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Jackie MacMullan, ESPN Boston, on the inconsistent amnd Rondo's questionable assist streak

Nov 21, 2012|

Mut and Lou talk with Jackie about this recent stretch of Celtics performances, including a disappointing effort against the Pistons. More important for some in that outing, though, was coach Doc Rivers' decision to play Rondo late in order to preserve his assist record in a blowout.

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Butler not a three point seven WEEI start with the football of got into the celtics' big week for them spurs and thunder joining us on the eighteenth the hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds at ten times faster. -- three GAT and T rethink possible the great -- -- all of ESPN. Happy Thanksgiving -- Yes and do you look into -- We I've spent some time last couple of minutes you're talking about what happened Sunday not just the Celtics lost to Detroit but the Rajon Rondo. S history continuing in -- drawing up plays late knack game to make sure Rondo got his night -- -- says that to keep that double digits history what. What did you think of how to went down on Sunday. Well I mean it's the problem with these kind of streaks. It's not the first time that's happened -- the last. I know they're telling Magic Johnson was in the midst of his streak. There was all sorts of little things that went on intact that the Celtics players used to complain DJ in particular when they went to the form to play here. This -- something that was in a systematic what an assist them. And so it's it's interesting that he got it done on the road. Instead of at home so listen it's it's a distraction to some degree but the game was well out of hand. And I think doc -- in the record means something Toronto and he figured why not I don't think he was gonna go way out of his way to make it happen. But I guess I don't I'm not as upset about it and everybody else I -- When you when you try to get a triple double -- thrown -- -- basket and missed his. -- -- -- You know Jackie this not upset about it I I just pick the media -- the streak is over. And an Oslo surprised I think that that -- did you use just to coaches and companies just as you have the during timeouts. And it bigots just. Takes away from me team in obviously they're not playing greater consistent as you would have liked and when that happened just outlook and it's an okay -- The product and be passing up shots you do get assists are we focused on the right things. Right but I I don't think that's really what happened deal. What do assistant wanted to know how many. It's just yet ready to play to call a timeout. The game out of reach that's the that's the case but I don't think. Rondo in it in it you know an important game is gonna change what -- what he's doing to keep that streak alive continued -- -- a problem. I guess that's why I wasn't as upset about it. And others because to me it was they would -- you know a visit -- -- almost a classic trap game to Detroit so much better than people think. And they really are they get some really nice young players on the team Stuckey Grubman wrote -- it did you know they're not as bad as they record indicated. And they were gonna be at home and it's at the end of along chipped it up which you almost could be consumed. So I think this situation being what it was enough to plan the lakers it's a five point game and I am having this conversation. In terms of what we've seen through eleven games I think it's so early in November especially you can't make any broad generalizations about an NBA team. Is there any stands out to you maybe didn't expect Jackie -- first eleven -- we see from the Celtics team. Yes the one thing that I think they have to be accountable for his bared their lack of consistently consistency defensively. And I noted that new players and rotating in and I get all that but that's not what I'm talking about a talking about a deep sense of urgency. That I think set them apart last year especially at the end of the season when they were making that run. At the playoffs and came up against the heat and you don't. They didn't seem to have the ability I guess we've got to say that the simple tells us that they have the ability to switch flip that switch when they need to come spring time. But I just think that they need to be a little more defense simply accountable overall after eleven games and they have been because that's. That's other -- win games they're not gonna and I can allow people on the glass as we know for sure and -- -- can out -- people. So you'd think they'd spend it did have a little more urgency about that into the -- You have appointees to look at the Celtics teams and know it's early in the deepening a lot of new bodies is it. Once Avery Bradley kind of gets back into the mix do you start to really formed opinion on this team. Yeah after the first of the year I think Lou honestly I hate. You know Bradley is gonna be so essential to what they do especially that defense to pressure with Kia Rondo in the back court together and and then you're you're you're asking Courtney -- is some of these other guys to come off the bench in May be more control than what they've been -- to do so far. So yeah I don't even I'm not even. And watching the games as I wanna see but I'm not worry they're making any determinations till the first of the year. Is are surprised that Courtney Lee off the bench hasn't been hasn't settled -- more I guess I assume Jack -- that he would. It run some plays they ran for -- and get some open shots they become Evans is consistent scoring. Run off the bench meanwhile Chris Wilcox has been a a bigger impact and Cornelius and so. I love Chris Wilcox I think we are about him before the season even started any when he was playing well that stretch last year they were really good basketball team because he does in this society and to rebound. And and I think it's a little early on Courtney Lee to I think he came in pressing I think he came in trying to parred -- the first time he's been. A team like this you know it really -- it with a bunch of hall of fame veterans around a minute and a chance to. You know really content so I'm gonna give him a little more time. The Darko seems to be just he's gone. Ryan looks like docs thinks he's going to be out -- he's not coming back and -- that open spot even hearing some names and this Arnold -- gore Todd is a reality and maybe not happy about his playing time hallways involved I don't know in the new year. Kenyon Martin in your mind how to they -- that's bought or do they right now. I think they wait and see that that they can get court I like court and I have always liked him but I what at what price. That means decreased six point eight million civilian -- that -- you know and -- I don't know that that's simple like -- I think not great. So there'd be a lot of people incident Gortat besides yourself the second time that he Kenyon Martin. Glad I always -- -- -- Kmart and played when he was held in when he was that the piece of Egypt site that I played really hard I just don't know. What is else's at this point I I wouldn't be against that. You know and I'm -- -- low risk high reward that's the kind of situation it put themselves in. I like I like his energy and and maybe they could use a little bit that -- But there must be a reason why either -- -- -- and it and not to mention all the other teams in the -- mean there's a recently stopped there. I Jack McMullen joining us it's an -- spurs and thunder this wee wee wee boy we all agree it's early but. Kind of a measuring stick right to with a better teams in the west is the other Celtics right now shape up against those two teams. On circuit docket like to win you'd like to beat someone besides pushing towards Toronto and and you know as historically. These are the kind of game that -- lives for as we know because even -- we're all looking united as San Antonio and -- see he's a candidate Tony Parker and Russell Westbrook. Particularly particularly Westbrook. That's you know and that's not an agency rivalry I think as the two of them are both vying for the same kind of street cred if you will in the NBA they both. Have been second fiddle to someone else. Even though they in themselves are all stars in and you know very high caliber player so. And in particular I'm really looking forward to last Friday night. Erratic -- but Detroit there -- how they are better than their record is getting back to that. Bristol surprised that they -- that the team would be better with their depth of back to back nights you know and she got -- Jeff Green and you should maybe expect more to him on the also tonight the cash and carry that team. We just surprised that came out shoot the ball great -- first quarter than just sort of lost left that the lake took gold by just expected more I think with the depth. Well I think you have a right to expect that -- I think I -- again it goes back to -- to the defense and effort does that you have you know you play defense the next game they need to match the offense. And irradiated and maybe -- you know -- team -- one gets demoralized right. And they need to calculate that to me again it goes back to their defense of consistency that defensive effort but but again that was lost -- -- -- -- the fourth game -- -- -- fourth of 5977. Yeah. They don't need it to me that's. Especially -- and you know like -- -- -- we've been here before when this place used to matter the -- out yet -- militants -- -- is that right. Absolutely not did this happen all around the league. Oh yes it does in -- as a baseball player who played however many. Whenever a hundred of them. You know well he's played all forty of them -- You know an -- A lot of circled back we talked last week about Mike and Tony -- an aunt and his is hiring there and LA about dock -- it's opened with with Chris Russo yesterday. He's like the way it was done saying they embarrassed Phil Jackson do you like it looking back at that that. You're talking to on the day before and then the lakers hiring Dan Tony calling Jackson like 3 in the morning it's and by the way -- go somebody elsewhere that. Was meant to embarrass Phil Jackson that Jackie. I don't know that was meant to embarrass him but I think Phil Jackson has -- candidates frankly I'm gonna disagree with doc and as say Phil Jackson. You know with China hold them hostage and and it is Jim -- had ever acquiesced to. Until Jackson demands and requests or whatever you wanna call them he wouldn't you know it would have been his team would have been killed in action scene and there's just no way to invest is gonna do that so. I don't feel that sergeant Phil Jackson be frank with you but I think he had a chance. To be a little more reasonable if you really want -- to job there was a way to do it having not traveling all the other stuff so I I I'm gonna respectfully disagree with doctor that. Now that Tony Snow history look at you know exciting offense running gun three point shot at the shots up their defensively maybe not sound list of teams. How does this whole thing play out because it's the lakers get the kind of talent it's not about winning division winning games it's about winning championships. Well first developed we talk about the fact that Mike and Toni is coming up in new replacement. Nicotine crutches just astonishing to me. Obviously went on any new replacement estimated that since. Indicating your -- -- put it. That this -- up and around -- trying to coaching in the ate -- just blows me away god bless him because you know that -- it is not to be a good night's. So I give -- a Democrat a lot of credit for that. Was and he never had public -- Howard on his team before. And I think anyone looked at play Howard in the middle. It's gonna have to success defensively and can stick my neck out and it. So let's see what does this with a dominant big man. Shot blocker rebounder in the milk in a pretty good the other night you know and his debut that the all right so I think I don't think it's that in Tony. The and he loved offense is no question but it's not like he's allergic to defense I think if you presented with the proper personnel of figuring out I mean I I. I -- the lakers to win at all before the season started and then I guess I'm gonna stubbornly -- to that stick to that -- that it is only you know that -- As a very good collegiate basketball players sell the UNH I think you're supremely. Set to help us answer the question of what happened to Jack Taylor last night no I don't wanna compared. LT UNH it's it's -- -- either. Well you use you know it's like the saying let the older I get the better Iowa yeah you know I really like that I'll -- that -- -- Don't say about your tremendous player UNH -- ever not people there and Durham to know that now. When you see when you read this morning you watch and sports and they. 138. Points and takes. -- I don't know about a hundred or so shots. Is bad for college athletics. Act is now open arms -- -- penalty -- just took them in the hardy spears companies either kick out of it in the this hypocrite now does this is their system this has been going on for almost twenty years. I think they've led the leakage then they NCA you know that is scored for seventeen out of last ninety years something to this is not a new phenomenon that is coach. And he -- he's played in in other words I think closed at fifteen or sixteen players that played for rebel and that game last night. And now a whole bunch of them like nine -- ten of -- played at least ten minutes or more in that game. And the guy the old record is not -- -- went on the team. So I mean this is just you know that it was this -- turn to Jack -- up the -- pun intended and I AM. I know I'm about to go on around the horn and we -- a conference call this morning about this and Kevin Blackstone is just like you just appalled. This is an abomination. It's the disgrace. And I -- I just you know it's one game in fifteen minutes for this one -- And it didn't really hurt anybody except for the winless team that they trounced who dedicated scored 77 point by the way I'm 3444. Shooting. So they would do -- at the same thing so. I'm. You know I think I'm just happy Thanksgiving. Guys but to be tough the fighting guys score seventy points in this team still loses by 75 that brutal and have been difficult to find the right. You only missed shot. While the port the port. Jackie happy Thanksgiving to you and yours enjoy the holiday in the port talk with the again next week next week Jack -- acknowledge joining us on the eighteenth the hotline when Jackie joined as she is brought to you by town fair tire. And by our friends at HSA insurance.

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