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Celtics coach Doc Rivers calls into D&C

Nov 20, 2012|

Doc checks in for his weekly talk with Dennis and Callahan about the state of the Celtics. He explains his decision to keep Rondo on the floor during the blow-out loss to Detroit. Doc also touches on the status of Darko Milicic with recent reports saying the center may leave the team.

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Or the final hour Dennis impala have a short week the jets' week leading up to Thanksgiving joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE -- -- Boston celtics' Doc Rivers -- -- and dale in for Jerry this morning how aria. Are you guys were doing very well you know during the patriots -- -- week we hear Bill Belichick and allow the patriots talk about self it's out they use that -- to look at what they've done for the first seven a great game from the self scout himself. How much of that goes on on the fly by the seat your -- Night in and night out in the NBA existence. While we do it every day and you know that's the difference for -- -- we could do it happen each game and then you have -- bye week we know we should have a vital region is India and that would be terrific. There have been but I honestly do and that's why you watch the game after the game do you want to begin the next morning and you know you're looking for two periods when you watched game you're looking for. Which is team didn't do right and what they -- have done right in what you could have done so called better. The coach. What's your evaluation of the state of the Boston Celtics on the day before the day before Thanksgiving. To remove details you. I do like are aware we're going we're trending where we're getting better and a lot of air. That we're gonna have this season. As far as you know seven game you can -- for him to prod. Right you know if you try to evaluate a moral and conditioning and Petit. -- -- You don't have so many other factors. And to -- just watching your team play basketball. Did you see a game like Detroit coming oftentimes they see the first they say the first home game after a long road trip Tuesday is they put trap waiting to have did you see it coming with Detroit. Yeah I mean we were concerned about the last few games. Know where I felt that general. That's why do you watch -- minutes with Kevin and employ all. We're really trying to control them but if you don't what -- they have learned over the years is that in the day. You're warming up this thing is still doing all the pregame preparation and so what you get amid the seventeen. You've already put in the time it worked. Get ready for that game and that's the gulf. -- does the assist rate for a John -- matter to him and if it does does -- and have to matter to you. Does it matter that much to me obviously I. I can get obviously be ignored moderate. Until May be a week ago. You know Pavano read much. And then had I heard the chatter you know before games. The reporters were asking about it so -- you know about it. I think it rather than him there's no doubt about a distorted the -- him more than you know just play a -- day. And I think for the most part of them the other night. You know significant. We're gonna -- beginning you know with five minutes left -- -- -- event. And that's the first time that I turn around -- -- the whenever duke duke has run to he had a bad side of Lieberman's you can -- two more. We're talking -- Doc Rivers I should point out because they did at the beginning a conversation doc who brought you by northern bank and trust -- space and Mercedes-Benz. I talk to me about the handling of minutes is there a a formula in your mind or is that the the eyeball test in what feels right at the time -- Well there before looked worse or does. Kevin -- There's really no form of war Paul but I'm watching you admitted and there may -- one -- obviously wanna do it -- doubted another pretty good right now. And that's something we're working sort of other than that you go by feel. You know you just go by what you see you on the floor do certain guys respond and react one way to reduce minutes vs others are some. I begin picking and streaming or they say well doc says it's going to be this way it's going to be this way. No I'm hoping -- all bite chicken's pretty good look a bit out of haven't -- that that's what you're looking there and you know we have a pretty deeply indictment of for the most part. I will be lower than they're probably accustomed to. What's the situation with Darko Milicic right now where things stand. Well it's up to him right now you know it. Yet -- issues. More of -- And you know not playing here and being in another country in. You know dignity having gone exactly great for him over his career. So for a lot of reasons for him don't want to leave. Don't understand -- -- -- so I've pretty much left in -- film. You know you have one book and either way. You just recently assigned to players to the Portland red claw. Would you fill that roster spot. Out of there weren't any rushed to prevent. Army of refused to -- out there that we figured out what if -- you've been yes. If not. You know operations you can wait. -- similarly dismissed you have the all star break. You know. I do really guys. Oh. I'm -- -- -- become available. Personnel that he has. -- -- the first question about it surprised how it all turned out. No. More just firing in five games and whether with the goods that are not right for somebody else who. Figure out but I do think Mike and going to get through it is two -- that. With the five they have. But now they probably need to play. More pick and roll. More open court I've -- -- very excellent fit. Many times a year do you shake your head they at the duke job description and and the position that you've decided to. Pursue with your career when you look around the rest of the league and look at things that -- -- -- go hello might do when here. Well our eyes shook my head this a lot you know not just -- -- -- you know approach union in sports. But result Bruno is that the and I am -- curb -- -- below about love it. It's you know -- break guys it's easier to remove one guy. That it is you've seen nor. -- 44. Or or whatever the treatment billion in in different sports and that's just part of and I think we -- we all understand what we're getting yourself into. -- in a lot of -- just skip the Indian surprised. I'd like to before we say good -- every visit the the Rondo -- situation and know you talked about the fact that you knew you're gonna lose the game but did you have a sort of -- internal philosophical debate -- yourself thing. If I do this -- that -- No but you know eventually it it would not like. Everywhere and stop playing I'll be on -- -- who we didn't stop -- so. Develop -- look forward to that have been a quote debuted a bit on the floor you know so I didn't figured that big of a video of one of the Thanksgiving plans -- Well a beautiful Ohio weapon but it didn't fly right back so. I'm gonna have a bit it's meant that there -- a -- A -- -- it doc happy Thanksgiving we'll talk you down the road. -- members with Dennis and Callahan Edison -- actually on the AT&T hotline AT&T or GL TE Doc Rivers has brought to you by northern bank and trust all the space. And Mercedes-Benz by the way that that last question about Thanksgiving. Was that the -- the question that we brought to you by your local Mercedes-Benz dealers and complete line of 2013 models on the web. MB US eight dot com we'll be right.

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