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Steve Young, Hall of Fame QB, on the Patriots and the 49ers QB controversy

Nov 20, 2012|

Steve Young joins Mut and Merloni to discuss Gronk's injury, the 49ers QB controversy, and if Tom Brady should be in the MVP conversation.

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Final hour mark -- down to three point seven WEEI interesting results last night Monday Night Football. Must watch every week on ESPN by the way separate Cisco dispatched. The Chicago Bears Colin Capra -- quarterback. Lot of people again about the San Francisco team and joining us. On the AT&T -- the hall of fame quarterback was there was quarterback for the 49ers. Ron Amadon Steve Mike and Lou here Boston power you. Earlier carrier spirit excellent so -- five years ago you sub in for Joseph Montana you beat the bears 41 -- And you did what a lot of what Colin -- predicted last night which you shake up that forty niner fan base and say a what do we have here. What did you think of -- its performance and Jim Harbaugh after the game is the head coach of that team. Not really committing to Smith or -- -- and leave it I thought very Vegas who's gonna go at the quarterback got going forward. Yeah I suspected Jamar all the interviewed the 6 o'clock eastern. And I suspect he'll fix that. Because you -- you can't have a much indecision I think that Jim historically. Posting your not not always crisp. And not let your -- but. I suspect he'll try to clean up a little bit of the did -- I think you know this town and you can imagine. It doesn't take much to prevent -- and account. Quarterbacks. Controversies. It and colonel frequently and so especially when it's an upside. You got out playing well and you got a new guy playing well those are both are fun controversial people talk about because they're not -- you get excited. Very sparingly to -- on play yesterday. You can't help. -- -- if he can do that against the prayers. And he just lit up the bears and the bears you know depict its oldest disappeared. About that it can't help it break my gosh what well as possible. And and that and that no disrespect or even any. Even involve not just what happened. And that's just human it's just nature. Everybody in this in the corner of facility or just fans everybody else but the you know look the idea analysis. Not so much and really come through the other side of it was. Glowing colors it just makes it a little bit more dramatic. Which I think several problems one. Yet you know -- have felt the so called great teams out there -- still have questions whether the quarterbacks are guys -- get it -- in the post season and we -- -- in -- They might -- that category but Alex Smith of the year we haven't. And that experience that we played last year in the post season I would think -- a younger guy is probably not the best movies think Alex Smith not a -- Right direction and yet I don't know Alex Smith has earned his way and under fire earned its way to play. And yet than anything and not about people who make a decision coaches that coach's clinic and they can decide what to do. But there's in my mind there's no question about this can play. But there's at the new element that you know they they played -- -- -- for what I thought process. -- called Catholic big plays you know presidency and to comment on an awkward places where they put him in capital package. So he's going to be views. And maybe sold more so now. The real question is what you know the question about short term I I believe ought to quarterback he's gonna play in and you know until further notice but. The other is you really young quarterback that shows some promise and it. In the long term it's gonna -- whether anyone ever talks today is you know. Strap at all because it's gonna -- wanted not a not a big change that no matter. Conversation. No matter anything it's going to be here to be around for a while both of them played their way in or out of it. And you're you're just that's the nature of you know it I would tell -- as well as the good thing. Not thought that they haven't played earlier on on your way out -- it's a challenge. And now -- you know like like Tom Brady does every week no matter how close each -- -- challenge. It's just another element of challenge is is that part of any great quarterback you know again I think all potential. Well Rob Gronkowski broken arm he's been BO for awhile he watched just knowing the patriots team. They do rely in this office to put a lot of points to win games that defense somewhat suspect. How big vote will we know it's a huge loss for this offense but how's that affect this patriots team moving Ford is is the case of seeding. In your mind. But the -- the patriots. Now -- you know look at ASE. There's just political cover model -- because and the pitcher curt Simmons all the -- from that. Now because there's -- it elected Pittsburg you know where that other people deal with -- injuries. That beat the teams that those opting to stay healthy the whole weight are more likely to go. But the but the patriots and you guys deal with it all the time you know you do it -- corporation and common and coach is figure out ways of tactics. The patriots are that the supreme technicians right -- -- what some new way of formation. To try to hide it -- What they're missing physically they've been there forever. This is not the most physically talented team in the world but tactically they make up for and more what and then and then the extent of that because they have the best quarterback. It's a little bit it'll be hard if it'll hurt but it all the teams that analysts and figure out tactically how to make up or -- can configurable. -- what do you tell Brady is Brady loses all his -- besides Welker his most -- receiver guy with 37 touchdown receptions and three. Two plus years you know Steve you lost Jerry Rice and in 97. Beginning of the year Jerry Rice terraces ACL how does that affect the quarterback when you lose a aren't your primary weapon has an effect Brady going forward. It make it our immediate comment such a veteran and but the professional. Don't know this is what got it got harder. In a quartet that that wasn't hard enough. And so -- just the nature of how he's got that great players do it OK let's but figured out. So I -- I don't think it's gonna affect him you know -- emotionally like you know just there's more work but. Tactically on the field -- just below especially republic especially try to put points on the board you have to you have to. Cock them a lot of problems and a lot of times it. You know. Body -- body size and all of a 5050 ball -- because he's 66 as well as. The warm but not to hit the ball -- -- it dollars so that part big body develop our own legislative briefly to the big body in the end zone. It allows a lot more possibility just because. They can get up higher they get it don't open. You know I I you know I'm overstating it but -- would open in the NFL live especially in the present on especially the end zone so. -- you have to figure that out as a hard is that the harder it would bodies. The can get open and and physically go up match. And an Al match people defensively the runner up those guys is unfortunate property huge. Steve bill Belichick's under a lot of fire here I think the -- use some of these may be guys impact this team on special teams and even though. There's not much risk it at BAT's but I'm like -- convinced that that the injury actually happen that played that happened earlier but where do you stand as far as. Risk reward in using some of these guys are special teams. It's funny you know we -- I never I've never called for extra point block order Oprah and then finally able to realize. You know -- that protection type from the quarterback in the popular. Who's probably got a good hands and can it you know -- drove -- -- on a girl anyway what what happened to a 4000. Well people get smarter get it -- by the -- but what -- concept. You know tight with the lead got a pretty good lead you pull everybody just because of the -- -- -- at some point you gotta quit football and figured the guy can. It would stand there's a little bit more commodity things in the game that would be extra -- just a commodity right this. Stepped down you know. -- up for for. Sort of a second and then move on and I think I don't think that's one of those things that I would. You know certain players maybe we'll look back there -- older maybe a little bit more susceptible. Or earned seniority may be so. But generally. I don't think it's a big deal has sent someone else who's in the middle of the career action archbishop their special -- on the wing or do something kind of particular to the job. What about Bill Belichick as far as use of Tom Brady's 52 to 24 and nearly still thrown some passes but could you state low risk passes and -- pulled this guy. Well the problem is parliament over the middle school in some ways this is one of the ways he's old school if I'm -- -- on the on the -- And you know despite all my success and how much -- and owned you know he's devastated their own the place. A minute on the finish games are meant in armaments and not now. The culture there's a little bit of a possible thereafter they kind of over the years and no one there I don't. Not all of the stadium I think -- a point now where you can almost all upset in them and and then pump and a guy that. You know you've you've got to love everything about our laurels things that you wish maybe he would say is you know how the -- called it -- this is enough. But there's an awful tough you know just the nature of who he is an -- and so you'd have to take the good with the bad not bad -- You just have to deal with what kind of personalities me and and I remembered you know even as when I was -- seventeen year professional football. -- -- from him don't pull me out I don't care what the situation and so I don't you try to protect human like all the people it's -- -- -- And keep it befuddled and also just the nature -- probably isn't what you guys have there. Please don't over in the I don't think they're going pretty well right now that you don't have a much talked about without when you're gonna have to live with those. They -- pure water that that it's -- that you. The other thing we talked about as the MVP race nationally with six weeks ago because lost in the shuffle of gronkowski in the defense looking better Tom Brady. There for 331 yards three touchdowns and now has the almost four attempts Steve only three interceptions on the year and I think that is as good as Manning is banned. And as good as JJ watt has been his Houston I know the bar set high for Brady but three picks what they want touchdowns and almost 400 -- I think he deserves to be enact conversation for MVP right now. Question there's no question about it but he's so good and so constantly you know that makes everything look easy. You know what it's been evidently difficult that you take for granted. In the end but it's like that I mean when -- Michelangelo's painting or or -- -- or anyone else does it actually alive. Did that people truly appreciate him as much as we did and overstated you know what I mean it's not just the nature who hit -- it. Nokia wouldn't be here you're probably. Not unfortunately that news stories gather more more attention and probably being actually. That's old news the problem Portuguese -- it'll lose a couple of just because of that we're gonna win plenty of them as well. And you won't merely your -- you appreciate them you think you appreciate them now wait till he's retired pretenders you know you'll realize this. Is one and two generations. I mean -- -- I just the last week and I finally says. I I -- I have all these cool and think in my mind about Tom Brady and they're not enough. And I cannot say with pop culture -- not I have my little remarks were what built. He coached in and put that team you hit it yet all the stick that you'd think about a plane with a runner. And content -- -- processor and it's got everything moving in all different directions. -- -- team emotionally pulled back. Flap you know and all that suffered the these guys are you at the masters it's going to be and I would have bought like currency from far. So he's gonna probably not women between but he should actually be an -- budget when it but unfortunately it's the it's the nature of people's perception relive it exports. Typically wanna get your thought on the two quarterbacks to rookie quarterbacks RG three and and Andrew Luck and got a two parts in your mind who seven a better rookie season and moving forward who would you rather have. We we will listen who has some new system who. Groups should have the describe it to the new universe. How we look at rookie quarterback with the -- complete different. And what we expect a rookie quarterbacks it outstripped by so much that we actually don't even know how to talk about. These guys have won games. Leading you know the -- you know setting records. Percentage you know efficiency record RG three. And the way you know that he's got. And look at the colts in the position maybe be in the playoffs and that's called flat and a packet to restart there there expansion -- And he's got them in the in the playoff picture so. You can judge who's going to be there would be there. What they've accomplished it's just completely get it diplomat -- -- sort of credentials -- Ben Roethlisberger for the great virtue of the Marino for the great Miami Dolphins. -- this is that they that they don't they don't compute. Compared to what these guys have done what the new rookie quarterback so accomplished so I could compare contrast if you ask me to there's. Technical things that I would say about the game but the fact that -- -- first and that. The first time they've been through -- the first time they've been you know is that you probably first time things and despite its board foibles on Sunday -- Andrew Luck. It's so far outstripping any government number four which is I think an -- and all of it and I know that I'm -- I gotta analyze the but I I have to sit back and appreciate the call. We're gonna see Matthew Stafford on Thanksgiving is going to be dressed well because the UN Jerry Rice coach him up at the exit -- are. Yeah Matthew Stafford was no matter what we got a -- of the -- and Putin campaigned for awhile. I would amassed along and you're kind of queen you know then uses I've just been used in sixty Everyman -- that tomorrow. Except -- is -- about it. And and so we development you know we got this new -- out was in Houston and into buildings dot com -- -- -- -- three minutes who that that -- the star and Jerry -- in this little band. -- on them and venues has been phenomenal with kind of helpless Oliver and there are there particular -- in -- -- you've -- venues benefit. A lot of us -- this because it's Thanksgiving and our wives economic case did not dress well in front of family it's old guys like me gotta go to venues and dot com and do with Stafford did -- coached up for new Jerry Rice Westhoven thanks that are brought. And that the reason not hard but too little information goes a long way okay and that's what we're trying to get information now. -- -- Steve great stuff -- always we need help we'll go to venues and dot com and check it out love your work and ESP and the port talking on the road. It Steve young and a whole -- joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT. With speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T rethink possible wanna see that new Funny or Die. Video featuring you got young Jerry Rice and Matthew Stafford chicken out of -- used to dot com. We can always help pending at these things -- esteem in football to find out what. -- dot -- power rankings say about the best team in football do you think the best in football is right now keep it here.

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