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Tom Brady joins D&C to talk about the victory over the Colts

Nov 19, 2012|

Brady breaks down the win and explains how they will adapt as an offense in the wake of the Gronkowski injury. He also outlines the differences between wide receivers Julian Edelman and Wes Welker. Looking ahead to Thanksgiving night, Tom explains the importance of their next game against the New York Jets.

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Welcome back it SA patriot. Monday Dennis and Callahan on our conversation with Tom Brady is brought you by northeast electrical distributors gallery BMW and buy staples and as always Tom joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning Tom how are -- -- Witten out we went to the podium after the game used to great win fun day you couldn't have been happier the podium were you unaware. The severity of drunks injury at that point. And why no he would he -- You know got injured but it obviously didn't know. The extent that that's. Really such a great player and it's. It's. You know it's -- that he gets hurt you know we've. It's part of this game and so. You know he's got to do his best give back as soon as possible that we got to. You know go up there and win games without -- For you and your offense is losing -- not like -- a couple of different. Quality players I mean you're losing a very good blocking tight end here obviously losing a very good pass catching tight end obviously losing a red zone force it's like losing two or three guys -- -- -- -- Lead -- a lot for a yeah I think there's the there's a reason why you have other guys on the roster -- so. The Sante and in did -- frozen. Aaron Hernandez and and who may have been prevalent got to get in there and start. You know try to make up for. You know I haven't gone down so. Such as part of it and you -- find ways to adjust and don't really care. Volunteers who of course all of us and we got to go up there. And still worker win. We obviously you know you just finished his game -- the -- haven't had time to look ahead -- got in on the game coming up real quickly Tom. With -- out is it more likely you'll see it will see three receivers are more likely spread amount more. Or will it be a guy like. -- that's. It's obviously his first song the sound they Shiancoe or or fills in their place and and trying to do what -- does. I'm not sure you know we have been getting -- that game plan and put our offenses. You know we have flexibility within what we do so. You know we try to play to the strength of our players and obviously -- -- is you know very. You know they're great player first team. You know we've got to make adjustments and played the strength for the guys that are there now so. -- just. That's part of the football season. You know the jet -- Revis for the season they'd lose. Internal for the season and I mean they had injuries and every team has injuries and we've been dealing with the off season. We've still got to go out there be able to. If you -- governor excuse. You're very excited about the last Crocs last touchdown that that -- the left side. Palmer quarter in the third quarter it was it struck me when you came -- -- a lot of guys break this Tony Dungy a lot of these TV guys. We -- to -- did you know that was gonna work when you looked out there you knew there would be one defender for two receivers and you knew grunt would make the right adjustment. And it just kind of fell in the place. Look at our pitching coach and he was open and that when I looked at him. Quarter kind of spun around and you know the reason why that happened is because you have such you know great protection up front where you evaluate. Does he get open and be able to make your throat so. It it's not like. You know if if the rush was -- -- -- -- our parents sort through all those trees but the way that offensive line protected. -- it's is exactly what we were. You know hoped -- forward we will we were able to hold up so. It was a it was a great play our offensive line. And we say we say this every week Tom it's amazing moment last week was my player of the week was -- -- a combined sold -- Ballmer and in the -- misnomer because. And gets sacked again it's it's amazing that I think the colts would have had a much better chances came of Freeney and Mathis had played. Because I didn't hear their names where did they play did you see them. Well let's say yeah it was they. Mandated that the two great players great players and good but I feel like in every week we Gelman we talk about. How good the past pressure is so gonna -- it's not like they. You know -- -- they're not challenged every week they are challenged every week interest Americans step it up for the challenge so I think that's the most important thing is those guys ability to Mubarak from week to week -- -- best. If he's he's you from player for a while now for a so. But -- the way that he's been able performance that. Left tackle position. Has been you know really. And I unique in and amazing for a guy in this second year so he just keeps getting better and and we we need those -- could. Like if this is what can football's all about you played the structure players and we got contributions of special and obviously a defense that we've returned for touchdowns little rebuttal left that we've ever had that if ever -- What it was say if that's the reason why we have. You know fifty airports in this day. Tom electorate turned that third quarter 24 yard touchdown to gronkowski and at first blush it appeared there was say an inaccurate ball behind him and I think maybe one of the reasons you were sold Seubert was you saw the safety coming over and you put that ball where you needed to away from the safety is that accurate. Yeah yeah -- you don't there's there's places where you try to probe also that. I think it allows our guys and make the catch him not really taking hit no. You know -- some of that is making challenging sketches because. You know you try to make it even gets director to blow you up and it's not as easy as. You don't have that -- and so. You know you try to put the ball away from the defenders that's what I was trying to do and sometimes that may be -- That's -- a little bit too much. You know it -- from receivers from time. And that's stuff that you know just got to continue to work hard to get better. Pay attached also touched on that particular touched on meet at 38 the seven team but it was the immediate play after Ninkovich -- second recovered fumble it was the very next play is like that even more devastating to defense when you come out and quick strike after a big defensive play. Yes that's seven that we talk about Donald kind of sudden change situation then. That is the and we -- haven't practiced we talk about it -- ability to. Go do something offensively after a you know after big -- -- defense that's where you really can start putting the nail in the coffin so that was a you know that was huge that was. And we talked about asylum after the -- you know how important -- -- play that was. -- after Gostkowski missed a field goal there were two touchdowns and 61 seconds and CBS indicated that you were on the sideline for 32. Minutes between snaps what's the effect of that Tom. And a. As much as they don't enjoy that I enjoyed it -- -- our guys you know go out there and it could score points for your team but I. You know at the same time that was the you know you. It's nice to break a sweat you know and I hear that it's fair to get into the mid thirties there. The high thirties but then you go up there used. If you don't play for thirty minutes you feel like our guys get -- -- warmed up again and so. You know that's that's part of football and as we -- to adjust to and we did it. And you dumbed down for us and just tell us why you were so effective in the third quarter why were so effective in the second half when you drop back and took a look. What did you say. Well you'd -- -- -- -- you get a feel for the coverage you get a feel for what you call him. -- I thought our guys were. Were playing great -- I mean it's. The quarterbacks only if it is the guys around. The wave receivers played the latest I didn't play off principal it makes my job so he's -- so. I just you know try to drop back and sort through the coverage and find the open -- -- You know we know -- kinda do that those guys are making the kind of plays they'll make him have that. I would say those are great team performance and -- or we play like that we're going to be tough to -- there's no question about it we we put that type of people fall. Tom what do you think in the DC and Vinatieri booed the fans at Gillette and -- tuchman before the game -- one champ just have them here the fans booing him. -- Liza for those field goes what do you think. Well that's that's part of being a -- in his view the liberty that -- booed or cheered whoever you want. You -- sure when he as a hall of fame induction here. And there be a lot of cheers for him he's he's been a great. You know player for our team and certainly still a great player for the cold but I mean he's. You know -- Yeltsin for increased to a world championships so he's a you know it's for the best kicker if not the best kicker ever play the game and you know for him to do it as long as he's done it in -- consistent as he's done it is is very impressive. I do think it's not natural for human body to play two NFL games in four days. What were we we have to secretary I feel pretty good so you know I think you know -- yesterday so that's part of that's probably this season still -- to get -- seems to have once this year. We talked about the effects of the game it was like a Wednesday night last night after the game coach Belichick faces just put things in perspective -- the -- -- -- first -- -- -- and not say this event we have kind of -- on Wednesday that feels pretty rough to. You know it's just. Part of that little -- you know it's just we're and I think we are very mentally tough team and so. Where I don't think played on this sort of reference. Is you know any of the guys are going to be. They're really bitching about you know our schedule anything like that it's it makes per appropriate we know we have we can end up. You know going down and play in the -- You know certainly much that we played more. You mean Thanksgiving. -- at their Halloween we hear -- out of respect -- and a good one earlier they we we we know Clinton can return -- effectively we know he can run the end around effectively can approximate what Welker does if he gets in the slot. I think Julian pleased to have different strengths at all I don't think -- You know there that there are similar player I think they're different players with different skill set. So. They're -- you know very good -- right -- is. No one of the best players America will play that position. If not the best player to ever play that position which I think he is Julian plays you know it's a different role for a so that's why you can have about their. You know really at the same time doing different things spoke very effectively. Specifically how are they different. Well I mean I'd I'd I'd really like for other teams to try to figure that out. You know we know in the -- -- those guys and what they're capable and and a you know I'm sure -- teams have scatter report but it. They they are very very different players there they just have different things that they are able to him. But whatever they do you know. West -- been doing it you know better than anybody in the league for the last five years six years. And you know Julian wouldn't -- to -- opportunities. Like yesterday you know he's really taken advantage of in. Part of it is consistency and -- the continue to improve and that's for all of us especially this time here. Who who's faster. -- -- -- Probably Julian appear different straight ahead to -- her hands. I mean they both catch the ball great so. They I think they're both have great hands. When bill tells you -- cornyn for the final two minutes and fifteen seconds and that's it OK with you. And I love play and I I love -- and Ryan get an opportunity to focus he works his butt off from practice and you. You know he keeps. You know getting better he'd love to -- up their players due to competitive -- -- I'd like him go up there and lead the team didn't -- his composure has always been. You -- really think -- Super talented it and you know I I look forward feel about their sometime like I like you were up fifteen do whatever was. I was pretty sweet. We even get to throw it all doesn't seem fair you got to throw 35 times -- Didn't get a because here it's just that you can because and he'll be ready. Maybe this week at the jets even though they beat the rams are a mess and you have a chance to do is bury them and their season. You feel like that you can do that Thursday night. -- -- our goal is to go up there and and and really try to put. You know that bind if that's the goal we played them once this would be huge -- to be complacent. You know -- have a lot of tiebreaker advantages over the -- the -- beyond that. You know those -- they would forget sedate state. And I know people say you know what what their goal put down their first look it's. But if you go on the road -- a solid win than they did it under some pretty effort situation so. You know I have -- a lot of respect for that even the way they played they played hard. It's holy city. Challenging game for them on the news because it was thought that we play that took whatever sixty or seventy minutes to be the last time. So any you know they're gonna give it everything I guess they're going to be ready to go to and they always you know give us their -- -- -- -- -- If risk if you ever scored sixty in high school and then college and pop wore in the score sixty. -- No basketball maybe. Total. Pay up prior to this game all the hype was luck vs Brady and I know you're not playing against Andrew Luck out what did you say to him after the game my guess is you can say something like yeah that's -- you do it's not you're not ready for that yet -- would you tell. I don't know I think I just had you know good luck the rest -- that your visit and they certainly don't but at the playoffs started tomorrow would be played in the cold there -- you know coach coach ticket talked about that so. That's. You know that that this part of that this part of the years is making improvements to -- from your mistakes and you know when you make of as a player quarterback cornerback receiver you are -- and so. They are learning curve when your rookie quarterback and we hear it in no particular quarterback and not still try to make improvements and -- of this is when the good teams really very -- that since. In football -- until about giving you start so I'm looking forward to that. Are just a little device here no pregame Turkey on Thursday it'll make you sleepy. Yeah I prepared -- -- of the area. Amateur -- -- would have I it was it was brought them. You know -- food up there -- the principal Mario. So -- Turkey opens on Friday for your family. Or Wednesday I have after Friday what. Do you do you guys even acknowledge when you get together as a team before the game is there. Is it like a Thanksgiving dinner -- a lunch. No hope -- at at you know we've been built. -- if -- skill being made this kind of pass up. New Year's. -- -- Christmas for the long term and so it's hard you do if your -- football you're thinking about the game you -- think about the game and got to fight for your family especially when you have kids that's what you really sort of -- on the here -- -- things. You know they give a great holiday it's fun to sit there watchful polluter play -- felt much to enjoy so we'll try to do that on Friday. -- -- happy Thanksgiving to double talk to next week and I know the only way it's going to be happy Thanksgiving if -- is is if you win the game yet Europe and he and you don't have an off day this week correct. Now you have to she's gonna have to with the next week to have the baby that's the. Yeah -- -- -- got a hold off for a long if you kick. Yeah who knows this but I really have to me are double doctor -- OK okay operated with us and tell -- -- a patriot Monday. Our interview with -- brought you by northeast electrical distributors gallery BMW and the by staples he joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE that was your -- -- suppose that's the big -- that -- questions that I was -- -- ask about the baby you have my -- -- I didn't -- had a big Turkey -- -- -- -- they'd like Turkey sandwiches to have Turkey and the -- It's sliced Turkey side go to sleep. About a lot of guys have Turkey is healthy. I went what are you gonna have liked here strumming. That way chaos if I read don't next week. When bill and have like ten days off yeah on the -- in my day or Monday whenever the in an area to be little mini but certainly have the baby plenty of time spent at home you know how this works for -- him up so it'll work out perfect 6177797937. Patriot money will continue with your phone calls.

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