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Chris Herren reflects what he's thankful for, and that's a lot

Nov 22, 2012|

On a special Thanksgiving Day program, Butch Stearns talks with former Massachusetts high school All-American Chris Herren, who goes through his remarkable story and talks a little bit about his high school's rivalry. He also goes into the many things he's thankful for now and how his life has changed and how the role of sports in his life if far different from what it once was.

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I mentioned before the break that this is an entire week. Really it's we call it Thanksgiving weekend and it's all about high school football parent wearing them with the patriots playing tonight. And for all of us traveling and coming home won't be with friends be with family. Of course Thanksgiving as a lot of special -- our next guest is one notable story athletes in the history of Massachusetts high school sports. He was named the Boston Globe and Gatorade player of the year his senior year at his high school he made an all American team he was recruited. By -- the most powerful college programs in the country. -- but he stayed locally went to Boston College. He graduated. From dirty high school -- -- -- 1994. And again make your own top ten list and anyway you want and Chris parents name is on an increase joins us right now WG -- -- Chris good morning. Why are you don't. Happy Thanksgiving to you and everybody down in the great. Great section of southeastern Massachusetts. So. For people that don't know your story Chris and I think all of us in Massachusetts to on this Thanksgiving weekend. I mean you're a guy who again. A basketball guy what -- Thanksgiving -- all mean to you at your feet high school what was that all about what's the dirt he rival real about. You know the -- rivalries with investors com. -- and investors -- has pretty much had control. Over. That rivalry for many many years when it comes the football. You know basketball a little different -- But but when he came to football and given that it was pretty much dominated by by veteran football who has. An amazing program bolts. You know in all sports so. But it was it was a great you know it was a great our people to come back into account and in reconnect. And to the -- members com and generations. Of assembly. And -- they took all the. And so for you with such a storied history but -- high school basketball father your grandfather year old brother. Uncles all playing there and you leaving your mark there is this weekend you guys get together on -- level at all. When you get home for the -- We we stopped and -- In the Cameron a ball. Joining me. Five years ago there's too much too much just. Marked the competitive nature and -- and we can be claimed while one in the back out. It never it never learned it well so we've we've retired something that. You know with it for me it's all about not about sport for me anymore really be quite honest it's still. You know today out -- Michael Finley at my house and in just to have the opportunity to be present. You know could be pregnant can be grateful. You know many many -- given -- -- blah blah blah hustle you know and just trying to get turned get ready and -- girl and so. So for me Thanksgiving is is extra special. Because that's a -- and been given a second chance. Second chance to celebrate the moment. For those of you legislate sitting right now we're talking with Chris -- And I think many of you know Chris is athletics story. And I think many of you know Chris -- life store you can go to the parent project. Dot org to find out more on Chris someone of those guys like you grew up -- exports to get a chance signal which -- little better Donna where -- -- high school beginning this year. And I I have I have shown. Your speech that day to my family. And my friends in my kids were 1614 and twelve and watched the tears well up in their eyes and you probably. That night was four years sober. August 1 are and so you're going on for years and three months and counting and in some -- proudest probably the right word is to talk about -- and. -- no -- I mean I couldn't -- You know -- didn't you know. I'm extremely proud column I'm more -- they're gonna better than com. You know but I also know that. You know it's not me you know I was it's I've been I've been helped by so many. Completely continue to get helped by so many. And bomb blast -- -- -- You know. -- my knees and can stop crying and and thank god everyday for another bury her in the debate. You know -- thanks to him as well so. You know at 37 years old my perspectives. You know is a little bit and absolutely in the right on through. Four years and three months. Got its -- Chris the texts are flying in -- thanks so much for having Chris on. This morning he's such a long story part of Massachusetts sports history -- once saw mr. -- -- born high school gob bless him. He's a great story please ask Chris to talk about what he's doing with the parent project so I will ask you that tell people. What you're doing and and what we're really means to you. All while I mean. You know IE. If there wasn't for Chris -- -- and his family. His wife reaching out and communion my camera -- my my lowest point. -- making that are called necessary. Get mean to a treatment center. I really don't think I'd -- hit. So they generosity that day. Com and had an inspired me to do the same. So the parent project is weak foundation that I that I started. To help. He helped with that finding -- with people who don't have the funding. To get into treatment column you know I think it's a shame that. How it is about to -- -- You know people. When it hit rock bottom have to come up with 1000 dollar. I don't think many drug addict who are trying. You know a lot of necessary paperwork health insurance I don't think they save money in the checking account go to go away. So so weeks paper that we we cope with the cost of of treatment and it's a blessing you know our careers we we probably have around 5050. People. In treatment. On Thanksgiving Day and now it's all about getting people back to their families because. You know and dad and dad -- because the treatment you know my kids have a father and there was treatment you know. Chris I don't know. -- -- possible feeding answered this question shortly but what are you most thankful for today. Okay. I mean you don't mind my radar is up. Today pretty intent on on one I'm thankful for but you know on thanks so much about me because without sobriety I wanna be father. I'm -- of your husband I wanted to -- our people. -- my sobriety comes first and foremost to be quite honest with -- -- without that nothing else comes along. So my sobriety my recovery is -- the greatest gift that I've been given. And you just continue to give gifts to so many people -- say I I was blown away. I was one of those guys when you're a -- to press conference and -- it became one of only one of only six I believe new englanders ever to Wear the Celtics uniform. Bomb and and you tell when you speak -- from a group like you did where my school that night or whether you're speaking in front of the NFL rookies. Like he talks without that meg good person following Michael Vick. And try to get their attention you. You just speak from the heart -- tell your story. You could you tell -- regrets but what he blew me away when I asked you about debt. About you know. What you had -- basketball on how it's all gone that you don't have regrets about that because you believe that what you're doing right now we shall much more meaningful. Than anything you've done up to this point don't you. I do. Not what I've learned in this process is that I had storm and you regret. I had so much pain and -- When I was getting -- I thought about you know what could've been. With the Boston Celtics and government are just so many of those on the -- important. What I got over. -- -- -- -- You know because. You know you can't where you can not -- -- A price. A value. On the flight and so although I am extremely grateful for my opportunity in the NBA because that opportunity. To me a chance to speak implement it. I'm not unique in and -- You know there's millions -- knowing that people who have the same exact story -- -- -- don't have the Boston Celtics for the government aren't the type. Arm. So so that's that's something that I'm extremely grateful for what -- -- in terms of regret there is no -- When it comes my not my athletic career. Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving weekend IE I know how thankful you must be Chris to be back. At home around to our feet high school in New Bedford to be with your family it's. You must pinch yourself every day you wake up. I do I'm actually I've actually crossed the line I'm in Rhode Island now so important Portsmouth Rhode Island Connecticut Rhode Island that arm. No quicker you know -- -- -- are in in my kid grow up and importance will be doing that it's important Thanksgiving Day. Football game today against middle ground in -- You know which -- addicted there's so much I mean as had the honor. And privileged to travel around the city and all over the country -- not spoken Seattle Seahawks. On Monday. And then -- him high school Tuesday in it and I'll tell -- There is no better feeling then and looked cute guy at that age and how they respond to her and you know might. My -- today is that. I'm able to make -- -- -- now I'm able to prevent one -- from the inaudible but I went down and that's what it's all about so. Truly blessed. Reaching one person one family at a time it is their current project go to the parent project dot org to find out more Crist really appreciate taken. Sometime continued success and continued sobriety my friend. It was anonymous thank you art or injured and yet you -- Chris banks -- -- take care that is Chris Tarrant. Again I each. If if you know somebody. That. Could you tell somebody that has an addiction. To whatever. Get them in front -- Chris Harris trust you will save their life it is amazing. And it is a new wing when sports story on this Thanksgiving morning. Quick break when we come back we'll talk to -- even -- of the Boston Herald some more high school football and some warn England sports Abbie thanks.

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