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NFL Sunday Put the Pats/Colts "On the Grill" and Pick Their Winner

Nov 18, 2012|

The boys give their keys for a Pats victory today and make their picks!

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I can't natural casing ranks of the case we'll talk to your favorite -- They have celebrate something easy to Sterger the sports black -- handing it's wrong for fourth touchdown passes the latest and 81 yarder that Justin Blackmon. Oplink Gabbert started the game was two for 230 cell phone went out with a an elbow issue. Chad -- replace them has -- it off. It would be a little tough to go back to Blaine Gabbert next week wouldn't it if you're the Jacksonville Jaguars even assuming that planes elbow is fine. I feel -- that slide back into that spot defeated Jacksonville Jaguars though anything is possible. -- you never know the. But it won't watch him last week because that was the the most recent colts game after tomorrow Justin Blackmon is pretty -- -- -- -- -- like he uses roughly for you find some sort of roaming in and out of his -- put. It won't -- situation that you is. Generally -- -- the -- crossing into the if you want Kentucky it's got to reconsider he runs three routes and essentially right now if you ever got into this situation. Where he had a great quarterbacks get a good situation around to be a positive locker of infrastructure the guy could be deep but he's Jackson the wild west and he does know he's gonna do we want to do. Its interest in also did this sort of try to avoid the patriots have type in the name of citizens as a former leaflets. Hi who -- happy but really would. Basketball player body has been here -- -- to put him you know he's -- forty to fifty get past -- went wrong numbers kind of thing but it really good. He's good -- leave it right matchup between those 66065. We picked basketball player buys the interest you to come watch how Indianapolis try to attack him for a project how they might try to -- -- of -- this week and they use the young kids. Would reform. Fifty. You -- for the colts over your belief. Point of this horrible comforted in the second what they were actually using in the approximate the line. The walk him out of the box with golf balls in the gap where we'll have Gordon walk down in front of the dreaded gym with -- my view is always that's probably the best what happened to him -- the debris was deep enough for me yes. He's a little younger -- very young but he's also a little more both -- got a little bit he seems to be their you know sort of answered that the bills try to do with see if -- did. It's a different way to try to do and I think it's important -- -- -- simple -- the last -- -- the the wrong read this guy had on the fifth York city where was just what dots. Because the -- didn't attack them with the line. Let him they just fought dropped that let him run free try to match -- -- -- look at the wrong approach from the fact that they tried to put some work on it last week told me they were no -- we'll -- They like about this stories that deal brought up that's the view then I don't think it was -- -- by the way at the other -- -- back from. Arizona has taken a 1916. It over the falcons in the fourth quarter. Matt Ryan has no touchdowns and four interceptions today we which -- at home against terrorism to chart -- Iowa. Overreact about who -- up -- over. We are -- -- -- -- -- Atlanta Houston we're gonna see some of these teams get some solutions in the armor. We'll see you all all sorts all -- -- physical -- -- gonna get them back and now it's odd he's my knowledge we we knew you have the good football team. But a good football team become the great football team it's how do you respond to thirty adversity our diversity when you've you've had fairly success. And deny you come into new season you may have a couple of bumps in a row how are these your team how good is your leadership now I think the more. Questions about that -- it used to because he's in his younger I think if you're comparing the two teams Italy it is a bit more battle tested they have some more veterans on this squad. As opposed to Houston which is a pretty young team with a group Feinstein -- patriots on the grill brought to you by KM. But for the camp that box your favorite grocer and celebrate something what do we think. The patriots have to do to beat the Indianapolis Colts today what's that the recipe for victory this afternoon Chris we'll start with -- I think you can have a lot of opportunities passing game going up against the team with two of their starting quarterbacks on the shelf. You look at the situation for god if you like rated Lloyd under Wes Welker could be able to play. In not just those two with -- capacity for the running -- particularly -- would often the ones built up to a point. Where I believe Tom Reid could have some time back there and I think he would be -- in the past been pretty typical. -- Mrs. team wide. Newt and I absolutely go -- K good whatever you think they need to do to win you know what to me it's recapture of the different. We'll call that you've got to go back to -- -- -- standard this deep for this you have to go back with a run in the stuff in the sudden boom boxes in the longer practice of -- -- -- the second there -- no word about this about as much time would -- if you think carefully before. We're about peace and beauty so to me that has to go back to sort of -- integrity no way it runs. Limited sort of a passenger and stuff with the bat so that we can you talk about -- they take care of that stuff. Then the other sort of side of the -- tremendous turnovers. Comes to fruition in matters little -- so you know. Adjusted -- situation so it's back to the given him a boost from it was a wonderful. Kevin. Stick with this team gave. There's a lot of weaknesses that we can so called stated in that was called defense. But it will be here. On the could be doing the ball pass the ball where things are. B a team that has grown throughout the course of the year and understand it doesn't matter if you run you know it's going about it she could win football games because you know who would. With the slow the flow of the game and do it to win the football game in. You know. Special teams and defense to blast the same thing as to what they gave me. Run run run run run. I'm here let's just look at that thing says. As simply as weekend this is not a good run defense the patriots are good run football team. Doesn't that sort of fall into place rather nicely it you run the ball well they don't stop the run well. Is one of those things one mistreated here you really wanna be I guess we gonna run run run. But at the same time -- back to Wesley -- would -- you could -- on the they've emphasized what did would it weaknesses are and that's not -- to stop the run we've emphasized that didn't noted teams are going to try to run the football or. Now something on the ball better than that team. Could that be because this TV different you know what whatever what may be put at the same term they're practicing on so you don't want. Just not think about the passing game made all they did think about run run run that's Wesley Tate would these teams. We select -- -- if you remember we were back from Seattle. We walked the reason why did they try to press room that had some success of the week prior. In Seattle comes in with every single die within six yards for the -- You know there are two of the line of scrimmage jeweler got eight guys in the box you can't run in this situation so I think there's forty. -- if they're gonna walk in here impact of boxing -- than we do think you're gonna have to respond to -- -- whatever that whatever just be -- about the barefoot it probably -- -- because she wanted to -- A lot of different kinds of. On the table and see what we think will happen in -- -- colts game real quickly around the NFL. Cowboys lead the browns 1713. 545 let's play in the fourth yes they have. Staged the second half comeback cardinal still lead the falcons 1969. And left to play in the fourth quarter of that one. Other Detroit Lions lead the Green Bay Packers 1714 Mason Crosby has missed three field goals for green bank. And they trailed by three that's at 429 left play in the fourth. Cincinnati. Pummeling Kansas City 2863. Minutes left to play in the fourth quarter about one. The New York Jets have been given a gift from the -- the rams have played into their hands pretty effectively today the jets lead. 27 a thirteen two minutes left to play in that one. Course the F Thursday night Thanksgiving night game -- the jets posting the patriots the Redskins. Played B Michael Vick less Eagles leading 31 to six. 411 left to play in the fourth quarter of that one. Carolina doubling up Tampa bake twenty to 106. Minutes left in the fourth quarter of that went and Jacksonville is trying to hold off Houston. It is 3427. Jacksonville -- believe. 334 left to play Houston has the ball first and ten at their own thirty yard line that's the way things stand at all the 1 o'clock game so far. The 4 o'clock games get started here in just few minutes this stuff patriots colts came to port 25. So let's make it plain it's simple but we think it's gonna win by how much Kevin. It's very frightening for me because -- -- as close of very confident football I'm right now. Don't know enough funny dad Wired News you know not that I trust you know enough when it up. They're really scared because it's just a very confident football team and if you. Give him early and -- -- hits on today confident that if we could be built over the past few weeks. They're going to be very hard team to -- to I think want to keep these games. Paterno was the pages -- number one in the league would turn over football and -- go to number 22 is going to be a very key factor in the game as well live. Protecting Andrew Luck is that a factor in the turnover thing as far as -- protecting the football so. Is going to be key for us as far as keep them but -- -- gonna win by ten but it's going to be a very good close game. Chris. I think the patriots win this thing I think Indianapolis that a lot of good things that both sides of the ball and I think they're a team that's playing with a motion right now riding a wave of emotion especially in the legal -- -- -- their head coach chuck -- -- though it. Really young teams to be going one of two directions when someone like that happens. And they've managed to build on it it win probably a lot more deems that a lot of people thought that there were people look at this stage of the season. That being said I don't think they have enough offensively to hang with doing what we talked about. Rigidly unity -- it is going to be a factor today but I don't think the other running -- you don't have the complete offensive look at the patriots -- doing little wind this thing it's gonna be able to be close and that the people expect. Tennessee 31 when he said Matt. All right so -- I was 31. One we want our earlier in the week comes to stick with is just. -- we -- this week -- a look at the -- and I look at sort of the than this on him on the Indianapolis side I feel like a 31 number could be low. I feel like you could push a little -- I'll stick with that's war but I feel at the patriots are gonna have. Very little trouble moving the ball in the points and that's the BC thirty thresholds going to be there. What I think will be important you sit here next week we talk about what about this win. Is there are some guy on that roster that we did not talk about that has some sort of breakout situation I don't think we're gonna talk about what would you when he did the patriots this week. Provided were not sitting here sentenced as Brazil guy over fifteen wide receiver who's this who -- kid number thirteen more to catch and run guy. Guys that we did spend a lot of time on. What because they're gonna have to go to a second or third option would you be sitting here saying. Who's that guy baby and those guys are all catch and run guys we saw that the first ball -- game a lot of -- plays broke -- tackle stuff which until last week. As long as the public were broken plays don't happen to think if so what Kevin's point was don't let the -- stuff happened I don't think it's going to be that close -- is beyond the and suitable wind for the sweep of keep it about 31 point one patriots. One quick note before I give you my final score on TV your story line for this week it's gonna end up being Patrick Chung. Wolf while the time he found out that he was inactive for today's game tweeted on its own Twitter account -- gotta love business unquote. He has since deleted the tweet but unfortunately. There are folks out there who captured these things and keep them. You'll be asked about it at least come up more than once sold this Facebook's stock you know that's what this is you have that is exactly what it is. -- that -- -- guys younger guys in this thing that business is the key at. -- what's a guy whose country years remembered it is the number one thing I don't care -- the wonderful world view but it hasn't been number one thing. Somebody needs to find that that that aren't for real convicted sheets but we didn't pull. Before somebody screen -- when he knew that sent there is there is there but the -- but I don't fortunately have now been. Ask us they don't put it I think the patriots I 35 this might never be sure I give them 35 every single week because I think they're that good offensively. I'm gonna get 35 again. I I think Kendra what is good not great yet he might he break down the road he's not right now. I'm gonna say like seventy so 3570. That the patriots. When this thing fairly effectively I also think unfortunately for the Indianapolis Colts. The patriots were very good last week. That could be a bad thing you guys know what it's like down here all week long in the meeting rooms and on the practice field when things go the wealth. The week before it probably hasn't been a fun week that they -- bears were out of character and I'm very collectible that's that's something you don't once we got to get out here Matt. Kevin I'll see you guys on -- in daily tonight. Chris I'll see. All come on now. In the stadium that night. I'll still say yeah he's a few reporter and I. Tired. They didn't McChrystal see you later on. Map local -- back there we appreciate it we gotta get out of here ESPN radio coming up next followed by Celtics basketball. That the real post game show here on Sports Radio WB yeah.

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