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Tuesday, November 20th Whiner Line

Nov 20, 2012|

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Do you view -- expressed and expressed. My life these cars like ET TE Chris Cox -- We -- this discretion advised. Lynn Morris and now it's worth your time. They're running and -- They're not calling off the dogs they're doing things that most teams don't do -- and you know level -- while. But it's a good thing -- actress that can now do I have to say they're not running and -- does no such thing as running on -- God -- wanna begin in the third quarter they win the bottom tackle. WEEI. Warning airlines they set aside and everything to worship as he homers for this guy and believing it -- it's -- it's a localized thing it's only happening here and by the way they signed the deal here we don't change the argument -- no one ever on this program or any others that. -- take out -- eleven dial 6177793535. Until we understand you can't take all eleven guys on defense and eleven guys on offense and we understand there's a 45 man roster we're talking about wholesale replacements and putting the second and third team in Hawaiian Airlines we understand all that don't try to -- direct your argument to. Well you can't take I haven't -- -- eleven other guys in both. Course you can and now on you can have placed selection can change. You can you can you can take your quarterback got your you're don't read don't -- don't don't don't large -- out even explain it now. I'm glad that I can't get them. Just know bobcat -- judge wanted to whiskey and it's what you can't take an -- guys output eleven other guys in the WE nine we whiner line. As impersonation. You know I didn't mean now doctor here that so many times the first time I've noticed. They mention taking Laurence Maroney -- -- it just take it. Way back when you have an important guy. Laurence Maroney values taken himself out of the national football this particular model like I'm liking. And you know we kick producer anywhere -- hey are. Ansari is thought it would be our intern on the in my judgment is that true that the -- I'll tell you about that. Probably you I'm gonna give you crap and why. You've probably offend people over the years to the -- Com I don't like it to him most times they'll go get a good education if you don't necessarily get to broadcasting you know liberal arts and you know lower -- Some of your call that you -- Internet radio station work your ass up and maybe year right now. I found out it's a different way. All you do -- you volunteer to show that he Mike Adams Ramon. Album out a little bit on a night when your -- nor why a whole post is off double dipping I am a couple packs of cigarettes in the next thing you know three hours later the co host the Atlanta my. Show. Careers I've launched in this in just watched it. Watch it dozens of careers in this industry people John -- was my intern at any CN back in the day on John meter Perot. Some might in turn back to back Christian Magglio. -- more. There's more -- No -- more are former attorney. -- can't we can't formulation which is doing now the commercial for a added launched that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Actually San the president. All of our clients. By the way I don't I don't know that the mast -- is risen today -- it's it's yes it is all -- can't clean and it's drove amid. I know that censor him because Rosen. We're done now what are the tragedies of the election. Smoke in the back and a -- brings good when the Wednesday before Thanksgiving Tuesday. Yes today it's brutal hours Thursday everybody everybody takes a long week. Along with a long week when starter -- a -- along with one of the reasons to hold rates -- -- -- -- -- paid more for the privilege to -- nine your -- and trap that's more. We live it's available to arrive on your android Blackberry device brought to you by. AT&T AT&T forgy LT ESP. Two attacks. Or ailments ranging patriots Hamburg. -- -- -- all that and -- it lets us know tomorrow. I didn't see no way and I don't want the -- but I know what -- do about that big. And that I get it back -- they might. And the message. That was the little guy was out of the -- on the you know -- and she's glad that you were about forty miles away as US smashed my face in -- in -- tough guy. I don't edit. To prop up but definitely. I haven't heard it -- guys good guys and. Breaking news. Obviously that -- -- that kind victory not block out golf app at Everett. Felt more crap either ignorant talk about that momentum -- and then -- -- -- -- And I got out picked I can't pick it up. -- -- -- -- Time. Now and not a -- how would you give -- I want some accident Tuesday before Thanksgiving. So where is your. So there's this week. Expert at camp. Friday so. And I am already. Venables bell and -- there's been an apartment. It people -- a rough time because he's excused after -- estimates. -- its civil she pushed yet elicited a -- You -- -- -- Peter you're throwing but he might. Text me that's for. Air. Since. It. -- didn't get it and I commit barring yet ballot as the new angle now you know what I hear -- and -- -- brought the. They hit it that -- -- And they did send him he didn't play. Eight minutes he went for that one play because he's on the act protections name. As John Bennett always like that talk about -- Well commodity don't have didn't do -- that is of course if you disagree with their view on -- why -- war winding up. Bought that page -- up bills always watch. And net interest enough that you have that view. And then it's all about bill even though all of these other coaches around the entire National Football League. Do the exact same thing if you have that opinion that goes counter to Dennis and Callahan and -- bill. -- church leaders wouldn't we be NFL coach. For the entire body of coaches like when the -- -- -- of the entire coaches aren't just robs. Way to -- the river. I don't let my. -- -- Why John Evans and like go to war and what do you think people out there are already paid thoughtful mom thought that the -- But count me in why he would play it at the end of the game hopefully avoid before it like that we. And that she got power to keep going. It made it to keep going on why would they start campaigning get all the other stars off the special teams now. Before she audio gets tired of -- confirmation and -- I want to I want sound secure sort out what it's our sources there have told us T tell them. I got a got a second on second source. Right so. I'm back call. It. So I'm gonna get it. What happened belt but we can't try to get -- they're an injury. And well out uptight when it's gonna come -- as one of the day is gonna come up again. The week of December 10. Because. The Texans are coming here and that's going to be game the -- it's gonna have a real hard time winning. Really don't yet against Texas yeah. Yeah to touch down probably a pretty good titles that game and in the -- it's going to be. Just to repeat what we're talking about this. Month ago that -- and call about the PP bat -- could -- a the period. Now all of that in this. It's all about the disappearing I don't get all about that spectrum didn't get so -- -- -- everything. And thank you from. The gift that just keeps teams and teams in more teams aren't -- Well they could cut and look like Lincoln Nebraska the more and I know what that's going to fortieth -- parade the biggies so get to know what market in the country would record. You might as well put Joseph Pesci here talking soprano about the -- would not have a sideline. And what governor Chris Christie floating above the stadium with the area of you the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Today's I want upon hearing Batman and the big moment. I'd I'd report saying that these cricket that's always in Canada has skyrocketed -- and I kilowatt hour. Badminton -- point Gary Bettman. You can go out and message. It's like those of us actually practice there mrs. -- Yet. Six of which is the French stickler the Olympics over again bicycle I just -- that started well. -- -- They do it. More than one he got pretty handily in the regular season. It got the web on your -- Did -- in that game. Yeah part about it is alive and well now dorm more what it would. Full field on hand. And that message. Fall forced the church shooting this ruin -- good -- have -- -- -- would want him to. Throughout. Rock did not like yeah. Pop music. Yes and that message. And -- of them for music but those questions should be addressed to addiction. I thought he had like. -- followed -- -- -- just want to hear a little snippet of it that's right yes I want Iran over its up and I was I was waiting for. -- doesn't. It's big though I. That I know you're not going to be around now -- ROL. Wait a part of don't I didn't want to say happy Thanksgiving. -- pregnant and did. Now and tomorrow I'll be right -- either one of these vacation days trillion. Is that these are Colin hello apologizing for a company I don't know that much -- Friday established company Holland and I tomorrow. Tomorrow's knowledge and company holiday elevated putted forcibly filters -- yours or. Our I want you to -- the conflict. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hardware juggernaut only chipped it. -- -- -- -- -- quarterback. Going to be and it -- -- play -- because that defense. Good people they wouldn't cook and quarterback what we're in the code they've given. Shout orders were hurt I -- -- parties can't. Court could have -- boy -- -- -- accurate that the Germans have but I don't know all the boy. And message I don't get the affair and it Tim Tebow thing is that is that what he's known for. Where we're at an annual Latin and that it doesn't really fit with our hero titan resources us in a different way with an apron. I'm glad to have them. I -- I don't -- -- real problem I have. -- -- ago. One gobble -- let. Based on the right -- but it had irons well I don't know. Couple cups and president. Well he kind of put put -- -- -- -- -- Gobble -- good General Petraeus can't marry someone who effectively in correct. Yeah. And it probably book out about once again that god has Gwendolyn I olive drab and and over. -- Happy Thanksgiving ambulance. And that's method. You know. -- their short. You have to offend. Turkey. Although we think it. And yeah I. That's why I don't fired by AT&T AT&T forgy LTD. Top ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink costs.

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