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A Thanksgiving preview: of the Pats and your local townie bar

Nov 21, 2012|

Mut and Lou look at the biggest drinking day of the year as they delve into the Pats-Jets matchup on Thanksgiving. They break down the matchup, particularly on the defensive side of the ball, now with cornerback Aqib Talib in tow.

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Not only is today in real life get away day for a lot of people not only is today one of the busiest traffic. And supermarket days of the entire year. It's also the biggest drink united a year lose misses. This amateur night now say average night like new year receive but. This is what you get together you -- -- college player people listening right now our whole for college break on a life and tonight is I haven't seen. Judy Simmons since last summer I went -- -- a college haven't seen us here for the first time I haven't seen it. Girl acts for five years five year reunion ten year reunion at local bars and restaurants across Massachusetts. And it's got to get ugly a lot of cases because that's what tonight is to bed miss her very soft. Are those days and see -- people you haven't see and faking that he still care about them like there are a lot about them ever -- -- 51059. Not not a pretty sight -- more of like brutal college thing right silica or school reunion or some -- first few years out and get together everybody. Hours of extended Thanksgiving kind of starts off with it Thanksgiving breakfast at the salute tiny club in -- it -- Saul -- in eagle there in the morning. Every one year that that Thanksgiving eve is just it never ended and never slept in pretty much went right to have breakfast. Without sleeping at all if you can believe it irony here is -- involved that we get a poker ball late night it just never seems to and you lose track of time. And it made for a tough day committee go to the game your outside you kind of wake up the right around dinnertime so taken at 5 o'clock -- you want to go to bed at noon. -- hung over you feel bad you never slept in a real final GR. But. I've made for adjusting Thanksgiving Day you how many years ago -- -- how many years out of college you when that was first couple are still in college was still in college ago days. The all night poker game if you years after -- it's it to but don't speak. That we are to get the text guys -- runs a bar worst ever united the year by far I've for people who run bars and restaurants is actually worse than a year easy because lot of cases. There's a New Year's Eve party to go to or you might stable for New Year's -- this what do you do -- go out the local bar in what order Slattery in Pittsburgh. We used to go on this when we go it's a brand new casket flag -- feel that all I don't know call me crazy. Which may happen. That's OKC -- and opium action and beam would be year old and -- some people for some people Libya which nine nick O'Malley is producing today. Not an outs off the -- is gonna he's already drinking and other. It's amazing I -- see that he was sizable laughs I Villa takes our bottles got the day opera nick is already booze it up get ready for tonight let's go to one producer drink stands up to the producer director mr. -- that continuity year. But he announced everybody back there in the office on official five year college reunion and I warned -- you're gonna -- -- to be -- in the again do you reunion last night we can roll it just like Jimmy has it ever end for you nick -- whatever and a cactus Jack. Dexter is right the big thing if your guy from -- -- every guy but it was how much weight as she gained. Since we brought colleges are tough first couple -- and one way to issue put on the first semester that freshman fifteen it was out of should look at the different -- -- FaceBook the picture looks pretty got all real life. The difference an area that's tonight to be ready for that -- you syndicates paupers you get older because tomorrow becomes about family and food. End if you go real hard tonight is there -- fear -- by 8 o'clock tomorrow patriots and jets the tank might be run -- empty you might miss what is the the double families get together the cousins who hate each other patriots jets tomorrow at 8 o'clock in NBC. And it's a question as you go to -- the one. Always lose those that middle game because there aren't there and an app game that's that game isn't it a -- little big elect Daniel lake public -- -- -- fourth quarter. -- -- Cindy have and national Turkey did there in your relaxing game is on and kind of -- and now you watch the game. -- -- done to get home and its second quarter first quarter maybe you're Albany just you sort of lose that little game that's why it's nice to have the -- -- -- -- -- before -- I guess -- -- but it is -- apartment the night before sometimes an app in the afternoon that he's forget you know. This is pats jets on -- and YouTube problem how many people drink like Q. You know I mean so you've been stopped at. We've all been their nickel be there tomorrow -- of a fear Nick's gonna sleep through most of Thanksgiving. And this game hobbled we're talking but the jets and their out of it and their -- that for both these teams. This is a legitimate important game for it to the Beijing Games the role -- -- but think about the way these things can ego on it's a short week to. Patriots win this game they dispose of the jets in the division sweep them right. They basically it in my opinion lock up the AFC east. I keep themselves the contention for one or two seed in the AF -- that stays alive with a win over the jets a loss. And while you're resigned to a 34 seed in some way shape perform if Houston San Francisco doesn't go your way maybe. You keep the door open when the divisions not a lock at this point. I think this game hinges for the patriots on sort of putting the steam behind him -- keep the divisional play for the jets. There's a story today defending Rex Ryan like he's assured they get fired. If they don't make the playoffs. They they lose this game Ryan said on the chopping block he ball they replaced by Sanchez with a ten day break between games they win. All of a sudden your five and six PS3 121 -- -- I think this is a huge. Sort of swing game in terms of trying to decide the future as a -- these games. What I don't I don't think I don't think anything would happen during the year I mean if they haven't replaced Mark Sanchez by now are they going through. Mean he's had some of that but the worst games of his career he's come Beckham and the quarterback the next we don't have a they macros McIlroy is not the guy apparently. It Diebold they don't believe is the guy that David use him for God's sakes. As far as Rex Ryan goes you talk about the defense is already there now now get -- a bomb in this roster what the head coach. If something into that hole I mean -- -- base -- right north and it would save his job. Days if Woody Johnson was the guy you know that -- it Tebow. I think it's already a step further Eric -- -- put this roster together extranet nothing no way report. I think he's safe this year I don't I'm not so sure be the head coach next year. But yeah you're right I mean this is the dagger in the skies -- Brady knows you heard earlier in week. There's opportunity to have a four and seven and given the rear view mirror -- is gonna have put the bills in the end dolphins this week but. Again. You'll remember this is an all time wind right in July 2926. This very well could have been 55 or six and four. Gay so are they taken his team too lightly I don't fix all that they showed. -- this teams take anybody too lightly when you look at the short week. If I'm the better team which I think the patriots are watchers normal right almost -- want normal weather I wanna normal schedule. And to school blissful blockers on the better team a normal day. Every get a team and I'm not sure even snow affects this team like zero outstanding in the snow. But if -- get a day where it's windy you don't affects the ball game to be affected that hurts the better team. And a short week I think especially this team doing a pitcher with a situated I think it hurts them more. -- because -- one it's just a short we did a better team you want a full week to prepare the opportunity it is like for the grown its gain one life without gronkowski. You know -- get your offensive line still nicked up still banged up. I would rather -- along we -- of this game I still think they win this game. Normally I would say the patriots absolutely. Aren't a spot where they benefit but you you're number two was rock house that's -- noble -- an -- without life. With out there past reds -- -- Maybe arguably that the best start to a tight -- career in history the NFL that's Rob Gronkowski and they're trying to figure route. In the span of what 4872. Hours terrible in the planning goes this game -- coaching staff and as a team. We're place maybe our best non offensive lineman blocker. And our our our reds all weapon of all reds on weapons it's a huge. Benefit to the jets. -- -- short week in the patriots -- the without light without Rob Gronkowski with the additional -- -- like a lock Aaron Hernandez was going to play. Reports now from got a prayer -- Johnson elements in this of the earlier today. All Sutton went from -- Hernandez has been pointing to this game and he's going to play two if there -- setbacks who played a limited role. That's changing the equation your that we talked immediately Monday I was the Patriots offense -- without gronkowski and it cushions the blow to. If Fernandez plays in this game. Well if he's limited and -- play a certain role. Then that cushion is out the window and I deal with limited Hernandez potentially and no gronkowski. It absolutely benefits the jets absolutely short week benefits the jets because the patriots are trying to. I don't Odyssey re do their offense to Josh McDaniels -- Dallas tight ends before. But he's by far the best weapon and doing the red zone like I -- the patriots and they get inside the candidates first -- -- you're thinking okayed the first or second and the third. Is it over the shoulder is all picked play. Is it you'll flair right he's able to get one on one coverage -- beat him as he has last couple weeks. Rock. Are able what do you do here there's no Hernandez. In Bogota palpable greatly well you know big events on page and go. Ever -- what hurts to be a different what do you do rightly Hernandez has been out this lineup be legal or more three wide receiver set with Rob Gronkowski. Is -- okay you'll grant is out -- -- more with three wide set actually -- more to too tight ends. -- wide receivers maybe a three like she -- up there are times and it's only because. Aaron Hernandez will be lined up outside in most Oklahoma tight end. You know so I think Aaron will be out there are a lot go with weather -- -- who win or Shiancoe. So technically he will have to -- that's who we call him. In order means so well I don't know just go right back the three watchers -- they would grant see that's the whole thing is what we call Aaron Hernandez right. He's not Rob Gronkowski that your time is not he's not not even close and wide and when -- call right so how does it affect them will will see how they. Now they have this master plan right coming into the year it was every single reporter. Edit the patriots. Obviously were talking to these guys that it was a -- and his breakout year. I asked him before the season -- -- -- how would you would you call this offense is a diverse. You know we were booted too many did we do a lot of different things. We never really got to see that you know we saw that for a week you know we just didn't really see what was. When the season thinking negative split screen pass to the Josh -- does Iowa ten weeks into it not really don't really do it. What was the player -- who will we see that. Without a Gallic McCaskey -- is going to be more involved. But I still technically. When we come in here and on and on Friday or Monday about time that -- it down as far as packages they use you gonna see more two tight ends. Just because nick Knight does benefit the jets this week I agree with and the question becomes anti patriots and do you agree to the short week. Up next the patriots war affects the jets more.

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