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The Patriots still have a good chance against the Jets

Nov 20, 2012|

Mikey and Ryder are talking about the Patriots losing Rob Gronkowski and Mikey doesn't think it's any cause for Patriots fans to panic, especially going into the Thanksgiving night game with the Jets.

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I don't know they have they have like five. Heidi and on their roster so I don't know faith that they you know put another guy in that role I'm not sure how they'll do it. Knowingly sold multiple media. So it sometimes before -- five lives could be of much Italians. And all that so well. You know what we'll see -- -- realize as the game goes out how to -- and obviously. You know with the broadcast you huge. Target especially in the red zone and so you know I never -- like to see anybody get hurt them. I'm not said he's -- in our game that hoping it's action. -- former fat pig. Us -- is that such a fat pig anymore is a big -- now. Let's you know -- yes. State forgot like that LS have they -- to the next day. Our text message discriminate people a Texan like mad men on the Mass Pike or wherever there's -- traffic then. Mikey please have FEMA drop breast milk -- exit fifteen on the -- from a screaming six month old stat stack. Cousin Mikey abacus said that of Stephen Hopkins still might -- ten year old boys think it's cool that might -- related to -- that's that's not Colin ought to trust me. As gave my relatives. But they've got to go through on that yet Stephen Hopkins born. Are about eighteen is it says here's how -- you know it's an old dude. And -- this Wikipedia through by way of first place at liberty goes for all of us special programs more about -- about 1582. So or there. Died still like 16440. A tenor and a merchant who was one of the passengers who may as far as sixty twice about becoming a tanner. Real. Really until now to the statistic is that -- really fun thing to do it has been for Stephen Hopkins certainly enough for you right right of course. Hopkins probably 41 signatories of the mayflower compact was an assistant to the governor of the colony through 1636. What do what do you think would think of Deval Patrick's gubernatorial so way to ready you're -- boy this is so. Europe relativity was assisting my relative all the way back now -- There's three -- -- makes perfect sense of how the tides -- -- grade that the -- 23 children Elizabeth Constance and Jaya -- also had Oceana born on the way over. I'm amazed that he was that he was Hopkins to be without that name would. He died as a young man thought he he was born on the mayflower in the over the Atlantic Ocean now. Constance is my. They could take a good good good good good -- grandma. It's due out there and I think is a 1620 can you imagine how the seeds have spread. Are out Hopkins -- I'm surprised Massachusetts wasn't called Hopkinton. We have -- and reading just for laughs will go to him next to move -- You've got to -- point in -- pretty yet. I just wanted to bring up. The jets pats came in oh I don't think we need broker but I love that even stuck on a while there are more. Well you know -- they go to him pretty often it will be more trust me it -- who will be this coming week this coming Thursday you'll see more. Welker catch is that normal because rock won't get his tenor twelve now and it's OCR it is his fits in but also expect him to run the ball quite a bit against this terrible jets' defense. I think they've made it might not score 48 if they run the ball hold gaming get away with -- -- -- writing all 38 imminent tenors when you still have all those weapons Brady you know remote yet. But I I just think what is the biggest mismatch problem we have against that defense with Rocco like out what two years ago or even a year ago. When they put Revis on the move they gonna put on now like that they've they've played mostly man. I just think I just -- visit and yet -- guys go to. I don't think we should treat this game is though in my opinion with the as though this going to be a real tough matchup for the patriots I really don't now. Yeah we all know of the divisional rivalries of the divisional games they played so twice a year they're usually tighter than you might expect. For whatever -- well they know each other so well that I'd really be counter what the other coach they anticipate get a coach is gonna do they tried some trickery a little bit -- Try to surprise because it's hard -- surprises a coach. You know like Bill Belichick when your Rex Ryan and -- senior team twelve times in six years or more than that. It's difficult to do but you know let's face it. And I got a text here to this effect. I miss when fat Rex was talking smack and the team was a little more competitive and made really made a really satisfying when -- warp. Now it just -- -- in you and it says will win. You know but -- that's really kind of the attitude you have to have well game. Yeah that's why not hear from two major us is that to -- W Mitt maybe a little bit more because they played in close the last game of the jets are coming off a win yet. So it's a win -- so let's let's start partying right now. This Dexter says is Stephen Hopkins that really Smart guy in the wheelchair. Mara and it is -- Franken sandwich -- Franken I heard. I think was bill O Reilly last night on the O'Reilly Factor talking about how the best. Thanksgiving. Traditional dinner. Is so is it is served at a place in sandwich Massachusetts frank unity about that. I. Yeah you would I not answer cost her that same thing -- yeah yeah since I didn't. Almost. Well enough yet and I heard last night so inept again talking to drive and I gotta think gotta go to this first. I you know but the other hand at a human knows about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Angel actually tax impact. -- -- -- of Portland descendant and all of -- don't Spock. And the socks yellow -- owners to it doesn't put any money in that team B and it started doing a little bit more than the last three years they are. Come to a Democrat because you would spend. It's important and that he and luxury tax ownership in particular and I'm only include independent. And yeah and drug demand is great I mean. -- -- I'd say we're on the pirates are the. The pirates haven't sucked in the last three uses that much is the use to their I think they have the core of a good team maybe at one point they make a commitment to actually spending. Some money and being really good because they didn't have some pretty good play -- they've got and they clocked up some of the younger talent. McCutcheon -- the officers that a patient just poor employers that they can make money just yet. I simply showing that -- -- Kansas City right does -- financial motivation but is a pride thing. The team that makes a great amount of money -- Minnesota Twins. A couple of power and people like a month now a couple of hybrid players but basically -- yeah. And it just rake in the money I'm on the this year. Yeah right and I you know being born in Pittsburgh -- -- -- from Pittsburgh it's sort of hours we addressed last night you know I bites into -- -- that ballpark and it is really true number of the nicest parts in I've ever seen of -- about fifteen or twenty. Major League parks and that one is one of the nice -- frank. Flexibility at all of them are so competitive because of the hour get out date they have to be compatible teams. You know teams and bankrupt themselves to go after. Right right and it you know unfortunately for baseball of the salary cap is the answer. To a lot of their problems and it's something that they should be able put -- eventually I would think. If the players union does -- stand in the way of yeah in their greedy and away the problem nobody not only that the owners probably some owners would like -- but others wouldn't you know because. If you get teams they'll probably at the pay up to that. -- some of these small market teams wouldn't do well but then again if you have a cap and everything's all spread out evenly when it comes to the revenue from everything else that needed and he gets the -- -- okay now every team has as well actually would hurt teams like the Red Sox and the Yankees. Because that would BO will look pay these absorbent you know these crazies out of that -- the old fashioned way at Dodgers -- -- to get good and good players. There's the guys -- -- -- -- even traffic at the McDonald's drive through -- -- but some believable. That it Maddon discusses what the hell are you watching bill Riley for watch every network and watch all the news I'm very news savvy. I even watch MSNBC with Rachel mad -- Once a while. You know that's it's so funny to see like three worldly you know that's what I see the difference and and opinions. In this very polarized country. As you know and it's always good to watch all the networks -- you don't get just the -- group via outlook on life.

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