WEEI>On Demand>>Only Bill Belichick has the nerve to leave his starters late in games with large leads... except he's NOT alone

Only Bill Belichick has the nerve to leave his starters late in games with large leads... except he's NOT alone

Nov 20, 2012|

We get a solid caller who brings up some great examples of how Bill Belichick's policy on leaving starters in late in games is NOT unique to Belichick or the New England Patriots...

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Okay here's a parent an. He hello -- Your brother did you -- well. Are sort of put some of the -- -- thing especially -- you never. Sculpting -- people cry about it and Michael abroad -- -- Quebec you know here. I -- that it is a little ridiculous and Belichick and viewpoint for little people how to do it just is much. In week four. John -- has big meaning in the game with a torn reportedly first pricing Brady threw last it. I didn't 32 in a twenty point. Payton Malone was growing from the sharpened it. It's when he points came up with fighting it he's a local record. Aaron Rodgers in week 64. Point five point need. Sharpton -- I want you out. I liked his style like your research -- credit that lets you view your credit Darren shared the -- -- this source here football are -- from African enough for that. Just didn't physique he's the guy that did all the research Tobago. Patriots fan and he did tremendous research on this plus including others star tight ends. Who are doing the exact same thing they're grown now that it. Jillian in Denmark that is why use Belichick always wanted to know what has ever brought this up or any other coach to. Because we help because people are. Made simply sit on the barrel it's Daryn it's it's the the press conferences. It's the this botanists and if it's everything it's there are a lot of folks who just are not and in -- be spy gate to hear that in the mix. It could be the championship. It's a combination of of many things that turn people off. Especially media people he has not always been helpful to them and and coaches like John Fox coaches like. Sean Payton. About Rex Ryan and make your job easier. Bill Belichick makes your job harder. In their people relievers -- important you understand me knows that he has spoken about it before. Happened in Cleveland it's happening here sort of that the short answer. I thank you -- -- -- -- problem is that -- I guess is that -- not what you guys like -- Our -- Are you could say -- you're allowed to. Like I got referenced Mike I got I got it. I just wanted to call call and kind of depend soccer moms that I listen every day or I drive I drive -- -- -- -- -- And maybe you know every minute rewind a little bit about Arafat but this week they haven't been whining about -- or are immune I think that a valid argument that. Football a -- -- and obviously you can get aren't any play so what you have which has agreed yet became. And what some chips in getting our I don't see why you wouldn't go. But it you know what you did -- here's the other thing and and how how old are old defend them to a degree as well Dennis and Callahan. -- then they do today. They have an ability to really. I get a conversation going strike record get people talking. But they also have the ability to do something. Nobody else in this town does. The ability to talk Tom Brady every week a lot to. Addressed that very question it's -- -- they have asked to see what he says any -- I totally think he'll give you a great answer and has given emigrating answer right it's just not what happens. In the National Football League maybe somebody will pay toward maybe some coach. Will. Will really be bird and say man. I've been humbled now that let my quarterback -- he got hurt with five minutes to play and meaningless game and now. Now now the franchise has been altered for a year to. But until that time if you're not gonna happen is not. Part of the colts -- The NFL we brought up earlier by the colts didn't it it's not politic thing -- -- Alex. They keep making it up Belichick argument it's not a Belichick argument it -- Football pro football culture exists at the recent electoral -- was in the game on sun grant. -- -- central breeze stays in these games and Peyton Manning. It is surgically repaired and that. They've all our games it's. You're right it's not a Belichick issue but you don't oppose them an opportunity. To play their agenda and -- would act Bill Belichick again. He's not -- court Rex Ryan try cannot that I. Said he uses the shop talk a set up there and special teams he uses this is star players. Nobody's gonna rip Rex Ryan did not go look at it and say that it's a league wide issue. It's all over the -- If you look at quarterbacks Mike. That Michaels absolutely correct. Look at how many quarterbacks -- playing till till the end but -- 07. Matt Cassel played in six games so Brady sat down for six a mallet is now played in two. Used to that's that's the way it's gonna play out. And I don't know Belichick thought at fifty it's five to two way for her -- John -- is that a 45 to 44 they thought the game was over. -- -- got back gradually you regard stuck right. Right which which -- -- -- go back to a year ago when -- twenty point lead against the colts gold. And look at the history of that one so I don't believe it was safe -- of 45 to 445224. I kind of spot that's and you don't ever possibly take. The -- out of the game related I don't know may be deal was looking at it this way. Our office has not been able to close out a single game this year. I wanna go sixty minutes and close out game I don't know. I don't know what stopped process but guess what you see every Sunday in the national football for anybody to think that this is relegated to Bill -- But you're not paying attention you're not watching games. It. Well I've had this I disagree -- the reported that doesn't mean but would. Protect the order backlog of other similar to you disagree with -- all of them. That that's thing and has semi maybe somebody gives -- -- -- -- quote are in buffalo beat fiber -- a radio. -- -- -- -- Let me ask you this I'll give you one possibility. That you could look at do you think because you don't NFL rosters and they only have 46 guys and -- to preventable. You're telling me that when a game -- decided like -- you're gonna take everybody out. UK so let's say you just picked quarterback now. Belichick's looking at it now these are the coaches are looking at saying you know usually you -- last night. If you watched Jason Campbell honestly he's been an NFL quarterback. Right before -- played politics started seven games. He's short passes that what his receivers in a dangerous. Position where they could've got a blow out. -- -- So if you put a young quarterback out there you take Brady out you -- -- -- You leave ground you leave your regular receivers out there. And he's throwing passes that are in a dangerous situation so it's not like you -- what mallet in there and say we're gonna throw the ball -- in the air. -- just hit the ball. You outages in the game and hand the ball right. Like you put your peoples like where she Mallon hands. I don't think -- necessarily wanna see -- is throwing the ball around there unless the coach feels confident that he's not gonna put his receivers can you can't take them all out. In a dangerous. Situation where you throw in the past trying to thread the needle try to show the coach Albert you want to get you guys still out there. That would be that would be even. -- -- -- -- -- -- I couldn't and he said he disagrees with the culture of the league and that's that's fine -- you -- you're you've expanded the argument that you've expanded the debate. You believe in not one team. I just feel like. You didn't pay to play. Getting paid to perform. Do it. Do it until he can't. And it fit if it results in a fifteen point game where sixty point game I don't care. That's wanna say. I wanna see. I don't want I don't wanna see an offense or defense discount a slow down. -- -- I get a -- Michael you might. You might be risking even. -- chance for an injury if you do that if you're offenses and rhythm right now in -- what they've done a POW. Backup quarterback yet. As I said puts a receiver and a bad position where it slows down offensive lineman. You know -- because you've changed the pace of the game. It can be a problem. I think I think here you're trying to protect. Your players right now you're trying to sit here and saying it's all about the safety. I'm not sure you know justice. Represented by an advocate for the people who say it's all about to look at and understand that this group that I'm -- -- from. For some folks forgot about safety at all this to some arbitrary number right that it's too much. -- that that's that's access you shouldn't really have that much Jack you door to -- theory works because is running up the score is the safety issue. Is it I hate bill. Is she what is it you've got to separate each one of the dollars. Sean and the car -- -- Yet hey guys they don't like. Not too bad Michael I just can't believe how much I disagree with you on this point that I loved your book I loved the show because you know and Glen Allen. We certainly appreciate. That. I don't understand I mean yeah -- gradient. Like and the ball off at. Are -- good run -- did it ever work marine a little bit and if you look. Did they did and that's that's what they did what they say they had already handed off to break -- -- making now ready apparently backed score. But even shocked on. -- -- -- -- What I played well at -- at forty odd certainty that I was awfully knows Bob -- took over -- And out -- out there are gone double clocked in with a walker and I'd like complete right. What was going to -- ankle but it. It didn't -- and over 457 teams are well. If you're not it's not like 4570. -- starting your fourth quarter. But it you bring in ballot it's not like you go back to Brady. I don't wanna get -- -- -- and cold all this stuff -- -- might get reported Bryce seventy lead with ten minutes. On the you don't think that the amount coming in. Throwing a bad pass or some of putting a receiver that in opposite. Perhaps -- -- ball on -- and and let. Maybe have our beep -- and work on keeping a week. Now he's got to play just play the game man and I was like to let this play running up a -- and here we are harder. But it does help but yeah. Now you think it it it does -- a -- into it right at the court since you wanna run it all the time anyone around it. You know the guys get hurt on right place. While Britain wanted to bring in Alison it and work. I mean what why did he did look up. I don't -- so why -- why -- says that are running up the score. But you wanna bring in Dallas -- want to run the ball with an answer the question if guys can get -- running plays he's glossed that over right. What what is it about well why you why you stopping the game of three quarters. I'm not I'm obviously not that -- -- are but I'm not talking about the rest of the players -- we lose all worked for it through their. We're on ironically we will handle that it. Could we -- Brady -- season is -- so why put him out there the -- -- and. Here's the quarterly and it's all Belmont if he's. Because he's the quarterback that you play -- game. That's the case -- the game is over one of fans across -- get together petitioned the NFL in the game. Let's evident if you if you're like five touchdowns and -- everybody goes well. -- -- Riding with Richard ridiculous. -- what I'm saying -- would we we say that Belichick smarter than everybody else and I think yes. Wolf the rest of the league leaving the quarterbacks and it's stupid idiot stupid. Why do you OK I don't -- and why do you think so many of these guys do -- we just talked about a John Fox appeared in Denver he's got a guy right now. The people didn't even know if you would survive one yet. In the NFL this year and yet late in games you stay in games. Back in a shotgun. Throwing the football why do you think that is. Who need it and I'll tell you why he's stored. Because they haven't got to where they need to be if they're going to be a serious contender. In a post season he knows he needs more work he knows they need to try more things. They have to work on stuff this is a work in progress -- They all the time and you say this is a war church yes a bit at the end of the year Iraq help the you see right pick your apathy and nicked up and -- lose like that -- -- Mike and that there will be -- global war on those issues. You know if I would the Broncos. -- in the world. These injuries -- road win we Madonna road win. I hit six but you're running -- but so but yet you got seven games left so you're trying to take away part of the game that they are trying to work on something you want -- you want them out of the game. Because you're afraid of a pro football player getting hurt. They can't it -- my quarterback I absolutely am. How much it's -- that. I can live with. I'm back up -- and my. Abundance abundance -- about Vince -- you take all the defense until. What an -- record report. Bright. Bright and a lot arsonists and it's it's fun which was ordered held over the other white courts and those guys played during the course of the game that's what I think the problem. That we're we're looking edit in thinking that Bill Belichick is running something. Totally different from the rest of the national football. This is how the league operates. Because you if you look at these teams right now and scrambling trying to figure out who was who were weak -- -- the week to -- the NFL season eleven. And people don't know what they are. Here's why you don't know what they are right now -- these haven't reached their peak yet reached where they wanna get they're still working on. I'm delighted is coming up next right near -- action.

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