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Red Sox Join Farrell on the Sox offseason and putting a staff together

Nov 23, 2012|

John Farrell joins Rob Bradford, Kirk Minihane and Alex Speier on the Hot Stove show to discuss the Sox's quiet offseason in terms of player acquisitions and how the Red Sox's coaching staff is coming together.

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Back on the hot stove here 937 W yeah rob Bradford -- and him we're joined now by the manager of the Boston Red Sox John Ferrell on this Kirk and Robin. -- -- -- There are very very good I tell you what John I dragged on -- one concise and in the last month has been assigned not a restaurant. Com that says free wings to anybody. Named John Farrell so my question is have you had any -- winnings in the last month. I I admire routes have been from Logan straight. I'm white so I haven't been in over August 4 if Obama might pick him up on a freebie. Well this is -- -- terms of how busy you have been an and the dynamic of what you've been doing and going back and forth. What what has been taking up most -- time I know that you've been going through coaching interviews and and and looking at and helping against the front office was looking at free agents but what -- you say -- taken the majority of your time. No -- you hit onto the main components over the past month that we but it crossing and that is going our coaching staff which. Obviously -- filer being the most recent addition to a what we still have a couple more and abuse for hitting coach position. When you think about. Constructing a new stats in the amount calls that go in the background checks and recommendations. On a number of candidates we've had for each of the positions we've -- -- before. It's dominated quite a bit of time and an -- sort deep into the free agencies and now the the market this story could take shape a little bit we went through two and a -- days of planning meetings two weeks ago so that's a lot of follow up calls so. Again when you're targeting certain individuals -- spots need. There's a lot of time on a lot of dialogue with them might Alberto number -- -- so oh. -- starting to take shape and public life. John how close -- I guess have two questions here how close he -- to naming their hiring they're hitting instructor is -- going to be one guy errors are gonna be two guys you. The -- figure that out yet. -- -- Intent and in coming from the last two years of seeing the volley or for hitting instructor. And bags while it was here you know -- -- you know Guerrero. And other help from the war that is. Whether or who were responsible for four lightly hitting instructor can be overwhelming at times it would consider the amount of video work done in preparation for your starter on a night. I really feel like in the necessity for two guys. -- exists and will likely go concept so. We've got Greg Greg cauldron has been has been publicized -- Saturday so it's certainly in war. An interview. And outside of doctor Rodriguez got a good job was marketing coordinator so. I think that -- started to define itself a little more and and hopefully in time. We got got final position so. That process -- -- -- Saturday for cauldron like -- -- now. I guess my question is who was in the room and you're talking to him in just kinda give the listeners -- from an idea of some of the stuff you guys who talk about over the the few hours. Well. It's Canada comes in and meets with a number of people oust the majority of time from if there's not been an extensive relationship with. With one candidate -- from either playing days coaching -- -- might repair and so a feel for how they would handle different situations whether. Ideally -- that are that are dealing with -- a young hitter that's. Transition from big leagues and expect to struggle how would they go about handling those situations. It's more about getting an understanding where -- their thought process because in twelve -- com source having org -- -- to a pretty extensive screening in terms of in some cases how how in depth was a big league playing career order clinker in general. Where they've been of late in what -- and then. But I think Google -- that the immense system allows us to do was a compliment of talents of the individuals knowing that. They're gonna have very. Some similarity and some consistency. In her overall approach to each sitting the last thing that we're looking to do was create intrusion with. A different messages given to that individual. Hitter. What. City what -- -- gruesome video review just to get a feel for their ability to break down -- different hitters. And then thome then Mike and others are in the from opposite also typically it's about five all process will feature and the. When you're looking at some of the guys free agency you guys have been linked to him -- you looking again. Filling out some of the positions that you need how much are you prioritizing. Getting back to the approach of of waiting out pitch at bats waiting up pitchers I'm seeing more pitches. Because clearly it was something that was it was an issue and it wasn't because of -- hitting coach because the hitting coach. Had one of the best. Track records in terms of getting that type of production other lineups to how much are you looking at those type of players prioritizing that. There are our rob and I think of one thing that you raises the ongoing debate -- you teach that grinding approach. I can you instill that in hitters at the big league level or have they shown a track record that throughout my early career and ultimately get completely. I think -- continually fall and you know what we've got a young hitter that has had very good success in the minor leagues. I think when they get to the big league level and they meet those initial challenges they might expand the strikes -- times. Over time they usually settle back into other performance lovable levels -- the minor -- so when you're looking at a young player. And you have to continually. Reinforce that overall close they're working counts and understanding the strikes on battling with the strikes work and he counseled the idea of forcing not starting pitcher not only elevate the discomfort -- you get to that middle relief group. Sometime in the sixth or seventh inning and that's why a lot of games are won -- -- Red Sox manager John -- join mr. in the hot stove show on 93 says John -- if you talked journal last couple weeks to Alfredo service at all about last year in if you have. Are you confident that he's going to be emotionally ready here to come to this 2013 season with bought -- -- Yeah Kirk we've had some initial conversations they've been great he's in Mexico they're in. Messages left either way on both sides. So to sit down and outline expectations here I know that that's been done in the past and I know that will continue to be done go forward. That this is also extremely columns that -- induce some very unique things from a physical standpoint. I think the one thing that we're gonna hold. Ourselves accountable to is the way we play every game the way we respect one another in our uniform. And -- we work each night as -- -- And could prepare anything apart or to war against. I can -- he goes against. All the were trying to put together here not volatile players. But certainly guys that play the game right away. Did you think easy pitch did you think he's a person could potentially do that means that a concern -- look at him you've seen last shared with Francona. Well you know I'm not going to first -- senior and talking to others of what's taken place I think the most important thing is that. Expectations are outlined to him and I want to beat very consistent with -- and there's going to be some things that are non negotiable and with. If certain situations arise you know certainly. Consequences may exist so. -- Coming in fresh eyes on him being in the same uniform our children what to -- the benefit of the doubt to the situation. Knowing that there are some history here but I think it's important to be very candid about our. Is translations. Because you have been inducted -- off aiming for a return. Guests you're you'd -- be cut the head jobs -- Italy's sky forest lakes and much is not coming back. -- -- -- -- just let me ask you this apparent you if -- if you're posting a hot stove show and you have stop -- on in Boston. You can ask him. Thank you very much -- did that he freaked out. It's John John you know you could fill -- -- -- it's one -- but since you're on last time you apparatus running game drops the catcher and this curious about. How much that signing was about controlling the running game. And and it's something dead I note that the Red Sox wanna get better -- notice something that they struggled for a long time even when you're year. But how much was that David Ross signing. -- that that means that. Of course what we brought David include improved fourteen. He has -- -- The track record of being able throw runners out -- he has but he also brings a number of things are looking for a match. He's got leadership capability in all these that sit well behind the plate in the opposition. You've shown over the course of the entire Covert you're predicting caller get the most out of -- argument night. Put on the bigger picture in the bigger property your race here and yes going back and looking at the last couple years here myself -- all pitching coach. We were not very good control again and we have to become better. That will be a main point of emphasis in spring training. And looking back and and over the past couple years. Finding different ways to do just that. It will be. Not to say hotspots but there. A point of emphasis as I said in spring training because the running game is compact and being employed by. Not just -- Israeli expert -- baseball. As homer totals sort of drop. Other running game has become much more part of the game and in control -- Falls directly are on the Pritchard and the characters to control and do their job triple. You know -- -- emphasizing that aspect of the game and and I would imagine that when when you do hit Fort Myers that you wanna hit the ground running and you want to make sure make it clear to the players into the team that. This is how we wanna play in this start from day one. Is that something that that you -- start to relate to them because I I go back to. Your first here in Toronto are members in some of those games the spring training where you really were running all over the Red Sox have a time. And it was clearly a priority it from early on spring training so is that something that you want to. Gets through to them right away and make it clear that this is going to be that type team we're going to be. -- before we get to spring training has some conversations are in place of individual players. Once are finalized coaching staff in place we're gonna meet in -- march 2 days of are still have to get together for the first time in many of the cases it's going to be the first time they've walked into that facility. So we'll have two days -- always. Addressing. Facility get -- from -- it's starting to put together our daily work. Schedule our template or that I adore and today is also to address. -- pair scouting system that we use. But they won -- there and I think the running game or something that you can. Create a mindset. Certainly critic culture with -- and aggression used to but I think the wanting to order clears or what we talk about playing more aggressive baseball that doesn't mean. Aren't going away from the approach at the plate of grinding out at -- are working this out but. Org -- work our conditioning will be year will be you're all sorts. That aggressively trying to stop. Where is John Lackey right now in his rehab processes economies is he ready to go and how how much do you communicate with him here since since taken the job. We've had multiple conversations -- -- doubts he's working out there's eight our facility in Europe north culture were number of players worked out rank you -- you know one it will little Brooks is there as well. -- -- coming out of game or it's or or live game activity in the structurally. He goes through what would be a normal offseason program. For any culture. Still initiative or program looking at the December. And we'll work. As all other -- no restrictions -- -- -- as we start to ramp up. Knowledge from opened the batting practice games pitched. And I think come -- -- it'll be much more clear almost. That he's ready to go right from the start here. You obviously viewed. The players and Red Sox the last couple years and one light you get a chance to see. -- small sample sizes and then when you get hired used to probably see a little bit more with a little bit of video but now I would imagine now -- more than a month and that you really been able to dig in on. The video some of these guys particularly the pitchers. Is there anything that jumps out at. Both acting with regarding you know the last here's the bars the -- colts as any of these guys that now that you really get a chance to see them a more extensive rate. -- -- -- -- I think it had to leave it in the process as he starts not only initiate -- conversation again you look back on video things are taken place. -- more about the steps. Taken look at each regards and aunt and my conversation want to -- -- -- centering around. What we've seen when you compared video maybe a couple of years ago the most recent here this last year. And start to build a war plan and the conversations which are geared towards black. It's it's a way -- -- can start to initiate building that relationship will be chilly guys and an annual travel the little guys that are strong programs get under way. So that when we've got sort of Fort Myers it's not the first time -- -- -- popular certainly not not -- -- so. It allows us to just think it ever -- a little bit. Because spring training will be key for both of those guys. And highlight those two guys in particular so there are some tangible fundamental. Adjustments that can be made. And I sort of the press conference and the still hold true that if -- open. They finished -- quota for the talent and out burger insufficient becomes successful portrait does -- been in the prior. -- tell -- John when the one yet disarming you obviously do the Google news to Google searches. And won the first ones that came up with the 1985 stories him pitching friendly park talking about his dad being legendary cock fighters. Instructor. And and so I I don't know -- thought of that conversation has come up in your relationship with them I guess he's. Pretty into the sport which as we should say is legal inquiry can Olympic sport I think in 2000 -- memories -- are. Well we haven't gone to that area just got a we've got our old fighter to prepare how to respond. You know. And this can't be understated or overstated and offers that are starting rotation has -- ball was caught. It'll give us every possibility and every opportunity to expand novel into the regular season the -- -- and to get -- group on track. And have them is consistent all leverage for a night is the main goal all -- You know John and when they brush into the perception around here I think from most fans and media was this a guy who's gonna potentially be able to fix -- To fix Lester that it is sort help out buckles is that there be -- had success. So NEC you hire pitching coach that -- -- I think some of the also perception is. Well I think Farrell's and you can hands on what's -- this -- role going to be so when you're eight you know a pitching coach here from -- crew that you transition manager. What's your relationship like with the pitching coach when you know you've worked with some of these guys before. Great question her experience to know why are within every pitching coach candidate talked about expensively. The fact that there's history here. Back should not be turned away from but by no means visits to say that. The -- coach gonna have little truth to work. They can each candidate came in here with success and and pastoral career -- make them all like Canada wants certainly is just back so. Our working relationship. I look at it's somewhat. Like you've got three people battling the spiritual side effects myself one -- talk and not the case brilliant and at least. And would never caught you get the pitching goes and opensocial overseeing twelve guards. And -- have a -- person involved with some history. I think it only. Enhance the conversation and outlined the work plan I think get -- back on track. Dear John do when you since you've been able to dig in on looking at a lot of guys Ari on in the organization on the team. Is there anyone who's really jumped out that might have surprised him. Exceeded your expectations. And -- on what you thought they work. Well the one got to -- he's come back from Tommy John surgery Junichi. To -- the -- news can come back from rehab. And seeing him live last year against us and not only -- the all the stuff. The power outages are all. This is what triggered. All the courses that apparently pushed came over from Japan. He's he's more physically mature -- -- it was three or four years ago. And the fact that he's pitching with no. Probably know. Restriction mentally that he might have been feeling discomfort and not on it was impressive to see the ways he attacked hitters. And all the hitters that he was able to dominate -- arms in an actual one governor -- this huge strides over the past couple years. We asked this last time your own job and you said no I'll ask you one more time. If you found three on their list. I look more like our art our our secure -- -- if -- -- for John thanks for taking time at Thanksgiving and join us. Agree. That's Red Sox manager John Charles -- to join us on Thanksgiving weekend here in 937 WEI hot stove show we back.

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