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The Patriots shouldn't change the way they do things

Nov 20, 2012|

Mikey, Ryder and Lenny talk about all the people questioning why Rob Gronkowski was in on the extra point attempt.

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And ago -- All right we're back here -- planet Mikey -- John -- series it'll. From well not just now with us but from ten to midnight. Widgets what's called the show I don't know I'm just conflict to an identical brother show. That could really what -- think tank operation wonder when you went to Minnesota okay we need to tenement at which we call the show Mason about the show. And you said while that's pretty good while never than I do. She can't show but they major country -- and so Roger's gonna hang around here up to minute by then Adobe. Pretty much know. Our traffic left I would think I would thinks on John's here in. Always it's always. It's just your -- went away and only one he's here more than the security team downstairs. And so we've gotten up to four people from hitting Minnesota and I'm gonna stroke he wasn't in their for -- Kapalua because he insists on it. Not aware of the hospital was but that's probably where they were all born. In those who live in Wellesley mass for a long long time and love and that's pretty calls. Somebody thinks my favorite -- must be rainy day women. Mikey your rant about Minnesota is like Sarah Palin saying she can see Russia former house. Well -- mean she can't really. -- might have a really high powered telescope has terrific guy said I guess she's also a descendant Stephen Hopkins -- From an of of may flower fame but no if you want to admit being really deserve what's wrong and that's a promise Sarah Palin she's not. I like the -- she's tracked -- Like any woman wearing those kind of glasses. I think woman I just Rosie O'Donnell -- that are -- He can't be wearing anything that would -- or don't say that. Everywhere you ready -- I regret it wears everything no matter what you -- tribute -- so let me -- that. That you don't like if we get one got a call -- the program tonight who thinks Rosie O'Donnell's -- can sell to us then you know they should have visual -- right. Greg is it Manchester. Then a sticky New Hampshire great. In Europe and butter beer Thanksgiving he's in music yards what's going usual. Well you are let's listen to the big show as they usually deal and I didn't have the opportunity to call -- -- -- harper. A direct you are -- who you are now. Well. You know I don't agree with the idea. Of these soccer moms that the that all these features players have been taken out of the game especially Rob Gronkowski. Belichick made this comment in his answer where he was talking to guys on Monday and I think it's perfectly valid point which is. Through the patriot system is is such that every player should be expected to be plugged in at any point guard. You know it equally about the role as it is a player expects you know with the exception maybe Tom Brady so what does that say your players -- you just -- -- out. All the best guys in Iraq is withdrawal -- was then. Well first world you know you don't substitute eleven guys at a time -- you got -- stand that right now I don't know allows this in that in that line. On that infamous -- two point Sunday. But you know what they would be complain is if the extra point was blocked and it came from the side grant was gone and US and honestly I don't know what has Leon oh right -- one I had no idea or just thing is if he had. Injury or so if the player has specific -- week to week and they have an injury that. That either diminishes the performance in that role or risks. Further injury that I think a different story but again I can't say this enough times I don't remember in the history of watching NFL since 1960 some. And I don't remember anyone ever getting hurt on an extra -- -- broken -- I have no idea how old I do have a a big issue with some good things in the big show -- same by. I think bella check is perfectly consistent. In. Developing -- Egan managing a team work every guy is also be. You know is expected to. You know to fill their particular role I personally don't. It's not about placating you know the superstars in the -- you know everybody has -- view on the same level I think it's. -- perfectly consistent. You know that this is yet all the good guys and by. And it comes these big policy decisions by bill Bill Belichick. -- like have to trust his experience and knowledge. More so than people who -- Monday morning quarterbacking this decision to have a guy -- where he's always in the other part Gradkowski was out. Before that dominated it was not a series -- get but he wasn't out because of his broken arm he was out because you know there are ahead right now while also they want to give Shiancoe some time because he's missed most of the season. This is really disagree with the guys you know. You know -- -- A good part of the -- you know -- Michael we're talking and I just couldn't help but think. Why are you what what is the source of all this confidence that you have in this team I mean despite the big blowout win Sunday. Can you really say you know what the patriots are. I don't honestly I know -- 73. But you have zero -- it is put in a big game with a physical team with a stout front seven I have zero confidence in the patriot ability. To win that game it when it comes playoffs are well on the I don't -- -- I don't see well blowout against a team that you know finish in last place either either consciously -- just because they are out the -- last season. All the sudden validate the. Not that makes doesn't -- mainstay of Cisco Houston those will be interesting tax tests but I take that when it comes to. There the AFC you know. I mean that you could say Houston and Baltimore might be in the mix but in Denver but you put the patriots in their -- who don't think who don't you think the pats can be. Well I mean you look go back last year wanna -- do you look at. I'm gonna analyze their version history I mean let's look at bits you know the standings have been shuffled from this time last year in the here and now who can't they beat. Well yeah I hope I of course it would then with one that we either Houston definitely. Definitely you send. -- well look at for those back to back games night. How how did the F Friday and is -- against the rams how did that go. What particularly -- you don't you really don't you go at least I'm saying is. You know. We know -- great coach but I just a blessing to back columns side -- that I have to do this summit next program not attracted to them but I just. What is -- is sort of why are confident that people haven't you mean when. It's called the won loss record Greg is to call a track record yeah. It's it's a decade of dominance and to a forty meet. But you do you feel like you. It with this win beat you know what this patriots team as you feel like you you in your mind know -- a question of. This -- part of the fun of sources is finding out exactly what they are but you kind of have an idea that we've -- we've been doing this for 23 years right you know Greg was what Christine Greg don't you think. Don't you think that -- fourteen into last year. Don't just thinks yet but you know today the elusive -- I don't -- typical. Who don't just think the the colts fans there was six entry until last Sunday now they're saying well hey we got like bright boy now we really showed is they use him -- 49ers fans you think did they they definitely know about this team. It's all crap if you -- you really get down to it. But post Thanksgiving you know that's when you make your bones basically broadway's always claim that he's right about that. And down so I mean. There in the mix I mean who else they. You want to go there and it makes I think a better way of -- phrasing it Greg might be when they played amid is that besides beating Denver. It would beating Denver who have they really you know beat considering some of the better team. Well nobody's maybe but maybe they should be -- banks so people wouldn't be so confident that you played so I don't know I know that and I'm still what you try to get that -- -- what is this table isn't that why you watch. Well I eyes are dangerous out there one of the better AFC teams. I think the entire point. Of -- -- -- want represented well you know what you gonna have to hurry up Greg he's been on six minutes but it seemed like your entire point in the morning is. What why are you guys sold blindly loyal -- -- patriots -- out audience while on an eight there are certain things that they -- -- I may have. I have heard enough he doesn't want people to be loyal to their hometown team a team that has won more football games the last eleven years and any team member. I added that its bid for the Super Bowl five stricken times what does that what does this team well last year we knew they were fourteen duke which -- they were not Super Bowl champions that we don't what they wore last year. But what do you want for a definition of what they are -- a winning franchise every year he's an overly concerned stand up okay widespread but -- enjoy the game -- you know what. The patriots have some flaws but I would say just about every team the NFL as a -- on Houston's probably more is more balanced on the patriots probably engineer he's harp on the team has -- -- and there's evidence theory okay and the three games they've lost they've lost by four point so that it had four points -- -- flaws in three loss -- -- we have a specific answerable we can make predictions for the specific answer what exactly is gonna end up happening to an actor I ever have any pleasure in life. Do you think now. I don't think I don't question Greg's loyalty and I think the word is he thinks that the patriots fans and I too overconfident about this team. Well here's the -- syringes -- as teams fan base that has more right to be confident and the patriots fan base there right up there with the tops I agree. Right as an Imus fans think this is a -- age is advancing -- the year in Green Bay and I'll just thinks it's always an option is confidence a bad thing. You've been good for eleven years what's wrong with it when you get companies get too good for thirty years slowly this -- here now you have it'd be entitled to court. I don't get that caller let's go to Libyan Wilmington and to see. You do it. What's up. -- it. You you weren't. Look at all. The way you guys you grew up but having. Now how far is -- watt and seven miles. I can't act as if I created site it's the same town basically right now no it isn't. I'll let hitting guys are ready approximately. Yet now tells about giving what kind of relationship you have with the key -- Q what -- Actually very doable and there's a big reminder that a number. It -- members worked I worked out as well yeah. Yeah up in being in nineteen -- you know very closely related. Of course -- if geno -- lady who is boarding key watt unit used its claims he's from having does that make sense. Yeah actually I think you're part about this before our eyes we -- actually yeah a few years it's harder he's actually more well known in. Nicole Lee area where they've actually been -- school football field after him all that police sealed that's correct. How many. Because I -- that it must be a kind of a unique ethnicity to that area because. You know -- kappa ladies Italian quite obviously and Bob Bob Dylan news is Jewish. Roger Maris I don't know what the hell he is very available and didn't go to these dead these days. Yeah a little bit -- zillow home runs earlier this budget everybody there I was and Indians manager Lou wow I must equal place to be from what's your claim to fame leaving -- for channel list. Mike Green and hopefully my. Claim to fame is that I know why you think Rosie O'Donnell -- I didn't set but she was -- -- you are not not I don't know -- you know you know -- had to do and I'm I'm -- much scenarios -- much longer list of guys who haven't. And Rosie O'Donnell's disgusting she's a big fat pig. That's correct. This but my interest in that you beat Kevin McHale orders paper. Shot seriously. Where they received pretty good to ever. -- Really nicely was tall. -- -- She wasn't all know. Considers debt must have been real tall then because you know he was quite tall someone is famine most of them. Elite. And I'm glad you call because we've we'd like to know that we have that universal reach of being able lose at any given moment. Contact people from giving. That's right. Thanks we're probably appreciated every Thanksgiving got to the bottom left finally I looked up my own hometown of Manchester Connecticut has Wikipedia's list of very notable people passed depressed I'm not an African list. -- -- unless you don't put yourself and then Fred Norris -- from my hometown powered we just mentioned earlier Howard Stern's -- -- oriental stuff from there he lives there. Now you know but he's not from there is from him mean there's -- Larry misguided at one degrees for professional pool players the -- -- carries from from. Manchester Connecticut east would I support pool right when he was played -- the arteries that have been that dugout billiards if you -- and may be on that list that's really yeah. Ridiculous. I got a guy who was a former candidate for the democratic nomination Pennsylvania knows it may not now out on their. While the names I've heard you should be no less and second on that list in a white president USC. Ultimate party -- he he's from he's -- via currency. I'm pissed off -- doesn't work we're -- going to stick me on top of the list. I don't know that I -- -- exactly my way I think we need to write him we needed writing a write in votes yeah that's pretty weak. Let's coats to blood Georgia in Cambridge. George I wanna say special Tuesday night pre Thanksgiving. Hi I yeah and again likewise very very happy Thanksgiving Cambridge. -- which now -- a lot of famous people gamers I. You know. There's so little bit of a controversy in the in in Cambridge -- places. Like these are we've -- in as far as so what's your which is favored this should be answered. -- as they've let people eat Turkey gamer X. It's gone and I can hear you can I hear you can live in Cambridge and beer respected member of the society there even if you don't know if you're part native American and and I certainly carrier your frustrations. Like it's. And they -- you get called the world's greatest biggest parking his office. Right how logs have been paid source it's like 67 and we're still getting charged -- -- that money go bigger profit missed the money I mean there's a huge. Bureaucracies it's got to be paid him. The most hours are very six years. So I. Let them with the drivers you know they get their money and you got them you know at a corner on the on the -- so. -- you know they should've done that I might because you know I get on in west and right and I have to wait. To pay my money to get through unless of course what it's not now but want to pass up -- They should have turned our lights off let them throw -- medal once don't know bliss that. That safety is of the air traffic they opened it if you guys just Disco pro don't stop and pay a price slide or whatever right they should've done that tonight for those people have to wait them. -- -- -- that's all takers I got some good friends take tolls on the vast but they're doing a job -- a job my good friend Tony see is out there every day working -- that's not the problem probably anybody who works on the -- I have problem with the hike. And the people who drive it -- them and how much we get charged to do so it's. -- has has AAA and you kept -- moderately better alternative saying you know back crow will turn well you -- you and I are both though is that it's gonna be route nine right let me -- -- The alternative route twenty a week don't you gonna go out through. Stop and go traffic -- red lights all the way at the Sudbury. Oh for me anyway or you go route nine all the way -- pass from him that's that's red -- as it is time a year people out at Christmas and then during the same time you're going to be. That compared to the being stuck in camp and I hate I can't even honestly you know George it's when -- Thanksgiving is the thing I'm least thankful for in life. I but you know this root cause of Belichick I think I've got to the bottom of that commitment these callers. In the criticizing Belichick and I think it really comes down to jealousy. Because if you don't see. The kind of overtone of bitterness -- their voice and I think if you reject these people you find out the Carolina trip and everybody. In the you know that there. That there -- -- -- they're wiser and he kind of wait for the opportunity that the -- along comes Belichick and there's the opportunity to really paying their. -- fun I you know I have been following Belichick for 25 years since -- giants assistant. I don't there's nothing about the guy that offends me I know people get they look for stuff and and on the -- for some people around the country to get jealous of the the winning these and against -- -- despite gate thing and all that you know I think he's a classy guy he's quiet he's not you know at. -- outwardly ego testicle. In any way shape or form. He just I find it totally in defensive likeable lot and it these agrees -- relived now I don't -- you know we're not friends already play golf together. But I just -- -- look at the guy I don't see anything that people can -- Falwell you know it it's people just hate what you mentioned amid of these other than winning the the winning but also a day in other spy gate and this is just another opportunity to does stick it to Belichick verb for fans of other teams. Right in the entity in -- prominent and very high social status he's very successful and Blaylock lake I'm glad with the media tour -- and enjoyed it kind of experience. But I'll argue if anybody wants. Say he's not the greatest football coach ever and I'll back it up with stats and -- Georgia nice Thanksgiving but -- either. He's a lot different off the field well I mean he you know obviously his. There is persona as as the football coach and a legendary one and sure fire hall of fame. But it he has and it's his team to the success it is heated seats you're obviously it's his throat like he is. He -- to bill Belichick's and if you wouldn't know. You -- -- that players say that all of Columbia and without disbanding its -- I like both of them get away from the football I like both for two different reason I don't yet like the other one bad -- I will have a say that he my area and it gave more upset after -- is something about -- Now it's something about someone named -- Stephen Drew -- brother. Well committed Red Sox -- one of the teams interested in him. Joint Syrian interest what are his lifetime he doesn't have any stats to back -- wanting him to us. -- -- so many rumors. Buddy and I retired about them both a true Eric continues who's next Nancy Drew. You know. Stephen Drew is -- and injury from socialist. 61777908. Don't. 7797937. -- I keeps of these calls glorious what you write it on the screen that's right here in prominent stupid.

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