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Steve from Fall River changes argumes to suit his needs

Nov 21, 2012|

Pete and Kirk talk with Steve, who we're always soooo thankful to hear from, and Steve backtracks on arguments he's made in the first 8 seconds of his call.

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You play the game and and there's a certain point where you wanna change the way your planet than than you can make those those changes whichever ones you can make as an example an offensive line you have some offensive line and so. Can't pick five guys out and put two in somebody's got to play somebody's got to play receiver somebody's got to carry the ball somebody's gonna. Somebody's got to do their thing and does this where for the game and it's they feel fine. Some industrial finance the next day and came -- there after the game the next day they're sore and -- on the -- on the wasn't bothered him during the adrenaline and and the action of the game so. Counts. I know -- is looking for quick answer on that but the reality of it is. Takes sometime today two days to really to really get a good read on on -- situation. Is that okay Bill Belichick says that or is that lake. But it appears that much about that is very logical. Well thought out. You know lucid explanation about. His velocity I'm wondering. Those who get upset when. Some of the players are in the game is texture so everyone says with a short week at that would have been Smart to take the offense got a little earlier went up by four scores now if you want. You know provide that the Brady would force scores were 45 minutes ago OK -- but again generically when you say. I would be Smart to take the offense out a lot about what is -- not basketball. What does that mean you can't it's not basketball can bring in. You know third Caroline titans he's staying in Robertson it's not a war today's military Jerod genre Ornstein well -- days but -- they'll put the Brady -- potentially Welker potentially I understand. Now it doesn't we both know -- it doesn't work that way you don't have enough guys. The numbers now it isn't -- -- 46 men. On the team on game day roster that is what you have to go by and you have to understand on the Ph.D. On some special teams. The guys that are key you now make sure they going to be on the roster every single week and not third fourth string tight and types who possibly. You know could get cut at any time you don't know. And not be there it makes a difference that makes a difference but you know with with with with four. 37 left whoever was and the patriots up 52 point four in the third set from the -- 25 -- to Tom Brady in the field in the shotgun throwing passes to Wes Welker that's not that I do not have a toll -- US that I have no problem and and it's something that I do disagree Golan. I go to -- on the situation. And just because all -- the coach is doing as well and they do or a lot of them do with the star of politics -- that we all think is be the first got to -- with him and I don't -- -- that's that's actually a fair point. Us Tampa -- happy Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving. I want to say that. Not it is not all -- not you've got a call say. Oh yeah leave him Brady and -- four courses as David -- being. -- guy into the extra point noticed. They pull -- -- I do want it which I obviously that'll all I wanted to say. Special especially -- clearly is the third. Most support the no argument. I don't. I would ask all sold. Would you rather have been number one DR and the dirty trick at all -- would you rather have a problem also rejected Easter I would should be you'd rather have -- -- specious. My point -- And keep you want. Really other how that how those numbers work out where last year. And the city shut it off that you had a top. Thirty before it. Well I thought they were there were thirtieth and they work out very good at it QB. -- really want and it wasn't because what because the defense the -- that -- still ought to play and oh and allow -- right in this group button on back -- it. Now but you do this W do this all the time and indeed what you just said -- a total contradiction of politics it's what about Lester you you can even amazed me with that one. You just you just you just. Blown the covers off -- a ball one they want to. Receive a packet to you about global bull. You just every -- they have one -- he's just shuts down your whole argument go ahead make your overall point -- I don't know if she did your did your did. The. Shall keep it up about what they were -- you got. About walked out I got out there actually read offensive touchdown. The replay. I told you that people possible -- the Super Bowl all that your quarterback could be at all happy with IP yeah actually. In the beginning -- can say. They also -- Special teams school. In the -- in. I know it's just due to our member -- out of the gobble up all my point is that when it. It back. In the in the preceding it yeah for a -- number one middle linebacker -- -- into appreciating. The -- Tell me what your overall point is a cent of the history lesson I told I told Kurt we get a history lesson I'm enjoying it -- I about what is your overall point -- Chuck. Always played soccer in that it in specialty either what it. -- little wired back to treat she gave up to a war in the end of that yet. Because he had spotted by tripe out killing everybody else but winning even when you only got one upped that to test out regain regain. -- -- That's I -- exactly what happened out that was something like that was the first for Steve because he completely completely. His whole first state -- the total contradiction of how the patriots. Went to the Super Bowl last year and nearly one and it wasn't because of lack of difference. There's across the couple plays on offense and fortunately Seattle and that's that's what cracks that's a cracked me up in this day and age with this day and age you give me this patriot offense. Or Packers offered to them or last -- wants offense you know what I'll take my chances with -- -- defense. I'll take my chance in this day and age is is not the 1985 while the world watching bears on us early ninety's -- -- exchange it's it's it's a different game. But that was great -- you should say that's the former Republican that's something in the forest eight seconds peacock today exactly what he said couldn't happen happened last year with a preacher.

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