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The Gronkowski injury controversy lives on! And most of it is AGENDA driven.

Nov 20, 2012|

It's a match made in media heaven! A chance to bash the evil Bill Belichick, sign us up!

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Sure yours surprised you know wasn't surprised that. People did respond. Of -- -- of ground count your idea on the on the kick into it wasn't surprising. Better effect of people responded. And the take it took that was not surprising at all -- was -- surprise you. Which paper you talking about Gary Myers. Not surprising which state. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Got a project involves taking Italy or -- -- -- an idea that holds off when -- let -- take that bit not your right here Gary Myers. In the older wouldn't speak to -- for that book right. I don't believe so and if he did speak to maybe he would have disputed. Bob Kraft calling him a schmuck. Start of anybody listening. On Tuesday -- didn't expect to hear that word. On -- radio on the radio and -- at 2 -- schmuck yes I ended. I guess is that you know that I get defensive zone or the seven words they don't want to 70 -- not at seven. So capsules there are. Surprise don't get the cooperation on a solid right now I'm surprised he writes it up in the course the conveniently brings backs by geek as to its place. You're right here. Into one -- -- the patriots. You just throw spike in here and you know you get about 56% of the people as players we -- spy -- is that our grunt got her. Like right by. But -- they -- they what they don't understand. What they don't understand because that conveniently throw the line out by the way. That is accurate the patriots have not won the Super Bowl championship since the spike in -- Now of course once again is that why -- well that's the question. Because if you look at the question if you look at the numbers don't lie if you look at the numbers you Michael. They have a better winning percentage post spy gate and they do -- spike it so it doesn't hold up. Now I guess it is possible. That had they had a camera. On David Tyree in the regular season game -- December. They could have predicted by the camera on him and reading -- lips and listening to what he said that when they got -- big. That he would find a way of keeping double -- to would stand on Rodney Harrison's helmet put. You know what I don't know why -- -- -- maybe not having camera there are not a big disadvantage -- David Tyree made public. I'll have possibly have in the camera there would have been a disadvantage if they had. They have cameras trained on the giants practices leading up to that Super Bowl apparently David Tyree was dropped and everything thrown to -- Leading up to Super Bowl practices. So if they had the camera on them they would have they would pay it to 22 as a as it turned out. -- had a great pitch to him anywhere in Europe you have been broken here nice group of Gary Myers shall I said outspent three good hours put together the peace and I use. Just -- but he hours legally. 45 minutes I'm black's head head at what do you Borges and asserted but. -- -- -- Gary Myers he's got an NFL shall. In the NFL source is basically give the court the second put the CapitalSource is basically. Now pretty Smart he'll around -- Politics not the smartest guy out is this NFL -- in the coaches and general manager is the commissioner. A that. There's guys let's -- -- -- the same runners in New York. Who are sending -- last week. Because jets players anonymous jets players. Were whispering evils stuff about him all of this coward it could cowards they won't put their name endure it Elvis is and where they're also -- -- -- -- like well that's right and I can -- the crap out of Bill Belichick I'll go to but I would much. Large I think Chris mortenson had a good take on. On and a unidentified sources last week. If you use an unidentified sources you get your opinion out there or to bury somebody that's not really the spirit and in in which supposed to happen right. -- the spirit of it is. You're getting information. You're trying to confirm that -- injury in got -- from one source in and another source tells you guys. Going to be about three weeks he had surgery yesterday at Mass. General. I can't Cheney paying -- only a few people know. But you know I'm pretty sure this is when it's happening eagle with an unidentified source but it has really want to use it edited an unidentified source. Kind of further your opinion I just further your own opinion about the anonymous -- Then make important. And obviously this was a no brainer for for run and the thing about it is wrong really knows football. And -- the type of guys that have Belichick's name were not included in this controversy. I think -- be taken the -- -- if this horror. I own an elder Davis -- if this -- some other team would sit -- he would have taken a totally different position. Agendas there OK so he can't stand the guy he's told -- before the guy lie storm. Claims that he lies every Monday to two -- -- the OK so that's isn't. -- doubt that. You know -- -- -- put it total lie yesterday. You know. Reporter and and rob board has been doing a lot longer than that he's been journalism longer so he should know. Much better than -- If you are a reporter writer columnist. In you're -- and and you gotta be pissed off when somebody lies he's going to be -- angry personal and just an angry person why all the time every Bill Belichick said here yesterday. Instead. I don't know what's going on yet I talked about the -- should I confront the -- well -- audio right. Your job please -- what -- you haven't talked to anybody right. You probably were talking on Sunday morning trying to figure out what was gonna happen in in getting educated on what was happening. Would one of the best players your team don't tell me you know wait until what 3 o'clock 3:34 o'clock. It's awkward -- can talk with the doctors. Of course. Or -- doctors and medical people like this do that the end of the day after the -- to have at the end of the day the original -- -- don't do it on the case -- case I just saw this here's what he says so that go to restaurant again this mean we we do at the end of the -- into it replaced and and. Little plaster dust -- are growing up I tailored to read his lips on the you can clearly see what he's saying. On the site at the end of the game and Belichick knew that was a major problem. Which -- -- -- sudden. That's -- -- -- And I tell you some vote. Some album bamboozled. Some of -- give you rhetoric somewhat obligated to Witten will give you the smile. Some of them won't make you actually think the question you just passed was the best question of the world you think you got -- answer. Lies. You've got a lot and it's happened to me it's happened you know -- happened aboard that most everybody out here. His Belichick doesn't give you -- at 101. That's what it looked at historic. I just want the media gets tired of it they where he wears them out and Britain Bolton last week. We asked questions the media asked the question. Well that's that's the that's the -- of really matter weed your honor it's not notice it happened at a restaurant are. And now go to the ruling might have been a a league issue but it -- now why did you deal. Because. He knows that if he just denies denies denies that it doesn't exist. Then it goes along. I laughed because Dan Shaughnessy wrote a piece today. And I take it as a compliment. The way Shaughnessy refer to because he talked about how Belichick did not talk a bottle was expelled yesterday in the press council I went back it was Oprah -- Right investor questions. -- didn't go in the right way. What would see this is what we talked -- said before. He wears you down so they get tired even if even if you do ask that question. You're not gonna get the equipment yet so you -- You've got to keep going I -- it can't get it over and even even if -- know what you're gonna get. Even if you think is going to be a series of non answers -- stairs. Or if it's really a probing question that that the deaths there even if that happened yet you don't. Say it -- Shaughnessy wrote today that she did open up and talk about the subject. On he is contracted. -- -- an appearance that it does without so he threw that out there like at -- in Iowa and all while he's getting paid to do that so therefore he's going to get trust me. CNET that aspect of it has nothing to do that. I think we asked questions and we followed the questions up. And finally he decided that was in his best interest. Not necessarily in the best interest of answering our question but he and his best pitchers in the best interest. -- say something about it because there were a lot of voices outside the building that. Chatting about it already saw what magic overnight and that is the New York tabloids -- answer all the talk shows and game shows as Randy Moss once this. About around -- in PTI and everything else and he got a bullet passed yet accustomed to -- -- was sixteen catches your he would not the first time in his first start getting out of -- I didn't start. Trying to prove himself thrown a ball too hard to. Get it right yet the lights and got out of quarterback like that I absolutely think it's an absolute perfect answer for. Obama is not Motley right I am. And a so of course a double Borges and -- Gary Myers who these people we have audience. And of course the an -- -- Johns now very sensitive to the soccer moms who should come up something -- which the soccer moms. Because soccer moms are concerned about their little boys get hurt earlier -- -- -- her -- her. Tour comes from obviously they are really really worked -- sort of at. Figured tell me that you know that's actually compliment soccer mom always it's always -- a -- I know it's a compliment if Europe an actual soccer mom. Because you're you're doing good things -- your children you're driving into the game Buick. -- -- the -- drive -- shell. In a big huge market talking sports every day I wouldn't say soccer moms exactly the whole point on a grown man at a soccer -- -- -- should get Indian Ocean like. Will be running at least sort out you getting your player is hurt right like getting Rob Gronkowski hurt. -- asked this question. Everybody out -- 222. Gary Myers two to Ron Borges. It's -- DN NC. -- it happened before the injury happened and so. Any of you brought up on a talk show or call. The fact that a player like grown. Should not be playing the winning. On the kicking to. Now I can give some examples of over the years and -- just gave -- the examples were. Bruschi got -- to Johnson got hurt others got -- I can give you examples. If you would like. -- how important special teams is has really brought this up to -- you I would talk at this point that you should you don't -- it's simple to people who didn't. One that he Belcher. All. -- have all respect for special teams they hope it gets an important aspect. All three conversations going on here at at once -- conversations at once. One it's. You don't believe teams to score a lot of points so John that is that is more about that we will welcome we ought to open there's a -- -- -- category it's fun and you know you know one team escort. There's a there's a ceiling. And then it is one they wanna call the dogs -- a graduate John Costello got our Jonathan ball not as as you heard yet. You know before and at the clip Wiki Wiki -- running back again today really wanna final where we run it again for a second in a row for. Where he said he put out there. You know there's some things you can do you can calls from different place you can bring it to different personnel. To stop the scoring because -- got to control and we don't need to go to 159 or 62 or whatever it is so people feel that way that's fine. There's of people who feel like you should take out as many people as you can all the key players. That you can't at a certain point in the game because they were just afraid something's gonna happen at a football game. -- people. Just can't stand Bill Belichick. And all of those conversations. Are happening at one time now it special teams you that was special teams has got to know the guy you know where you don't have to agree with them. Which you just gotta know this is what he's gonna do he said about ten years ago. Number talk to -- said. I don't understand why. Special teams coaches aren't considered. War seriously. For head coaching jobs it's 13 of the game. You're talking mostly at times special teams coaches have talked with the entire team because you're bringing. People from. Defense offense special teams are bringing them altogether. So you have a report with the rest of the team and if it is extremely ticket can turn a game so why are these people considered for head coaching jobs used a series. And he backed it up and he's continued to back it up with who he puts on special teams Ron Borges mentioned. Tedy Bruschi can hurt on special teams and he mentioned that Johnson getting hurt on special teams toward ground to give her specialty replay while not think about those names. That Rodney Harrison the list played special teams but that Mike -- to the list plate special team and and since we're focused so much on rock. How important news we talk about some of the other players on this team right now. -- part of special teams I saw. Rob Ninkovich. On -- protection yes. Don't you Davis was it just click this week you what was -- Accenture not got any game changing aren't they given no with a football yet any -- game around and -- turn a game around on Sunday it. This is how he feels about special teams need to think about some of the great plays. In patriots history. And some of the big games of patriots victory hobby turned on special teams and that some important players have been part of. That's the point that I don't understand where these people not picking up we sit here we revel in the history. Of the New England Patriots and how great it's been this last decade account. And yet special teams has been sick effect at heart of their success and the and maybe you don't. Have. V I don't ever remember the history as Tom -- thinking back on it. Remember that play where Adam Vinatieri. Got his field goal blocked and therefore we all walked out of the stadium. You know all Kristofferson had her demoralized because the patriots lost like no. Just the opposite. With for what every single one of them. Why because of the best players -- you're doing a good example we we should we look at the patriots last year. Or -- 007. We look at. A dropped pass by Wes walker. Happens and again we look at beat David Tyree catch that we were just mentioning which was the difference in that game. And the people wanna break. It spike it the patriots can't handle the giants and for -- -- even though each one of those games. One place significantly. -- -- -- -- And yet nobody wants to look at special teams. -- special teams is not that important. How is the 49ers lodged -- or forced to go to we backed up special teams player who screwed up not once but twice what else. And instead of going to the Super Bowl to facing the New England Patriots. The 49ers win all. Do you think the outcome might have been different episode I had the -- -- -- would -- player all year. Around in the same game all right yeah account Williams I screwed up those plays. That think about. The giants being heads up and understanding what was happening. And making making the significant I doubt the worst on on what the a one of the -- Nobody can tell if the ball hit them. -- about the q.s for the -- he knew he knew immediately picked up the ball and he started running toward the end zone you know. And we they had to go to replay to figure out of the ball actually touched them so. You're right special teams can can turn everything around I mean you don't you have bad special teams that -- probably got to be exposed at some point in the season. And generally it happens early in a playoff but sometimes. Get exposed and a super boy get exposed in the conference chip does anybody remember when the patriots did actually maybe the young people don't remember that they can -- -- Know -- -- -- in the Super Bowl you remember. Toward brown was and then there are sonogram was. And special teams have a Desmond how. Special teams. You can't diminish the value of special budget but I don't quit the Adam Vinatieri kicked back to remember -- Mark Twain. But -- noted that several conversations and we're gonna go to break I don't wanna hear about opera opera to -- right right right. Right right. -- -- -- -- I think we're having several conversations but it's not just special teams that think bodies folks -- appreciate special teams. It's the score. -- the score that's what it comes down to how did you have a man. On the ninth point. How could he be in there can't you bring in somebody else but that all comedy yes but -- be replaced it was that it goes back description. It again as I -- No words everybody I don't replace our guys as we -- grown guy that's as he got hurt right. But supposedly muscular I don't care went -- because background. The reality. Due to my outlook and right now I don't opponent. 677797937. At 6777. -- of ignited threesome a lot of these lines. We'll talk about it with you coming up next a nice. So weak argument or the discussion is not about whether bill in that specific instance Pete should have said -- it's it's 58 points now we're only going for 59. And what should come sit down because I don't wanna rescue. It's talking about the overall use of your stars on special teams and does bill -- draft maybe to a fall on -- said that -- to a fault. People who are or a versatile enough to play on special teams so my guess is there are some people on the roster not name gronkowski not name Welker not named Vince not named Brady the complaint and special -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The way they do John or donate their players is Camelot you know he saw -- coal. Out there on special teams I mean Matt -- and later is the is the ultimate. Special teams Julian element atrocities back. But I don't think Julian cattlemen use a lot aren't as I got to tell I told Julian -- do it tomorrow. -- can't play special teams anymore because John Dennis thinks that you two important so -- settlement can no longer plays special teams. I Danny wood and it was a report a couple weeks ago what is so important -- -- so it's okay for him. The place special teams as well they have some court special teams guys but if you look at it. Then. Very much we won't -- you look at our lineup really is not really mysterious why why are people talking about this. Like if you don't know the guys aren't specialty I don't I don't get it ever did I don't call up. They've got their numbers and I thought it hurts really it you cannot assure. Dino and Gerry do this they do a talk show he probably DVR to game legal backing to watch it a couple of times and when you do that you can there's a preacher and every you can. Cause it to record now color TV's American ticket -- thing and you can actually CPP one color. You can find out placements with I definition it's amazing it's simple it's easy up audience you know they couldn't it's unbelievable. -- -- when we talk about her Mikey show last -- that -- -- and always honest I didn't -- he says that in -- first yourself when you said. If you were talking about the Red Sox and you didn't know. The 25 player of the Red Sox or somebody they were using is a left handed pitcher. Did you give some. He didn't know that you recall and screaming. About how they didn't realize who was playing or what his role as you don't watch these games and you go to Paula you're gonna get into I don't know what the rules. And that's the point of trying to bring up. Which one of them was it more just. Was -- Myers was -- did anybody talk over the last few years. About the fact that you should not have stars. On the kicking -- did you write a priest did did try to police. -- now in its third year. Had an exceptional player for three years would plus touchdowns as -- -- a crook shouldn't be on that team but wasn't right. -- -- -- Why would you. Wouldn't you have stars aren't special team to your best player they have the ability to do what I do absolutely. If somebody has a gift in now it's obvious what the returner in the patriots don't have that guy. You know -- looks like it now but. And I haven't had a guy in a while there are forty years and this -- star Sammy had a guy like that really wasn't -- start it was just that returner and that's it. Bet they'll Johnson who was a great kick returner and nothing else. And that's a little too -- you know taken got to stick around just returned just gonna say they were expecting a little bit there wasn't a special but if you have a guy like that. Why would you use them and a number of ways I think about Randall Cobb in Green Bay. First the body was a specialist and then all the receivers started getting hurt and they figured ornament that you get the ball -- so. -- use them. Anyway we can't as much as we can't. The patriots with with Troy Brown back in the -- played everywhere. Even afford defense and that was that desperation move. The guy who was eight number one receiver for them at the time Terry Glenn left so he's catching balls for them he's returning punts. It was a core member of special teams. Great play against the Steelers where you have the prevalence of mine. You got tossed the ball Antwon Harris Antwon Harris takes them into the end zone acting Gooden scored they need this special team owners do the job I don't understand if it. If everybody says before the game. This is what happens is that before the game -- It's 13 of the game it's important got to be good on defense to advocate on special teams got to -- get on offense except for the game when the game happened. I think special teams is a joke. They just think about offense and defense. Give lip service to a during the week but when it really matters. They want to protect the players just put some scrubs out there would scrubbed after a special teams. You're not talking about the New England Patriots been consistent contender. But let's get to the phone calls to let you talk about this year's confetti and a car yet but they. They guys -- are going. Are -- expand. -- only just prefaced it by saying that I'm not might keys are in turn that hosted the show them the other day. It's not like I actually that's actually our -- -- -- are. Our intern and how might you got underway and do some like. Green act just to make sure that it wasn't envy it that he. Are there hosted the show. But you gotta get to Fenway Park so that you would be disqualified. -- -- -- -- -- The I don't want that to think that the world -- you again. Our question I have is -- you know I heard it and it would Belichick. Or they just against. And I'm wondering why wouldn't you guys that commodity they go ask -- about rock and the surgery. Why it wasn't fault when he said I haven't -- that adopted yet and you know we're at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Why it wasn't followed up instead. Really into it. -- the medical. You know on shouldn't -- approach the -- you know it. It's probably second best player. Went into surgery. And I know that you know he's probably not gonna hit or at least for -- end though. You don't wanna be like -- think of is when Josh Beckett went but the doctors and upbeat way to. Who admittedly it's obnoxious and and and -- what are your armored. You know NE eight back to a quarter we're in. A position where he needed. It's been questioned. Her I don't know I started today's cars out of beat writer in the opposite thing he didn't hit him back -- corner just kept. It -- innovative public it made about a result but but I digress. Looked yesterday with the with a Bill Belichick and we talked about Iraq. It really wasn't going anywhere he wasn't and I even asked the president says today is Thursday for you can give us an injury you know can give with the interim report can ask him straight you can ask him. In a joking way he's just not gonna give you the answer on injuries it's just not so if he had done yesterday -- probably would have fainted on the air and it wouldn't have been able to. John Anthony get the progression of the interview wrong Michael asked the first question and that was the follow up to try to get him to say -- because he was basically. Plain -- to a and I asked them about the surgery now you're right we could depend about a quarter kept -- saying your -- bill. Of -- I mean we could have done it. Do you know you're basically (%expletive) happens which you have to say that I think you can't can't say goat -- without going there I got a you have to say I don't believe I don't believe we haven't talked to the doctors that Britain based karma liar. And it was line. So do we. Just point out that line where did you know he was lying to not. I think -- I think the audience and it was well that's exactly what I thought I mean listen you what I've done this a long enough now and we do follow up on questions. You follow up questions that I've been asked him where you know it's not a complete answer to see if you can try another angle and see if you get a lot of but after awhile you get to the point where is it going and I said there yesterday -- -- he had to -- and I figured that the audience out there. Had to figure out if we have breaking -- figuring out tonight on now what are on that and that cases it is it's pretty obvious. -- -- This is keeping him right Lakota -- -- 345 questions a much shall we would have gotten any more out of that I thought we got a lot out of him. Yesterday talking about -- role and you know specifically how he feels about using players. It is in special teams and the fact -- grown up was off the field not because he was fearful of getting him injured but he wanted to -- the people. Give them an opportunity and it changed. His level the level. Detail on me just keep this in mind -- -- -- Bill Belichick is giving answers. You got it anything they have to do with with the patriot he's paying attention to anything. Now what he shares. Is it different conversation. But I remember being down there. And he would be in these press conferences and you know you see that look -- glazed over look and press conferences like he does not paying attention -- I would rather be anywhere but here on these are just a bunch of anonymous people asking me questions and as soon as I can get out of here and give back to the real business of the gates hasn't looked like that -- and after the press conferences or walk out of there and saying. So absolutely again today for the third consecutive day or you believe. It was and it was new there was a -- right there and recognize that person or. You believe. That. He didn't ask any questions for like that tenth consecutive president to Utah when nick apart in that case it's gone nick DiMaggio. Along with not a question of consecutive days I got -- and practiced. Really good at. Yeah so a guy who was paying. That much attention to the minutia. Has everything come across his desk you know it I know it he's not -- -- -- -- people for years to two or three seconds sometimes four seconds. Dead air that you hear sometimes. When a question and his answer. Is his brain operating trying to figure out how was this going to look at the -- how is this going to look at column how is this going to look on the Internet. -- -- How might record -- how -- our phrasing it so that people can't extend the shelf life of this topic.

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