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Should Rob Gronkowski been out of the game sooner? Could his arm injury have been prevented?

Nov 19, 2012|

We discuss the topic du jour, mainly the controversy about whether Rob Gronkowski should have been in on the "meaningless" extra point at the end of the game which cost him 4-8 weeks of the season with a broken fore-arm. We discuss it, and try and tackle both sides of the issue.

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I -- the best show we apologize the first hour got to get out of whack because we did a long segment there -- bill bella checked. And -- -- -- -- backed up with a couple spot breaks so we open up the full lunch for you right now it's 617. 7797937. We'll talk a little bit about yesterday's game. Little bit about this whole controversy that always seems to pop up. -- a player gets hurt late in the game why was he out there and we just noted grant wasn't out there. He was taken off the field because as Belichick told us in the last hour he wanted to try some other people wasn't necessarily -- -- -- -- out of the game. Because he was afraid of -- getting hurt but he wanted to try some of the other people. Daniel fells was not activated for yesterday's game. But. He did have two other tight ends and he obviously wanted to give some -- on -- and it just as it is. You're on the kicking team you go out there back in the kicking -- he won't back out for one to play any ends up getting injured in a bizarre. And therefore look. A fluke and short notice. Are you look at it if that's the play. And it's hard to believe that's the play because we've seen it. Several times have a warm also you look at it the other place here and I'm telling you just doesn't look like he assured a -- previous play though we came down harder on that second touchdown. On the left side he had an eleven yard gain in the middle of the field that was the last pass he cannot. And that then down. That series where they went up 45 to 44 look like he came down hard again on the left side. But he got up would know -- we saw him later on moving his hands around. It was that -- like. -- -- -- Yeah you don't see much there quite honestly and there's not a lot of contact. They were Sergio Brown went right around him right it was under Eminem. That was it locked up field and as soon as he walked up to -- the found doctor -- doctor -- found him and and he was also locker room but but three weeks is a lot more. Optimistic than most people thought last night. And earlier today. -- back to the phone calls -- he urged geno won Atlanta hey -- It was meant so -- argument. From doing good that I actually delivered really about this legislation for parliament about the I'm not buying things that impact on illegal are bitter because. I think that they you know they'll probably need to dimple -- -- -- -- and that. Wolf -- you know build chicks dig it. Is little idiosyncrasies that he had in being that he that we keep on the it is seems -- be the same thing that separates him from everyone else. And -- -- that it jails operated on that they -- -- shot on number eighty I right now appeared are jumping and I snapped the ball because. I mean other teams just don't epochal. With the mine bit support and I've -- -- away and 82. And I mean I'm just behind you whatever you doesn't mean he was out of the game even that -- -- that you got to protect your kicker you better. You can get from the Linear and change things so I mean I think we're reacting with the whole you know he should have been should have been taking these -- Phillies Hillary's and it's happening geno is because. I've heard it's as simple as that -- These things happen these things happen at the end of the buffalo game when he had 52 points. And and nobody was thinking about it I mean -- was there nobody thought about it now because you didn't get hurt. Once somebody waiting getting calls you want money now we we we did -- less strain -- an important player gets hurt or your favorite player gets hurt. You start to go over know the what ifs what could have been them it's as simple as that right. There's no way of -- -- that there's no way of getting around it. And end and you heard Belichick's answer him in the last hour it's not like in you -- college all the time. Because you've got 95 -- is obscuring your team. So you can put guys out the you've got seniors late in the season may only take a couple snaps the whole year long. They're basically practiced players walk on guys. And you you play that Lleyton in one of those games. The pros you don't have that. You're you really don't I'm looking at the players that route there -- -- ironically. It was grown. I was the guy who was not out -- on that last series. And it Belichick claims that he wasn't out there because they wanted to give the guys an opportunity to play it wasn't about being injured. But if you look at everybody else I'm looking at -- was out there he had a huge game what did you take him out. -- -- -- He wouldn't be able to duplicate that in the Internet especially Jackson especially considering that he's been he's been banged up a lot this year while I was out there. Lowe it was up to you read all of your regulars out there. Brought it was the one guy. That was on the -- He was on the sideline and he ends up coming out on the in the kicking unit. Because that's part of his unit he's on that he's on that -- a kicking your that you can't sit there and make Gary's substitutions about it. -- it's so float this one. If the quarterback gets her late in the game. In the last few minutes -- a wireless beyond -- you've got to gripe I think he got a gripe if it's a blow out. Because don't do the guy that's the most important gang your team -- the quarterback. So we're dealing with -- Brady get her yesterday that maybe you know the soccer moms and and others out there might have a legitimate argument. With -- this is a real stretch especially when he wasn't out there for that series they had already pulled them. Off the field. -- Brady is talked about this before I thought very eloquently. In fact on DNC and he talked about it. When they were bringing it up the first time in 2007. And eventually they got the point where it. Or either they asked him about it or he wanted to bring it up because I think you've heard enough about running up the scores that we gave his take. And I don't know if you remember this that was fast I did I cannot create did a great job he really broken down. He laid it all out there. My quick break again promise we get right to the phone calls next its national chairman you have 7797937. You've had that a couple times elegant. But what what what do you mean by that I don't -- I don't -- -- -- way to do that are waiting for the Dale Arnold well I do. Bucket of so they are really really prom with would John's argument is that growth was on the sidelines -- only one out there. For that one play that one play that he went out here for. If he's -- the kicking tee and you can't suddenly make substitutions on the kicking game because he plays a vital part of it he's the wing or the right side. So. Ryan -- -- Winger on the left side you can't suddenly start substituting around or as Belichick says. And suddenly what happened your kicking you put your kicker in jeopardy if you don't wanna do that it's one play. How often do guys get hurt you -- injuries in the National Football League on a PH. -- could you have for remembering -- and actresses make carjacker perhaps -- gonna get sort of wholesaler. I don't know maybe the -- will talk to the -- that was maybe just maybe that's boss -- you know it's time remember gramatica that was on the field goal. -- we'll start start celebrating yet and touring the united from -- celebration -- -- you know it's just -- -- -- -- -- -- offer. Should David Jamaica Plain what's up Dave. Our general and added that go figure what else they regime is going on yeah. Well I don't know exactly -- and noble book but this idea I improbable what -- With -- -- and ordinary they would handle it a couple of high school girl goes through and it was interpreted and -- Wasn't Luke Martin McMahon and it was so close and it was they would go there but it would acquire. Lot has not met -- what was many and there are many holes you always plush sport on this morning a negative I. I'm an Atlanta with third and an Israeli -- you know it was. I don't know all of the oil and can't -- I don't -- why -- into Libby told. Then I can tell the woman and has some weird practices Hewlett witchcraft and stuff like that Kevin has privately don't -- it. Talking about that today they're -- -- I hope I hope that they are that they. But watching and I mean it took an eyeball look I just never really you know I'll put -- quite a bit where. -- -- -- -- -- I mean it's really no it wouldn't you know it I don't know what the odds with the change and -- -- something like all of the people watch. It. What -- let me let me ask you this them. How is it different than any other football season except sometimes it takes longer to expose those flaws patriots won eighteen games in a -- And then they followed a flaw in the flaw was that if you got four games up front that can rush the quarterback without any assistance. You make it very difficult for Tom Brady to throw the football. It couldn't it couldn't get a couple. I mean it looked like it's you know there's I mean obviously the -- -- eighties they incorporated tremendous defense isn't as it. But the ballot I mean I literally the only. I guess but -- say it's so wide open it's going to be a lot of fun to watch that whole thing come on Mr. President. You're right it's a lot you know he had a third. You know I mean nobody even into the lip of the clear cut favorite and work like memoir -- -- -- -- I -- -- -- -- they're just a little odd ball but that it is going to be a lot of fun. Now they're different from your point immediately if you think about it is you can say Green -- while not Green Bay. You know they've they've had their issues and injuries you don't know what Chicago well Cutler has heard you talk about -- just go well Alex Smith does is hurt him in his can ultimately the office and go on and off on the right every game at -- something. I'm pretty shocked yes they were all there entering -- think that I hope you know I mean it's it's almost. It's almost it's a look at who locker room thing is that when -- right now. We'll watch it like that happen though and I think we know that the one thing we do know after ten weeks I think we know for more than we did a few weeks ago. In the NFL people joke about the -- the ten week cycle of the Thanksgiving cycle. But it's accurate you start to figure out teams. We we have learned over the years that Detroit is the most undisciplined team in the National Football League they are loaded with well. And they carry no discipline whatsoever there is Oakland there's always -- no -- just not to go. And then there's only actually it was a passage does well at Cincinnati. But you should -- -- Michael. And got names while I'd to me let's head -- -- they got some names. But you know if you look at a team that doesn't have obvious flaw. It's a team that -- life and death yesterday with Jackson. Other you'd say well what are they doing going overtime against Jacksonville did well Billy bush that vehemently agreed defense okay imports. They went to overtime the queue up a ton of points against a terrible team and what happened they -- So they're flaws well let's applaud the Texans. Playing on the road no. Losing its integration goes through now. Running game now quarterback. Really -- probably the most well rounded of those teams if you look at every single area. I still think there are some I defensively well well I think -- still don't like about. I I just to -- they're not there's nobody to its head and shoulders above anybody else in the in this league right now you have. They're probably. 617. Is that we can name right now anyone of them could win the super ball. And I've taken many years you can go back and after week 100. By the way those have been accurate either because two years the giants of -- nobody thought even. After week 1011 or twelve or thirteen that they were going to be one of those -- so is there a team out at Cincinnati is thirteen out there. They can emerges and suddenly. Blossom would be it would be one of those the teams yet it's still -- up. Editing out to the gulf wars it is is Baltimore's well I can look at Baltimore's the defense is not the same. The one thing about -- at. I don't buy it by the way. I think game day they just haven't had a lot of guys that team have a knack. For coming up big plays and you saw another one last night from Ed Reed. It just have to helmet to helmet hit an -- -- can do it till it come up with some big plays the one thing about Baltimore and it's interesting. -- -- -- -- From Joseph Flacco what he does at home and what he doesn't wrote it's amazing -- that's a team that really needs to be one of the top two seeds in the -- no question hope. I gotta hope that the number one seed loses here because -- you have to go to Baltimore to play. Odds are against you Hamanaka. -- wanted to but if Roethlisberger is. Healthy in that game and I know we can look at Baltimore say they have. Key injuries on the defense side tracked but if Roethlisberger plays and I -- it's a different -- that's watching -- very little margin for error for all of these teams. Right now there's no team that's its head and shoulders above everybody else that's why I find it amusing today. To pick up the national stuff Peter King ranks number one and people our shown their defense sloth. And yet you went out of the wreck things defensively for yards given up and rushing yards given up. I think I think you -- showed navy. Maybe have to show the defense loves were about 42 minutes and I gave them in as as as we were saying the bill. And who will replace that interview later 5 o'clock hour. That. In the first eighteen minutes of that game. I thought it was going to be from a forty to thirty cents. It would just one of those games where colts came down and they scored from the patriots easily sustained drive no problem patriots could not score on the colts. Colts scored the patriots patriots scored the colts again and then. After that Donald Brown run like a hearing on nine yards and government run in the ball that well how do you stop them. The interception return for a touchdown by -- leave. Really changed the way the whole game was being -- I thought that patriots became a little more aggressive. It started playing. That they they really were getting up on the colts a little more after that moment than they were -- -- for. Well I think you also had a a rookie moment there you had the three and out. All these were reluctant frustrated went to the sideline. They -- had the punt return for a touchdown. And then right after that you had -- throwing the interception. In that very short frame of four or five minutes. The game was would rolling out of control. For -- you can see it with the way he was on the sideline or in front is frustrated and you're playing a really good team Michael -- it like -- New England Patriots. They just take advantage of that that is to -- to tell you that -- emotionally. The colts will start to Wear down Dave -- look at how many receivers dropped passes shortly after that that seemed to be the churning. The moment in this entire game. Well did you see anything from. -- I'll leave -- in dinner yesterday and I both had. Pick sixes did you see anything from either of those guys that make you think aren't. They can be all right secondary with their corner yes. -- outside of the pick six's yes but I've seen it with with doubted you and I've talked about a all season long. Yeah he's aggressive he's city's right and he's he shows you that. He seems together. He's just not really consistent now with Talib I thought that that second touchdown they have where. Were they they caught it on their knees or whatever what was what he'll cock was just a phenomenal throw. Realizing that the player had to go into their at a nominal zero and again and catch right -- to go into a bit. There was no way you could fall asleep but the first two on the sidelines first two passes on the sideline he separates -- All he's not journalists and drag on without him a very good very good record I was gonna say he's but to but he did the patriots of the patriot coaches but overall. Okay he came up with a big lie and then. He was great in the open in the open field and how he was dealing with -- only picked up all the yards. You know after the game we eat the senate passed -- started to conceal his legs were dragging that are couple times you could see receivers specially. Reggie Wayne beat him and and -- didn't get the Baltimore. But. He's. So I got to believe over the next few weeks you're adding a good player into a fairly weak -- it's got to be a -- right. Yeah and you saw some things yesterday I don't know if events will be able to do this against. Some really strong play ultimate security it was a dominating he was dominant yesterday cause you know a lot of cause a lot of Havoc and it didn't show up what you can see it. Especially with the replays. You know he would. He would get a lot of pressure from the put two guys on sometimes three guys on them. And he would force generally throw war. He would hit lock in it would affect the past he really was dominating force. All day long he was needed because early on they were in built talked about how they are running to that one side they were high targeting the law. You could see that was where they want to disrupt they wanted to get away from Vince and they wanted to go to that area that's where they wanted to run the football. And they had success doing so. They really did and they did the patriots made some adjustments. But. Budget -- was amidst a couple a couple of them a couple of notes from the game Obama met Kyle Arrington has lost. I don't know if he's lost all confidence he's lost a great deal of confidence to see where weariness of diamond have been definition receiver -- was this time last year really gain a lot of confidence from it was -- big plays. And -- is right now he seems a little lost. The penalty yesterday the forty yard penalty pass interference. Gave up some other place to. I don't I don't know what's going on him and the other thing that I notice yesterday was that and I want her and I felt that that this probably not. They screwed up on mail. They gave they gave Mayo he roughing the passer penalty for helmet to helmet contact that did not happen. I would grow up like yeah I do remember where he lets. That helmet into the shoulder. The shoulder of Andrew Luck and he never he never made helmet to helmet contact that's what they called for. And that fifteen yards in the 5924. Games he's -- as a matter. Let you can't he can't make those kind of mistakes. When the -- really matter I mean who knows what we don't know what the result what was gonna wait. We've talked many times about this and I don't know what -- defensive player does. If your job is to do two things. One it's to make sure you wrap up that quarterback -- you make sure that he can't get his arm up to be able to complete the past. Ninkovich -- you talked about earlier with bill many great play and yet -- still was able. To find the receiver sixty carts down the field so he didn't finish the job -- he should have come up -- actually taken a totally out of the picture. Certain to me. You can't play the game. As a defensive player anymore and wrap up to quarterback because it had nothing to do with weary hit them it simply you hit the quarterback. And you can't in midstream the defense a player can't sit there it's oh my -- -- want let's stop the stop frank stop it stop it is like here you're sitting in in the TV Booth. Let's stop it right -- OK I've got to understand the -- and make sure that they get this guy at this spot this bodies moving the other original the one thing I don't wanna do. Is I I don't wanna keep him -- homer get -- you can't do that. You play the game and -- -- there's a certain point where you wanna change the way your planet than than you can make those those changes whichever ones you can make as an example an offensive line you have some offensive line and so. Can't pick five guys around put two in somebody's got to play somebody got to play receivers somebody's got to caramel some of these. He's got to do their thing. Worse situation there was that he had two of his offensive -- out of yesterday's game including his best offensive -- In Logan Mankins was reportedly started to about. I go to one guy let's say and Chris are hurting at this time of the season every one of these guys are -- again. So one guy is that what it take you out because I think you're too valuable. And I can't wrap you up in bubble wrap so let's take you out of the game if you're older Americans in yourself then your busting your rest and every single play. And you're hurt and your hip the certain let's say he was playing in the game. We knew we say to the coach when you lose a little bit or specs -- mobile where you worried about your glamour guys will. -- -- in the trenches every single play it's more likely would get killed out here -- my hip right now. With this defense of -- and there -- these wide receivers and an open field. They didn't get away with -- with the quarterback most teams most head coaches can say. Who got to got to quarterback and sacrifice the backup and everybody on the team understand tape that's a position. That's our meal ticket. We get it it's a little more complex and from a defensive linemen and linebackers and corners and safeties. It in running backs. Because everybody feels like women -- But with a quarterback you understand team -- If he takes out Tom Brady if he would decide to take out Tom Brady with ten minutes to play. I think that would have been -- risky. Considering the defense. But he had done that I think most patriots. Would say our allies got to protect Brady because we can't get to New Orleans -- operating. Yeah I think that that's the one you could have made it harder for you can always make an argument for the quarterback. Thursday in a car hi Jay. And it doesn't really do a good job. Democratic and -- -- that it's a lot and I would like comment on questions Ariel has but the comment. Basically we -- that the defense yesterday played really good bye ya lots because it was there and not. -- open up a good effort but still completely sold ought about our secure a third down deep that. I think they don't need a lot of improvement to every bit doubt they were a it was like oh here goes you know QB. There didn't well and they were still converted just trying to. They never as well I think. Thirteen that the secondary. They can go and prove what we've opens up according to play good shape you're all like that you don't really love us. What does surprises Michael I talked about it. Based on what bill was to almost last week that we would see an awful lot of Aqib Talib but it was interest and they put quite a bit on Reggie -- that surprised me that they. Didn't you weren't worried about where he was because -- is they move them around an awful he goes in motion he's at a slice to the right -- to the left. They used him virtually. Every possible way they combined. He's an animal he has graduate MA I didn't even score yesterday obviously you know he had seven catches on eighteen targets -- target. But some catches that he made yesterday and some of the hits that he took. While I was pretty series made some tough catches one he just got hammered. Hold onto held onto the -- jump right back up and it could do what it all year there was a game against. That's what in her game it was a home game the I can't remember who was maybe -- against green bearing now. -- -- Green Bay at home. They did plea agreement don't I think it was that game he made some catches that we're just out of this world and he's an incredible receiver. And it sounds like you know building come on say -- but it sounds like. Bill fills he's. Even better now that they move -- around can remember Margaret it was all about Marvin Harrison Marvin Harrison had to be. On the same side of the field right which really limited. The amount of not only think -- use Reggie Wayne but now. Since there are no restrictions. He's probably more dangerous -- he was you know hey I changed it is dangerous in this you know as -- series is running this does Pittsburgh steeler. Offense right now because this quarterback Padilla as the young kid Cordoba he has. Fits in perfectly for what did Dylan he talked about Roethlisberger he can extend place he can't. Do you have any doubt that Q3 years from now. We will be talking about because you still makes mistakes right there will be talking of any Angela is one of the best quarterbacks one of the best 34 or five quarterbacks in the league. I think they will -- other will be talking about the top of this draft that way because you saw you know luck had some moments yesterday and these are Griffin. Against Philadelphia have an unbelievable game to get these -- to these top two quarterbacks. Surprise surprise will be talking about him a couple of years. Absolutely had been rescuing a desolate warrants kind of respect no doubt about it. I'm my question for you guys who has I just came out now and as there have been -- about our jobs if that is increase. No and I would I would worry about that -- on I would be very very concerned because it looked like it was an ankle did not look like a casualty of. -- you -- -- -- coming from or what but it hinted that looked pretty seriously. You wake up but I don't think daughter golf but hey he did not look good. Now I would agree and that one that you would you would worry a little bit about and maybe it was a very casually talking about it with -- Maybe that was a period where they changed ample public as I -- in agreement with you. I thought they made. Some changes early on that game based on what they were seeing that maybe it was they were expecting one of numerous things. That Indianapolis could try to exploit. And but I do believe that after Jones left and -- game they seemed to me. To send more guys they were voicing a little bit more may be looking at we don't have somebody that come off that edge right now and put the pressure on the quarterback we need to do it another area. And even when they were doing it you know another. Greg play that will be forgotten. Because it was a fifteen 24 loss from the perspective of Andrew -- great play he made. He's got Brandon Spikes coming right Adam yeah up the middle. It's a big east is where he was able to elevate basketball moved BP should stay at his win move. And ran away from -- incredible lot of course most quarterbacks. Don't know most quarterbacks are dead at that point and end their nails and and are going anywhere that was a great great -- I just you know when you. There are certain things you can just see with a kid like this that you say to yourself OK but this year from now two years and he's not going to make. That mistake the other thing about him -- That when you when he is that the answer it how was he trying to thread the needle you like just three plays before he did it was successful. So he can do it's always always running knowing I can think I can though. And you know. Show us some of that with Brady early on in -- you do make those mistakes you think you can you can do a little bit -- you finally figure -- -- -- to back off a little -- But I was impressed I was quite impressed with what he did yesterday. Quick break it back to phone calls your dementia.

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