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Nov 19, 2012|

We speak with Bill Belichick on a Patriots Monday and focus on the injury to Rob Gronkowski, whether it could have been prevented, and how the Patriots will prepare for the Jets on a short, 3 day week.

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I'd -- to show it -- patriots Monday's schedule obviously with a short week and AM Thanksgiving game. As simple all topsy turvy so bill is here and it's all brought you by SP -- the no nonsense life insurance company now offering. New low rates for men and women call 888 get SP a lot or visit SB allied dot com for your free quote it was a little strange isn't -- the way it works this week -- Well it's quick turnaround sure -- -- And we've got to we will turn the page on the -- here Maria. -- on the jets. There -- -- those we are so wrong. The suit -- -- do this weekend is like Wednesday Thursday really don't among their hits now that this Thursday for so. It's quick turnaround. -- are talking about a quick turnaround -- in the same thing just. Looking back at the game yesterday. And I'm wondering if if your thought process changed as quickly as a game did. Eighteen minutes into the game it's 1414. Looks like you can't stop them looks like they can't stop you. Donald Brown has just picked up nine yards is second and one and then. Game changes interception return for a touchdown. From that moment on I think guys -- scored with 31 -- something like that. Did you think eighteen minutes into the game oh this is what this is what we have here gonna have a shoot out. And then that you did your process that you thought process changes quickly is a game that. Well it I think when -- at the beginning of the game a lot of times things can be skewed by a couple plays and you know we had a couple offensively -- and got down field and hurry. So today they had. The long pass on the pass interference and so. You know a lot of times you look at those plays and -- You know usher total turn out the same without that -- play obviously we're trying to limit them. And we're trying to get on the vice Versa but that sometimes couple couple big plays -- kind of skew the gamer early in the -- -- be careful. Don't think this goes go a certain way because of all the players happen early in the game and those plays don't continue to happen then the game probably -- continue to go that. Could explain how the process works during the course of the game game starts you've got a whole game plan. You worked the whole thing out now suddenly. Allowing the use yesterday's game any game. Suddenly it's not go in the way you thought it was killing now you've got the headsets on your talking to the people upstairs you're looking at something. Totally different than what you planned on how does that work how does the process work how do you change things up during the course of the game. Well -- weeks. I think yesterday that was different that we've we would never seen before I mean I think that was. Especially defensively it's you know that they. They started doing a certain -- -- a certain way and non coal Lotta running plays to our defense a right that was obvious in the game that was a big part of the game plan. And then they were gonna try to hit some play action passes on early downs and ran several those early in the game in the post and a couple other. Over Ralph's on time look at -- scramble out but you know I was definitely they're a woman and attack and then. In the -- third down so. That's that's about or really what we expected with how well we weren't sure that all the rough afternoon or right side that early in the game though it was obvious that that's what they're gonna try to do. And so once we saw that and we just you know started. Making the players more aware of that and try to make couple calls -- you know to help -- those things up but and it says same thing offensively we. We saw that they were not play a lot of man a man a lot of cover one of the middle field safety reasons you are there any split safety coverage from. And it was pretty obvious after awhile that they were gonna give us a lot of that. And we prepare for we just didn't know that we would get it as much as what they did it. And so we try to run patterns and -- -- running play is that we're. It would be able to attack those schemes. -- a matter of if you go into gaming figures it. Because you know like anything else you're. You're working on the other team's weakness CG one or exploit that you've got to know in advance certain things that the team is going to attempt to do. Against your team so if you know all of the different possibilities. As the game on falls and you start seeing the thing come. Into into crystal clear picture right now. How do you changeup on the fly what are you what -- you do how does that process work that's what I'm trying to. Figure out his. Well it looked exactly I think you you try to figure out what what they're how they're trying to attack you what they're trying to do. And anti Syria campaign the players. We've we've definitely got the second along screen draw look first time we get screens second time we got the draw both on second and ten or second well whatever was so. You make the players aware of what what things to be alert for what type of place -- trying to run where they're trying to attack. And then you adjuster calls accordingly so what would we got a call to give us. To hopefully these plays are these type of plays better not necessarily in that same play over and over and vote. Now the general area of attack runs to the right play action -- those type things so with what we can call them. To help us now and some of the and you decide what that is he told players and sent thing offensively you. So OK here's the things that they're doing and so let's be alert for the let's be ready for them to you know to bring five to try to blitz over the fact that trying to. Bring published pressure and get a lot of man to man coverage and and here are some of the lead plays the we're gonna call orders. He often there was some of the plays were not gonna call like we had these plays in the game plan but. This isn't really what we want as long as they continue to do this and will happen in a lot of games as you'll do something like offensively so clearly here's what they're given us. So these are the type of plays we're gonna run well if you have some success with those plays than they may change and go back to something else. And some of the things he had in the game plan that you didn't use because. They are giving a certain style player defense now become more viable because they've adjusted to something that you don't hurt him with -- he can. Go back to to a different -- attacks -- a lot of times that switches back and forth within the game or you just try to get a feel for Howell. You know what they're doing maybe it played first and second down one -- in the play third down a little bit differently -- Things like that. So before you came and we were talking about a couple things one. How many points are enough and game at what point in the game for a -- back in time with that topic today and also. Went to say about key players in the game I heard you say enough. About offense that -- -- job is to get on the field and score points and -- you feel that way was there any thing. Particular that happened in your coaching career. That made you kind of cement that philosophy that you see a team a year that your team up by 25 and lose. In a record amount of time where there's something is that just velocity you -- we've had about. I don't know how to go out and feel and attacking opponent. Oval we've seen those plays and -- those games in the NFL every year and teams and a -- believe -- -- -- to the Indianapolis Tampa game and scored -- little -- 24 points and form an answer 21 points in four minutes or whatever was. The buffalo Houston play off game -- 35 to move north and halftime then lose 3830. Over what it whatever -- and those games happen. That doesn't take much in the -- Teams can score quickly turn overs so. Now home. I mean I think you just use keep playing and turn them in their you know at some point there's a point but it. And and you only have so many players I mean. -- -- just how many players somebody's got to play -- tickets. He had to be careful when year when you're trying to run a team you know and to go the one guy and so. You know Michael we're gonna we're gonna leave you in the game close literally care about you but glad we're gonna take you out here you're really important. But you eat you know -- guys just go and what is -- thing happens do you even. Care. I don't think that's really good way to approach team never done I don't think that's over. Would be very successful approach to a what a quarterback be the exception to that. Well again I think you. You know you immediately you know you play the game and and if there's a certain point where you wanna. Change the way your planet than than you can make those those changes whichever ones you can make and again. As an example an offensive line you have some offensive line and so you can't pick five guys output to win. Somebody's got to play. Somebody's got to play receivers somebody's got to carry the ball somebody's -- someone has got to do their thing so. You know however you manage that service. Not saying you can't do it but I think -- Gonna give it some thought and it's not you know it's only college -- yet -- aren't gonna stand or on the sidelines as -- pin is put -- a whole new group of guys. That's not really realistic in the national -- And a case of -- house yesterday it appears that he got hurt on. The final Ph.D. In those situations. Patrick can you remember changing that putt the Honda either kicking protection team with a punt protection team. It in the game it doesn't seem to be a standard thing and NFL. I mean again I think. The football players play football and on the home. If you tell -- which does gonna get -- million amount other I don't know you know. Time machine. Simple don't feel one of those time machines -- -- -- time figure it all out for replay it for what your record been like if you want to put our cheeks. If it was interesting because it is you know this stuff works and people have been very big deal I thought Tony Dungy made some interest in comments last night because. You reflect a grunt sitting on the sideline on that final drive where you scored the touchdown a bit of 5924. He was out so my guess is that you would already made a decision to take him out of the game and dungy each point is as referred -- the coaches chime in today. Well you're on the -- continue to Winger on the kicking team did that the special teams coach just calls everybody out there and everybody goes out there. It's not like you have time to sit there and say women and then he allowed -- in the amount. Is that a fair assessment. Well I think in in terms of rob that the end of the game gave us an opportunity to play. Shiancoe who. Pat didn't play for whole you know for half the season so he had an opportunity gets more. Some -- routes and in the same thing with -- man you know gave him an opportunity to be in there and you get a few more reps. And so Gaza have less -- time -- those good opportunities you know to get them in the -- so. I don't see anything wrong with that. Again at the same time. You know if I could just I can just hear it you know now if somebody else's and wing that wouldn't use the -- there and feel payment. Got a camera on the edge and -- and Aaron you know somebody holder kicker or somebody got torn open and you'll. You know while a CN there you know on why would you go with the same -- been doing at the whole game and so you know we can play that game all day it's as long as you know with the results are then you know they always have the right argument. And I think that. Cassette players and they're they're prepared to play sixty minutes. Then. In sixty minutes long and if you configure guy -- you want to -- for reasons you know you can do that. Guys go play. I instantly comes down to from a fan perspective just be realistic. If a guy you like is when your favorite players you think is an important player gets hurt your -- If if the guy you don't really care about gets hurt oh well it's football I think that's how a lot of people look at it unfortunately. Let's switch gears since today is Thursday for you you have injury. Update on them at a there's a technicality within fifty yeah report comes I don't -- You know we'll do it after we practice tomorrow that -- you know relating hazardous -- and we haven't I haven't seen a team yet today. And unless there Walken and will more value and in some treatments in the -- and and then tomorrow won't we. -- feel they've moved in a limited basis of a lot better idea of whereas -- -- You know the day after the game or few hours after the game with a late game last night. It's always hard to get a real quick read on some things on -- as this where for the game and it's they feel fine. Some industrial finance the next day -- there after the game the next day today. They're sore and -- on the taller on the wasn't bothered him during the adrenaline and and the action of the game so -- so. I however is looking for quick answer on them but the reality of it is. Takes some time today two days to really to really get a good read on on players' situation. How -- will -- goes overall ports are up to the Clark already had surgery this morning can you confirm that. I can't and I have a network are aren't doctors and medical people like this that I do that the end of the day after the had a chance to evaluate everybody. And and usually when I'm doing on the case by case. I just saw this guy here's what he says so on that gun makers that he says scientists on this I mean we we do at the end of the day after bodies and end. And all players haven't haven't and India so it's excellent -- It talked earlier about defending the colts and are just playing the colts and there were many surprises. How are Reggie Wayne as -- can hear the statute targeted eighteen times. And yesterday's game me being a seven catches for eighteen targets. You look at their offense I know it's. Modeled after what area instead of Pittsburgh. Is the key to their office -- Reggie is that it if you can control Reggie Wayne maybe you can. Steer the offense the way you wanted to go if you're the defense. Well I think it's that that's a good place starter. He's their leading receiver and he has probably twice as many catches as. The next guy goes whoever that is. So. I think that's a good place to start Harlem on the other hand they they move around quite a bit -- -- was asleep in the same spotlight sometimes he'll Colston. And so that causes some multiples for you defensively we can. We get him but then how -- where's everybody else matchup and so forth so there's some issues there but I think. You know in the end -- the colts have. A competitive running game. And they have a a mobile quarterback and they have another group of fast receivers. Avery -- TY Hilton. Palmer and Brazil and good tight end and -- so. Don't think you can just stop one guy that Reggie wins in a place to start because season this tremendous receiver that can really run every route get open from any spot on the field and it was a very personal. Knowledge experience and productive players so. It's I don't think it's just him but that's of the places. Seemed like you send an extra man defensively. A little bit more than we've seen over the last few weeks to the situation called for it. To -- have anything to do that the fact that you could depend more on him and a certain area. Well I think you know the game's certainly turned to. Pretty much a one dimensional game. In the third quarter. -- pressure on the quarterback grows. It's always good thanks to those at the moment. Especially when the team Michael Moore takes deeper drops -- people. Like Indianapolis typically does -- -- this -- definitely agree they should -- -- default sorry for the last you know they take deeper -- all the -- little bit longer so it's. -- a better chance he sent another it that have a chance to get there I mean it's relevant to human awful it's. That throws the ball so quick I mean you can senator but he wanton. Time faculty. Quarterbacks hands before. You're very close to excellent in this case thought that was some merit to. Champion able to. Bring extra -- and we did on number occasions different analysts and -- Currently being disrupt the passing game put some pressure -- -- them. Up. And again you know go on and the colts can mean the you know the NFL record for. Attempts per game it's 43. Calls -- 42 before Jackson and so. -- -- -- You know you look at. It's -- Robin group that not happen because you Rob Ninkovich yesterday again. Forcing a fumble. Recovering a fumble did you see this having some guys are just instinctive football players that you see early on. That that was something that was part of his package and forget about how obvious how -- is just look at him at -- I really. Has a nose for the football. Well -- Iran and he certainly has over the last. You know probably 22 and a half years he's really. He says several trifecta this you know this -- caused fumble recovered fumble. He's he said that -- number times and he does he not only has. And ability to get to the quarterback but he has an awareness of the ball then to be able to get the ball as -- -- quarterback and that's. You know it's it's an instinctive thing we teach it we work on it but. Mean in the end it's a split second decision for the player to to tackle quarterback at the quarterback and I get the ball out and not miss some it and you know -- wanna. Go for the ball on the cement and stand there make that throw you -- just tackle on the get sucked so. All those are decisions that players have to make in just the sports section and everyone's different but he does a good job of that -- -- very good -- earnest and he's -- ball a lot force to come from both sides. You know it's amazing the play yesterday where. Great play by -- -- -- make of it just hanging on his shoulder that he decides to try to bring them down by -- -- is just sixteen yards and everybody has deliberately now but. They are making rich in this history. Most of and it's easy to say we just watch the game -- is history would be. You saw one point his arm is there make of its its history of using grabbed his arm -- And and just jarred the ball -- he probably looks at the films come and I do that nine times out of ten I wanna ride into it there. You know without that players -- -- Roethlisberger like. And you know guys hang in on home stand in their throw the ball downfield and -- recovery action and ghetto whatever it was fifteen yard gain. When you think we'll discuss and it sacked and then not completed and then in that all the above that and so. But you know what made some good place he related made some good throws receivers made some tough catches and and then. I don't know we had a -- go our way too so I was. Fortunately if you were named in but it was -- anything they made some good players that they do a lot of good things -- to. You know what -- defense is getting a lot of love nationally today get a look at the total yards passing. They give up 334 yards but obviously the takeaways which has been a big part of this defense. All -- takeaways in the fact that your offense. Is like given the ball away the ratio was done phenomenal China's defense is built toward this and you said this before we you know or give up yardage. But you almost seem like. Times -- talked in the last few weeks as long as you're keeping stuff in front of -- and waiting for that opportunity seems like this defense has become very optimistic. When it comes to those big place. That Safeway or put in what you've been no defensible enough -- -- over continues whether it's it's hard. If it's. Are they going to a game and count on that and you're always looking for this -- on of the game says -- were gonna get. You know we're gonna get points in the kicking game or defensively there or we're gonna get 234 turnovers that's where your goalless but. It's hard to count on every weekend and I think. Another danger is if if -- count on four turnovers and you don't get on the don't get any and an even more so. And I think the bottom line is defensively is you just you try to play good defense you obviously don't give up big plays. You wanna get the team in third down you wanna get them off the field on third down and you wanna play good in the red area and then. You always want to take advantage of your turnover opportunities those strip sacks you know -- ball album -- fumble. Whether it's sort of taken advantage of route combinations he can anticipate make a play on that type thing. They want to capitalize on those opportunities and that's not an endless list. It's 234 game and now we've all seen the defense of that strong opponent our hands are fumbled it. Somehow you should come up with a that they come up -- with guns and those are missed opportunities and you just can't afford to. To miss though so it's it's capitalized on the turnover opportunities that come up. But condition that's playing good good defense good run defense could pass defense good. Good -- very good third down that situationally and so and so it's it's really a combination of all those things I don't think it's just. Well we're gonna get four turnovers so. We don't have to play good on defense and go out there and play good on defense and not have any turnovers and and that can be good enough to. Our -- time now for the coach's question of the week it's brought to you by your local -- -- -- -- close your local Mercedes-Benz dealers. And they're complete lineup of 2013. Models on the web at MB USA dot com this week's question comes from Jean in Newton. Jane wants to know and the business like NFL when you guys play on Thursday. Thanksgiving do you say anything to your players about Thanksgiving even though that the game. You guys -- open and play a -- -- read around the holidays -- anything penalties -- for -- It's not certainly a lot easier to talk about it. When you practice on Thanksgiving or -- -- again and it I'm sure that wolf. Mean we have a lot of guys that I mean really our whole team here it is thanks events are all our allies -- so well ought to be thankful for. Thankful for the opportunities do. The play and coach and compete in the national football season and for the I'm the people we have around us because that's -- part of it -- so. And I'm sure will give thanks for and recognized. That's -- pointer in the -- I know both teams have to do it but is it better for both teams in -- -- familiar with each other when you get the short term run as opposed to let's say playing an Arizona. After you know after a game on Sunday playing in Arizona on more players right now deployed already jury in others and an outside team that he play once -- before -- or whatever it is so. Is sure I think it's a lot a lot easier to. No and prepare for that team but I think the important thing is -- got to go back and do it goes. You've got to re prepare you just can't. Come into a game like this and say OK we. We known world says I think you've got to. You've got to go back and and do your film work you don't study your game play America. You know go through regular reminders -- to Epson and all the things that you do to really be ready to play of the game I think that's the important thing that he just can't take a program that. And that's all that come back to me because usually comes back to one split second too late in the game. And then the damage has been done so to to really be on top of the -- to put that preparation time and it didn't end in advance. Does it make a difference you played on Thanksgiving before remember you plan that I play at noon in Detroit does make a difference. That that game on Thursdays at 8 o'clock hours at a stretch and that difference of 78 hours does that help your team that you played on Sunday late and you play late. On Thanksgiving as opposed -- that new game. Well well it's sent teams so -- arsenals. Almost that there. Restaurants say we've all had those games and we've we've all been in those gains -- every once in -- long you know players that. With an extra day or an extra half that. Can get there that if it was a day earlier. You know one -- game and -- and in -- and my -- nominated it especially if that's situationally flew over you know that something like that. Sometimes election time that does make a difference with little more treatment more raster. Medication whatever happens it could make the difference but. It's central and so -- -- go through those things -- Just get a text from DeOssie said tell bill license hard. Just -- and -- is working closely on us these happy fiftieth birthday. Since fifth players every year -- -- if he's checking on tour every yeah. A have a great game on on Thursday and they -- happy Thanksgiving to you wouldn't and -- -- we will see you back here next week thanks and Michael sent to and then after Thanksgiving known listeners out there that you have a good one Bill Belichick right here on patriots Monday at a makeshift.

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