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Nov 19, 2012|

After the Gronkowski injury, Boomer explains what Rob Gronkowski brings to an offense and how it has seldom been seen before in the NFL. Previewing the Patriots-Jets game on Thanksgiving, Boomer gives us a glimpse into the Jets locker room and attempted media boycott executed by linebacker Bart Scott.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Barr joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT eat good morning mr. asides and our -- Under the are great guys good morning and you know after a patriot victory like out last night and I mean everything on offense was great and when you wake up this morning to find out the rockets are broken forearm yeah that you talk about -- a pillow over something that certainly would do it. Warrior yet it comes with a price to be sure we'll get to that in just a second to going into this game it was billed as Brady vs -- it wasn't much of a match up. Patriots come up with eight touchdowns almost lost count eight touchdowns and. Yeah I was pretty -- -- no question Julie -- was great. Certainly Tom Brady. I was you know he's more than efficient army and he was just actually surgical PF man and you know those couple of the interceptions that Andrew Luck through war because. Pressure that he was receiving and anybody who watched the game could -- that Andrew Luck certainly has all the skill the -- great one -- time will definitely -- I would just say Beck going up against somebody like radian has building are given the history. You know all of this to accept their have been on the patriot. Are you talk about climate hell that was something over Kleiman. What but I give Aqib -- a lot of credit because you know he's you know he's in the right spot at the right side a little bit of pressure -- they are an introduction to me that would apply that really. Change the whole dynamic -- again. Boomer what do they play again obviously the paper's gonna win this division in and if they play again. India will be wild card be likely come -- here. The -- would we be able to come up with as as media guys can we come up with a way to make this game like a real game -- not. A and and another blowout is there a way to convince the world that this the Indy would do better next time. No agreement would group would work itself out would be Andrew Luck looking at the film and learning some -- the states that the only thing. That you would have a hope you're -- that you are called ban are cold player that he would be better in his decision making -- and take care of the ball carrier they still had water and forty yards of total offense. Or the like they were totally inept and certainly. You know what I got behind and had to play catch up there on the football there was no question about that but. You could see that he could play there's no question about that he deserved you know just a couple close you're there. That if you would have made better obviously I don't to begin would have turned -- the beginning would have been an avalanche of points the way -- it turned out -- -- But more concerning for media power coal power be my -- -- in and anyway but I could stop the patriot offense now. What's been gronkowski is -- -- in the middle he's impossible to cover. And when he's playing at the level they played yesterday. You know he's a major difference maker every time the patriots play -- -- about the next maybe three to four or five weeks. You know maybe Aaron Hernandez comes back maybe he's. He's ready to go I don't I'll but you know that that it made major major players that now is this again this picture at all parents and -- -- everybody else did airport yesterday but certainly he has one of the guys that spearheads the successive. Team will miss him most in the red zone opportunities boomer. Six foot 7270 pounds and their yacht and you know you -- yet they've they've been touched on he's that he scored where you -- like a double move up the -- -- and and battery at Bernard re contorted -- to turn -- and catch the ball on the other side where most. Receivers are expected the ball on the inside that shows you just quote epic -- I mean you we have never seen a guy. That is that did that counted that athletic and to be able to make a play alike that Obama the ball was getting hit in the back. Is pretty damn impressive. What we're would you expect them to put another tight and they got about it on twelve of them are on the roster boomer another part tight end. And and use him the way they used. Archos here at least as much as possible or would they. Go with three receivers as opposed to the two attendance. I think a lot of it depends on where Aaron Hernandez's Leno -- practiced on for Friday and I thought when they first brought Aaron back -- thought that was -- world you don't you come back. And it was an ankle injury in the ankle injury that he would Stoppard. You're asking him a lot for got to come back that quickly and then he comes back and there's setback. I think that a lot of a lot of that will be determined by whether or not he is healthy and the other thing to remember too short week. So I just I don't know he's ready to go or not and that's going to be the you know the the million dollar question -- As one of the guys here that Japan was following already this morning. -- I don't really care of the pitchers put and there are always seem like work they put in there's gonna have a great game and a lot of that is due in part. To have good -- -- -- right now. There's no question -- the gronkowski is his -- yesterday seven targets seven receptions to touchdowns as we said he goes to him almost exclusively in the red zone. What is it like for a quarterback were in general terms when you lose the guy. You are locked in most. Well. I'm discuss the novel for a quarter records -- the -- that -- -- -- and my fantasy football yeah -- points last night. And Brady gave me we even more sought about what that home -- do this week there aren't that many -- and that. You do that kind of production weekend and week out. I would think that. -- -- -- found out you probably look like rocket believed that murder go down the next three or four weeks. Without -- legitimately in my best player and well Donna -- we -- about the -- I don't care what. You know did what did you deployed over the last five weeks -- completed play well. You know their defense always has -- installation perform. Give Tom a little bit of confusion somewhere along the line and would be a short for him. So much more helpful having that target out there but you know there's been are very resilient Siemens. There's no no excuses ever come -- from the coach and pepper from Bilbao checks so. I would -- developers up and out and it does it seem like it. He's jumping on a short week and still be very good offensively even without one of their best players it's going to be on the patriots over. I'm not sure the jets saved their season yesterday with that win over the -- because I'm not sure that it can be saved but at least would you agree they bought themselves four more days till Thursday. Without I don't you know I would say here last Friday but there was a chance. Then we could come in you know next on their next Monday and the jets -- lost two games. And it would be to mediate on Mike Kevin Brown the meaty on virtual line and Mark Sanchez. We're just an intolerable it would've been incredibly intense. But you know this morning -- a lot of people are breathing a sigh of relief over their plot park where the jets practice this morning. Realizing that you know they actually can play -- unity event. Played throughout practice yesterday but you know bet against Sam Bradford -- Just don't -- global wide receivers then and skilled players -- will Mark Sanchez has -- work. This where there's going to be completely different and I can tell Leo he often we talk on the radio program. About gronkowski we talk about Wes Welker certainly Tom Brady. I would be talking about a lot about human Wrigley this year we've been talking about in that most of the New England patriot defense put this morning. I sit here in awkward Jim Thorpe yesterday and LB Julian settlement. I mean all over the place making plays special teams is being handed the ball army. It was so one of those very very special games it doesn't cover along very often for our children. I did you probably focused and on the jets more than we did how did Sanchez Sanchez look overall I know. And -- Tebow was one for one I saw that pass on the little shovel pass and on a punt but. Overall did Sanchez look good. He would better yet he was fifteen it's one piece of good crack at 200. Yard -- they ran the ball 41 times just that simple alt Powell this backup running back really looked great he had a couple really strong runs yesterday. There are a couple dropped passes again as there always are for New York Jets spent. The most part that was one of -- and just the best games this year you look real competent you -- decisive. Threw the ball extremely. Accurately. Buttons saying all that I mean it's still a team that. It doesn't have a lot of confidence offensively and what I watched that game yesterday. It was really more about the defense that was about Mark Sanchez you're an -- -- I did say that more purple loose on the ball well. But their defense played really well and you know got to Sam Bradford confused him. He looked terrible yesterday. And quite frankly you know the jets basically outplayed them from start to finish and it was something that had been long coming to suggest that they have not been good for about five weeks now. Could any could the whole thing that happened last week to -- Tebow being terrible in the office and the receivers being garbage. That is there any way you could rally around that stranger things have happened down there and New York bull market. -- -- I got I got I could you know a bit more than one iota of but I think. You know given putted -- those rams last week it was all about Tim Tebow was all about whose locker room visit. On the one calibrate you'd beat Tim Tebow I don't think but maybe wants maybe once or twice -- often. In the second half. It basically relegated him the silent and by the way that a little troubled past that you alluded to. I was on the punt team and it was already at the punt safe team of these similar programs. Tim Tebow should audible out of that break him and let the punt happens so he made a major mistake there as well so. I don't that's another attempt you those long. -- a lot of plays especially with the way the marketplace yesterday maybe probably Spanos are probably turn out that yet two quarterbacks you don't have one. So what would happen Thursday night I just can't imagine that use the apartment people. After the game Bart Scott semi unsuccessfully tried to implement a media boycott because after all it's the media's fault the polls comments about terrible Tim Tebow got out there I don't think a media boycott during jets patriots week. Is probably viable this week old 42 Thursday bloomer. Ryan read in the front of Barney could end up talking about the game afterwards but. You know he's done this before he's been a guy that has been ridiculed there's been no -- -- supremely criticized the -- you know last. There a couple of games there where he's had one or two tackles and if you play. You know the position he plays you know you're expecting about seven or Gator game but you know he's -- of wheat -- well football game yesterday so maybe that's why he did talk a little bit. But I do not I would say that you know this is the defense that can be hacked and I think -- all the weapons have been on the patriots have. You know they should be able to move the ball and on the field on the on the -- I. I'm not too worried about it from doing a perspective beyond the bothers me is that it concocted grant county warplanes. A -- -- you know -- Pritchard -- one by at least ten points now are critical -- closer than. Does Bill Belichick quietly and I know he never tell us regret having his second most. Remarkable offensive weapon perhaps that he's ever coached in his career on the field for the fifty ninth and final point -- broke his arm. The largest -- part of the game you know aren't in Biotech always has played it that way whether their team as you know. Fifteen an hour and there's -- -- game to be played and it already locked up until the strategies planet guys. He makes no excuse is that it makes no apologies for that and and it's just the way it goes you know and aren't that many guys. Available to be communion on special teams so -- they at all. Required to do. You know of the but there's certain responsibility in meeting he's back and ask anybody take a break in the middle of the game and and doesn't surprise me. -- it's not often your quarterback throws for 527. Yards and five touchdowns and you leave the field little a lot of people in -- wondering. What the hell's wrong with your team and and and why you had struggled so mightily with Jacksonville but. You look at Houston today as the best team in the AFC and and you look at him any differently than you did last week. You -- then actually. I feel better about them this week. Match up with -- able to do that I you know I I hadn't seen that comment from him. And even know they had a little bit down game within it within the division against the team and knows them very well I think it was a -- -- gain furthermore they played the first half. Part of me says that was good for them and they needed that time all sense of Alpa unit and Livan. With the defense each and every week -- -- itself last week up in Chicago so. You know there's a long season it's so competitive this week you know these teams are so close to one another. Villa at your quarterback who was not considered a lead right now -- -- to be the buzz word out there. Total 527. And lead your team back to Victor -- it was a big thing for them. An album Baltimore when you obviously you beat Pittsburgh could be Iran that's a good thing I'm pretty sure but when you don't score you don't score a touchdown. -- in your often they have some questions about your offense. -- out those guys on the road are not great you know they gave their numbers on the road speak for themselves Plaxico. Picked up Pittsburgh to win the game. Outright last night -- you know of course Jacoby Jones returned a punt for touchdown and ultimately that's the difference. In the game but that's exactly the kind of -- -- we all expected everybody says it was going to be close tight defensive oriented game. Bottom up which looked to me like he got hurt on the touchdown run that he got. That he had in the beginning of the game and it seemed to be you know affecting him. Throughout the rest of the games so I'll say from a from the jet standpoint that was good last night that the Pittsburgh Steelers. You know lost again because now please everybody got much closer together. -- the bad thing is definitely a visit to a single one yet but I got -- and the 500. I was -- a lot of football yet to be played you know I do believe it when it's got -- division locked up bottled -- maybe he didn't have a catch them here. With the remaining games but there's still a lot of jockeying to be made six that that took -- six. Well it looks to me like all the divisions I don't want locked up but clearly there's a team that's in command of all the divisions. -- in the AFC. Could say that you know did maybe the most impressive -- yesterday from me anyway. From Bombay -- eighteen that I thought I was gonna lose -- green -- you know with all those injuries that they had. They go to 73 now the right on the heels of Chicago Bears in Chicago loses tonight. -- this program there will be -- first place in the NFC north by virtue of being in Chicago earlier in the game. But you know Dallas is on the heels of the giants I think there's a lot of questions yet to be answered there Atlanta looks like and obviously it's normal over the South San Francisco. If they can win tonight they'll get this evidence to go have a two game lead on Seattle. I -- and -- the leader Baltimore is a leader in Houston so I'm not to Denver also if you ask me in at least in the AFC I think we are for division. Right you know we get a -- again a week and a day ago tonight's Monday night in Chicago San Francisco looked to be a fascinating matchup but Cutler and Alex Smith may not -- so this comes down to which backed up melts less than the other one tonight -- Without question I -- figure out and apply those in rookies -- -- to play. But -- -- the highest scoring unit on the field it's gonna be disheartened because they have more than anybody has. So you know that the -- struggle there's gonna go on to begin the one thing that I've it was exposed last week. Are used and is should. Is Chicago's inability to stop the run and you know what -- San Francisco do well -- they run the ball very well this has gotten kind of six written all over -- say that. Tongue in cheek but I think you have very low scoring game much like last. Week's game was against Houston and much like last night's game was between Baltimore that's. -- -- -- final question for me two part question have you ever thrown five interceptions in the game and your take on Matt Ryan wins a game by throwing five picks and not touched. Well I would you have to interpret to 500 yards I guess he did you did it. Do that and I did win that it -- we did when that -- -- should say but. Under the ever threw five interceptions that brutal war and took me. Three days before it could fall asleep again. So unsure that Matt -- not feel pretty good about performance but as Mike Smith said yesterday and I'm sure Bill Belichick conservative I don't Rex Ryan would say there's. When you can win games when you're not playing your best. They actually tells you that you have a very good football team and -- -- -- -- a little bit of a hangover from -- lost last week opinions have been on science. Now that you know they're not and one that calmed down a little bit and looks like they're going to be. I would say he's not on how about the odds on favorite but certainly looked to be the favorite to get home field advantage up close with the announcement. -- -- stand marine don't know that he never approved for as many yards as you did on November 10 1996. He knows he's one yard behind. That he he threw for 522. And his high game was five when he once you got that on him. About all the time you -- all of -- Also remind him that I had my opportunities. And I beat him few times when I was with the jet easy to forget those who don't want. Talk about the infamous spike game in which it really wasn't -- spike. Or -- -- it was a joke and by the way that was his idea that was Bernie codes are idea Ernie was his back up with it it's what we used to do in Cleveland so he did it. It's a pretty impressive list of guys who have proof for 500 I mean -- it's not not a lot of folks there units. You know boomer Dan Marino Tom Brady Phil sands Eli Manning Drew Brees I'm in the 500 yard clubs pretty good -- -- -- Market has -- big -- right might 500 -- him a lot like. What's his -- yes they match up -- yesterday we went over Parma I remember correctly reporting at the watch American I was actually the quarterback of the cardinals believe Bernardin and as one of those games where we got behind and it was. Up and down the field not a factor I think two out of my first seven. And -- more interceptions. And Jim Ball a mile a quarter at the time he's said to him -- within. If you don't sort of -- We're gonna probably got -- you and me we're gonna like right here -- wanted to go to that right now and then. Right now moment everything seemed to turn. Ken Whisenhunt saw on the other line he -- he want to back -- the cardinals need you boomer. I'd go Bradford because he's really your coach and I have absolutely no presents a quarterback non and I. But by Cuba perhaps you can imagine how better -- -- -- FitzGerald yeah. Well I did too until he dropped the ball on the goal line at the end of the game. There -- -- -- bought out. Will rise and you're not go to Sampras go to work tonight correct I am not object on actually beyond the page -- Thursday -- excellent very good have a great week over happy Thanksgiving we'll talk -- down the road. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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