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The Patriots still have an overwhelming offense even without Gronk

Nov 21, 2012|

Pete and Kirk are talking about how the loss of Rob Gronkowski will affect the Patrios offense the next few weeks, both agree it is not the time to panic.

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Who -- program as a way do nexus. Become the players who come as we all have confidence and we don't know we have to come to play every game regardless. And senate so few good guard on the -- left to step up. That's patriots outside at Aaron Hernandez in hopefully he'll be playing tomorrow and I that the -- willow know at what capacity by that I think you run about 80%. I'm told me speculating tired I don't know I covered to see what the right things that are. I get picked up practice in pads or shells at all -- to regain command and and so it's not like job. The media and media -- pissing and moaning about the fact that Belichick. And that the Broncos he has you know lacrosse players and that's the Camelot kind of thing that they're -- minorities who you really get depends of much of what shots wrote about it -- I don't know what is again it's it's expected assets that's. The guy's not there to. Dugard and I and I know Doc Rivers comes off and we all love doc you know and he's terrific I enjoy Smart about it guy he's very Smart about it and and to be quite wrap up a kind of surprising did talk about the Rondo -- -- elector was actually -- amount that a goal for you know at the -- or get blown out in -- given night. I was surprised that you mention that but it really does he get into that kind of stuff I mean it seems like he tells you a lot. But does he really I'm really really doesn't it indices of the conversation is very conversational and ram that thing is what would. At the Belichick think if I rated team. We do the same what benefit is it. For Belichick did meet with the using open critical for the Bruins tells tells a lot of one injury no way why should now obvious I struck out brokers -- -- play Thursday but so. -- -- -- But these people take it so personally. Yeah I ever shot assisting the other day. -- could embarrass him laughable. Laughable we don't know is broken arm. Like chicken little pinkie go socket -- go home I mean that's when and that's when -- and that's went in on them I'm not really besides all that Belichick pulled Belichick wore. Thank the people who love bill and you know are huge Belichick and he read stuff like that in the state. -- stuff happened and it was in the daily with a post you know that Gary I mean c'mon I mean that's that stuff. That that's been a journalist Uga Uga degree in journalism to write that garbage. In LA and it goes on another at the same thing I mean to write stuff like that well obviously you could actually make anybody question. Your knowledge of football -- right is greeted. Ninety seconds ago has computer pages rule gronkowski Mankins and Chandler Jones out to that but I'm not surprised -- -- I'm -- I mean obviously gronkowski. Jones and so -- -- Woolsey you know obviously three real significant dangers yeah. -- and last week the offensive line despite haven't both guards out do a damn good job and run the ball particularly after the -- was good dramas okay yeah but a rewrite no sacks yet the topic was off the field for treatment at pilgrim -- 66 plays last week which is. About her off the points out for two minutes now -- that's that that report. Plus it's a -- goalies up next year on the big show a -- crooked -- -- epic Thanksgiving Thanksgiving met. Economic reports about specialties like sure. Quote culture what his favorite word whenever he talks about the draft or free agency. What's his favorite word. Value of value okay yeah -- OK so now Arnold at the stat out there that supports this with special teams. Per minute on the field. If you if you extrapolate their minutes on the field with the amount of production they have been scoring. I consider that now I agree I want number replied it's not 13. What percentage wise I think it's a very valuable. Part of the -- yeah. Matt Matt Matt I would -- I don't disagree with that I'd I'd that is a good point I don't disagree that 333333. Whatever I don't agree but you're right you look at that way and obviously. A subtext earliest it would Belichick he's a first tropic on special teams polar. While some easy hats I mean he looks that we. About I don't know traps those guys out there now you have to -- earlier why doesn't Slater get it the same spree. I know that kind of -- -- woman's reading the defense and are audible takes a little more skilled at running fast OK so. The other reality gonna say is every ex player or coach that I've heard for him without exception. So the blocking on -- if you're gonna -- value particular preached here guy that you're gonna play sixty minutes for ball. It's understandable to. Brady and when your -- forty point it's understandable to keep the specialty guys like they're gronkowski status in year. On special teams play because it's consistent with everything he's been preaching for a whole tenure here now. Whoever this columnist is I agree with -- If you're gonna write about all the disasters all the tragedies that happen in -- and a special -- scenario and none of the triumphs. That's called logic of legitimate issue and -- -- I'd like Rush Limbaugh make a living on like the word I'd like that there. -- -- -- We give it 30 patio to give -- Rios despite the best -- that that phrase again. Love it. Up that's great stuff -- happy Thanksgiving appreciated if you met three euros. Attention. Ought to give -- 303 shows that come up. It logic of legitimate catastrophic two and a half to two euros in your eyes at that. The group that patented two and a half early you know he's an artist he's as you know immigrant yours ago what would networks in the least well. -- it be great clearly. Israelis and -- remembered. -- -- Nazis like Mike obviously young -- right that -- like a young language tonight is that there is at beginning an increased role on -- and a joke but it was the star of the show last was there. I've talked to that he's not an ethical -- Couldn't be more don't. -- Mike port and on. Topic. I'm a topic itself up next on the big joy -- -- do your job or you're. Happy Thanksgiving time. The last call additional all of this stuff I want the -- are you Google that its -- world doesn't this -- live content. In my opinion they -- exit from the but I think when Belichick's. Their security in the winter entered into -- I don't. I think what he's talking about it the quality of play. Obviously -- kindly plays a lot less. And and and so you know like and -- in the policy that does to us that Jackie Slater. Of course it is appropriate Brady. But the other thing is it is it is considered -- Because you don't want to -- -- -- play against you and you do -- -- a lot of it collect. And you do more like an adult and a lot. So special into our important the only thing that. There and -- the in this whole Arnold gronkowski is. And that was like I would never -- take awhile for the winter and it. But. I mentioned this site and to love. Mike Adams blah the other night at home. Won't. Maybe. -- it is good to PGA this is the drop off isn't a big vehicle. It is being by the league do in our industry it's the way it's been wonderful. All you call it citizen Mikey get an accurate. Right yes I think yeah I think when you look at it though. With the betting you're right by -- talk about. I think that when you toggle guy doing special teams or offense and defense I would just ask this -- the best if you could pick -- The best special teams in the league with a best defense. -- at one point one. And I'd I'd -- obvious tick by tick better do it yeah I put a bit but that doesn't justify. You saying that you Olympic coach -- -- special teams as important. I don't I don't -- Jesse obviously. Time wise as the call was saying that it's it's opposite of its Arab I'm not talking about time spent on the field we're talking about. What is -- important as a unit and special teams you weren't -- M while as treatments and opera I really believe and I do I possibly. When he says what would doctor might say them you know ball washing go every one of today. But when he talks about not pulling players -- him some players and I mean I don't think it's the only coach that that philosophy. No it's partly he says that -- do we have a cut patio we sesno it's tough to say ought to talk about -- -- tough to leave this player -- take that player out entry players. Some of them you know at times more importantly than others I mean that's that that's a difficult balance that's typical but a man I think some coaches do. -- -- -- I mean you know -- received ebitda and Brady difference among the guys and -- obviously that is clearly the case I I understand it's tricky -- that you understand there's a New Hampshire next year on the big show a patent. Okay Dave. I don't did all year. Very good out isn't it happening this year -- was another Monica. Yeah. I don't know Iowa had a you know I'm I'm glad I get that ball back iron that out -- what that would enemy. Was the but I. You know -- -- -- more -- what you are on the NC you know not. Atomic sensor of about the work out. I only have a limited time to speak on that show so it otherwise again yelled that are going on that starts opposite they're some time to listen to without you know. Written -- in a grip my hair out of my. My head. But you know under the respected their -- sort of undermine my p.s accused some of the toilet that at today's -- my show our shot Watson is -- the. You can get a chance to -- the I would say and I know I had no problem. With gronkowski being in the game are whatever period of time -- -- McCain. My point was that. And I really don't even have a problem Brady stayed in the game my point is when you're -- a blow up like that. There's nothing. Armed defensive play of mine and getting to the quarterback and put them big or gone. And they still -- Brady throw the ball with what you know in a half minutes left in the game which I thought what kind of pointless I mean that's that important that rescue that. I don't disagree with I mean if you want that's to me is a totally different argument than what have what happened with rocket. I'm not gonna I'm not gonna disagree with that. But I will as you know -- we pointed out -- numerous examples that they had no Peyton Manning Drew Brees. Play quarterbacks have been in late games doing the exact same thing out I I know I agree with idea and I agree with you that. I think it's. The wrong approach but I also understand. While out coach is doing. I guess I guess I don't agree with egg again but I don't agree with I don't get it makes note dumb with you David that spot it makes no sense to me that at an audit teams do it. I don't know what to do it is never explain and -- If you brought Ryan mallet in that situation and the lack of all the while little bit I mean you know we all know -- afraid to -- amnesty but why would not. But what trying to figure out of their ballot in the back. Yeah. What you are not unified -- -- -- pitcher Randy and I didn't find that -- easier bring him in their -- in data is that you are trying to make -- -- does that get hurt if if Brady god forbid ever got hurt. In crime not the point playoff game against the Steelers he's not remember garbage time against colts in November I worked. Are those of you may not remember but I do speak to fix it it's the first time ever sought Tom Brady play their salon professionals against Detroit Lions it was the fourth string quarterback at the time trust me. You didn't learn all held a lot about Tom -- -- -- -- when they're getting killed by the alliance in the fourth quarter and I got drive against the rams in the world owns -- Montague thought of the snaps against -- you know -- it but it did take -- before you know it got obviously went from number four to number one number -- with. Are 61777979376. Was 77797937. Q Texan at 37937. -- shipped three to six act Berkman. I KI RK MI and us up to its coming up to -- a pair coming up at five twenty. Also a wonderful because Steve Fred -- and Davis you guys are all lined up oh what's even former -- get -- for -- -- get ready -- is -- gamers want imported from -- nice. Aggregate all -- and other operating that we were --

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