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Doc Rivers with Sean Grande before the Spurs game

Nov 21, 2012|

Grande talked to Doc before the latest Tim Duncan-Kevin Garnett matchup.

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Celtics that I presented by Lexus continues from the guard duties Thanksgiving -- San Antonio Spurs have come to dinner our conversation with a anecdotes Doc Rivers -- or by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Harvard pilgrim. Count us in worker America's cup the better I -- -- truth that's how brilliant ma am living style and throw accuracy this kind of stumbled upon a you know you think you could stall but it's not gonna work arm triangle and ask the question. Was though was Sunday a toy throwing game out that he didn't count one of those games -- the film is a little use afterwards. Those -- -- -- always get stuff from it but it's it's -- for the most part. Knows what those Gary's. Weather's being tired of -- in the week whatever you wanna call it. We -- perform well and you know better than that so. You can do that but there'll always no matter what you watch in blowouts either way you -- -- I would be talking about that we have a critical tonight that you feel one or you -- the decision to keep in the game three days later them. -- People like me. We have. With the time in between games the last three days with what you got this group back yet they still little tired worn down you have -- -- -- you know we do a little bit you know this is a stretch to desert them with evidence in the mean you know there residual effect. So you know. Really I think we gotta get these next few games that we are building the team. Is on the rarity of practices transitions the number one Angeles. -- -- You know -- -- right -- -- among interest. 11 quick thought on Darko it's sort of in and it's that they went to a lot of people bullet. You know you'll all people lot atlas. And 40. Ports. In the Obrador from. -- -- You always say -- one thing every year even if you guys come back every year different team. I'm looking Pittsburgh right now I don't think it's good to talk about here though it is the differences because of their they're back of the year ago. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ball movement obviously at that were atop that list when you don't think of them have agreed three point shooters every year. The -- league leaders in three point charity and it's because of -- And everything every year over the last three or four of the they keep that. You know about three or four years ago loss -- -- -- -- And I think -- for pop it together they're finally got a -- And we've been talking about the commitment throughout the -- Garnett we don't -- -- record the your story as a result navy seal -- well was altered because in 2000 is victory here. How competent at one point -- eyes which you feel used them to -- for you there what's that of them we gotta give the government. And and then. -- -- like -- of like what the government. You know but I thought they weren't strictly an -- -- of that my goodness we're gonna -- -- For how long after the fact you know you know immigrant thing but that was the hard -- as things progress we have. The -- It's. Career continues you know be enough now I don't ever given a lot of a lot of mean. We who would I blew it so now we lost them will really never had a lot of lost. But he argued that it would grant you know entries agree. You know obviously there would grow itself so a lot of things -- have gone oh where oh. A lot of things that. While it's really difficult to truly appreciate him especially well explain because the -- -- of these Santonio. The other the other part of this sort of you know the spurs' dynasty. I've always thought it -- Popovich is for obvious misunderstood guy as the areas in the -- You know him that was urged people do in the way most of us would never give you what is the biggest part of great it's that we. Or you have a great sense of humor -- A government that really. On the bureau than. These Smart I don't think people I know people don't use it. Good coach I don't think people realize costs Marty at W. Of all the people he took things from and so your progression with -- news talk about her ground. What did your years not to point for him but doing knows them sent to load -- extracting -- the team go to. Do the right guys to coach. Guys that hit try to get as many guys as canyons that are over themselves. Leo and just wanna play. For the team I think they do that hop in an RC Buford there. -- everybody who. You -- traveled to a lot of people this is it's a big night for us on the -- users don't if you would drive them around on the road to maturity yet where they are -- where they are going filter. One happy Thanksgiving. Was well there have been given everyone out there listening drives and go Celtics notes with our -- of the WEEI Celtics radio network.

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