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Comedian Lenny Clarke drops by D&C

Nov 20, 2012|

Legendary Boston comedian Lenny Clarke joins the guys in studio to talk about an array of subjects including his relationship with Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. Lenny also reveals that he doesn’t tweet, never will tweet, and will find the imposter who is tweeting under his name.

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Thanksgiving wake jets' week gronkowski. -- week. Germany's in the studio are good Allie Clark Howard I god John Jerry I don't great how -- Thanksgiving to you happy Thanksgiving at a stealing your house Thanksgiving. What you know we give a big fan yet I mean if anything that the floor was like a -- But not when you're you know report family and you know. The food -- -- so because you're rich and famous you have to posts everybody your place now yes yeah. They all the ultimate venue well -- that the event that we do we do would appear in my house. And we just have to pay for her death that's fine that's fine and at the cook you know -- -- -- -- annually dissented was in. When will real and what's called her clear -- -- -- history. Nobody. I -- bombs I don't know but it is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Probably because -- in point you -- Put you in that category -- -- working awful I cry like it's what do you blame them. I've played one of his buddies cannot -- dale comes to my house and play catch up and it -- gossip plus those qualities. -- it was gorgeous but who insisted though it was one is. Real lot of what's the gist of the movie would have given us two well known this guy in Connecticut if I don't let me see evidence that was a script. There was a script it was fantastic -- in addition one script does that department as you're like yeah acumen and analyze it in. If it's about a guy who invest in electric company and they before goes public he takes his money and they lose like a billion. And the guy moves in on the -- -- heightened sense and sounds like a flop -- dollars add to it's it's on Larry yeah or just direct a -- -- -- Larry -- and yet it's presented Jon and Kate Hudson and it amended and McBride and Michael Keaton and with the tremendous yes I did laws protect promote. Yeah. Because that relationship what we have absolutely Larry was asking for us I imagined. Because if things -- happen championship it's back it's another thing. If you absolutely turn left right disappears who is this in while that you -- practical. That's an -- out of his big threats what I have to lose then I'd be on a market -- and I'm. I'm good I'm good anorexic. Donna nice elite I'm afraid I I want and I'll just worked out just watch and look is still -- -- in the mirror every day. I -- -- order -- -- -- -- you used to do that justice it was delivered right now like it ignites a benevolent out of my -- did you hear that when men lose -- we -- -- At their penis growth not -- that you wrote I take. When I was 388 and desktop yet creative about them. And I get the floor again I don't need a goal but that -- regretted that with him by giving him and you can you hit on a beautiful to me and it's. And I was so upset I took the rules -- -- That is dot that is -- this and documents. In the -- When it was something else and he said one of the real thing I'm. Used to -- -- -- -- -- fat. -- what you lose weight and it'll come back -- -- really show us how many pounds. I was walking by his office and I Simon and presses moment. I'd I'd look at every once I'd left and -- was loads of people and equities. He's another satisfied -- us now is it just perception is that. No -- it's the real deal it's I mean it's a real bill I mean I was born. Everyone's happy yeah. I was so fat she said it's the opening of the people that's that's -- You know what we started off the showed -- ended you know -- -- Killen and the -- go and and Michael -- because you know they were. Moon. And Belichick and I would deferential to Belichick and then on -- and deal mostly anyway. We try to come up with a name them in -- Belichick's people Belichick ball boys' side on Belichick's -- bitches and people come up with a number names you'll be the captain of that team. Check they could find him within a bloody dead girl live boy it would matter -- you would say the bill is right he's bill actually -- -- yes he can go into a banquet is ski mask and -- table -- had an apathetic. About it but you know I mean he's a -- -- and a mean final question to you from questioning something he does. Well -- when it comes to -- -- comes to football definitely don't. Second guess Terry Francona very successful -- -- love to wish to have a government but you of course you what you would question some moves you would say what -- he do this penchant for this guy wanted to pull this -- so what are the case may -- you that would Belichick you would look at Belichick Wednesday. If properly should have been in there I picked as you do you want this -- any -- cast of black people like up a medieval. -- I think a public plan I don't care if he's not accused he'll want to not this week but he'll that you know like today. Double edged up to be taken people out. But you know you're though he won't come until so funny Belichick is Belichick is funny I think he should show that when he like goes on the big show or goes in front of the media should he do -- Rex Ryan and entertain us. Not not -- -- -- you know what I wouldn't look -- he's got his own way of bottom and I tell you that's up upfield. And what were routed terrorism he's discovered enemy really -- and -- Shared with you why he is that way because it's obviously it's a doctor Jekyll mr. Hyde type of situation funny and and and and two -- and then -- front of the media it's like. We'll do. Well you know -- look at -- I. I can't. I am well talk. The it is that what if I say the wrong not that I eat you know say it has been in his ear open to sit and Henry Kissinger seat next home game they'll -- that is probably west. -- -- -- -- I thought it was dead you know it came -- with a piano. All Israel yet but I mean it is still such a subject. We down. Yeah I was that again you would then did you -- -- here's a live person it's right next to me you need ice well you don't. Have. Call it naked is -- spot in his I don't think there's a compliment to the -- tailgate or anything after the war it was about Bobby bitches it's really sad about it was pounding Greg Jones. -- -- it's something -- -- much he'll get crazy by the end he was he was mystery when you get to sit at the right and lord Dino is an angle for that seat he has gotten you know -- when it you know obvious. But at the -- many times but I I traveled a -- India and I don't you know it's of people -- -- -- don't want them up like him in there -- -- -- like I suppose -- but ultimately some of my other friends -- on August pork. And -- that was a weird one -- -- just yeah. Immediately yeah now I -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- that. That was. I went and checked I knew was template to check pictures to life line majors still occupied and and it. I never heard that he was football and we knew Nixon was a big football fan did you ever think Henry K maybe not a -- I rejected to -- agreement with these -- it is with. It was a little strange but you'd think Belichick opened a little accuses Turkoglu you do a good guy he's under his belt why isn't that the capital and in. That. We liked him in its rate it's nice to have coach Belichick and you to coach Parcells. I thought process. I apologize -- -- he's -- speaking at jets' week would you make of this I take the jet and -- -- -- everything about it. Its -- they want this past week to make this game. Cause I mean listen I just. It's funny I watch it -- we Tennessee ranks right gain. Even had -- what. He's gay it's -- these gains them back. -- -- some people eat right food and a man I just a yeah. I need an explanation here told those fallen on Twitter laughed a couple of your tweets -- and to give you one -- it says growing up I mentioned 2012 will be full flying -- and laser guns and stuff nope. We have blanket with sleeves. Let me that's not me that's not you guys -- -- glad I don't tweet tweet what that's. I don't know how I can't even spell might object goes forget it and stop light years ago and I've ever you. You wrote me an email one time and it was one -- and its and I said you know -- said I think you left the left though you know some periods -- punctuation from. Yeah yeah answers that punctuation is Olympics it's a great quote punctuation. Is a pussycat. Yeah exactly going to be careful with him but you know I always worried about the -- tweets that because I knew 11 night I just happened to attempt an academic. And now I mean I can't wait to meet this little maggot it's it's cowardly magazines that. Because it looks like it's me you know and it's a form that -- but it do you let the clock. -- -- the political. And minds as quick charm and everything like that's -- yeah fraud that's fraud that is fraud and did this and a lot of stuff that I would never say. And it's not funny whoever you like -- not funny you most people of this state not the real Bill Walton for example on not a real bright and it seems like illegal and it's a budget. The one -- the one thing that I had. I cited some kids are going to order gauntlet of people think it meant the NC synthesis. Put this kid's a moron and an I got to get a private I'm working and if that any people that it. Packages -- listen the -- which I know you -- if I -- -- -- to like uncle who was policy Lenny -- not gonna go with it well you know one we did a FaceBook years ago. That was hijacked by some Italian broad. Like the second -- did I really about average I I don't know because I like I don't speak Italian it. But that was hijacked and that is what it exactly that it's not me. So to stop the entitlement among them on fall -- whoever this young magazine Paul I've fallen and and -- will give out and gamble like ticketed him and call an end and you're never gonna -- Probably not because just because it I mean people that suited to lead and you know like what what -- wanted to blog them. But I just you know I knew something like this would happen but I never saw it did not object but but it's it's definitely maybe they wouldn't get in trouble by saying anything on Twitter that it should trouble -- issue would not you are not -- on the -- yourself editing all the time -- I'm self editing it private conversations. Political differences and has gone so -- -- it hurts I mean it. It's you know I mean you guys -- if he has. I create bottom up you know I don't go appropriate piece I go would what's in the news what's happening right and what the crowd is really change from show to show I -- the show the second show they're completely give up I got shot attempt. You can you tell -- what you had a caller from LA -- -- studio to be careful although it's scary I mean you're on stage since August I don't need to be careful. They said to me you he'll be better abuse the Edward and the F -- -- -- the F word and what it's a three letter word that regards to gay people pilot. Oh yeah yeah yeah AK is that what now you can't sit evidently that's offensive to people who have moral second -- each other but. An epidemic but what about may quite frankly I'm appalled -- what does -- might fail right and I can't. Everything was -- was was there a moment -- it would it shift was gradually Kramer onstage was that the mall when he became a big stock you could still do that that you couldn't be on TV sitcoms and movies which is what. I've had to elect the -- guy in New York area idea at all oh I don't -- Jones I -- them easy to Bristol as you know that star vehicles -- he -- and screw yeah yeah but that but I'm I am all from. Me let's put this. Had a had this happen to me when I first -- -- the -- up but now -- -- -- -- -- -- 35 years in a tool for that yet so everything has changed. And it's -- I think it's really ruined a lot of good -- do you think you're less funny and you were ten years ago. You know less edgy I'm definitely less edgy yeah definitely it's only because I've been forced to leave that everything is changed analyst when he has a look at again and and -- people trying to smoke. And a red jacket on reject its Jewish people stepping over people wallowing in their home -- to get them -- I don't. I I right he's not smoke you know what he's on I told us -- better than ever because he goes on this angry rant about the state of -- -- -- the world. And it and it's it's almost to the point where it's in its political diatribe at port and and and not just the comedy -- I loved it I absolutely I think biscuits and the children in the. I -- I scare everyone I mean I think it because it's insane what would. You can lie above being a metal on one you know what you -- rate as we give to a veterans and you're gonna lie about that it's okay they covered utilized by witnesses. -- Indian descent. I don't like it I drank too old book bears again I don't claim to be a vikings yeah do you got to draw the lines so I think that algorithms and metal on wanted to get that. The medal of what medals. It doesn't at a -- we can -- whatever it and it. You know if you can't afford college changing -- in economy is strengthening the GOLF -- aren't -- get -- Front gradually fifteen years ago styrofoam illegal in any -- Brookline you're laughter advocate open out of it now real. -- I think we got to bring you don't bags -- cynics can no bags no styrofoam so what do you do drink at a game. They're starting to. Do away with drive throughs because your car idols as you wait for your bird come to the window. -- eventually will delay would count as altogether and we'll have to to kill the obesity problem that's the tool of the -- He's -- Richard obesity you know they should look at -- -- -- economy and there are people that is it that -- and decisive victory. And I'm not about about odd odd odd -- heavy people -- -- the -- factors at least the call me fat. All the time and it would (%expletive) me up at the right I was -- -- I was morbidly all be well. Okay -- good yeah. If it. You're -- -- fact that you had gotten when Bloomberg. In surveyed the damage from sandy liquid from like it and grabbed the sixteen ounce sodas out of people's hands this year and it destroyed homes on the ropes. All they'll war of the -- worldly belongings gone but didn't have a big deal tonight I'm about an eleven we'll lock you up. I mean it's unbelievable and and -- it if you opt. Illegal alien I take it back if you are vote on the docket you don't know the voters is what. No permanent visited to I guess is what you accomplished because I went down to Mexico to get a -- is nobody did the -- and LS. So if you wanna get away from people go to Mexico the -- -- wide open. Hey Dick we knew and do you know one on your diet is is that was at the end of hostess as we now. I tell you what I know I wiped out 33. Chris secret -- -- -- Malia because -- -- -- -- that was you that was -- -- called -- -- -- I used to drive across lanes and mediums to get the when the red light was on -- hot. And I convinced him but ultimately it's on their free. -- -- the downside you lose and a buck eighty in which your your great opening line when you were 388 when you on the stage and I know what you can Tuesday. -- fact that I possibly. And you I'm glad that anorexia pro -- I. Go to elevated in people look at me and look at the -- -- -- -- -- that's right update result you can't go that way and what do you got coming up you giggles back to Eagles once they -- -- Joseph Friday two shows that day. And Hammond do -- -- with the GO Andrews tomorrow Boston Children's Hospital -- and you know it it's you know again at some charity were coming up but -- -- -- yeah charity. Alaska. Solo show Friday night he giggles two shows Saturday -- giggles always a pleasure to right guys thank you so much at that we get the red -- can even go one. Yeah and I as a about -- we'll be right back.

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