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Wed November 21st Whiner Line

Nov 21, 2012|

Pre-Thanksgiving best-of Whiner Line.

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Music music music pressed and pressed the point in my knees aren't buying ET TE Chris Cox. That's his discretion advised. Morris and now -- don't want any airline. Carol calling from north. -- I'm a better but I'm -- written. They're from Maine Rhode Island. A great job out there and heard a lot of months and now what I wanted to say that I would definitely rather need hillbilly and I'm now. Did you really get that I would rather be -- hillbilly and I'm not how rude yes I want. A suburb flattering and exactly WEEI. Whiner line you know just said. You do is -- what you said. Our guys in the airline gold -- really hear it occurred -- low. Yeah I'd be here rain and eight track -- that. You know it's funny -- really dial 779353. -- Him kicking field. It probably deserves everything it yet that's slightly technical leaked out and -- blog what Carolina your property your culture for US public the red lobster fishing line your lives -- ignorant. Sounds like you married your brother. Go back to. Go to NASCAR races and now women -- so. Now that's the lesson in Britain's rap from Carolina probably told. Every day -- have a big Mac. That WEE. One here live. That request to Africa was over captain -- went through that that you would cap picker apparently governor evil people back then board via a common question you know she would be racist and has no way around that steps. I would say there was some racism yeah absolutely absolutely she sits in my pinkie rings -- police. That's no particular pleasure in -- crap that. Or -- the wildlife is up about eight C and CW BI live is available on your iPhone android or Blackberry device brought you by AT&T. AT&T Ford GL TE with screens up to do -- ten times -- at faster than -- the three G. It was usual like it wasn't ready for I'm used to Glenn's voice. That's what costs at us -- -- -- anti -- three GAT and T rethink possible it's a best of wire like today patio so I expect. -- -- had to put this together right by their -- you and that's arguably in your part of -- -- five job all right let's talk up. Here's my my how -- -- I don't know I don't know really deliberately bit but it wouldn't Whitman -- with -- Obama -- -- well it -- And the message that. That's a start slowing global global. It's -- straight. Drop it drop controls. It's got -- -- and now I'm not practice got a house. No room are crackers do and that's starting again this guarantee that house there in the palace. Like I would -- -- those students -- still some pretty cool. If you can pick up the offense we were -- -- thick so it figured out for the -- got a group of -- They are sick so epic camera. And helping out -- no creativity required. Most effective mobile -- now where I want it's not that stick and they -- a law that direct bought it bought air. -- it is what is it. And -- are -- -- that's why can't bet that got Beckett good hearted you know you're ethics panel. Welcome at this and that it that it. I've got got a summer. Move -- and let it -- that's what she says the bay is the best gift you can give to almost and oh yeah I've ever says. It fits always that's what she said she's. That. That's my votes. -- -- -- -- -- I don't you know that they did about it immediately connect that you don't you know why don't we kick in the document that we can't stop the epic. I got cut that out erratic and the last statement written to -- nobody cares if those -- like the Olympic -- go so. Got sloppy. And like guys like an alto Harry Carey the -- -- alto looks awesome hospital performed the -- -- -- -- -- us all yes awesome of course I never say anything bad about him he's 610. It's -- -- troupe whatever yeah when you get to be that's home which wasn't what's an intelligent being able -- -- bridges and -- and just raise your hand him the option of all it's a a it's -- -- -- but a 100 salzman heels and what. Been bit above I appreciate you coming out all the old Scott explain. I have real pain. Perhaps now what do we do we get -- -- couple days. And it wrapped around your of the an old -- Or not that I'm black ops I want come on Iraq has been awfully good drive a pink Cadillac about Backstreet. It and I love your brother -- voted down our -- about -- back on the everybody else I don't. -- -- Anybody. In. Basra and I don't register iPods are reducing the Bob Dylan tunes in a subplot but it's a -- deal of remorse -- at the -- -- years ago. And Russia and Morrison still has stage -- -- top fantasy yet sentencing project pro I was -- at some good news report that he brought a girl until a million times in a realist not an appealing and still does this -- trouble alive -- -- -- right well that's these. My custom master shot. What a waste left at three -- tobacco lobbyists are ready to get what you do but this is like -- -- He's among demo now that you ended up all that next team command -- -- Yeah. Yeah. My -- and had an -- -- could help. Lost to her. Adopted. By. About why. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You don't -- you know -- thought about it. But about the greatest -- That it. I would argue that. -- battle. -- war. Now whether it but probably not the one bad tactic we will -- on its way to. -- thought that the arc. About worry about it bought out there and Bob good prospect. Bob debate today. By the but want. A lot. The board. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Probably -- about our. The court outlawed only about -- guy. -- -- -- -- -- -- This is that it -- No shaking and -- and. All. There's an easy quick threw me. Used to. Q being. -- that that car was later. They've dropped back into -- -- Throw. I. Very good manager. Studio version. I news on that it and that's the delegate Mike gotta clean out. Well. That after -- clean out my. Now. That the evidence that didn't let up and that's been OK I'm -- up and popped it back and what model. Again not bad -- -- -- clean out -- Got it at all. -- you -- that you don't have an -- get it great do. And I'm definitely should. -- General betray -- kept if you -- -- and we loving. I -- I hope I hope. Particularly unfortunate look at -- Really it was very difficult. Out again. Jeopardize your career like -- Where do out here talent -- -- haven't gone there and go out there. And a I'm intrigued by Jill -- element that she she tickles my -- must have some hidden -- she has -- she's got that search and she note but this -- -- for every pitch in the -- 150 pitches for election can be like a bond girl because he's like should apply normally what you orgasms and skills you know. We're. It's. The hope nobody -- for the 2012. Olympics like an inning and -- rival -- -- we have found a complete lack of interest. Pickett comes with. That supporting we have the cabinet could take after the triple excellent it. And took it to an adult store shelves and it it was a total place. Had done in the to look at what. Beckett in national polls indicating. That we definitely in the Olympic Stadium where it I'm like former quote I know it was something about this and it and a black people. Have just what exactly event that they value. Take that deal. -- in an effort to liven things up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Go to autographed basketball and the haven't had in Berlin. Well done it. Well that's a wrap on today's coverage and go USA. And. Today did you want to live -- blades. AT&T -- LTE was speeds up to ten times faster. And three GA TNT -- effect possible.

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