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Mark Cannizzaro, New York Post, on Patriots-Jets and the future of quarterback Mark Sanchez

Nov 20, 2012|

Cannizzaro calls into D&C to give an insider’s perspective on the tumultuous Jets locker room and front office. He thinks that Mark Sanchez is mentally strong enough to handle Tebow’s presence and isn’t convinced that Sanchez is the failure he is made out to be. However, he still hasn’t seen Sanchez display the ability to lift the team.

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Joining us. AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE very touted columnist and writer football writer mark -- -- from New York Post that morning mark how are you my friend. Well I'm sure the jets saved their season with that win over the rams I think maybe perhaps more accurately accurately you could say they bought for extra days with happy about it in your mind mark. -- -- -- -- fair assessment that it will know they've. Mean you know wasn't even -- -- beat the patriots on Thanksgiving -- -- -- and yet you know that they're there is a long way to go but. It's hard to measure really you know look how far they came nickname because frankly table look like -- The team rejected in the previous relief come with a team that could -- consult -- -- -- it is dumb things. So. But you know you know as I wrote my column coming out of that you -- to give credit you know give credit yet that you advocate what they're exposed to. -- has cut down turnovers which would kill them all year. And but you don't -- you don't certainly would be much much more legitimate -- on Thursday. Mark whether they saved the jets' season or saved Rex Ryan's season or whatever it's actually possible that Mike Tannenbaum season can be saved 'cause I get the feeling. This this marriage is probably over. Mark my feeling is. The most likely to happen is. Is maybe they'll reassigned to atom bombs in the New York -- some or. Tuesday. But I do think that he I think it is featured most girl and -- amongst all the you know the so -- higher options there -- -- we just love. I think -- you know -- really really have to lose locker room and you have to just. Really implode -- at the required -- quit one day. -- has already lost the locker room. I don't think -- -- that -- -- I have to be obsolete I think that was way overblown last week. Every locker room I've ever covered. It is simply I don't know there's there's there's gonna have people speak proper record. You know I thought the most popular sentiment Tebow was you know -- which allegedly -- was was was ridiculously. But that was that was a weird story a lot of those quotes or the guys that leave -- we've won that one guy that was. That was actually quoted in the story it would -- -- and what is. A hole it was completely not in the context of the story written about it and it was quote he gave the writer. He says is as far back it should temper. So I'm not really sure that that would prevailing. View of a locker room here you know. -- that everybody. Think he brought an abject failure in the as a people that a failure. But he does have a failure as much as much coaching after -- failure trucker used. So you know reportedly people on anything he's fairly late. But no I don't I think that that was really warp will be different that would be able to provide a block Mexican overstated Agassi because that's where. We're talk with mark Canas or New York Post and mark the disaster that has been this relationship in this what they thought Tebow was. Inclusion on this team would be has not turned out why -- that everybody in the media most outside observers saw this coming. Predicted it would not work and get the New York Jets the people pull the trigger on the shot. Never saw coming. I don't have proper action that because frankly you know -- like he just that you know what do what do all unfolded back in March. You know the -- couples were staring you right right right and you know on the circuit -- -- -- will initially. On the -- are a lot like T well I mean I I wouldn't gain or like covered well certainly within the patriots beat -- lecture that was probably the worst be taken. But I I covered Pittsburgh -- recovered people Egypt Denver. And my mind neutral -- -- look at a lot better than what we're intelligent backup quarterback I also think. -- utilized well the -- -- it would be looking it would is you know has that ability. Now what happened here that your little hope that it happened because then figure that you -- And and and that's really demeaned redirecting of the blown up on us inside the fact that. It just doesn't perform well the other a lot of weapons around -- which are also factor. To a lot -- To perform well so basically all the things that could you know could go wrong we all figured might go off what people situation. -- -- -- -- I think the one thing you have to take place as well but. Not release stated right now. Is I think a lot of people ought to that people did you walk or where I want people to start which is actually in the opposite. -- people walker to recognize its managers that are quarterback. It's a diplomatic curriculum and local treatment because it dispatched. The bottom line is you know -- just -- figured early eighties and that and then. Tony Sparano committee is that a lot yeah for credit here. You know -- does this you know Arctic and simple wildcat. And frankly is wildcat -- Ronnie Brown was more active in this welcome Lonnie brown from global war will look at -- and vote which is preposterous to. Will mark how's this -- theories as we now know that coach offensive coordinator -- is not mr. creativity with this guy I think there's one plate direct snap to us two Tebow and he runs in the middle maligned for -- two yard gain if at that. -- -- The football people say we never wanted to in the first place we're not gonna try to maximize him to his potential here and to -- that points out that they had him foisted upon him and that there's no doubt in my mind and correct me if I'm wrong but this is what Johnson's guys -- woody Johnson's call the football people don't want it and they are not utilizing him to his ability. I think it's somewhere in the middle I don't cricket so the old draft that that that that that -- and didn't Waterman. And Panama I really truly do not believe this is actual leak. A Woody Johnson decision I think it was a lot to -- a lot to do it quickly what are they like. There's a lot here. And I do think Rex and on board I really do. -- Not purposely not you know that you utilizing guys. You know -- despite you know anticipated water because that's their coaching suicide it's a career suicide. He got a troubling gains literally -- jobs so. I think part of it is in -- Ferraro. Just you know it's not a real creative guy and you know -- -- sister -- up in buffalo now. Yeah I was really because it's regarded older more art to practice. The inner workings of well to beat the dolphins used. And I just explore a little overmatched for -- to -- -- I think you know you just. It looks like they're they're they're absolutely petrified obliterate them letting people particularly sharp Tebow and letting them. You know freely and to me what is -- all the way to keep those active duty to -- and live. Freelance in genius that that's the only way it's gonna work it some aren't you almost wonder the jets have been so. Free of her intentions right. That it's almost like. They were there're there're afraid of people -- to what success it'll create problems. That you would you just mentioned a minute ago it all figured it would that you don't want -- he is not and it's. That -- the real worry that people like this are we right wing Serbs and -- redo it. He'd do and you know on the center that was stronger it would he's you know he's got a ship. For horse power support actor but I you know back I don't think the people started the actors I think you know. It could very complicated situation say and they certainly haven't handled it well from coaching him. You know -- -- -- has been utilized. Yeah I mean look I sort I was at a record columns -- you know what this whole -- right projected. Tebow was within them a game or maybe -- -- our ability and that was sort touched on it throw it charged at a court order to. Mark is it fair to say that while Mark Sanchez is about a quarter -- Tim Tebow and I agree with yet. The Mark Sanchez still isn't good enough quarterback to be a viable alternative in the NFL his. I think Pete Carroll was probably right he didn't seem to be ready when he got here and he doesn't seem to have improved much. Here are. I am not trying to be affected apologist or I swear -- not but I just I'm not completely convinced that Sanchez in the it is the absolute failure but he believes he has an extreme this guy performed. In the big games that he's played in his career and perform really well -- you see seated against the patriot. Is important are important you are. An -- if it's hard for me to say that. There are -- -- a police torrent couples to apply gates. I mean you know some guys immediately and no running game is that -- the average mediocre running back of the pack. You know that anybody for the -- -- to pass catcher in the offered a warning has -- like an episode title to this sound like you know to -- to our listeners -- around. -- -- -- and I looked up and I it would more more urgent -- not but I -- really really believe. Yes and -- corporate side. He can be good quarterback not match and well it just hasn't done and I and I think he can make the argument people which -- which currently Brady can view. Which like Drew Brees and Eli Manning can do. I have not seen. Its ability to lift on his shoulders and carry you you know -- -- in baton. So you know you could certainly the argument -- mean a lot more conscientious for being successful. But. OK I mean you know most quarterbacks -- -- in the -- it would be. You know everybody is not Tom Brady and and Drew Brees and you know since I just I don't undercut support between. I just don't think it has the and that it appears -- seen him do. And it's so early part of this that the I can't do. We are talking with mark Canas -- New York Post and -- the rams game indicate to you. That the coaching staff has decided to ask less of Sanchez offensively to simplify. A good question. I I think the rams games certainly. Showed me that they or their electronic -- commitment to run all. Which I think you'll certainly see as patriot. But then again you know the patriot competitors in the secondary source told that kind of you know -- that. What do we do here we try to take advantage of the secondary -- interest rates secondary. You know but I do think that did you try to get back to their formula -- a formula has been used to it. There has not turned the ball we're making mistakes protect them. Get you know -- stay committed to running game and yet keep it a little bit more simple for lack of a better word. Because that is the way -- -- it was just the past kind of like I was saying before you know if you look at the guys around -- played -- Don't make a bold statement it is for example of Seattle when he you know that the -- goal line which you know you I want to throw. You know -- certificate to try to get back at us that -- Ask for Thursday's game do you see any possibility that the jets will be looking back at week seven when Sanchez went 28 of 41 for 320 yards a touchdown and took the patriots overtime and said. Let's take the reins off him again let's and just go crazy against this defense of secondary or will they stay in the conservative mode that you just described. I think they'll probably babysit babies that trip so into it and hope that they can run ball control the clock a little bit but it comes to that. They like picnics and placed them in Illinois and then I think you know certainly -- -- and have to do that but I don't think they'll go into the games ago. Do you think Rex Ryan. Long term is a good head football coach in the National Football League. I do I Obama I look correct excesses laws. But I think it works -- -- record in the big brings an erection can motivate their players like warm. And I think Rex is a pretty good -- patient I think you can get better on the opposite side of the ball without question -- -- beautiful person essay that. But I can think -- where they worked as a special. Coaching gene that makes it different and an earlier statement contracts. I direct you think he has some extractor -- and coach to be successful. We're all intents and purposes if the patriots knock off the jets on Thanksgiving. Is the jets' season over. Absolutely they're very motivated to recover from. I think I think they -- miracle and now where. You know they. I think he's got a lately they can't they they're not to run the table afterwards and there's -- -- -- -- -- you know Thursday's episode of law they lose. They're not run on the table and ate meat market in the playoffs. -- you don't you don't mean that means Bart Scott will be piston or anything to via. You know right daily -- you know wait for parks got to continue to keep his mouth shut -- -- -- I expect in the league OK and -- you know. Look at Altria Group and and and an alert here in -- -- -- -- another big play and be part of government collapsed -- Final question for me mark based on what you know based on what you hear based on what the coach's seat in practice with Tim Tebow running whatever amount of the scout squad he runs. Would the world be shocked. If Mark Sanchez got injured. Tebow came in and shocked at that level or lack of level at which he plays and I know we saw last year is different system different team. Would we be shocked having seen what the code to see in practice of Tebow. Now I I actually think that people -- a command get the trojans obviously a completely captains and you know agreed to figure out there and but no I feel people you know people knock it completely -- -- at quarterback as you know I spoke repeated that are being that the the guy that you know that helped lead team to playoffs last year. You know I mean. I'm at Pittsburgh game and that would -- There's been a lot of weird looking things happened to -- and -- question a question that was just a lot of on any. Saying that it could spur game he was -- -- -- -- -- just -- it Broncos receiver. But I thought that well that we've sorted and various congress to win a game that -- -- Was majestic you know and and we don't stretch or not. I think are not not giving you know people that with -- -- -- yes but he spoke to right on the money in stride at one games at twelve yard pass marked. And here -- the guy distributor so we are directed him. Yeah -- -- end and it's just. People go crazy about the pass in overtime I'm looking at a I mean to -- Thomas gets all the credit for in my. Robertson that he put ball right where it -- I'm not trying to -- a while not try to make Tea Party guy here you know I mean I'm just saying. You know. The guy is not in people look at this guy and I look at the what did you use -- even accidentally threw two weeks ago Seattle. They were like he it was like -- you know I just just just. Whatever it looked like there -- pictures -- portable these little workshop predictable rhetoric early. Look at got the ball to -- torture pastel -- earlier every year they're that that. Jason Hill dropped it would it would take it gives it broad. All we should be here out of -- -- local on Sunday a little shall Africa there. The current but anyway I just. I'm not people are people who are earning one -- the other thing some people. Some people look at Tom Brady for example and and it never ever losing -- Robert -- of the game. Mean where he cracked and what are you currently at -- you know it's still believe that's corporate leader the you know and on the other side and expansion has not -- inept idiots that are actually here. And it -- Tebow is no you know at least a viable -- a quarterback at -- lead the league you know. Good luck where -- yes it's important. -- -- you know. That article pretty good. So you are. Another got a controversy raging out of San Francisco it is are you are allowed to record our bar is to know why he sure did. He sure did jets' week here in New England pats -- in New York it's a short week a final week Mark -- -- New York Post thanks for taking some time we appreciated. Marquette -- air with these and see New York Post on AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TD.

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