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Monday, November 19th Whiner Line

Nov 19, 2012|

"Well you can't take all 11 guys out can you ?!?!"

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View as an excuse views expressed and expressed. My life these cars like -- -- TE Chris Cox. This -- discretionary box. -- -- And now. Laura your line. There running and -- They're not call off the dogs they're doing things that most teams don't do it and you know level would want. But it's a good thing okay is that can I say that and now what do I have to say they're not running and -- does no such thing as running on -- yeah. Pentagon's wish you wanna begin in the third quarter they win the ball locked Atmel. WEEI. Warning airlines they set aside everything to worship as he homers for this guy and believe me it didn't get told it's a localized thing it's only happening here and by the way they signed the deal earlier we don't change the argument -- one Everett on this program or any others -- Take out all eleven dial 6177793535. -- we understand you can't take all eleven guys on defense and eleven guys on offense and we understand there's a 45 man roster we're talking about wholesale replacements and putting the second and third team in -- -- we understand all that don't try to read -- your argument to. Well you can't take I haven't -- -- eleven other guys in love. Course you can and now on you can have -- selection can change. You can you can you can take your quarterback got your you're don't read don't -- -- -- don't large Maroney out even explain it. I'm glad that I Danielle -- is no bobcat -- judge wanted to -- -- what you can't take an avenue guys output eleven other guys in the WE nine we whiner line. Quite a -- -- how what -- do an entire show. But those character whose own words his wife Jerri that you definitely now -- John. Glad to know what but we also Anderson that is. Can't can't call it. -- -- guys about him Muppets. Somebody does that somebody needs to her gallery and somebody needs to replay the the videotaped him for a for Dino he took Barack out of the game. I Greg was out of the game should've been happy -- -- -- -- out of the game. Putting some weight room kicking team when -- elect and -- -- he explained earlier. The budget and then whoever plays out why not tie the score got the attention at all about it. I get it. So may be what you need to do what you need to change tomorrow in your program the roles for the kicking game that -- -- and have substitutions to get into. I enjoyed quite a lot and is powered by AT&T WEEI -- available on your iPhone or android and Blackberry device. And it's brought you why AT&T AT&T forgy LTE would speeds up to activity can tax -- JPEG ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible -- the digital products on the Friday night. Which one but on Friday and all moved it must shoot chip on turnout for that good so the one who was a winner on some dude. Some guy I want I don't know his -- -- OK I know somebody wants to our Fall River and -- and I didn't tailgate party you guys are used to that you've done you know we always literary term if he co hosting with -- to yes I -- -- Ryder -- me advice on over to apologize I don't -- right channel -- -- I don't know exactly in double -- beyond that night I saw I had I put the -- on. So adamant and guidelines so right it goes and does something else you put an internal as they call those figures show. I think there is no discernible difference in the program. That -- good in Britain. Let's nice not a crime -- is. Solved or were they -- narrative I did -- he worked many eighteen hour days answered yeah so how was it that he was pretty -- Burton who. Jared -- almost. Any. Yeah that's real talk about it well it's obvious the other night announced it. I do on Saturday night and my wife it was awesome Douglas would just like nobody's had been so long since you taught me their -- -- infusion came down here on Monday. You can enjoy adult meals won't look guys let's talk about your we'd get another time and get to the -- I don't mind I have to fight over the -- with the -- but obviously a big trees -- -- reflects our brain drain the again. And Arlington street Boston. All right and let's just to stop -- That -- I have. That's not at the end up the cable at. Easily go either way even if it -- I would think so -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You last. Year's report and it should make you all. Know. That you simply. I would watch the ballpark. Outside and just -- Heidi one year. Connecticut the announcement last call government announced that depends on you can do it I don't I've not given details when I get details okay what did you -- the specifics now obviously -- job because -- -- -- assays are coming back to the girls. I woke up but it might break month on me and I don't -- -- it could've been the don't do that pullback. -- what -- -- Detroit Pistons are now I don't like god. In the the arena announcer and -- or at least nation and he used to be. Funny when they were really never good because you know you you almost -- -- out our interest in when -- teams when you came Sox. Nobody fair and nobody's there arena yet nobody Rodney Stuckey. As no impact what's one. I've -- people out the I'm the president. The decrypt it would be that bad I'd. Definitely want it I pocket they haven't been bad I. I would -- -- out but I thought -- -- -- -- -- I have bad about it and and I agreed that our -- you can't leave monopoly out. I bet you won't. And Matt Kenseth Carl rusty -- by the gallon is like four hawks. It's unbelievable -- -- us when he and they against. Anybody that and -- -- -- it was and they did. You know. I have got a bad bad bad. About it and I got evidence that has. A you can't make this stuff up. Morning epic giggling and flirting and Tom -- are the morning guys again that ballot. Don't know that that doesn't carry that -- high school quote that the thought that I growth areas and -- Yeah Kevin Callahan has an idea and it kind of pick it up -- more -- one point -- -- wave the white. Kick extra point. And now it's it's a localized thing it's just localized. Well I think -- what this whole morning up by -- bush should be over wade made it and would have picked -- well ballot red and white and above the ball up. Go to bed but -- -- the problem by the board and I think -- Betty good fit then. I'm a morning show and then let -- -- have bigger threat but it. And many and -- right into the trap a variety in his -- to run -- pentagon and he said when in Rome. -- Okay Robert Kraft. But I don't know attack they've tripled apple one would -- that didn't leadership and the ball -- like Dennis and Callahan. One of the guys that can -- to try -- for that job because she she fell into the same trap of major Ron Borges is hard porch. -- I think I can't help break an idiot -- complaining about that you know or about again. Topics -- about it and it could have played it cool quite -- and -- -- Belichick accurate and they're right that didn't -- sixty minutes but this isn't a sixteen game. The thought an upward trend from good bet that. It's better to win the war are rather than a battle. And -- message. Just let it there's there's something about that line note this kind of distasteful. Yell -- -- that he gives you plenty of fodder that you know make fun of him you know. Bring his dead father and two and I think if you know. That's it rank. You know we're loved the interview with a -- -- gradient array led -- cotton -- what what you guys did -- cut them out hey it. A glass of water. And I'm not only that it sounds like. Hostage. It is personality to whose duties. On four hours bottled water right here right here just crushed -- -- last week and don't Wimbledon. Actually handles the years. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Respect the stick truck team to take makes -- the summit due -- Well I'm afraid as the next yeah. Figure it is a little. So we wouldn't chips while. Yeah -- -- Bet that a Italy and -- said -- bad bad bad bad and I think that's what it is that somebody and I'd have to -- that home that day. And after that I assume he's my favorite felon right now -- Remember why a couple of years ago when you back Brett Favre and running back at the same time and the like. Tackle them both. And drove them back yard that was dot com. And then -- We just 'cause us. So glad that I broke him four. Robert Bennett had a lot of video -- -- -- -- -- concept and I can't take I will be split. And that -- it. And things I guess you're right it. But what I. Older man this thing called. Pretty bad being home bred. Watch pro war we've. These appear. Good games. And that -- had cleared waivers today. Yeah out blocked and do what I guess what they call that they don't now. Spot that you never broken forearm. How this little guy can upgrade to. Good candidate and up. And it would be juries response to us. They aren't. -- Adam and -- area that they're. He's come here thank of the mobile. And look up -- all -- 3638. And 39. -- a role. Played him on game. -- And secondly I like they were they were like five right now I don't even know in Arabic the people who don't even know right. About I can't even get into it with two minutes or take his Jewish -- -- on the sole often with players who have left. And gone to other teams. They only care about their team they want their team to win that's what it's all about laundry and that's why it's all well at a yankees. He'll get back here eventually they'll tournaments of the patriots hall of fame or whatever and the same people and we sit there adoring him to death. We -- understand how the game -- played I can't we get on those fans forget honestly sorry. Beijing now created what some moderate I am not I'm not taught accurately equipment left. I was -- that I want you won't talk about national campaign. And mentos -- -- see that justice and I think it brings them back to earth now CBS CBS at the real moments -- they stayed with that yeah -- okay we know what's happening here look forward to resolve. Of course I'm not gonna watch -- my -- no good. -- -- -- Really try to get it out of their hostels public the one who went to the Bronx science -- -- -- bitches -- there. I don't know equipment I'm so glad I don't have a great show but it's not rocket I mean that's -- -- but you know the funny thing about that was they showed the judge Joseph -- They couldn't get off that side because the guy who brought in the control is laughing his ass -- at at this moment of the next you'll love it. Happy birthday you app that got. -- -- -- -- That was a sweet little -- right guys there's three do. The awful heat can't. -- -- -- -- -- Yet beyond what O'Connor hey if you bet your wife but -- -- whole ball. I don't know you got it right -- -- our -- -- got it right. Pulse actually use the big picture my -- -- -- -- -- The Atlanta and Israel DNA had been sent to crappy connection are -- okay -- the poor girl she's driving on the left side of the road. Steve from Falwell -- let's let's do that ice team. Yeah. Should ever been overcharged for years among the radio. It's long Brady got up and ask him to just pop pop pop -- -- -- to -- -- country club. Don't hesitate. Is so popular. But good back. -- that was jet -- run it up. Yeah this job I've enjoyed a lot of power but AT&T AT&T four GL TE was speeds up to around ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible.

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