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It's the start of the Thanksgiving YO Show

Nov 21, 2012|

Pete Sheppard ad Kirk Minihane are in on this day before Thanksgiving Big Show, they talk a little about the Patriots-jets game tomorrow night, the Celtics two big upcoming games against the Spurs and Thunder and Pete starts to give out some YO's.

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Yo-Yo ma. Idyllic beach -- April and then for a let -- Michael dated. Before Thanksgiving big show here on that it reports haven't FMI WEEI poll numbers right up about 61777. Nights and 937 you can text and -- 37937. When it's weak that he -- three to six and act Kirk in. KI RK MI in penalty only so only -- -- -- -- last we spoke -- Sunday after a great show on Sunday together. Which -- -- 26949. Reported 76 to close them Berger thank you of anything or 500 is gonna be -- against current thirteen game thank you 500 is outstanding and it. Could we have foresees little that we know about the that is decal and vs big show Star Wars type. You know alive you know three episodes that would take place that during that time absolutely but I think is hysterical having get to work with the NC on. On Tuesday morning bright white Juan Barea I could tell. Lot of point yet to -- to sellers emotional. Very emotional at times yeah well obviously -- regret obviously a differing opinions but. What's what's your take on on the all the way to start with a -- -- uses a lot to talk about I'm amazed that no what are we talking about. Last couple days about the Celtics and the spurs coming up high and I would -- I understand apple got it's such a result they with the spurs in the and equipment coming in -- in front respectively. To baseball news to manage on the as well but we have to start. Obviously with the patriots it would allow football -- the patriots and jets are both programs are. He's a clippers it's and the -- -- -- coming up opera on Friday. Via its first loss -- the clippers right via -- with the patriots and jets coming up tomorrow night at a MetLife stadium 820. You call your family and out of my house. -- it by about it that it hot dogs don't normally bring their outlook I'm leaving I'm leaving and it's -- -- it by myself what to negate taken notes -- with several friends who don't ask stupid questions during the game. And and we just want to have appeared in and have a good time Paris and American cinema apiece from what we all take on the on what happened on Sunday. I'm Belichick should be fired -- hospital I mean -- -- just want to. Well outlets here's my thing I wrote about on Tuesday is such a food key play on its -- I can't get worked up about that that stuff is one and ten. My larger problem I've had it for a couple years now Belichick is really I don't understand the benefit of having Tom Brady on the field up for five touchdowns badly the game. It's a difference of opinion I just don't seek an upside to its never explain to me well enough. The Tom -- out there throwing passes going -- a couple of dumb passes that finally drivers out there but there's no benefit when I look at nothing to gain with him out there spot up. All right five touchdowns may be argued about remember last year -- just one just one example there are up by the colts -- you know 28 points in the fourth quarter of that work out yet what happened there were won by seven. Yes -- they don't want my way up when it might point to four minutes ago six nights ago -- cut eight hours ago they were up by four truck out of the beginning at -- or -- correct that's a different totally different circuit I don't think that the Brady argument up by 45 touchdowns I think that's a different argument than let's listen music right so markets and a lot of housekeeping is not. It's it's not an argument you know he was out there are extra points and randomly broke his arm it's a one and mean that ever happen again like I was looking today and it's not a Bill Belichick is just dialogue it's not a Bill Belichick issue. Want to disagree. It just look at all the rest of the teams in the NFL as most of you know by now which are reported on -- pointed out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As -- guys to block is blocked on special teams. On the I kick off team. I think well I mean it that you go through what you see that you're seeing the names the Jason witness that Jimmy Graham's. The Jimmy Graham's Owen Daniels. Brandon Pettigrew is they all our top -- Offensive guys for different teams and now the argument -- the -- At the Jerry you know brought -- I don't think it's unfair is with the world really and they said rocky can do this anymore and they put somebody else on the -- probably. I brought rocket struck the best guy for the job yes if the -- said you know what after this be reevaluated Payton said. You know the value of Broncos keep being near verse is not being there is not that big deal were not gonna do it okay. It's OK to change your mind if you have the flexibility -- the other thing I think you have to remember this was not brought up on DNC and audio today as -- as I was driver I don't know if I was driving home to tapered at the -- -- -- -- the -- -- I said also that you know and actually brought it up with the NC and I forgot because Richmond -- Or -- if you're having heated discussion about it but. You have to remember you have to put guys in those positions that are going to be on the active roster on a weekly -- it is no I think should happen and guys like -- -- -- have a four string tight as -- numbers for one week that may not be -- peak at 46 guys you have to choose from on game day it's just that's the way and you can't do the key to your great point it's full of -- Situation it's unfortunate amber and that the deal and you cannot do you know. It's tough to do something like in that spot prescribe a final touchdown nobody's and grabs a rocks -- and take him out and put this guy doesn't work now it happened. It was a complete -- 110 million moment. That I can. I have no problem that happens my the promise I didn't I never understand why there on the field the key guys. Up big there's nothing game four I don't like it brought to break Gramm's record for receiving of the tennis I just didn't get I don't get that stuff to meet. Nothing beneficial only bad things can happen in Europe for five touchdowns with six minutes left -- -- in case two YE Indianapolis that Andrew Luck in that game. While I was -- to look plaintiff in the game that was a mistake I would amend a hybrid to about that's not -- But that's not that's irrelevant I mean you look at the -- -- -- why understandable I'm saying there have been -- -- incredulous that you could say you know put him in there is -- -- and get some -- you can see what it's like this is first time really going through something like this. Was really struggling I get that that I get. What is the benefit what is the long term benefit having Tom Brady on the field was. That that's one of the few times habitable corner with that kind of with that in your right dead on with the assessment of up by 45 touchdowns. Where there's been no -- did lose by a big game is over. But it's not just Pallet Jack that's well that's the point and over that you can it's an NFL issue. And you look up numbers. Aaron Rodgers throwing -- let them again I don't I don't shoot drew please say Drew Brees at the amok at a Google it's endless it's just it's that is the way we'll -- what what Bill Parcells was here with with Bledsoe. Never to come however I would use that term -- agreements have not spoken inability to separate Cisco yes we -- a separated jets and it was about that storm passes the whole game you know everybody thought why ya doing. Well it subways and -- Belichick learned that you would like we know mean Parcells loses. Was a guy he worked with forever now with Parcells velocity triggered some of that you know. Anyone disagree it's about what coach is doing the NFL and I and I understand it but you have to just take into consideration and and the people come out say. It's a broadcast is about that I know rock was on the on the PAT team what would -- watch -- who said. People you'd be surprised some people bought another it's not a PHC depth chart listed for every game. Just isn't all what what do you just want to pay attention to the patriots. Are you paid attention to any of these at a pro games -- -- I watch a lot of games. Usually top notch offensive studs up there all the -- it's what I asked a question of bodies. -- that's what it is and I now now listen. Same thing now if the patriots said they did figured a way to do it mixture and beat him out because they say you know it's not worth the risk -- a -- but you know what. It's never gonna happen again an extra point is never going to happen. A runner oversee and number that your it's morally Red Sox Dodgers Red Sox before -- it never support secede promised that he straight calls -- -- that -- didn't just the -- And -- the problem I had. Was swept you know their -- more the NC. All of Portland me Portland Portland -- whoever is out in August or any sort of summer -- though it's a player summit a couple more hours of fictional bashing it it's whatever -- You know it and has more quad accident and thought equipment land and their commitment funny jokes about a ball washing would Belichick and Yeltsin. You know I'm just saying. I don't know how much everybody watches NFL games intently. As some of -- and -- almost watch a lot more than others that's all sent and these things don't surprise me an injury. You don't wanna -- epic rock but I'm not surprised my seat top notch. Especially tight and playing on the PAT teams because I've seen for many years I'm not surprised with -- ballot check. A coach with two ballots Jack with spat with with a lot of good players on special teams you don't know what time -- the big public have a -- Matt -- wrote yesterday. Is that that's great to say all the all the injuries that happened with the patriots that is well spent -- -- -- bad pick rebut that. And I don't think people don't like well what people forget. I think a lot of people forget it might be just -- we are the article -- up. On the you know that people may not remember five or six years later when he listed all it all all the bad things that happened with that. The -- things that they did a lot of them to go there are a lot of them were bad happened a special teams with good players do you think that this is going to lead to some. Philosophical change approach. Ever absolutely not never absolutely not no duty to witness to some extent these -- in these look at. And say well again I do this I think he puts the best players. And what he feels -- best -- when a game if somebody can do better than rocket that spot they'd be there if Tom Brady -- -- the rocket did. Well let's secretary ought to say look let's call capita quarterback you have to return to -- No but people will be conducted another example of the TSA captured. Kemper and the pro he's -- record and watch a I've heard of and also the way that you know but you know people are also roughed up about Wes Welker you know one on -- He's their I was short brown there he's a good hands guy and you know god forbid you get sort. Well what good about it. That's a fair debate OP does in the west walk returning punts and Welker snaps is like returning -- it's fair to release say -- this your best receiver second mistress where every wanna have. Out there returning punts is the value -- is a punt returner which means Wes -- the best part internally. But it's. More -- it's not even -- question speed and doing all that -- you can make the case may be album might be better but element may not have the hands that Welker has yet Troy Brown did. They -- another I don't know Glenn has also been taught he does not seem according run back kickoffs. Which in my elitist group we're glad is that well he kind of be in. Don't know you flip flop with that because the -- -- -- forty according to spell check is one of their best kick off guys. And I understand that you don't want was now it's going to be playing more -- to the quarterback I understand that. What if you're Belichick's mind he is one of the best guys -- go to the best person at the at this time -- what are basically got a run back to tick off rate. Right now a Slater -- once in awhile. Post the best guys and the back. Guys they -- the best guy to to block for extra point. But it Goolsbee yes yes I don't. Welcome I agree what what -- -- is -- his writings of what was the best return history of the league best part -- -- that's a fine OK I am probably the team because he's so valuable as a receiver. I don't wanna risk. OK but what happens -- sticks in my backyard as a -- point -- here SharePoint not -- good about it right outside the right estimates because the top -- Q I heard that that's as you take that to me I would take that risk in the short -- you are knocking it -- hurt. There be -- get her anywhere and help. But you want him as a receiver where most valuable team. Obvious -- receiver city by Matt that's our average -- back punts the -- -- Detroit Pittsburgh and edit it out and they may not just bought a probe but -- run back you know we all he's done a specialty it's. It knows it's guys like the temperatures -- grab a quarterback was more about a return -- a -- is good receivers Wes Welker. Nobody's got a quarterback has ever been shut down court and NFL. Recent idea branch I'm not such targets but you got -- -- -- my the F I migrant no risk they took it where you but what was he has a lot out of its return is yeah Sanders. You re re -- what what was a great artist but where -- -- -- some -- who was probably it was the NC has more -- to Dallas as a quarterback or as a returner. -- the guy -- not have one -- last he took 325 shots he didn't have bought this stuff. And. -- loves Mike Judge don't get that -- ago and and and I'm still trying to figure out what you have regrets about trying to figure -- venture to come up with like the third or fourth or fifth highest payroll stop teasing it's not -- she's in the hospital -- -- all up right off homicide let's that. We'll get the real player of the Potomac to tomorrow night rent you'll be here tomorrow and I don't. -- -- You put it. So it's you invite for a -- effort in outs on the road out on the road -- you you know these guys for he's at Thanksgiving always a group of some rest just things inaugurated -- -- -- -- As of right now John Farrell and register manager out of Apple's offer -- -- -- -- -- pretty good spot to both on together a television as public's -- out before us and good reality. As opposed to what's the beyond that it's. On that show I don't know that I would love it absolutely believable but I'll say this everybody out there have already just I understand. Because it's rock when I don't stand it's people all of a sudden a surprise like rocket complain at specialty I don't know what some you watch and this is not you know anything do. And for every coach Rex Ryan talked about -- -- absolutely ridiculous. Antibody use them said the same thing is a low key. -- -- -- to where Jerry Lewis. Jerry when he's on -- -- -- -- I think he admits that that injuring itself I think he says he's on extra points that's fine I dare to -- -- Speak for them it sounds like their cases that. These guys should be a special teams. In general just overall and I -- I added it's at that I got to find theory I understand according to be very very tricky for -- teen abuse. I he's very while I'm -- and from the recent just pointed out and may be a big one as we talked about is that. It's a 46 guys -- rob you've got to make sure that it's consistent and guys are going to be on the roster. On game day and a little thing that matters you guys crazy in the national football and I'm not talking about college or high school pop Warner. Or in over three idiots like this basketball nut job last night throwing a thousand shots. You know that kind of crap that happens in a talk about the NFL. -- quick exit -- sevenths seven sites and ID 37 -- -- today to one coach -- goes. It in my poised to Kelly at 303. Notes for a great show have them on Tuesday we disagree it was a lot of one. 000. Hole. I do my buddy do you Bob Michael and and Glen three -- is little temper your jacket the three euros. I series. Lol yeah. I usually don't do more than three delegates were gonna do it's ridiculous counterproductive like my good friend Kirk went ahead of our loved working with by the so -- three are allegedly -- -- patio you get two and a -- yours how. -- to cover an educated in Al. Ed just got elected it's kind of -- Friday but it does that and they're replaced kind of excited unless you're stuck in traffic like last night I don't think that will be the case I don't think you tell -- Tuesday the -- now -- and -- Tuesday's today. It's more sentiment is get out my -- anybody on the Mass Pike last night for 45 minutes and almost -- five mile -- -- what Michael I don't was my serve back -- -- on stay well to stay.

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