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Ryan Rucco, ESPN New York, on Pats-Jets and the mess in the locker room

Nov 21, 2012|

The boys talk with Ryan Rucco about the Jets, specificaly what's going on in Rex Ryan's locker room and what exactly is going on with this team. They also go into the Thursday matchups as well as the quarterback situation between the mediocre Mark Sanchez and the omnipresent Tim Tebow.

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If this was not about what he jump if this was the decision made by Mike Tenet all but reds Roy and bury me too well at all. This is the skeptics. That the disgrace this this thing. Resembling a professional help what team are perfect in my body and nothing did jet's fuel. Our too -- -- -- -- -- three point seven WEEI pats and jets week can dance because of the holiday Thursday night just after 8 o'clock. At MetLife there and that New York to Jersey and every time we talked jets we talk Ryan group co -- ESPN New York on the FM Simon now I get a -- crystal clear signal their new York and he joins us on the eighteenth the -- AT&T forgy LTE. With speeds at the ten times faster than three GT AT&T rethink possible. We only heard highlights of your co host Stephen A Smith go nuts and you jump in -- -- and agree that the jets after would be. Anonymous players went crazy do indeed suck -- 2012. Well I think guys that -- although. I always enjoy the colorful language that Michael and it and use that action by that goes -- -- but what really bothered me. About what happened last week with the fact that I -- the jets were acting like bullies you know they were picking on the guy. Who basically had no on the field and went on their ease in which beat them -- On the -- part they're picking on the little guy and to me that the bully tactic -- you can't look in the Mir and see what's wrong with yourself. You decide to pick on the guy who -- the a lot of attention. And he's already in a position where I think you know it's been a little embarrassing for Tim -- the weight he's been used and not been used. -- -- and delighted that it was more -- displayed by the -- not yet because of them not putting their name to the criticism of him. But the fact that they actually can think of him to criticize while they were mired in that. Three game losing streak that everything about it was really is disgusting and disturbing and went along with it perception of the circuit. That has been with his team and they decided to start bringing in -- port character guys a couple of years ago. And it really was accelerated with the addition of Tim Tebow because of the attention not -- obviously the deep packet that goes along with himself. It was definitely a low moment for the Rex Ryan regime because I feel like you know he with a guy who. This organization just trusted to be able to -- everybody broke it. In the same way to have a unified front no matter what kind of personality and out locker room and it was another example that we thought the end of last year were being. You know maybe not quite. As the calm in the locker room as you'd like to think they could be under Rex Ryan and his -- ability to run. Comes at Tim Tebow and bring him to New York hero's like heat early on it just seemed like Woody Johnson. Might have had more to do that and maybe football operations and and we've talked you Peter King the last Friday said we know. What Tim Tebow -- -- -- -- doesn't hasn't done rather in New York -- more to do with Tony Soprano on the lack of being creative and how to use him. Where do you land now on this Tim Tebow think in new York and that really panning out. We know it's interesting because it's hard to date for certain all of -- -- the Woody Johnson moved what you don't know. Whether or not. It was unless you are actually in that room or your hand you know I've heard from some people that. No Rex Ryan and Tony Sparano were both energized. By the addition of ten people when it actually happens -- and the other thing about woody has an owner I don't think he gets enough credit for this. -- if you look at begat you know they'll be -- the things they do put their players the way they take care of them. No it's top of the line immediate class class to class. So you know I think a lot of times people think they Woody Johnson is now more focused on selling PF thousand. He came out flatly denied that last week but I think also there's evidence that would say that's not the case with the weight. He does really treat its players to first class experience not unlike. It will pop crap that's for his players. In new England and you know the -- he'd been able to run -- two great organizations there obviously a lot more winning with the patriots but I think it's. Definitely you can look at Tony -- guide because. One think but he -- want the player but it's just totally flatly unacceptable. To be small hole. Give me in the way that they use and so it is the lack of invention is. Startling when it comes to the way that the jets that used antibody you have a couple of weeks ago. They try and use him a little bit more against Seattle they run -- same exact screen pass the exact one. We tied up and grow with him in there -- -- completion. Eight yards so I definitely look at Tony Sparano. Before I look at Woody Johnson for the waited ten people had been used to be to god even if even if I wasn't the one who wanted him here. Don't want the owner does make decision apologize for the -- is that your job at the coach then to get the most out of that happened. You know that's that's what I mean we sit here and you're headed to this game Thursday night and and on the year he's got seven pass attempts on the year. He's got 29 rush attempts. It is the main reason they're not using him because of of your your buddy about Sparano one knock creating a form or they so concerned. That if he does get anything goal like the Ronnie started on -- here in Denver. That Mark Sanchez confidence here -- just be completely a couple of 'cause I was -- I railed against it at the table last year. But even I'll look at this and say why the hell wouldn't -- you some more. Yeah I mean look I thought these broad should've been starting heading into that rams game now Wal-Mart. Obviously played well completed fifteen to twenty passes. On by. I don't know I don't know -- it is much motivated by. There's concern about -- -- this -- because it's tough to figure out exactly what did you think about mark aged mentally because. On one hand you know last year to try and fire them up they give more put out the practice wraps. And you don't they do break into an antibody here on the other hand. You know they did in my contract extension just because they feel bad for flirting with Peyton -- so they try and pop while they tried -- -- unconditional support I think fits. You know the things that really hamstrings them even if they had wanted to go to -- Is the fact that they went from having Mark Sanchez making -- six million dollar non guaranteed. Money in 2013 to giving him out expected to where he had eaten half million dollars guaranteed for next -- I think romantically -- look at it at stake. Ready and it -- -- half million dollars next year. No we really do need to try and make this -- because of that I think they've given him a longer lead and they probably should've because. The -- that they were -- they just Resident Evil they give me law. Like the better after he may look like the more typical quarterback but objectively. Up until this point -- then get the last seventeen starts. He is well under 500. And he has just one more touchdown but he had interceptions. -- it can keep those sixteen career starts he's over 500 it has significantly more touchdown that he had turnovers so. Objectively while it may not look good -- maybe it's not sustainable long term people in the last couple of years has been more effective -- mantra. Right how surprised were jet fans are you that they actually went down missing Louis and looked that good against that Saint Louis team -- in those teams -- -- -- the cue up that -- and San -- But I'll surprise where that came out there that W. You know I mean. As the week went on I had what they were going to win that game but as the week went on because of the chaos brought everything that was going on a locker room. I didn't think he -- will be able to play at focus became as they did you know they didn't make. The kind of mistakes that I've been making a late now they didn't necessarily anything. That make you change your perception about the team they -- all with that running at five yards a clip you know -- they're -- backs were still under four yards to carry. They weren't all the sudden firing the ball down field. And they weren't necessarily doing anything defensively that we hadn't seen because they get out of playing pretty good defense for three quarters I think they just got physically and mentally worn in the. Port because the lack of pop and -- get -- The one thing they did you would protect the -- they in turn it over that was the biggest difference and that's -- can't even that perhaps that have to be our identity. After the game as it beat a -- that doesn't turn the ball. Next to -- to ten games it's a good idea that you don't know. But I that I did was make it dumping. Try not to screw up guys you know -- I don't -- didn't change the protection I'm surprised they want because of everything going on but really they did differently which in turn the ball that was basically what they -- backing. Artsy walking -- Thanksgiving and I thought they'll play the patriots quite frankly in week seven so. Now -- break here -- there from being a 55 team coming you know played a six and Portland the patriot team at. Has anything changed is at the same mindset coming into this game you give them a chance here on Thursday. I didn't have a chance because the way you know they played got -- I mean not on -- did this debate in the fairly consistent date that the other than. That game. Up in New England a couple of years ago before odd jets beat the patriots in the divisional playoff game regular seat until when they were both off to such great start. You know other than that game between the played each other really tight Rex Ryan and Bill Belichick Rex does seem to you. You don't know how to release flocked there Tom Brady somewhat and you know he would be able to do that without -- -- -- meeting. I also think you know this short week. Not being able to have a ton of time to implement whatever Bill Belichick wants to without Rob Gronkowski. You know -- -- -- -- in the running game Q I think we spent so much time. Talking about him as a receiver because he's you know been rolling off touchdown that historic eight -- was first three years. That we forget how equity is. As a run blocker. I think -- you know maybe that brings the patriots who because into the -- and then also. No Internet at all broke 300 yards -- the last -- time to get the pat is Thanksgiving I think the beat. You know are uncertain help from the band that special atmosphere. At MetLife stadium this -- I don't think the patriots are going to win because. -- Smart thing to get that to get the identity have to be not to turn the ball over right now that the try to -- it doesn't have the firepower to make up ready mistakes and to get basically -- the plate. Flawless football to beat the patriots -- it can make 345. Big mistakes and still beat the jets because of that I think they went up. Post game on Thursday night. Our last one to -- the big picture a scenario read the the column today -- the story that a daily news basically saying. You know look don't blame Rex Ryan for this this is a Mike -- bond issue and I took that as. That's the conversation in New York right now wire the jets where they are is it Rex and his coaching maybe he's over rated. Or is it -- what they bad quarterback in a bad roster -- took a pull your listeners. About this jet team are they putting more blame on -- they put more blame on the way this team was built -- I think they're putting more blame Mike and a bomb and I think that's probably where it should be guys because you know Rex Ryan I actually would argue in a lot of ways it's an underrated. As a coach because if he gets attention. Because that is you know -- negotiate ways but I think most of that has been negative attention more people spend time calling him a clown and a good coach in really record wide he has been a good coach. I think you can fault in some. But their lack of you know pain they've gotten from the defensive personnel that they drafted in his tenure because he has been. -- the reason they have drafted those players you know Mike and about giving them our boys and strong when it comes to the defensive personnel they drafted. I -- in the first round pick you know that hasn't worked out yeah haven't been great -- yet. From quitting cold -- Mohammed -- percent. But as far as. The actual you know -- -- roster composition but how much continued to. With cash killings continued in -- Accurate -- -- means that pony all all of this not a fifty million dollar receiver either if they really -- skill position players. They basically don't have a top fifteen skill position player and that. Offensively is much more Mike and it bombs all it is Rex Ryan's fault so I don't know that either of them is going to be in trouble of losing their jobs at the end of -- beat him. But I would say that Rex Ryan certainly should be more safe. Then Mike and about because if you look at their roster really know how much can he do with the talent that he -- Ryan great stuff great analysis on this one enjoy tomorrow night happy Thanksgiving to you and yours and has always appreciate the time. Thank you guys always blog talk with you guys make sure you have a good Thanksgiving. Utah series Ryan group are you your money SPN New York. On the FM side now there alongside Stephen A Smith afternoon driving joins us. On the eighteenth the hotline AT&T four GL TE was speeds up to ten times faster than three GT AT&T rethink possible and he's right about the roster. I'm not talking about positions 45 the 53 or not gonna go and how you disguise -- the out good find their bottom of the roster filled his good guy what's the position players. Guys that that -- Sanchez on down who carry the football kept the football. Very disaster and and I thought what it's the first game. That Tim Tebow wouldn't be a disaster that because the patriots secondary. -- cable's ability to hold out long ball that he would be a factor do we feel differently. About the impact big guy like Tim Tebow might have heading into game two. We didn't game -- on thoughts and Tim Tebow next.

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