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Patriots Nose Tackle Vince Wilfork with the Big Show

Nov 20, 2012|

We speak with Vince Wilfork a day late this week and get his take on the controversy over Rob Gronkowski, how they buckled down against the Colts, and how in a quick turnaround week they plan to beat the NY Jets on Thanksgiving.

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A lot of time that executed. The phase of the gang. Won the game. Had a lot of fun after. Yeah -- corner man. Used to it off so it is what it is. Donald code works down Aqib -- the newest member of the New England Patriots normally on Monday patriots Monday. We sit down with a buddy Vince Wilfork but just since they were in meetings all that I. Tell you Michael that taken his game seriously on Thursday night. Now we're gonna talk to best -- phony here today on Tuesday all sponsored by Toyota of -- and by EMD. Mellow for I don't -- Ordered. Pretty good doing well -- -- -- OKB's got all the lingo down I mean. About brainwashing -- what it is and all three that got every word of every ever all of it. It is it is. -- you guys he he he locks and given the script all the things that say to the media. This article at all. Not a though he picked -- recover quickly and so as good if that's what. Asked about the special teams' stuff because that's all of the talking about here for two days to chronic injury now you're on one of the special teams units. You're on the field goal blocked the do you think twice about it. But get hurt or something on an. The UK UK personal. You can record -- you know being afraid to play a war you know if you wondered if you go to work. Armed -- preparing it is you want your best players on the field and you know that's our that's our our willow installed there unless -- In the Persian Arab Arab duplicate you want to bit players on the field in crucial crucial situations maybe. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Maybe your situation you know third down accompanying. A cola package where you knew you always want sure. Bit players on the field shall look if someone had written it's that you could be the -- purpose so. You know under the -- or about kick in the field because when Favre broke don't arm one truthful or not risk. They're careful also operating in everybody who clearly gain on the stairs you know things can happen you know. Their just their nature of this -- Are you guys won by 35 points you score 59. And I don't think I've ever asked you this before. How do you view. Blowouts. At all levels football let's start in high school college pros you look out of all the same or do you make a difference between. High school in the pros college and pros in terms of how much is too much. A community leader. -- on which we've never been part of barter nervously at one word about it because you know actual record in true. On a big game this crazy game against evil project. Away so we've written even. Pretty toward suburban street don't want to order -- What happens happens we are America are married ladies and now pretty good football cliche that we need we have one -- so. When you get one in the early and you execute. Good paying American and -- so hopefully we can you know me from conservative person is going to be twelfth. -- -- and -- normal role against the visiting. Column -- we are to be. You know earlier this year now certain of their backs against the wall they need to walk wayward W we want to walk or Africa shall. You have a clear signal that is and get -- -- what record or. You have to convert no you know you know which have a pretty good news in both teams will win because he's basically desperate need to win -- -- That's how we feel we borders are very confident chrome and hopefully we can wouldn't give convertible once again. There's a lot of discussion about running up the score or in a while you have your best players in the game when you got fifty something points. You know if you're watching yours your son play in high school games and his team is up. Fifteen enough and you said yourself art call off the dogs or do you saying he didn't get seventy but what what your take on. Finished the during a mean. Alford who often -- the field you know we expect -- principal will be transferred truly respect that you notebook stopped he plans for a so. We don't care you know. Score too much -- a model you know you have to talk to you when you future. The feel in whatever you in the corner field and knows -- -- dropped shall. You can't be there won't. The if you if you do your job things in -- war happening where and so. I -- -- look at like they're they're just neat person can admire different view put. A number -- the great Roger obviously you know Petraeus betray a miracle we can't live our school -- -- In office didn't -- job is to score points so. Their their facilities you know. Got a game against the jets you just talked about it a familiar opponent you don't have an awful lot of time to prepare they don't either. But I wouldn't think you'd need an awful lot -- I mean against the team that give you really know what they're all about what they do. -- that you you can throw in Hogan like so we lead. In order shall we we approach is gone. The bears -- because that would be short remarks are that we have to -- -- and -- you know we we -- in the thirties and wanted to do. Something that we've been doing something that we don't different shall. Whitaker and it's cute you know and that's what you know being a professional you know there's this one human. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Called him and and debates -- -- washed away everything. If Clinton everything you where there's very calm person and so. They -- short week also we don't shortly so we will prepare better. And played there will involve -- and you know you want to come out. We're -- legacy is what will be -- you know cornyn. Who can get there there's a decision during. That we all would be. Are pretty sure that it will be -- you know to put those pretty good. But we'll have to be able to -- -- well on the -- Kosovo and allow a person you know legacy -- traveled shall we involve so. -- -- things you can do you know all of their Disco but we we procession to Europe professions so it definitely starts. Mentally. Or considered so I was -- to be it would look you know to block everything going to be there's a protocol for comfort is -- I used to be the only had to play those Thursday night games are Thursday date gains if you work -- to be one of the teams playing. On Thanksgiving I know Detroit and Dallas tournament of the year but the visiting team would get it now there's a -- ninety every single week's all wondered if that's easier. Because you just you know what's -- new routine that you have to get into the same way the -- get into Sunday -- routines when -- end of the Sunday night in Japan. Figure it out in the fact is that shall -- this week but if you warn it. Celebrate Thanksgiving night got a long week before the next it. Here's Kirkland yeah Robert what is it has been -- you know Gardner person is let your mind and her son and again. So -- you have been to you know combat prepare whale. It sort of model permits an error. And be able to execute on they're getting pregnant and went in that situation right now how low can this team. What is we've been shall be in a division game inaudible be it can be in America day. Sort a lot of parties expect that goes under the current terms. -- who wouldn't take the figure could drop -- not just try to luckily. What -- W. So I want to put everything we have -- in this city and hopefully it's enough you don't celebrate when that will get that. I'm sure you prepare for most teams even divisional teams as -- like from from the mental aspect of a mental side of it. Cramming for tax attest to try to get a lot of information go to this team June 3 two would do their tendencies what is quarterback -- -- not you've got. That plus a physical challenge of playing on Thursday after you just played on Sunday what do you think the biggest challenges is that the mental side of it. Or is it to physically get your body ready to play. I think deliverables. Are currently personal -- more men are. Donated aren't there just because you could have all these. And you look at it can be used in negative flow you know what we already has laid. Out fueled high. Are you barred entry. -- -- And that's all merit no -- are no -- ineptly announce beat former Serb. Whenever like Corey called Warner retirement goals were my article would hold their bowl. No matter how field. My Barney knows how to go to work. Reprimand league you have to be their -- coast Likud to do their. And then period by an entry nobody. Found no winners it is gold worked so. And it hit me personalize it to burials can -- it was -- for me. For all going to be -- use nuclear talks what was to have physical -- export. Shall. Be -- shall we or not or -- be -- term you know -- closing is getting great. -- talk and bombard follow its tropical work so and our own vote. Events what are -- have a question for you very probing question they wanna know what's Bianca signature Thanksgiving dish. It was very traditional I mean I'll. We have -- here I -- you know you have them actually we have a tradition you know -- yet and so does not in any. They're saying that nothing special that we do. We just you know. -- -- -- -- -- The cigar make another horse to make she's good -- everything right. -- you would you actually like Gilbert right. -- -- -- Are. It's hubris I black I heard it couldn't get out hunting gear scaling a tree and I. -- are all that is to Berkeley costs. Like he used -- -- it will send them for that atlas and have a a great Thanksgiving good luck -- Thursday night down at the at the medalist -- Tolkien actually. You don't. -- partners thanks Vince Wilfork. -- -- --

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