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Mike Lynch talks high school football and the new MIAA playoff format

Nov 22, 2012|

Channel Five's Mike Lynch talks to Butch on a Thanksgiving special to talk live from the Andover-Central Catholic matchup and how this is the last year of true Thanksgiving games. With the new Massachusetts playoff format, these final games will lose their value, and Mike is not alright with that.

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Michael it started as the main sports anchor at channel five WCVB in 1985 and he also started. He's highly acclaimed high fives segment back then and in 1985. For those of you are young groom you know remember Larry Bird dominated. The Boston sports we are all covering professional sports and quite honestly as a producer -- dual channel 56. Couldn't find the time of the resource is to cover high school sports -- never stop Mike. A guy who grew up like me and like a lot of -- -- in doing when they're played high school sports his father was deeply involved -- it. Leader Dick Jauron one of the most legendary figures and local high school sports. -- and -- been doing it ever since and he is the gold standard channel five is when it comes to that he's good friend hello Michael Mario. -- -- The game and it didn't actually productive effective in my. But the quarterback with that now pat and handle our. It on -- -- -- but -- that supported it but it could doubt about it a different corporate war. There you go and are you guys you've got yourself Mike dialing Bobby calories in a bunch photographers out at all the games. Course should be covered it tonight on -- five salutes Thanksgiving heroes at 730 and 1130 what. What's the implication of this this game particularly Iraq today might. All the way to win the Merrimack Valley are we there yet not quite up to -- the winner of they don't -- the various. And it's all I mean Thanksgiving Day is is what it is will give that a little bit but daddy and the fact that the Thanksgiving Day long term rivalry can decide. A playoff berth and it. You think that the audit by next here but that volatile the -- by the end up in my AA. Next here it would be able to secure Thanksgiving Day game to be nothing more that a war -- -- -- exhibition game no longer it will be skipping a beat not that it. So obviously -- we got a lot of opinions about that this morning obviously you're one it's not a favorite. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right it'll all part of the play you the -- they tell you. Even though it going to be quiet that would argue the -- It took a look and play. And then you. Because Thanksgiving Day which will decide. Which will double the size of it it will -- But look at -- like well. It well it could -- after October probably be that go to all of them recipes and -- topic adequate and apply. What the critics would argue might do that. The you know what he -- -- this year that's nine and one. That doesn't have a chance to get in the playoffs will now have a legitimate chance based on how legitimate playoff system. And that the Thanksgiving Day game -- of that tradition and history they just won't decide. The playoffs. That's the critics -- -- It literally -- now. All you have to do the best I can no longer you have to be the best that -- and these are -- in penalty right bill. Beat between the both the -- the ball because they're they're they're the but the fact that your results in T ball youth soccer. Everybody got to go home the trophy not a typical hall with a lack money going to be happy well you know what like not about everybody -- -- -- adversity and you might play that game. Earlier brigade to replace between October 25. And -- Thanksgiving Day game didn't go over well well well look like a 500 people aren't they knock off. They knocked up at me like like like like he hit it big big win will not -- undefeated in over. And will never ever happen again -- -- would have received a note that your respective it is it is the biggest thing but also an undefeated team is sold in your value to be evidence 500 years you -- -- -- -- knock it off and execute them. I'm gonna happen again. But all of -- will -- -- here -- -- -- I mean the big board and who need. For every five individuals who brought them both David and sometimes great you probably wouldn't on the floor with that. Why would you in this regard even though some people will say like right now. On this day with the handful of games that are gonna decide playoff -- the most teams the ones that survival now play on Tuesday. And then the winners on Tuesday it will go play in the Super Bowl while it is a little tough to play three games and it can be carried at any level in football. They're there are more teams involved there is excitement lead not to that I think that worked like -- -- national -- your opinion. Well but the 1617. And eighteen year old -- It played all the big plate but the hockey tournament play every other -- right at the pretty typical game and that's not a problem. I don't think I I hear very little complaints about both do about it playing. Three games Wednesday. Will be a 67 -- -- it will be to get fired. You know maybe one day after a football game you'll find the next day. You have to resilient it's it's it's it's the pandering -- the principal. Quote there is everybody in the a couple of 55 per cent of the game economic support but won't be the next 55%. You know every you know. Rewarding you know long and eleven game schedule. The marathon but everybody together and -- we're gonna get a pizza into it what do you do. When a quick look but you may play out October 25 the next week in -- to get eliminated. You know everybody like I haven't. I'll let you sit well like you said you play. Teams that have also lost so what meaning is there in those games appear -- the basically don't yet know what your player -- I don't know yeah. Aren't the only other big rival and -- certainly won't yeah I've grown up employment -- was Walpole was -- it was Framingham it was they. Bigger by the important of all the game. You know. It it is the the if it's the thought boy I I would blown away -- -- vote happen once the Q1 to 131 I would. Exit on the golf course that would plummeted on the on the second -- -- well. So we got -- you guys going I mean tonight tonight -- we have so much time to cover. All you're doing on channel five and again at 730 and 1130 when you get into that at all we discussed that at all. I think equipment -- you know I don't wanna think I don't want to be appalled with -- but my feeling about this -- -- the credit for the did right and and you can tell it and I thought -- violence are -- with forty years ago and you know I don't yesterday on the air over in the implant a I -- -- dominant like 101000 people here. Next yeah. This -- nothing -- -- the -- human league and what the but the -- if the other. That's been going up there at the scrimmage -- not been. No league championship -- don't know what happened and on the line you know we have now what -- complained frequently between the last -- with respect -- oil and. Yeah but I mean tradition in Thanksgiving will still bear out won't it it has to be the last scheme for seniors 125. Years I have been no matter. A potentially -- well that's true that I managed. I don't know -- -- a potential postseason playoff or suitable bit. It's a stroke when he idea of an undefeated season but here. You know we're undefeated if for a seven game then you're going to place to play up in equity you'll lose. Never remember being in the right I know you remember effective advocate a course to bring you remember the -- -- between October 25 and November. Them now all I do remember the -- it's Framingham -- led to touchdowns but that's the person and actually it won't happen anymore right. You would get on a bus and go to play somebody like yes. Yeah you're right you're right up there when -- debate lately -- have not seen based on enrollment. It hopefully it rapidly notable being cut right. Michael let me rubber gets a break let me finish with again obviously -- give you plug for what you guys -- wanna be on at 7301130. Nobody does it better than you guys. For people that don't know you and know about -- Scott in your dad in the history the I mean you. We all try to say that we stay in touch -- schools but you've been really proud about carrying on the legacy of high school sports it's so many levels haven't you. Well it does I think I don't think it got harder thing to do that they've been right in order. It was an older vehicle that. The -- I aside and you know weekly or weekly -- in all sports and thank given that you're -- -- give her half while the 738 and eleventh that it probably give it to -- -- Will be on like 530. About the when he right there in the news there as well so -- it's -- -- -- but you know it. I'm that the band here of big big crowd deliver performance but particularly. But it said that the bio -- that one of the consent and maybe get a thousand people in the game at number 29 out of 101000 people here this club. Yeah athletic directors the alumni there are people here at at at every game. You know other -- 102030. Years ago the -- you. That there have been part of our football is is there have always argued by the water there that the sanctity of the -- -- a little bit. Mike Lynch from channel five you can catch him tonight again starting with the newscast around 5 o'clock but let me help our dedicated. High five salute to Thanksgiving here -- at 730 and then again at eleven current and Michael always great catch an operative. Like what I remarked all right Michael lynch from my channel five.

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