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Week 12 WEEI NFL Power Rankings: Who should be No. 1?

Nov 20, 2012|

Mut, Merloni, and Zarbano discuss the latest edition of the WEEI NFL Power Rankings.

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The jets are fighting for their playoff lives they are also part of this week's power rankings at WEEI dot com the it is what it is -- Operatives by our producer Joseph is our bottle does these rankings get to the top and a second the jets right and keep in nature. While. Yeah that nice little bump between four. Jets jumped from 27 a 24 after their. When against the rams so we got to jump above the rams. Was -- 25 against which moved up a little. That's a look at that the 24 ranked team. And the power rankings I said yesterday -- doubles last hour -- think this week is a hard week to. Got to make an argument one way or another for who the elite clearcut number one team is. In the National Football League the Houston Texans were number one last week the overtime. They beat the Jacksonville Jaguars beat Jacksonville Jaguars led by Chad Henne who last I checked. Are ranked 31 in the power rankings yet somehow. The Texans -- number one in the latest week twelve addition -- power rankings falcons struggled at home. Against Arizona they stay at number. Forty niners will up on the bears they stay at three. Packers you do or you're -- number four. And the patriots who -- beat the colts. Jumped from number six the number five but the bears were five get a drop them down pair's second knockdown eight without Jay Cutler their victory. I I I understand the thinking here of the teams that won. We're at the top not gonna bump them out off the win. But polite didn't. The 49ers did persuade you Joey all digit digit debate 49ers to behind used to debate 49ers won a point. Did debated but. You have to go back and look at the rams game last week in the bad loss they suffered to the giants few weeks ago. In the fact that the falcons in the Texans just continue to win they finally when I think you have to give them some credit for that. Get credit for winning but I just -- neutral site right now forty niners falcons you know whether it's cap predictor Alex Smith. That defense against Matt Ryan just up the five picks against Arizona I I can't. I couldn't put falcons to this week as am -- and I very rarely had any issues at the top five under WE yet not come power rankings. And argue pretty heavily 49ers and alone that you and that first tier teams Houston. Separate Cisco is a cut above anybody else three and beyond at the top of those -- outputs -- to you know it just the falcons. Yet the bag and both critic of both those teams reformat Rangel thin profile -- to win the football game and for the Texans the kind of get the wake up call they hadn't swatch match shop or from a 500 yards. It was a big wins I think it's a lot about the big east Texans you know you think of defense. You think of -- Foster. And it showed another element you know put the ball in the hands of -- job and Andre Johnson go crazy. But I you. He put the missed the focus and 91. That just keep pointing. I think it's impressive -- team. We'll see -- this whole thing plays out I do too and it's one thing for somebody get a couple of the that the people responding to a league beat Jason Campbell. Understand Jason Campbell didn't offer much he was awful often bears last night. And if Jake how was it puts more points but does this Jay Cutler being in their make that the pair off the their defense better. As Dick Ellis played defense and Capra NIC card and who -- -- -- hot knife through butter after awhile that continually go three and now and you look at your quarterback and he's incompetent and yet it's not gonna get any better. After while it is demoralized team I think that's what happened a game morning. It's it's -- can't hide my admits we're Goler from Jason Campbell to Tom Brady Jason Campbell that -- Peyton Manning. It's still. That offensive line is atrocious off the bears like how do you expect to win final couple weeks go bill Barnwell. A grant and had the that the bears that the number one team in football offensive line. And Ron Amadon quarterback in his prime how to help you win we consistently. Guys like Lance Louis are getting beat like -- drawn. All that's -- gets five and a half sacks. I that the bears are still the top ten triggers this really. But I'm in terms of getting that team together. And try to get an -- or give a front -- friend of awesome front yeah so they make a lot of teams look like -- -- faced the giants have a good front four potential in the playoffs falcons -- pressure or fund could face the 49ers again. The public and the NFC -- the bears is -- -- -- Green Bay in the appear face any these teams in a in a while car around divisional round. You've got to create pressure now Cutler factored in actually better team but can they win with -- offensive line that I don't at all. -- fully believe in them I know they get their share turnovers it's more about what they do with them. Mean defensive touchdowns and just get interceptions they're taken aback that a house you know so you get the playoffs and you play some better quarterbacks and the teams that you know I'm gonna do little things in a -- team like San -- without Smith the quarterback in the -- put in position. To hopefully. A call their turn a ball over the reports and -- Chicago does. That's of the of the new page respect few years back and had to bust 49ers -- -- ridiculous -- -- all these turnovers that the jets don't turn the ball over and it goes to game. You rely heavily everything's in an Elvis in Chicago Bears have a much better defense. Then just just returning kicks returning you know interceptions for touchdowns or fumble recoveries for touchdown that would -- a defense. I'm with you Jay Cutler notably Annika one bit. 61777. I 7937. Your phone number we come back when Nixon a little bit of baseball conversation including a signing today. By an American League unit takes a pitcher off the free agent market any trade animals team in the AL east and a player that is haunted. The Boston Red Sox mix in some baseball next.

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