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Julian Edelman, Patriots WR, on the Pats 59-24 victory over the Colts

Nov 19, 2012|

Julian Edelman joins Mut and Lou to talk about the Patriots 59-24 victory over Indianapolis on Sunday, including his 68 yard punt return for a touchdown in the second quarter. He gets into how the Patriots maintained passing efficiency and how they were able to get into a strong offensive rhythm against the Colts defense. Edelman also addresses getting ready to take on the division rivals Jets on Thanksgiving.

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McAfee is averaging just over forty yards for qualities will be -- from left to right. It'll be back in his twenties for this this short kick governor -- 32 gets a running start across the forty to forty. Not quite side inside colts territory critics attack on the -- -- tasted good studies doubles that's ahead. It's the end it's now patriots. And there won't point. -- is definitely it was nice to get a touchdown and then you know. Illness was spent with phone turned and you know all our guys that did their job. Held up their blocks. We got a kick that we can return and you know you know I did my job from there. Well that was joint settlement after the game yesterday -- Lou 93 point seven WEEI want a couple of touchdowns. He's coordinate patriots complete shellacking of colts you're Gillette Stadium and joining us here. In the beautiful platinum club at Gillette Stadium is -- element Morton an Oreo. How quick limit how many blocks ahead are you looking up -- -- like that where you start to say. All right if I get legislators here Gregor I can make this -- get it to the end zone. Usually can tell by you know you that your picture of the -- it's going to be able to return it. You'll you'll look you kind of take a pre -- like. Before you catch your read and then right when you you catching you you're kind of trying to process what you got to set it up in. You know your blockers are going to be and they were there and you know that's what you gotta do. Now look at the re kick -- we will was a retreat with a penalty but the first first punt. Went sailing over your head and many bomb that won the second one gave you good opportunity what's the but the re kicks. You know why is -- dangerous in any of those -- got to covered twice even if it was only you know 1015 yards. In the low -- -- does nothing good ever happens Hillary -- that's that's what the special teams 101. So. It's fortunate that it was a re kick for a us. Return in the bowl in. Taking what's the perfect -- to realists and upper turnaround like -- back let's see your second punt return formation. You can draw up the way the punt goes like setting up what's the best kind of -- for Google to get a good return. That's -- is right down the middle. Finishing up his foot forward guys that turnovers low you -- getting quake. -- you block if they device out there -- pull in the governor's ability ideals that you want. Pretty much the one that you you've got yesterday. Now what would not let you gonna go for a rushing touchdown -- receiving test and it untouched and you get close there. On that one run you know -- we were close -- news. We're fortunate -- that drive up touched on the plane. You know connect execute -- -- for me confidence going into week like that you targeted seven times -- five catches a lot of work on the outside. What was their thought that the the way the colts were gonna defend it he was an offense that you might get. More work on the outside might be opportunities to be matched up one on one of -- got the ball. On the outside from those chances against the -- defensive backs. You know it the big game plan was. You know. Just go out there and XQ what we've been cracks -- -- You know this week I was fortunate to get some opportunity and outside. You know some guys going out in some of the transactions that we made. So little room -- if you're gonna get that opportunity and decent with a -- We we did all right. Lot of action this week targets in the punt game running the football but early in the year two. There's lot of talk -- be involved with the -- head in this offense -- been a lot of talk about the offseason get together with Tom Brady was -- offseason like for you to put you in position to be so we're involved in this office. It was a big offseason. If that's where you. That's where he'd be your fundamentals and that you build. The cohesive unit stays in the offseason preparation. -- like pain and means easy it's got in the law it's hard and that's where he gained confidence and your time meaning your rhythm. Zoller and you know the offseason and in training camp you know. That's when it translates over to the regular season. Would you put a lot of work being with -- correctly offseason is that something that you think. Kind of you build trust with him he saw you working with him in the off season you get comfortable with you. I mean that's what you try to do. As a receiver and they don't want to try to be in his back pocket it whenever he needs me. You know I went out to LA and if he needed me on a Friday night. 9 o'clock I was dropping everything and -- going over there to catch balls. You know he's he's kind of he's the general also. Whenever he won't see you know mitigated to. We're talking to pages slot receiver Julian Edelman you explain to us. How much it it helps you as a receiver when you have tight ends like. And -- Hernandez a tight -- like Robert -- it seems like the fences Julian have to account for that and it gives. Wide receivers more opportunities that a fair way to portray what a couple of good. Tight ends in the middle of field. I mean those two guys are studs and you know we're very fortunate to have them. And they do I mean they do help us on the outside because you have to. You have to you don't know that there are out there. So you know like I said it's it's good to have those two out there along with -- -- -- like Westfield Brandon Lloyd you know get some running backs that are doing William woody. Comes out and on third down does you get rid Lee's run and through the storm Wimbledon we have greens so I mean we get a lot of weapons and you know that we execute we have to do you know good things happen. Yesterday next man up mentality we look at guys like Aaron knew the guys like wrong it's almost. Two players built in the warm with a lot of things that they can do how difficult will be moving forward -- injury with a broken arm. You know like you said the next man's got to come up. You know it's it's very unfortunate west is Armenia Caracas. -- huge part of our team and a you know with it's injuries are part of the game he got to move on in someone's gonna have to step. And I'm sure someone will. You get a chance to watch Andrew Luck yesterday as a guy played a lot of quarterback. Ecology Kent State a lot of talk about Andrew Luck coming into the game I heard. Tom today talking about the elk hit his effort what he saw. Lot of hype on the -- to get a chance to watch him at all. You know a little bit here and there. I was pretty impressed means. A rookie quarterback going out there and he's he's from the pin numbers and you can just -- little things with. You know. How he throws all layers you know. Try to take an unnecessary sarcasm what you. -- it's maybe easier to putt and -- want to biggest sacked by air -- pressure by your defense yesterday but you know there's little things that you could see that he he does very well. Of course he -- rookies. He's going to meet some mistakes but not a coach and and stuff and that's the key player. You know -- -- a touchdown reception too by the way right here on the TV knows that try to imitate the ground spike is even a bit. -- guess. You know it will fired up and this can spike like the zone against that a lot of patriots fans sitting here waiting for the day and they keep waiting for the day. You -- pro football hall pass in the game. Tell me there's something in line tell me give me some insight I mean you have to ask coach on the. It's horse that touchdown as we just saw here you're lined up the other one on one coverage on the outside with Tom races and with that acknowledgment that. Giuliani we have something here you know he races in the left -- at that point you the year on the left Tom races that left hand. Is that a non verbal that Hagan have an opportunity to get in the end -- here. A home. I think we had a play called already so you know I don't know if that was necessarily -- than the play I think you just waving to crowd. Now Wes Welker the other guy here in this wide receiving tandem with. I was last year of his deal right we don't know what's gonna happen next year at -- of the future with him. How much do you sit and talk to Wes Welker that we use similar -- -- -- -- -- do a lot of some of those same things that he does Summers due to sit down and talk about the position. We. We'll sit here and there and talk about like you know blocking assignments and they all are asking questions all time there. Diane writes it's not really like that -- -- tickets were both so busy trying to do we have to do that week. On our specific role for that week and a you don't necessarily -- do that I mean I'll ask him a question colonial certain coverage or someone you know -- give me is inside and visit his opinion on it but. So like we sit down and watch film didn't like that you know we usually do as a whole unit so it'll be all of us. How does this week changed now how does it affect you game on Thursday night Thanksgiving at 8 o'clock prime time against the jets but he squeeze a full week in the three days. I'm about to find out if not. It's it yet and yet -- we did last in you move on -- way. Problem it's it's gonna be little difference an ambulance that's cool. That's part of part of the National Football League -- adjustments. In -- much does it help that is the jets -- familiar with at least. He knows as much as we're familiar with them differently with those most you know. I'm sure they're prepared and just like we're so it's it's. It's a huge gain because divisional game in. We'll see. Tebow or Sanchez should be playing quarterback yet. I don't play defense at least right now -- -- -- to say we have -- -- play defense. Julian you can't you can answer the question well defense in I don't make those Tivo mobile quarterback we used to do at Kent State roll around the -- Iran. There and other both pretty good football players. You know we never know what they're out there I'm sure -- get some days leave him. Pounds to worry about you Marty defense. Good luck Thursday night happy Thanksgiving I think seniors took -- -- patriots wide receiver is joining us here in the -- Republican and I'm -- break come back. Get back to your phone calls at 61777979837. Much -- patriots Monday.

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