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Tom Curran, CSNNE, on Pats-Jets and New England's injury concerns

Nov 21, 2012|

Mut and Lou talk with Tom about the Gronk injury, whether Aaron Hernandez and Chandler Jones will play, and how the offense will look on a short turnaround. They also look at the matchup with the Jets and the state of the Jets locker room.

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We tracked down mr. quick let themselves Tom. He's brought you buy com and west Walker's -- doctor doctor Robert Leonard call 1800 get here that is 1800. Get hair. Mr. current happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. You know why you -- you -- you nice you pick up your phone half hour after. Are you get to apologize for that outbreak at the -- like can't you Democrats prepare parents. In the south. You a little bit of Somalia. All right -- I know might have been just a walk through what we gonna see Aaron Hernandez -- people -- to think that he's a lock for the game. You know real close on Sunday -- being able to play well we could equate with a quick turn around the patriots decided discretion the better part of valor so. I would expect to see him tomorrow -- definitively we're not -- what to recruit -- on the field. But I would expect to see him tomorrow if suggests. You feel the same way about Chandler Jones playing in that game tomorrow -- No I don't I think that that could be game time decision but. It's. Going to be Dicey as to whether or not he's going to be able place again with a quick turn around. Now everybody is the dancing next man up right but when you lose Rob Gronkowski and you think. Tom Brady sixteen touchdown passes in a red zone eight of them to Rob Gronkowski Baywatch and at redstone and how they attack that team. Yes and I think that if you look at. What they do gronkowski I don't think it is. A situation that can't be duplicated by somebody else somebody else will be able to run plays with the same effectiveness. We'll see but I do think it's it's ironic to me. When you look at how shallow they were positioned last year were really just gronkowski and Hernandez on the team at the position. And now this year they've stockpiled. They have cells they have been out literally and they have. -- In reserves into -- -- it's ironic -- think they. Supper regrettable injury the other day go to an extra point that was you know the fifty -- quarter gave -- a blow. But ironically enough they're deep at that spot because of last year would that would shell. It's Yotam dig dig deep -- and we talked about how important to -- that is but when you don't have gronkowski and Hernandez out there. It it's not as effective from a team certainly just look answer okay you just have to tight ends you don't of the two dynamic players that you want to. We -- out from the most potent tight -- combination in the history of football. Which is what they were last year statistically. To what. Probably -- in -- it's equal parent and handers. Two out probably twenty to the other teams in the NFL probably superior to -- we're talking about know -- -- Marcos he's not there. You're you don't have a -- I had -- spoke with one or the other on the field. As we saw last week -- nor Aaron Hernandez she's still have thought that it's pretty nasty. Tom on the defensive side was that a big step forward in your mind the way they played against the colts with a key to leave a corner back. Yes in what I think it was a huge step forward because. There was. We could talk about pressures in sports news and numbers and statistics so we want. But I think if you look at that came. And realize. The speed with which secondary played the aggressiveness. With which equates. The police made by -- get them according its safety to continue to get more comfortable so that things stand out to me. As much shares in the -- and knows. And he you know he really at the watch the game and and see it as it happens. Understand I think that a lot of people their through that you guys didn't have that secular precincts reporting with more popular. Steve Gregory told that bring him arrogant over that thing. I've spoken to -- a cult -- and you know he he's been -- of the same thing basically -- you know I don't know what was going on before we got here before I got here but. They seem pretty quick now. It allowed me to speculate there's just areas a tech offense threes whether brought so much pressure. -- rather rather than a key police presence heaven according over the top. When you look at the amount oppression that they brought that to have anything to do what Aqib Talib and you expect to see the same thing tomorrow. I think that it has to do with again. You know who they're going yet in a couple weeks ago you understand when they -- get the range you can't just -- -- -- at the impact there. If you were Q apart is more -- sector throw it in the NFL they've brought more pressure. You know two weeks ago tried to Patrick Buick back a little bit because -- is Patrick ultimately. Will throw the football match. Same thing with with luck hope you are fortunate to some mistakes. Because despite the fact he's a rookie. He's pretty -- Mark Sanchez the regulatory ball so I would anticipate this to the game based on quarterback in the offense. Where patriots will sit back covers Olympic you don't want to -- early -- and 48 yard touchdown all the because he's your single coverage. And you know it -- -- expects patriots to -- and again. We won't know until they get out there but I would expect them to be a little bit more passive. With their Russian reports that it suggests. Tom last -- for me short we can they get favors the patriots or the jets in this case. I think it gave as the patriots although the -- -- being the lots of gronkowski in the reinsert should. Of Aaron Hernandez yet he used to. You know the thing that you're going to be able to do with Hernandez without -- out ski but I think it's just the better coach Steve we've seen that. We can we go to more consistent team McCain it's more. Stable mentally and I think bill that are being able to to deal with a short week in the big resort to. -- I think the rush defense ministry this team and and -- you look at Freddy Jackson CJ Spiller and say well they're very talented but when I see Vick Ballard. You'll run through that team in the first half before Kaka about a controlled by Iran to be sent to be concerned a little bit about the rush defense. I would need more info seriously you're particularly there at 67 got the first quarter. The colts cute man really had a blanket Arnold -- in the next two quarters as the game got out of control. -- is not going to be a world greatest SPD gonna watch him tomorrow to three point seven that's for Eric I don't think we'll have a lot of difficulty with them but. If you look at you know. Arian Foster a couple weeks. Frank Gore on the road from that those will be good indicators. Of where this rush defense is that an -- to think who it. Who will have to say go forward. If it's steal it which if this season ended. With everybody staying in the spots the -- would -- -- you were shut them all and and I equipment you know would -- re like those guys are the ones that you wanna be afraid of so it is worth measuring. They are against the run defense based on the bad effects we get. She's my school football tomorrow is an off to New York tonight for this one. -- be in the current as a freshman and partly regional high school it's. Dress certain games while the watching probably the first quarter to see -- -- until -- Madonna keep warm. Excellent or good ago and they've a they favored is local line for them to win the game. From. Happy Thanksgiving talk to you and your family appreciate the time we'll talk -- week. Aren't are not Tommy car and a half hour late joining us here in the program he's brought to you by Tom and Wes Welker Seri doctor. Doctor Robert Leonard call 1800 get hair in the penalty. For -- Tom to honestly was no flow bots and that was the penalty for Tom doesn't get as the music.

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