplined to throw a challenge -- flag on a -- it's gonna automatically be reviewed anyway. But it doesn't seem like it it it's the sort of penalty that makes a lot of sense to me. No I mean look at football an emotional game in a minute but who was watching that game topic I was down got up that in your whistle when you first reaction is always a challenge certainly room forget that. You know they're broke challenge all touchdowns and I think he made a terrible mistake you can was criticizing. Jim Harbaugh got a year ago about that mistake but I think emotion plays a role in this and I and clearly emotion got the best of. Admitted. The penalty for doing that too seems sold off the charts are much -- -- unifil. -- Greece -- out how they came up with that the Filipino flag we're not gonna reveal what even though we've made the biggest mistake of all that we're gonna penalize you for throwing your flag you know I -- It's like it just doesn't it's like if it literally at their rules that are made sometimes but people would have never actually been on the field. That a play the game that I understand the emotions of the game you know it's it's easy to sit back reflect and be political. And so -- you have to be under control when your life and and and family is predicated on what's going on on that field it's tough to maintain your -- pleasure to maintain your. Composure all the time. Especially when you're trying so hard to get the calls correct you don't charge of a timeout if you want to if you wanna have a penalty their. Khartoum a target tomorrow whatever but either way it was just it was. Wrong on his end it -- a favorite. Flag excuse what -- -- out there and incompetence of what they did on the field and mean and it really when you review that wasn't even close and it wasn't even close. You know and Schwartzman the coming after the game that you know like on the early in the game they didn't overturn of the ball -- the receiver on the part. Which you know clearly I mean even still Sims who's very good at figuring out these challenges and how we're gonna go he thought it was gonna go that direction -- look like the ball moved in the direction and had to hit touched the guys self. I think you would think that started everything off of that -- Mike in your opinion did in -- can sue intentionally kick match job and if you think that he did. Will he get a call from -- on perhaps a suspension. I couldn't even imagine how anybody could think he -- him and I mean I would but I thought he did what why I don't know -- -- what was he supposed to do this. I don't know it's like somebody's helmet to helmet hit that on the aware of the league expects these guys to put their bodies. When they're in the position I don't know how they expect people to be -- I don't know how they expected the outcome would be any different. -- I think because it looks to a lot of people like the the foot actually changed direction from the natural arc of the way it was. Of the way there was moving period. Steve you've played so that obviously in that instance he do you actually think in the heat of the moment you actually think you can turn your foot so Obama can this guy right now right the growing. I was never the athletes who was booked -- not not I don't believe he was aiming for the growing -- is -- -- -- in general -- I didn't -- it that way I know I've heard Boomer Esiason comments at halftime of the game and he was all over it and and I think certainly there's there's an element of Sims game that you could question his. His. While playing -- in the rules but I I didn't see it there on that one I just thought sometimes just plays in this game but I'm not sure what you wanted to look at look lets go of the patriot game early when they called personal problems that are down of the goal -- Don't know what they expected him to do I thought it was a perfect fit. -- grim. Didn't know what they what they want guys to do with their bodies. In certain positions and there was a couple times yesterday. The pickers game where Brady get hit and got knocked down and and it was a hit that was similar to what what was called on. On the mail last week so there's no consistency from one game to the next game or from core group. Well the -- -- going to err on the side of caution in this case in most cases like this they're going to call wouldn't worry about the worry about it later I lose seems to me that's what they're doing. Yet but it's part for us to sit at home while we're eating Turkey and cranberry and stricken beer and and to think that it has to really read it got its mind on the field I think that's a hard thing to do. And I don't those who low enough to know whether that's right away from writer who's right or anything I just didn't see it that way like it wasn't in my instinct. The think he was doing and maybe I'm being -- Based on what you've seen so far. Is it hard for you to picture Jason Garrett being back with the cowboys next year. Well it really is for me I mean I have watched his office now for two years and I watched his head coaching you know managing the game for two years and I haven't seen any improvement in either area. Mean he ask a lot of the players I mean there's really no it's not a friendly offense to me. And when it goes bad it's always Tony romo's fault when it goes good it's that they they really have a good offense that never quite understood that their offensive line is not very good. But more than throw line is they don't give themselves a chance to really make a lot of plays that don't change formations very much -- seeking to predict. What they're gonna do how they're going to function as an offense. And I understand they have the running game but I think they ask a lot of their star players to make plays it really is a player based offense in terms of you guys got to make plays. And we're just gonna put in the position and hope you can do it and and I don't think that's why you -- in the NFL there I think vehicles at chess match I think it's about creativity it's about. Being able to give your players the advantage to make it utilized their talents skills but also put in the the most. A unique position that they possibly can be and I think when you look at the Shane -- touchdown pass. Yes marine made a great play but it would Shane Vereen get sparks got somebody had to think that up somebody had to understand that matchup somebody had actually come up with a play. To get that situation done and then the patriots where I don't see that going on -- -- so for me. -- I've not been impressed look I know everybody is really went to Princeton. That's great that's wonderful you know but that doesn't mean your offense is Smart to. Do you think that Mike Holmgren will be the next coach there. Don't think so I mean I don't think Jerry's gonna make that decision and securities consider here and think he's you know he's. Brought Jason Garrett out then and and that is developing -- that coach but I think there's a difference in the NFL. And we've seen this over time there was a period in the NFL we had some really great head coaches. But I think we are moving into position in the NFL where you're seeing a lot more coaches who were in charge of the assistance that -- head coaches. And I think that's really where some of the teams that have a true head -- -- gaining an advantage and by two head coach in the understand everything that's going on he controlled the game he can manage the game. And he sets up the game plan to beat the opponent on an individual basis. I think we missed that I think what we're fighting now for getting guys who were in charge of assistance but essentially display call. Like -- Patriots offense as good as it appears to be -- -- the bottom fishers of the of playing some soft defense. Thought that there really good and I think the fact they haven't -- -- teams in Tennessee on the field offensively -- impressive I mean look. You know it wasn't even mentioned last night on the broadcast and you know obviously game got away from above market camp played right tackle he's the backup right tackle you know you had you had Donald Thomas play in the backup guard I mean Lincoln -- they had two of their five starters in the opposite one -- -- never even thought about it. Mean obviously the first play of the game tunnel problems that played very well look at that point I mean he did. And then you've got you know -- is done in the game and so that Daniel -- and play well minutes patriot offense to get death. It got talent -- it's got the ability to attack and multi dimensional ways in terms of if you want it takes some things away. And I think they're finding their nets down you know I would think they're getting better as they go forward they can't become much better for the ball down the field. But he did earlier in the season I think they've obviously put that at the point of emphasis. And by doing that they've been able to stretch the field a little bit more mean. Earlier that gave you could see that you could see that the patriots play with the -- it up the field and you could see that gets his reaction that with a good back up. Is there any doubt that the New York Jets are a team without a franchise quarterback right now. -- -- -- -- -- to really I think it's more than just mark Sanchez's problem with the jets -- the if you study the jets and upset the sun and it's on network many times before. Over the last three seasons they haven't gotten better they've gotten worse every time they discount you know you play poker and you get rid of some cards you're open to get better cart back. Well with the -- they discard and never get any better players back but I mean you look at the team three years ago to the team today it's actually getting better they're getting worse. Nonsense says that they obviously got better but. Would seem to -- when he operates that is maximum level. It's where he has a legitimate right tackle with -- opposite -- point when he -- a blocking tight in the complaint on the line what he's got some receivers that can make some place. He hasn't had that since. That's really they've lost Jericho Cotchery who they replaced him with a no it was the third receiver that even have a second receiver right now on the check Chileans. German Curley I mean really it's it's been very difficult I think when you look at the -- personnel that you cannot be impressed at all. How do you see -- the the playoff picture shaping up right now is it are the this used to look like the clear cut favorite to have that no more NC. All the -- -- ten quarters in the last two weeks it's remarkable the last five basically ten quarters and in and they kind of lost to Jacksonville that go -- of the toward both teams that. We don't view the playoff teams so. -- margin of error has really reduced they must find another pass rush to go along with JJ -- because what we're seeing now. Is that secondary is vulnerable to being attacked. But more than that they're -- -- -- these -- they only have to play anybody out of the patriots and they have a two game lead on the patriots. They play them later in the season they don't really have anybody that they have to put that you could -- -- in the game boy this is going to be a really hard game they play Chicago and Chicago the weather's horrible. Chicago's office supplies -- -- -- gets hurt they get a break they've been fortunate I think they're going to be one of those teams the gonna have a great record a much for the can be able to keep the gold to the playoffs they'll. M does that bill clears the room. The roads for road a team like Denver or Baltimore to grab that second -- Well look -- you -- Denver by the Denver Baltimore. Obviously New England has a chance to get that second -- of the ball which a team that has really struggled lately but they've been finding ways to win even though the local. You know and I think that's remarkable good team when you're not playing your best the Baltimore problems when they play against the developed into commercial back up like they -- when they played against Houston down there. And in Baltimore right now they can easily go after playing a very physical game and it's Pittsburgh. This is a long trip foreign go up to San Diego coming off that came a can be a tough situation. But I think it'll be a challenge can they do it -- sure they can they're tough minded team they easily can make plays. And they're going to be you know because they have a tiebreaker with the patriots and because they've lost to Houston and -- secure and it they in Denver still to be a game behind him and economic on the favor right now. Talking to Michael Marty of the NFL network I agree with you about the personnel issues on the New York Jets and and guess what -- Johnson will agree with you. Which means Mike Tanenbaum will probably not be back running that franchise next year will Rex Ryan. Well I don't know play I don't know if -- Woody Johnson would agree with me and they look Rex Ryan at the beginning of the season for the the most talented team he's ever -- which is strange for -- ever say that I don't know who's writing the script for maybe the -- general manager must be reading -- press press conference -- I don't know but I think the jets have issues in terms of their talent -- to think they have issues in terms of the drafting a player procurement. Now this would be just don't see that I don't know I can't really predict that I've often felt that. The GM will be there forever so because he's got a and in with that I mean remember the general manager their hired Eric Mangini to be. The head coach the team he would've been the only one who later and go to the team's side. I think he's been able survive one thing that would surprise -- -- about. You mean from -- -- -- point that I'll always what reason though to be on on radio that involved in an instant -- you have to make it -- -- she thinks it's really important she makes herself -- -- -- Element belt don't would have played well enough she's become the time she's making herself well. Well bella has her on Twitter page but fireman Ed reportedly deleted his last night. I don't I don't blame firemen had to be in that way I think are very clearly you don't have to be discussed with the steam tunnel which. You know like most -- fans that think they see the reality of the situation. And they have to really be realistic about it their team isn't very good the quarterback which is the focal point of what they've done. And you know people's -- put -- people that -- created this to people that the -- of the ones that'll help some people to have press conferences after every practice he's you know built ourselves that Parcells would allow the spectacle. At a press conference that the practice of -- Bill Belichick would have. Absolutely not there's no coach that would allow his backup quarterback or organization. I mean they had a press conference when -- when they traded for -- Mean if they wanted to keep hoping to work out that would've just taken the low road and basically try to ignore everything just go from there. But they took the other where they wanted to promote that they want the -- and now they've created this mass of support firemen and that's what has -- -- -- all the -- beat them on Twitter. You know he's another casualty of some of the simple mindedness that goes on in the New York -- front office. My view of life of my contention when they signed him that it was a straightforward reaction to other giants and the patriots their two main rivals. Being in the Super Bowl and the way their locker room disintegrated the in the season last year they needed to feel good headline and that's who they thought -- -- was bring into the. Well I don't know what I don't know how it felt so good to get their mail out at a felt we covered them Steve we have on network or -- and I -- the show's summer. From 7 o'clock in the morning LA time 212. Inside trying to can we covered the jets every signal that we went to Rex Ryan's press conference every single day. Of which he announced every single that it had a great practice probably best practice there never -- I'm sure. I'm comfortable with say they had the greatest practice on Tuesday before the patriot game probably the greatest action the minister practices Brooke and I think that every week and so to me. All they've done a shot themselves in the foot and last night was another attempt and the jets fans including -- as. Are tired of hearing at the leader you can't always been a -- -- -- -- on the doing great you lose credibility you can't help but always to a bad. And you can't tell -- is doing great you have to be credible when you go and -- the media because as Al Davis so which would say to the head coach. When you're standing from the media was talking with three groups should talk for the fans. You talk to the owner and -- talk with your team. And when you're talking like that way your team became adopt the personality. I mean really that would surprise that the jets had an uprising about it and people quote. The head coach is a quote machine every week why would -- locker room vehicle -- they're just adopt in the personality and -- coach. Follow him not on Twitter at Michael Lombardi Michael party the NFL network we always appreciate time thank you and happy Thanksgiving I need the stuff like him that is so Mike Lombardi of the NFL network.

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