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Should Gronk have been on the field on special teams? Everyone has an opinion

Nov 20, 2012|

Mut and Merloni give their take on Gronk getting injured while being on the special teams unit for a PAT. They also listen to other credible football analysts opinions including Cris Carter, Mike Ditka, and Mike Golic.

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-- got a couple battles brewing here at this radio station as we speak 93 point seven WEEI one is that the battle for. Who's gonna take over the spot. Is CL by John meet Perot which is bit like a while now right. It closed at Macon some sort hiring there. Station show discipline and patience much like the game plan in the -- season game plan the -- oh is that what it is -- -- -- or die and wanted to long term deals. Elegant did not just -- that's for sure maybe they feel like. Via you know beat Jeffords Cody Ross or don't hear that -- we we gave each governor liquidation working -- environment. But which isn't easy tremendous today holing out with the housing sexy is that he won a vote -- on the lot Porsche but people on the overall he got our vote that the that the battle brewing behind the scenes. Outwardly. We got DNC in a big chill going back and forth here Arnold they dropped the ball finally but there is. A brawl back and forth. And as abilities in a while between these two shows on -- what our role is going to be we Switzerland we stay neutral here Joey do we just now. Hang out here in the middle not to decide to nine. We don't -- DNC in the big jokes -- do know her the open all four times today and it's it's drop in the -- when I heard the big show yesterday it was suitable shows every. Big show columns soccer moms the NC back today with that'd be or what holly rips -- gusted to a bit about how soft they are -- -- we're we're stuck in the middle. In this conversation right now where we're supposed. Audible yeah a -- not. Among the big show I think you play the guys. So maybe you internally weary were were different they -- -- -- Childress -- show obstinacy and that you play these guys I would Borges and the NC. I think they're gets to be a point where a player. Elevates himself out of special teams and becomes so important to your offense -- defense. They try to make a move now this is we both agree this has nothing to do with the injury itself the Rob Gronkowski on Sunday that that was the end of the game. Extra plummeted and it has everything to do it they they hadn't at that point. Had not had some sort of process in place where okay you take this guy -- The argument that goes a step further though and not just the one single serving Rob Gronkowski injury on Sunday it's. Do you want your stars playing a special teams should not forty and Welker Wilfork in Ninkovich or Charles Tillman. It was a stud quarterback out in the Chicago -- special teams the mayor's. Do those guys grow out of that position. And become so important to your team that you can't risk an injury on special teams that inherently absolutely guys get that position argue their players this patriots team. But I would want taking part specific special teams. Would feel that way because the value to them. Our offense or defense in the case from the patriots will talk about here -- name is worth more than let's go over -- over the patriots players that. You wouldn't wanna risk and special teams. Offensively who would who would they be obviously -- gronkowski is one of the and I joked at the cross but I believe me I am not really kidding. I would be shocked one bit. Aaron Hernandez take rock bottom BAT's -- before not one bit he's felt this sort it all or -- fourth then you Bill Belichick at Indy. Now people is that near the big controversy not agreeing with a and you knew deep down. It pick it up again faulted Tijuana on his own thirty you're gonna Gulfport again. Just to kind of let people know that he's gonna be consistent with a don't be shocked one bit odd gronkowski is on that list Orlando Hernandez on that list Brady Welker obviously those four guys undermine right out of the game. A guys I would not sacrifice and special teams and Rob Gronkowski one of the guys on their Wes Welker. All -- Kevin fault when it was going to be high on where you thought there was an opportunity to. And the patriots steep you see Welker back there sometimes on punt return when -- -- carnival situation like that was against the colts when they are in deep. And it might be a crappy plot a chance Iran. Elements in there. When inherently Welker catches up on -- more times than not is not fair catching it is not running out the way let all of don't. I mean he's a judgment on your machine Wes Welker returned punts. Not more than a handful this year how old double check to see how wrong I am about this but I feel like it -- settlement is much more likely to return -- -- that is Wes Welker defensively. You look at like I -- had yesterday. But I think -- look forty is a great argument as to why certain players outlived their role on special teams. And -- according now -- become the patriots I would argue most important safety. The way he played -- game on Sunday. The aggressiveness you showed back to back plays broke up playing in the field Alec came over covered to -- to leave it would a safety supposed to do. I came over made a great play. And knocked the ball out he is so report that your team right now -- kick return. Care about -- talk to chat about this next hour okay. According. That the kick off itself has been. You basically negated by the moving the football but it changed the game -- -- -- -- kick -- returns. Currently ranks sixteenth in the NFL. It turns to kick off return yardage guy hollered for Garber turn for touchdown. Did you pattern for a return I'll go one of those this year he's got a 26 the 27. This idea the government forty is changed the patriots return game and been some great affected return guy. Absolutely not he's built a packet best RS -- the pack return guy that's also my best safety all of a sudden now oh. Returning kicks emails that defense you know we're doing and me get into. Elite players defensively L Vince Wilfork the -- he would wanna see her on special teams right Richard -- the -- hurt. In these situation your goal blocked and means Rob Ninkovich is a guy is very important now does he because out of touch cover Jones he gets after the quarterback as well as anybody does he's on the hunting. And coverage and punt return you know I have this funny because I. Talked -- recent morning right now is asking about some of the stuff you know started yet to lift the ball starters Newsome put a blog up right now as we speak oh there you go solar it's a Framingham thing. The game of course within seconds it's up there. He does L side info the starters Gradkowski. Field goal protection we all know that right PAT and field goals. Well for Google block Rob Ninkovich punt coverage and punt return. I would say that there's more risk in punt and kick return punt coverage all those things. As opposed to. The for defense for well for -- return guy had a ball goes right -- according returning authority probably in the most. Any saw an opportunity is also a kick off coverage sure are a draft and is a good specialty cooking my other -- -- a lot of injuries they're two. That to me kickoffs and punts more dangerous than you know Vince Wilfork being that try to block a field goal or PAT Euro you know. Rob Gronkowski -- for PAT. Wes Welker punt return unit by the way Wes Welker eight returns. -- returns for a 108 yards. To a nine game or two was at ten games and games does get a return -- -- -- his return out of his thirteen -- virtual six not quite two to one. Yet not knock knock noise but I mean he still returned eight. Every offensive -- and durable protection unit. Indeed he did note here that. The first two seasons eleven and ten. Rob Gronkowski was part of the kickoff return unit and that's interest he played in the wedge and but the page to take them off of that this year I think that is. Seemingly as an -- knowledge -- of the -- injury risk of playing that role thank you. Overall they don't always saw some level there is a risk in certain things on special teams and -- you make a great point about. Well they say that they don't acknowledge it they do acknowledge that put Rob Gronkowski. To block a little safety. And BAT's. If Google unit Sergio Brown now all of dissent but -- -- it this most of the my biggest thing is able little safety broke his arm. That's the thing. I don't think that. You -- broke his arm I don't believe Joey member don't believe the sandusky case where there was that DA that went missing out and -- like got locked in this idea what's his name. Guy forget he's got an eight year one -- ray Mercer let's not re -- car. That break a car rake her car out of nowhere and not to you what and you locked into that I don't know 6 week I am still locked in that you can see especially -- five or ten years. That rake a car was black okay Brian -- Irene stars as regular call errors and does -- -- to to be in any open up another investigation. On -- -- car is what I'm seeing hard drives missing in computers in this guy just disappears I'm sorry. That I was involved in some crap we got a good good movie going on. There's no question about it you guys joke you guys -- I'm telling you this something -- I love conspiracies. Brian Austin Green it would it comes -- this very star in the -- her car story and when it comes to this in you seat again in the seat again. -- NM -- and build a legal music note -- theory two's we'll get elected. Sergio Brown them what you yard off the ball. -- hefty guy and a half. We talking about that much force. It wasn't helmet and a forearm. Rob put his arm out to what his forearm to what Sergio Brown like triceps biceps area that up the pads. And Sergio Brown is gonna break Rob Gronkowski forearm with and it went flying back Douglas flying back up a. And he tore some ligaments and we gonna have we have some issues here strained -- whatever surgery. That's one thing the -- brick and broken forearm yesterday we had the whole thing believe me -- -- people text and in and karate expert in Vietnam vets and you can break arms and -- direct pressure point Sergio Brown has got all that stuff down. Okay you might I I'm saying that he broke this thing early in the game a -- and got to -- he came out of that game in the drive. -- in Russia coming down he's out of the game to blow up gas chemical Becky and he gets a little happened the -- realizes that. I got something going on here this wasn't just they -- that I thought I took a quarter goal or minutes ago this is serious here and I can't feel my -- I just find it hard to believe that happened on that. Well there's to -- PAT and my theories is no risk on it is always a risk we on the field is no risk. We once at their public Boca dominant player -- subsites don't believe it Belichick that's an offense that would. Yesterday talk a minute to holly or way I think he knows he was wrong that their gronkowski got to a point. Where he's so important the offense that even at the extra point and in your -- -- right is such a minuscule chance to actually get hurt. But he acknowledges probably -- made a change there -- at somebody else to rocker -- he does. And not put ourselves in such a position result on Mascoll holder is Stephen -- Cal's get a -- -- are completely got to be in danger every time. I think Belichick knows that his mind and realize is that you know when a player gets to a certain level like he robbed -- -- -- thirty red zone touchdowns and years. This guy's a monster first NFL tight and history of the sports. To have ten or more touchdowns in three straight years that act guide any level should be on special teams and -- Mike Reese writes today and you see your help my argument thank you. It took art -- loft wedge after two years there acknowledging east to report of a team to be in that with a two. What does that -- a bit look at -- risk reward and they actually did it. And they don't feel wrist on MPT's. Is worth that Wes Welker is back there returning punts and you know eight. He's returned eight. So it's not fair catch every single one of them -- -- a one per game little -- guys it's not fair catch every single one of -- pretty valuable of his team might spend valuable I. Don't just trust them either what can you trust them according to -- huge impact play. It got back there while I was Troy Brown. When he was the leading receiver on this team back there returning punts. 'cause it's a momentum play you screw up the putt given the ball whether it's inside your twenty or on your side of the field so momentum swing. They put their guys out there -- go to the best at their jobs football players play football and on her -- You you tell -- which does gonna get her million amount rather than home. You know. Laughter -- right -- I ability. And a bit this morning though it. Austin via Syria intimate leopard an area that night for giant food. That's the questions to army you Dobson disagree big government or you -- problem. With his elevated status crazy about it government -- according returning kicks he's so important to Kurt Kurt -- 26 than football -- take out modern four yard touchdown return. That you want to risk him guys averaging about one yards and I tell you what what do. Aqib -- It's that important any SLI retarded you want to -- tourniquet site actually do. Cattlemen -- -- -- one of those guys who's done fine in the past. Adult men you've dated a step up at a certain wide receiver right now or brittle it. The last game at target the place. It pretty valuable to this -- especially croc one wrist. Hurt a cable that the -- -- gonna get the -- use that against me it's heartless and every player I think is certain level player. Gronkowski and according even while it put that list. Where you elevated to a status because of whatever else on your team. What the risk of special teams is not worth the reward when it began the risk losing him losing -- for forty weeks. Well or losing 44 X amount I'm not hurt just saying returning kicks I don't think it's so important should be out their support of the defense. Where that becomes more important special -- -- So I guess I take the side of abort to DNC in your on the big -- will take your phone calls year Boston RTC have -- lined up either agree or disagree. Out with this conversation with our thoughts at 6177797937. Your -- get your phone calls. Nice salad away attach -- yep -- the -- went back into the left. Back into the left there was obviously a second rusher and. Yeah I never should like to see anybody get hurt him. I'm not said he's -- our game but. Hoping it's action. I don't know they have they have like five. -- in honor rosters so I don't know that he that they you know put another guy in that role -- not sure how they'll do it. Doing this whole ball yes. It sometimes before -- five lives could be of much of titans. In all that so while. You know what we'll see. Do realize as McCain goes out how to facts and obviously. You know with the gronkowski had a huge. Target especially in the red zone and so you know I never -- like to see anybody get hurt them. I'm not said he's missing -- games that hoping it's action. Rex Ryan -- politically I'm Rob Gronkowski and his injury out of Texas game pats and jets on Thursday comes up quick cannot -- Thursday. Three football games on TV. By the way not known work up this way Texans. While the number one team in some people's power ranking take on the lines. RG three -- the cowboys. Patriots -- of -- three TV games on Thursday even more reason to ignore your family during Thanksgiving. Three legitimate game to watch are broadcasting. Not -- ID three point seven WEEI Matt Chatham distill our now talking with special teams guy who excelled. At specialties made his living at that position will join us and join this conversation at 61777979837. Out today on ESPN. We had a couple different -- -- just a couple guys taking my side. Couple guys taking your side let's start with it like the guys to us let's other guys that my side Joey lets out a couple former NFL owners. Chris Carter Mike goal Crist on the city level. Some will say one of those guys doing on the field those game situations anyway. CC is that legit or do they not know what they're talking about. You know with a legitimate question -- if it's me personally. I'm not -- -- get. I get the bad blood typing it in until now that we play don't birthday card and uncle didn't get that. That I didn't need younger than me under the there. Is excited to go. I'm definitely out of Baghdad there's. I mean there's no snippets of the chance of getting hurt and it lets you know the intensity of every point. Eric you're out there and the chips are going to get hurt you have to play the percentages I don't care would -- a certain site. All that's what we always do what they showed that the backup quarterback Erik because someone roll up all greedy neither seemed a little bit. And now want. For more consistent football players -- people on the roster. Now did call for an extended period guitar now we solve them yet entered into Super Bowl back change history. Because I think they'll be in your diet can't -- -- -- they don't match so well lit up against and so they barely win that football game that brought is Herbert. And international -- and get all the more so I need brought it'll be. We brought to a coach had become so. You can have Chris caller and I would get there -- Carter wide receiver idea Chris Carter. -- -- trade him wide receiver divas could be out there are you kidding me coach you know I am. Chris Carter. Our goal here -- special team it's going to be kicked me coach we found out on Friday your Notre Dame Oxley you mobile group Michael -- -- also on my side with. I've had some people send me notes saying. He was only out there because it's an extra point they don't change -- unit no matter what you don't have another guy ready to go out there there's always another -- there -- that -- -- there's always a directory or you're always work on those scenarios some some teams even. On the Fridays or Saturdays they have the unit out there and then saves which also owes her an error on the back arsenals around I was there I was on that we're all absolutely. -- ago I am quote Dave spam -- exactly agree with -- Allen Pinkett either one I think you need criminals and people -- each other. LL. What your side of the argument here -- -- the Smart guys OK here is loose side of the argument I believe Mike Ditka one of the people and all you gotta love. Well first of all eat -- -- I don't believe you can stop yourself from scoring and me the other kids got to stop -- from scoring I mean it's not dare talk. I mean the other team want to stop of south of I mean and I remain that it as far as 62 point goes. You only have one extra point team and you know what you -- don't have a lot of two goal came direction for a potential. You put that those eleven guys out there I mean it just cool as that they were going to buy that many would have been out there. So if it doesn't matter that part I can understand him being out there for that bit. If you know like I always felt this is a coach listen it's not our responsibility. Is stop the other team if we can't stop the hate to the Victor go the social world -- -- That's a Smart man I mean ethnic Victor apologist had a -- we have a heart attack and he still back on the radio. As stroke he's back on here as did hospitals get elected it because a lot of hospital beat him help stroke smoke. He's back on the property up and also -- another former NFL got -- round up the discussion also. On your side of this argument is the genius Ron Jaworski a quarterback in and -- And -- let a lot of people to be asking us to question why has gronkowski on the field at the end of the game why is Tom Brady out there throwing passes. At the end of a game that they were ready winning by four touchdowns. If you even want to put in the equation they have a short week they play Thursday night on the road. On Thanksgiving. In your view -- you -- that does that give a surprise you have an issue with any of. None whatsoever it's what it's what the patriots do. Think back to the Redskins a few years ago with a piled it on the titans a couple of years ago and it's no game they're resorting to it I mean -- that's how Bill Belichick. Teams play. They don't look at the scoreboard they don't look at the circumstances they don't even look down the road to the next game as he plays every play like -- the last player that he's doing. -- it Uga players a plate and he's gonna coach -- and I have no problem with a dumb you don't Gradkowski gets hurt. You know we -- scoring here. -- you -- -- point and he's basically you know on the extra point team I can't wait to get to go looking to say that -- out happen I don't know. There you go to jaws agrees with the -- and his argument that's how they always done that that's all asking the the VD -- checked supporters in this just think outside the box were second and asking you to take Belichick out of the equation. Does a player get to a point. Where -- value on special teams is not worth the risk of his value to offense or defense whether its gronkowski over forty or Welker I think players get to that point. That they're -- housekeeping Sunday absolutely freak thing extra point. M according returning kicks I think that's the next one and I'm most concerned about that he's back there returning kicks -- -- asking those. Mean what if those equal to say today. BAT's yes right we all know it's silica a meaningless thing but to get amount of the game anyways we brought that up if you respect Smart idea. It just to give and move it back produce something. What if it was just on victory formation. And you had a -- defense go crazy. It would be sitting there saying why is Rob Gronkowski out there and victory formation. Wondering right now up put the need to. -- -- see that connection they do sometimes -- a quarterback all you needing you know you -- don't think you lose on Reza fumbled snaps to keep -- keep the quarterback wanna bring a whole another offensive line. Victory formation when defensive -- -- secretly -- -- seven -- -- alignment that's not yet eligible to do that. You don't have a full set a second offense once -- bringing the two guys. His victory formation to get hurt. Will god forbid we get somebody -- a football play 6177797937. Anthony -- kicks off our specialty conversation what's up Anthony. They got in the movie and I don't like people in special teams isn't quite as important. As well and indeed that's number one. Number you can't let me do you go by you appeared in particular block know everybody came out you know well you return points. -- At what point did you not return on Saturday morning he -- -- -- out. According shouldn't. -- -- -- income is less of a quandary trying to -- kick -- return. And you put Tom Brady on the field are no little channel fifteen yard. That he can make well what what really -- me. -- -- -- You know old -- took forty when you take out as 104. -- -- what he needs the money sex and all these when he sits here. You want to run in no order -- I mean you can hold a second. With IOK. Okay Anthony -- -- entity at the I'll leave it in their sixty the football would you consider that he must have. 25 point seven yards returned sixty best in the NFL. Killing at least seven yard sixteenth and will tell -- what you were happy to share in the wheel well because he's important in the 32 at all. Only got. Five yard run our differences about sports is about four yard field by killing seven yard line. -- go hungry China may well. Fifteen -- eagle. The -- limited to -- And -- we're in the outfield situation. Really you know. -- -- You don't want to Iran actually. Football on that but the different it change the argument or is -- it -- -- -- when the goalposts on that. That Brady's kidnapping get a couple 45 extra yards offensively that that's well in it change how you feel it helping with according remember when they actually when they drafted him. Right everybody's that you gotta be kidney. -- drafted a special team -- Agreed that's what he was this needs a corner there's no question about it but want that they'd like a lot of bottom was a special teams contribution. This guy has done this before. You might not be electric you wanna take up a 104. OK well let's take out everybody else's then. NC where he ranks right can't just take out his and not everyone else's. He's middle of the pack is electric now -- turn one of the great no one of them is no question about it changed the game. But there's a reason why he's doing it and not Kyle Arrington there's a reason why he's doing and not a frowns upon the -- You know that there's reasons why. You know maybe it's able what would head back -- put Marines back there but regular Shane -- diagonal ball that night looking at running back all these guys are extremely -- by I agree that. I'd love what I've seen from demo point six position is an extremely valuable. But he is back there because they drafted him as a guy that is very good a special teams. And they always viewed him as -- can handle this job. Now because of his ports are taken back what you say -- what's the difference and get the ball out of the 1920 again about the 1516 well. Maybe not but state marketable fumbles now he's -- was he fumbled at all so one fumbled kick off. In his replacement for almost two -- three times and I put a bad spot the guy's done it before. Better -- -- -- -- doing it apparently. Cohen and results of the best safety now which is differ in the beginning of the year we didn't know exactly what he -- at the same -- slightly -- Wes Welker returning punts. Is the best one attitudes guy can trust the most. You trust them according -- return kickoffs more than anybody else the -- done in the past it in college an hour from now a guy who was terrific special teams has a passion for Matt Chatham will join -- will continue with Anthony Marty Al and Ralph. Your phone calls next.

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