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Doc Rivers with Sean Grande in Detroit

Nov 18, 2012|

Sean talked with the Celtics coach before the Pistons game.

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Celtics are presented by Lexus continues from The Palace of Auburn Hills it is the Celtics and pistons. Final -- the gauntlet seventh game in ten days -- front of these bizarre conversation with a head coach Doc Rivers brought to you as always by Harvard Pilgrim Health -- Harvard pilgrim. Count us in. Or -- with a -- nobody asked about yesterday about nine minutes left drove by fifteen. Giving your unhappiness with games Thursday night. I thought that was an important not just to manage the minutes of the -- that that was something about a critical for five minutes to make sure the guys you have on the floor the whole league that you would you. Yeah here in the presidential clearly they did. You know but it was licensed -- you know we got a number. The stuff that if it got to a number -- -- gonna put in the other guys let. It was great my number of times just kept you know obviously you legitimately. In the guaranteeing 25 minutes which was Margo for the night for a. William the number one stock -- Rondo in the assists and it's it's all well and good. You made the comment he -- offense unto himself what did you mean that. Normally when you -- everywhere Bridgestone. And then he creates other offerings for you. Doesn't in transition he doesn't envision you know we just is a Smart he would. -- and yes trust in this they have trusted him. They know win you know we audible. And they they can read pretty well. Where you on this street everyone's talking about it the most of the force of the other players in the team want him to continually. And you know there's a feeling maximize our but the thoughts on the sometimes that can be a distraction if you're looking for an assist for a shot especially shootings alone this year. But I feel. Back into alleged. Zero. Picture of me. I want -- -- did it pegged as. I don't look at that and that kind of he did it ever heard you did it sort of seeping into even with the other guys now I don't know obviously you know liberals want your approach. I have no and so out of that kind of stuff you know it's amazing I don't the other night yet here in the last Warren and even though. That's coming though you have the streak going so it doesn't affect me at all. Which is good you didn't know -- there were good between -- thousands thus shocked my system I can I can imagine that it is feeding him and they've been easily. Whatever -- on around you how much time do you spend thinking about how you would stop your guys if you go to again. Well I don't think about that much I just like when I see some coverages. And I always that would cover them that way so I look at that more and -- I think -- -- do -- you know -- -- probably know -- -- -- -- I -- Every incident that they're really good and really good players. Are pretty good and an -- What the strange thing to me about -- sellinger watching for the first and games and it was -- -- -- yesterday and so he's like getting much coverage today. He makes rookie mistakes but he doesn't act like a rookie does win rookies make those mistakes is a calmness. Now he gets over pretty well. He's a good player. He's a rare exception where he's become effective no team is on the floor. You know and what we get on him about is known as -- at times and you know and then obviously makes mistakes because of personnel more than coverage you know he's pretty much is amazing. He's in the guy too many over coverage better than guys who have been in the league that are due. He picks us up pretty well. That's actually segue to Detroit team that if you look at their young bigs where they are younger some similarities here between the release of the teams you -- -- -- where they are in their career being. What is the biggest challenge and guys in their second and third year with the talent. Figuring out. The biggest thing is the team I think individually it's -- improvement individual player and an early. I think is very. Difficult to get to the buy into winning as a team when you have a much young guys like process. Everybody's trying to outdo everybody on the team I would slow them. Our prices were harmed in the day and skills they weren't competing against each other because they want to be the guy. And the image in the game that you compete against each other and I think that's an issue. That -- itself to pistons National Palace in the WEEI Celtics radio network.

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