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It was a happy Turkey Day for Pats fans, and the Jets are the 'butt' of the joke

Nov 23, 2012|

Dale Arnold and Steve DeOssie are in for D&C on a Black Friday for shoppers and the New York Jets. They recap the Patriots' Thursday night laugher over the Jets and the disaster that coach Rex Ryan has on their hands. They also discuss how terrific the Pats looked, especially during their 21-point run over 52 seconds Thursday night.

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-- apparently you have to named the days you know it's like patriots Monday. Patriots Friday here. Celtics Thursday. Or Black Friday we have been named today it's right so yesterday was apparently -- asked Thursday. I mean as we're -- last that watch in in our tryptophan haze. My son and I just start giggling as watching this thing I've ever seen I tackled by another man's passport. I have a guy -- -- is that she not. Steve got tackled by another man's house. Tackle why exactly it's. Credit for of the fumble Vince Wilfork or her or will rentable I don't -- to more -- -- Tomei and -- Ottawa you do -- I eventually almost got. I don't -- big recession crept into my problem. -- -- -- I will simply be a little hints that it's just -- France you stop that are no Trace of so slap yourself in the phase it's a good point. That. Well -- Russell what's for the team but for a couple of the individual players here that there's some guys -- vote even on the jets and worker are. That's a mess all that is that horrible mess and there's nobody to blame right now except atom bomb. The -- Rex Ryan the players in no particular order. And that team could implode. Very quickly a glassy -- and of Nobel talk about bill drama now all of a sudden. The recent -- point one member of the in the last season there workable things compiled a locker room guys point fingers now they've got. A true an easy. And even easier path. To pointing fingers and that's. To become a fun to watch setup going to be fun. As Rex Ryan said at one point during the game last night and you could barely read his lips on bleeping believable. Because that's what it was from start to finish it what's really ironic is that it was. Whole -- first quarter now right going on for either team no score at the end of one probably playing into the hands -- You know as long you stay close that's for the better your chances are. And then all of a sudden. One of the strangest. Weirdest most entertaining quarters of footballer -- -- -- watching it last night as I'm watching into the fourth quarter and think myself. For those folks who work. Crying about the patriots quote on quote running up the score the week before. For those folks who wanted some of the starters out of the game a week before one week of work five days before those folks who wanted that. Isn't it different when you play in the jets don't want them to hang a hundred on the jets. Off any any wise -- who have. And there were a couple of cringe worthy moments there to -- your you don't he wasn't harassed a lot and in pass protection that he'll think. The beginning of the game when you saw that the whole world and Americans were out. Didn't all of a sudden you'll. The way it started yet still in that first series especially you saw some some pressure. You know coming up the middle east side and you think an almighty god this can be a long night right there you followed -- first play -- when -- -- -- on Thomas. Go work a little bit in the middle. Obama and opiates truce was slow week for help and somebody would ever but yeah and you didn't you weren't sure if this was that typical. -- thing -- the sort of feel while the report for a little bit for the first. 6789 minutes of the game. -- when when the wind itself for the jets who went so as fast of ever seen him going and have voted. 21 points in 52 seconds around 58 to whatever and the number one right and there's and it wasn't. These were already OK they've looked on the surface like food place. But these were hard hits that caused these things these boards a guy. Tipping an interception and a guy -- for a touchdown this wasn't. A of an accidental fumble this when these were caused by hits and very good place. Up a good point I wanted to ask you about this this morning could you know much more about this and I would. Is it just me or does this Patriots defense hit harder than what I remember -- recently and I don't mean just last night. They made a point of of Collins worth in and -- Michaels made a point of talking about how brutal. Some of the patriots hits weren't we saw helmets line all of the placing. All season long I felt like this Patriots defense has been a harder hitting beat. Lance and I remember recently wrote you've got a couple guys set the -- local course spikes goes the way he brings it every week there every time he's on the field. You looking for big hit. Hightower is bringing a little bit of theirs Vince Wilfork always brought -- may yield Kim can bring. Maybe some of the young secondary guys are I could see you because the more physical or to -- more punishing defense even -- -- -- -- yards. The right in the middle of the pack with points which is -- more consumer reports -- yards. Sixteenth on in the last night right right which is which is where they were last year at least made to the Super Bowl Lester so. Very. I could see I could see there's one more. Impact -- more physical nature a little more of flying towards the to the ball carrier -- and it showed us that because he's -- lawyers said they weren't full colonel was you were -- was paused. Bye guys not just an accidental stripper guy you don't -- it up on foreign food plate of those those turtles were caused by -- As -- as our friend Fred's moralists would tell us it is it is virtually impossible. Tip to make a realist realistic assessment of what nose tackles -- there was an interesting piece on pro football focus dot com couple weeks ago. And I'm paraphrasing but the the title of the article was basically what's wrong with -- Vince Wilfork. What I now if it did ironically. I thought all season long watching Vince. I think he's been really good for a long time I've never seen him better than he has this year ever. -- -- of the articles based. You can have ironically sketch that's this year he's got forced fumbles he's got sacks I mean does he he's got numbers as well yes he does have numbers like eighty defense amend or even the 43. A defense -- tackle random -- he's. He's got numbers in order to -- -- you condemn boats -- so this in the past you can have. Nothing you can have zeroes across the board as a nose tackle and still played a fantastic game. Yet three tackles last night now I really do not look you would look at that you'd say oh well three tackles what's wrong with Vince Wilfork. He was immense. And thankfully yeah -- -- football aficionado like John Madden was apparently making the decision on. Players of the game yes and Brady would be easy and Gregory would be easy probably settlement would have been one but he was in the quiet room at that point. And and and there's been standing there with a big old Turkey leg in his hand because. If you if you watch football nothing you know much better than I do he has spent east this year. He has a guy like that allows you to -- a lot more things you you will understand that. With -- Vince Wilfork in the middle of salt you you don't have to and a lot of defense like to start from the inside out. And you solidified the inside you do -- inside backers fuselage solidified the front seven. They're 34 defense or or in the defense of the chemical the truth of the running. If you don't have a go to Vince Wilfork -- you know. Is going to clog up that Middleton mill was going to a -- on that makes some plays for that you can't run that defense. He is having his good years I think she's ever had. And I wouldn't even though the statistics -- out and out but just watch him lionized -- out of our own game to game. You see him contributing in a lot of ways and it's not just on the stat -- Technically I don't think he gets any statistic for the the Mark Sanchez fumble. I don't he doesn't get a forced fumble he didn't touch Mark Sanchez. What he threw Brandon for Mark Sanchez Zia and caused now he doesn't get us that and how do you not give doesn't it absolutely -- get a forced fumble a while and I'm gonna go back and look -- I don't think he gets a forced fumble right I think on -- -- last night he got three tackles and that wouldn't even have been one of right. Now -- now what does all what happened right. 21 guy between you when Muhammad -- Mean that's more impressive -- a tackle. That was more. Like Andre -- remember that old jets highlight -- where at pleasant without running back was extremely narrow window I yeah I can't remember any basically throw the guy into the quarterback right in the what looked like -- to accept that this was a 330 pound -- of the -- That he rulings of the quarterback part of up to knock him off his law office feet in -- fumble the ball. That's. I can't recall seeing something like that that's ridiculous. Item of intelligent he's played inspired football this year and talking to wouldn't be the season. He was so adamant about. Of boats set the tone this year in and and being that leader he's been a leader for awhile now. He was sold. Forthright -- how much -- wallets food to lead this team and how we wanted to -- the defense to. Become that physical type defense. Others to give -- -- -- they are but they're forcing turnovers. They're not to keep their defense their middle of the pack in in scoring and The -- they look like. A team right now that feels better about themselves defense league in the numbers would indicate they have. 32 takeaways by the last night now had twenty -- is going in the last night's game a story for. Apartment yeah 32. Takeaways. That's the key to this defense because as you say yardage there at the back of the pack an anchor 28 in the NFL points their middle of the pack they went into last night sixteenth. But takeaways. There among the top 234 teams in the league. That's the key to this defense -- -- just eight. Don't give me an opportunity you get to the reds on the take a football right. Right and sometimes. Even turnovers commutes light misleading statistic. You wonder you you look close to say okay we're maternal was against 51 last night were against Lu -- one of or teams in the NFL right now are you having your stats because Europe. -- -- forty. Order what I imported to do 212 when you and your. Apple's quarterback cast of -- footballer or whatever you even even -- statistic is as pure as. -- can be. A little. Skewed because of you know five turnovers against the jets OK. You give five turnovers against -- series that Cisco. Former Houston. You know that's one of those things -- your worry about when when your team is defensively. A huge producer of -- we watched a Chicago except Cisco the other night. Francisco wasn't really turned the ball over and amid the the bears were. One of the best teams in terms of defensive takeaways so it it's. I do I love instead of troops to -- you very strong indicator of success here team. A -- you gotta be a little careful -- because. There are certain times it gets slightly skewed. I am -- said in the past that while Miami huge fan of Tim Tebow the person. He's the he's the kind of guy you hope your daughter brings home and introduces -- -- prom date and because you know she's gonna come on putts. And he is is. Almost perfect human be as easy terrible professional quarterback terrible quarterback and I know. There -- folks out there who immediately starts I went Adam. All that's up aside. I think it's somewhat in the game last night you got nothing to lose here -- as it turns out after the game we found out why. -- Tebow didn't play he's got a couple of broken it's broken in the Seattle game couple weeks ago Rex said during practice as the week went on. He looked worse. Now very legitimate question here you can ask is why they -- even have a uniform one why is active if you don't feel comfortable even playing him. Last night was a game where it needless to say if you can help -- Rex would almost had to put him in and those fans the -- that left in the meadowlands in MetLife stadium were clamoring. Four -- was three quarters of a ball marks the cure Bronx cheers going on any time the the jets who got a first down the world's sarcastic cheering going on a little -- score towards the end of the game. The it's going to come even stronger now because they use if they didn't know who they routed before last night the -- slowly go the route well. What in the world you have to lose. It's actually for Rex Ryan it's a win win situation you put him in. Team starts mullet sporting a bit when you're -- in the off season hopefully if you put he put every team starts winning okay well. You deal with that as a salvage the season right that you put him -- he looks as bad as you we anticipate. -- -- quiet of the the hordes of I'll put -- in fans so. But last night you were thought that there and -- noise do via broken ribs but -- suited up. Why I don't understand why even putting uniform -- got and and by the way he was the only other quarterback can. Right so so god forbid Mark Sanchez twists a knee sprain an ankle gets a shot ahead like Julian Edelman did. You know -- can't play what we gonna do with that point because apparently according directs. He didn't think Tim Tebow could -- play. They're really straight Reza -- solidly wasn't in the room personal protector for the team then you knew some was an idea someone's going on book. That's that's can be -- walks -- can be. There's going to be a clamor. Four Tim Tebow and I don't know through abuse as as. Distracting is that as it could be but the -- logical on New York all the time but it's commuters -- to see how they handle. Is it possible god forbid an NFL coach would do this is it possible Rex -- life. That that he's thinking to himself and that that Tim Tebow absolutely -- played wrote the ribs were not initially practiced them all week he was listed on the injury report with ribs but. You know the jets aren't gonna get finder or anything like that but is it possible Rex Ryan is the almighty god if I stick him in there. And he scores a couple of touchdowns -- then what am I gonna do you know I mean what -- like -- not next Sunday because I don't play but a week from Sunday then where my hat. Is it just that he's afraid to stick him in based on how things were going last night. Because some shred of hope for the fans. And Mark Sanchez is buried. Eat right more than he's buried now right. Well the idea is. Could be worse could -- Tebow would there be worst the more than I would not and I'm last night absolutely not and he -- that now so inept offensively not just last night Steve -- yes or at all idol by donors they've they've been that way. A member in the pre season the couldn't score -- on the pre season the longest time so up and put it in that case. He's looking at Rex karma be literacy well no matter what he does any interest by shoring up on the field he's going to do battle with senator is doing so. -- ribs -- salute but if they were broken. That stuff tends to get out somehow got through to Ebola. And to back up your point was even an as the as well as the protector on the punt team like he has men. It would lend credence to the fact that he was hurt but then you just asked the question and by the of uniform right. For you can't play him became Plame and as the protector on the punt team YC there. To disguise something or to. I don't know layered -- rules somewhere off we've royalties of our game playing anything for Tebow cure. What you do was there as a defense coordinator of until -- my -- some loose sort of wildcat. Big deal -- -- before there's you know our community. -- or or Tuesday Europe or any benefit from suiting him up if he's not gonna play -- -- -- more of that story I wonder myself. We'll take a break I've just a quick 92 break here we'll come back and talk about the game if you many of you are sitting in a parking lot right now somewhere. Out there while your wife is is inside Black Friday shopping I'm just guessing some of you were in that position. Now some of you may be actually out Black Friday shopping you're very self in which case I want to just get a hold yourself here and look at your life. -- paid. -- all it and how you wanted to in a live your life from this point forward I was reading last night as I'm watching game on Twitter. And they were saying. The rent an outlet malls are no where I live affect my wife works there. And they were saying that at 11 o'clock the backup was over a mile long on for 95. Trying to get off all -- nearly five. To go to the rent them outlet mall and they didn't open until midnight by the way that's from him but at 11 o'clock the lines were all over a -- -- I mean I'm gonna say you're out there may be -- sit at a parking lot somewhere right now gonna. God when I get to go home and have some leftovers. We'll get to the calls that you guys just few minutes as well it's dale and Steve in for DNC here on Sports Radio WB.

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