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Matt Chatham, Former Patriots LB, on Gronk's injury

Nov 20, 2012|

Matt Chatham makes his weekly appearance to discuss the Gronk injury, if he should've been on special teams, and the upcoming game against the Jets.

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So how does it affect them I mean they're gonna win that division it would be unbelievable -- to not a -- I did have other weapons. So it could affect seeding possibly but as long as he backed by the playoff all's good right well -- Gonna miss gronkowski and the guys is an absolute beast he's you know 6667. -- and 75 -- eighty pounds and and he's a beat he moves like a ballerina does great body control. And Tom Brady's go to guy. You know every quarterback glows a security blanket at crunch time who's the guy you look at for what has brought you don't Wes Welker certainly took another degree one of those guys. But the one thing I've noticed about the patriots this season. They become much more balance and much more personal and I -- that is way David run a more too -- to back. They want to keep Tom Brady healthy wanna keep a fresh going into the playoffs and have always at his ability to build project and actually believe it. Here's what kind of a it is a Polaroid picture still out there I don't know -- recently -- I. That doesn't it doesn't feel as a pitcher of his team. -- get a look like the fourth quarter of the season and that's how he moves his team along. Defense and they have been very good he -- tweaking making changes offensively they want to run the football live a very -- athletic offensive line. They can get outside they give the edge of -- defense they can power run the football inside so they have all the -- weapons and. I know bill he deals with teams that look like going to the playoffs they'll be tough with or without gronkowski might get my. Heard there Mike and Mike Roger wore ski gushing and gushing. About the a tight end the offensive weapon is Rob Gronkowski scheduled to miss the next we think reportedly. Four to six weeks where they've broken for properly had surgery yesterday and joining us. On the AT&T hotline he does every single Tuesday the author of the Chatham report -- Tuesday's. And Saturday Friday's in the Boston Herald here on NFL Sundays every single Sunday's match at a -- patriots Matt -- hello how -- -- Well let's start with the Rob Gronkowski injury how severe do you think it affects this offense Matt in terms of their production. While he's out the next couple 345 weeks. I think it definitely affects. How they attack you I don't think if the final production number. Met early in the coming out of the reliable way to prevent torture happened. -- just rhetorically is as any team in the NFL I think they're built for this sort of calamity that police sort of stock. But I didn't positioned well political lump sum of the -- -- -- The -- guys are gonna get the production libel. Well I have a place to go all they can still run the twelve packages that you don't want -- -- they were doing just that. Just become per per the progression from someone else. I think what's important here to understand is that. All the crawl -- go on for for a short time here. He's not one of probably tree and you're -- options out the create -- massive mismatch you. Not like a middle field winner is now called we no longer -- -- component of the middle you'll just -- the case. They still went on the inside that part of the you'll just typical -- with both spoke what Wes Welker Edgar Hernandez. So it -- you're gonna -- the formation you're gonna be different ways to attack people. What you know two weeks ago we saw very little -- and it still blew the doors off. -- Port Orchard at the Buffalo Bills. I don't think you have to -- and to score I think they've proven battle over and I just think it forces you to do it knew what. I mean -- fortunately they got that second wide receiver that they need to remember that -- That might -- -- is holding your crease slightly they actually didn't use the backs in the passing game at all we did you know getting would have been out if you -- again. -- -- -- opened a bit you know you made you more so. Fortunately this is one of the team in the half felt good how electric the global weather the -- -- and it certainly will be doing it the way they used to. Rob Gronkowski the first couple years easily go last two years involved. In special teams and then in the west now they take them out of that this year he still there obviously AP teased the big discussion this week. I'm just -- a special team went as risk outweighs the reward as far as the personnel you use on. Well if we were having a discussion about why that happened here is you know back you know it makes sense. Team is such a brought rushed thing that. You know that's what living on state and at -- sold at specialty. A wedge play is has absolutely nothing to do with the wing and an actual point that's sort of an example of the kind of sort of back and stop. You know ultimately -- a lot of professional athlete I've played with Politico that play it was just sort of talking out loud. I'd never in my life sort of anyone getting injured on a -- or what ever I mean it just doesn't happen. So low this and that it is too dangerous to beyond special in conversation. One -- and don't have a lot to do would be Europe is likely all of our special line. As you -- to get caught in an avalanche in Massachusetts it's just not. Likely so cute if you -- sort of present this -- -- there were some sort of risk the picture of mitigated what was some merit an extra point is Barkley speaking. College football either college or don't care what what would you like. You know the single moderate kind of plane accident that day and giving her an extra point the way so it's a reply it happened. What I mean I think it's the sort -- -- some sort of ridiculous conversation the talk about it he was a rich future -- An extra point play had the warning is probably the safest place. On an NFL football fields so I naturally a lot of coach culture. Responses yesterday and the betrayal. I think you nailed it I mean all we wanna do it sort of went at actual adventure and anger about the future. Go back and I'm eager to tell me that he gets -- OK of course more movement. Bought this particular situation it is one that you know they're just as likely to go -- like. Will be about the PAT this talk about -- Rob Ninkovich on punt coverage on kickoffs that would employee returning kick off Wes Welker on punts. Just about legal guys in general -- I listen I got to think that he broke his form the -- PH yet out of it happened early in the game but. What a -- that situation we have valuable guys like according is obviously right now probably your best safety returning to go. Yeah I think that interest you want as much as anything I think they're sort of -- -- and balances Hewitt you know there are some position. That you might not wanna take a risk kick it up on it a little bit different at all as I mentioned. But remember 45 and -- trying to candidates so you'll limit number it's not. You'll -- a lot about -- the preachers are different philosophy. If you look at the one backing group now. I think a lot of conversation about you know the willingness to put starters on -- a lot more to do. You know earlier 2000 -- 2000 more when I was there you know drug made a double play on Arctic -- during the of the restraining. Neither does. Break -- spikes -- that is stopping our tower activity at the moment anymore I think maybe you don't kick -- return. Ops so I actually don't you -- linebackers in the capacity anymore. So you know I don't know other than your point -- which order I agree with the government forty -- it's kind of a risk. You know they've -- Deion Sanders to those kind of things they would like -- secondary got there occasionally. If you haven't gotten so explosive that you know you can actual game changer you beat him out there. I think it would make sense bought. Also all the -- that restart making decision a personal decisions based on not getting people are usually when you're trying to not get -- duke. You have injuries -- just sort of you know from experience so are just simple want competition maybe you could make an article from according thing. I'm Walter Ellis stopped you know -- needle and a wedge guy don't -- -- garden and never an issue with the I just I -- yet. According once one of stock on because I worship at the football or Matt Chatham -- -- -- you now in this studio I've heard you on the air as I'm listening. Destroy the way to kick off works now because there're so -- kick off since only cutbacks might look at them according to okay. He sixteenth and football -- middle the pack he's not what you call. An explosive player he has fumbled at one point this year to -- he's not so good at that. -- worth the risk of losing what is now maybe your best safety. For a guy who sixteenth and football returning kicks and -- like there's another guy and that team I don't know if it's Kyle Eric hitter Danny went ahead. I'm not I'm not an opposition but I do know that -- forty explosive wise. It is not so valuable returning kicks to say okay we can risk on the -- because at safety is a non factor is a bigger factor announcing -- Yeah well. That probably be the only or only one -- -- -- -- Forster that there might be on the air combat not let me -- one -- bit. Sort cost benefit analysis isn't quite as good. Again I would point to where there's a lack of production in the -- electric upon return that that a lot of what they are kind of kind of highlight that a little bit at the production -- you get from these groups as much as the Buick. Is this -- -- explosive. Or what the blocking and good to play also good -- the -- -- the context -- All the situations so good that that cost of topics I think of course on the Joshua Cribbs in the league or the governor pastures. You know I don't think their -- or that guy on this team to an open revert dollars. Well yeah I would I would say that this -- from special -- don't have a guy that you don't you. You've got to find a way to get him out here because he can impact you so much so. That if that makes them a little higher on this you know the next. Can play defense here we can go -- respect because just got to get that production on the other -- I think that ballot bowl I also audio that screw it did you think about Scott. Injury to worry about. I lost city broke his his is his handers and armor something -- -- and played the next week. Tedy Bruschi referenced Mike Vrabel ugly result -- you -- broke his arm missed a couple of weeks had surgery eleven screws and plate. How is it different for a guy like Rob Gronkowski tied and catching the football as opposed to maybe a defensive back or linebacker coming back sooner than maybe expect. Well yeah I have got -- it out regrettable thing because incredible got hurt a bit injury Dalembert got replaced him sort of sort there. You know but we were one -- it was out. And only missed two weeks but he came back. Early employ it. But he played in the limited hole. What -- -- from a nickel dime situations that I would stay in a regular in the rundown. And then became sort of rotational thing and you know they -- -- back and then you know made it to work. Opposite -- guy obviously you know it. Early on the way to -- surgery and I was pretty impressed with what you know what you tried on the spot because you came in the abstract. You know it it's sort of limits a little bit of -- argued in a -- power. Part of the power couple back into your press is a little bit because you got to play our. That means that the -- that we don't know all of this is a very Belichick and then where -- We don't know what the public was we don't know the -- of the play we don't know. None of the injuries so to say that you know you're not gonna be -- you -- can be able to do this. I don't know it's sort of an individualistic thing the other thing that often said the -- sort of a little confusing. The issue misunderstood issue is it -- that the that the correlation healing. Because it's -- power to differ from there and talk to you about what they are unable always amazing how quick to -- and in just a bit hard the year. You'll likely never -- soft -- -- never pull the what a big part of the back a week and it took her Little League not an offer and everyone else had sort of a physiological manager who took it took advantage of it. Well as a blocker helping you maybe not we we really have no idea I think from the weight you have to play the game -- yet. It out the play that or it's going to be a little typical -- depressed now. You know obviously extend out a big concern outside linebacker and run game. What you might get into a situation like Iraq for braves brought brought back a limited basis. Maybe you feel like you. You say about in the you know a lot about George Ball I think the issue would be ball secured it picked -- probably the most important factor register anyone around hatchet. Want to put away and commuters sort of analogous to the future store. Came first overall record the bill Bulger got all that remember your organization Jordan a little shoulder operation will be part. Whenever we're not wrap them up and played any any fumble on fumbled on the goal line with and it's bikes and drugmaker -- really good. So for me it's -- to be a ball security she maybe brought Gardner do want to you'll know why risk. According to the ball -- guys and it may not -- hang onto the page. Because he's the ball handler. They may wanna air on six Dmitry Bobble there so again I just it is the sort of operational analysis of -- -- deadlock but you know -- -- -- terrorist -- north. Matt real quick wanted to know if you like the aggressiveness the patriots -- that's in the blitz membership but it appears they blitzed as much of this pass game. As -- any game so far this year. I look at stroke. I you liked -- liked -- In a minute that do we talked about the over the last week. There that. We ought -- -- troubled by the radiology and perhaps a -- by saying you're the number of people that epidemic. Action that spot and a little cut and how -- the people whatever. But within five and 67 dollars each -- broad outlook on life adjustment. And these -- incredible opening of the kinds of protection but. Think the colts did they did some six -- protection. But we're on the backs it in about protection order but -- in the days in the mix sex. Makes it matters so that and that's what a couple of volume as a percentage of plays that you split the shown improvement. And I'm not even sure that was actually actor from last week I think what grabs people's attention is the effectiveness of the -- on the blitz hit you notice they blitz. Wanna put the work -- wall mr. completion people generally don't realize that they did split. So I think that's probably as much a factor -- everything about them just to torture categorizing the public I think a lot of people thought that. The Brandon Spikes. Ramming into the lot thing which was unique from last week -- unique. What they've actually doing quite a bit and we used to have a thing. We apartment are something like that where essentially -- Mike linebacker. Conflicts that meant a lot eligible. As well and uncover -- -- you don't have enough dark. So it's basically just walking. Walking Mike linebacker -- plugging and playing nose essentially -- a regular -- and secure while one advantage. That bobbled the triplets and handled it yes if I got from the -- helps people out -- -- -- -- and others want actually just to differ from. So wouldn't want -- outside people haven't either played or coached me deconstruct our garbage problem did or didn't happen a lot of economists -- so. Overall struggle do you like he would regret for the for the good of the little little unique and it took advantage of those. Slide protections are aware of the pack it in its some new course she's also seek to pressure you can't hurt an elder couple -- And got some negative plays so I think the overall being here is that they -- when it makes sense to do battle with mr. hire all of which just. -- pick up the court protection. They ran in here more often than not that's the most important thing -- that people -- understand what you -- call when -- in the hole. Our -- call you out called lips based coverage and blitz attack on the intimate. You you're you run the pressure if you'd get the formation in the protection that says to do it. You adult if you don't see it. So monetary decision we wanna be aggressive not be aggressive and don't want it doesn't accept and so. That sort of leads back to the awful thing or you didn't see a lot because there were last. Situation where you should be. Yeah and -- are your your breakdown. Of those who -- breakdown today venomous punt return the -- report -- every Tuesday buddy NFL Sunday. -- great stuff is always we'll talk to you next week happy Thanksgiving. Primary on Matt Chatham joining us on the eighteenth the hot -- quick break we get back to you it's not Lou ninety --

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