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NFL Sunday Goes "Around the NFL" for Week 11

Nov 18, 2012|

The boys look at all the early games breaking down the stats and highlights and then preview all the late games when they go "Around the NFL" for week 11.

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Welcome back -- number three NFL Sunday Sports Radio WE yeah I -- broadcasting live from Toby Keith's I love this bar and grill right here patriot place next door at Gillette Stadium. That's in the Indianapolis Colts at fort 45 today time take you around the National Football League take a look at all of the games being played this week and as we said earlier this is not the world's greatest slate of 1 o'clock games but. We'll start with the Arizona Cardinals. In Atlanta to take on the falcons give the falcons credit they have fought back in this went. They're currently tied sixteen to sixteen at the Georgia Dome. Stephens-Howling touchdown in the first quarter on falcons radio Skelton under center. Takes the snap him off Stephens-Howling again straight ahead get to the wanted to -- the adult and a touchdown. And backed Asante Samuel three at Stephens-Howling at two. And the Heisman ran right throw up and the cardinals are on the -- with a touchdown and minutes six seconds in. Hello rod Stephens-Howling -- rush for a 119. Yards. And that touchdown that you just heard you you mean it's not they didn't make that make the stop on the one. Hard to believe -- -- -- that's one -- and -- out of it's not gonna but. Another -- 1 o'clock game and this one's probably got the attention of a lot of -- the Cleveland Browns have gone on the road at that Jerry Jones mausoleum. And they currently lead the Dallas Cowboys thirteen to three with 248 left to play in the third quarter of this went. Ben Watson yet that Ben Watson with a quick touchdown catch for the browns. We -- in the second one himself or -- goal in the market -- Yeah it's. Yeah. -- -- and it wiped. -- bounced it up and they're not that cool down. Just sort of yes and maybe Mike Holmgren started -- the stationery printed in the business cards made up and I'm. I'm gonna say there's a real low. -- does was and I think there. How host Cleveland Browns as does the TV and several received late November once or out of early December -- -- -- -- -- seeing today they. Barely got by Cleveland a couple of weeks ago that one reason they are tough out. Let's take a look at some of the other 1 o'clock games that Green Bay Packers lead the Detroit Lions fourteen to ten. 799. F 749 left my excuse me the third quarter of that one. And Green Bay has come from behind and now one and they lead the Detroit Lions fourteen to ten. The Cincinnati Bengals. Are in Kansas City you'll be shocked to hear this I know put. Cincinnati's winning speaking of teams that have new head coaches next year. The -- to make 21 to six lead over the Kansas City Chiefs 547 left by in the third. Look we all like Scott -- I think we elect Romeo and -- thank. -- that we look for when you say shocked I thought the schools the other -- around. Just cross these off materials ties with little doggie -- It's one of these talk about you hate to see -- of having good people who. What I Romeo and what we talk got hit with a with a when he started dancing and after that touchdown -- it against the Steelers what was that thing to keep one in seventy practicing. Best -- television. -- locker room and shoot you and my -- beautiful -- an organization. For very long time that edges that you know that this part of this lost. Where -- talked a little bit about the F Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Carolina at Bank of America Stadium. Tampa Bay with a five and four record Carolina with a two and seven record right now Carolina is leading fourteen to ten the main reason that I wanna. Bring this tennis because -- best names in the National Football League had a highlight this one. Didn't want -- line. -- an interception return for a touchdown on Panthers radio freemen have the shotgun snap a five step drop -- throws out of the backfield. And they scored touchdowns for the twentieth. The I just love that. Could you could -- the picture just now were you running with them right now what do you. -- the -- of the -- Williams had nine carries forty yards. Through the third quarter for. How about this one the Jacksonville Jaguars. In Houston. Taking on the Texans. And it got a ten point lead in the third quarter Jacksonville leading Houston. 27 to seventy degrees there on an island life is the record. Listen -- that was twice -- out. And this might be the last time -- Cecil shorts the third. Touchdown reception for Chad Henne on jaguars radio. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to the forty try to go back to get to peacefully. If authority seasonal flooding this peaked at five. Cecil shorts. -- any twelve for sixteen for 230 yards and three touchdowns -- sort of see the end of the Blaine Gabbert here heavily in Jackson. How this happened and he's going to also threw for two through. This is something that I need to change to Chad yes. -- got her. We got. That it that Justin Blackmon forced him to the 120 yards you can short -- catches 81 yards and let's -- it. Well the great seven days exactly it's gonna pump the -- the -- the -- did you -- Exactly and I think we would try to make a point early October the -- -- where you know these guys are aware of the future and if Obama were concerned about. Where both were going to be received -- where's that we're going to be at that time. Portions will be the bits and it's a playoff team but the idea of their rubber stamp for the applies next second week. Indeed it's Amber's going through -- -- -- from the -- -- be. You know placing yourself in this great. Thought about it well we've been talking about. Coaches and regimes that might be JJ and I hate to see that would studio Washington Redskins lead the Philadelphia Eagles 24 to six to fifty left to play in the third Colby gave up on them. It's kind of hard to picture that they're going to be able to continue -- The current regime in Philadelphia got to think maybe it changes in order there don't you think out of we talked about here -- kind of you know. Cutting the franchise starting all over again I don't see how Philadelphia can bring everyone back for -- to swap what it's up. It's not about a message that they want good lesson here at any reading -- -- when that shot this year where I think that if this real -- -- Via the New York Jets give them credit. They have come from behind they were trailing seven nothing in the game they have scored twenty straight points scents that make currently lead the St. Louis Rams twenty to seven. Mark Sanchez is fourteen for 19167. Yards and a touchdown quarterback rating of 117 point seven. Tim Tebow with one for one of the passing department. -- minus one yard by the way that was a shuffle pass on a fake field goal -- that kind of went -- but. That's the way things stand now. Turning our attention now to 4 o'clock games in the NFL. At Oakland Alameda county coliseum the three and six Oakland Raiders play host the four and five New Orleans saint Mark Ingram gives credit to the saints offensive line. For helping revive their running game. The holes open in there. Lives on a great we'll open up lives in the puts up and knocked him from. The period -- reform through so. It's uses a lot more incurred net -- and make your decisions a lot more quickly when there's -- for a. Feeling better about your hometown team the saints at four and five now I have. Really good about always feel good about they have impressive office that you bring them back the thing is their defense to their defense that's about it. Officials -- on the -- this season. That's that's a crucial game it's the US is still not yet decided what they -- that would prevent I thought it would have been locked up. Dual port 25 games today the first one is in Denver sports authority field at mile high at this six and three Denver Broncos. Posts before and five San Diego Chargers tequila spiked chargers linebacker. Says his team can't worry about getting revenge on Denver after their first match up this season. They just need to get a win for their playoff push. I think you look at payback you can -- a one time here. This is a -- out you know and so well. That goes into lead and on into the playoffs haven't sat so. This is is bigger than that is to be pitching that we do see but at -- that they only stores one so was this week. I will say this if San Diego could somehow with the Denver. And beat them they would it would certainly -- that Denver Broncos frank Donald bit out of San Diego is that by the way for the speedway a little bit. It's one of those things where we -- by a couple of weeks ago but some teams going in their own direction. About a month ago we were talking about San Diego and how good they look how well for the river and playing. Now it's the total. Well I will say this. I do it was good we although it was good we know -- a hall of Famer Peyton -- been better than I thought it could be you know given that he lost an entire season. A football last year they beyond matches given weapons around I didn't realize he was going to be it would do much of the group -- He's the football very guys it -- put him on the through that provocative. He's gonna do a job that's why he's going to get all the framework. -- -- period Gillette Stadium to six and three teams to battle the six and great patriots in the six and three Indianapolis Colts. Colts quarterback can't relax says he's well aware of the classic games and arrival -- long time between the -- Paul. It's yours I've watched him difficult to sort of benchmark for the position. You guys Sosa CSR -- And some of playoff games in some ways differed when Jawad still. No glasses those muddy you know -- here. Socially. Great. Great franchises. That was my favorite company has this week. I talked about watching lose steam heat related to let seedy bunch grass it was. Buddies that it was real football I wonder why they can about the video games played against him in those those situations with. The middle of the field be you know birdies and you want it but this is an -- a little dips and you do you had the advantage before he ever stepped on the field. You -- not because of any other element that everybody else thinks because we knew we were well prepared for the -- -- through it like that we game plan yes exactly what the like one point. That this way it's supposed to be the two best football games the NFL this week -- Sunday night Monday Night Football game Sunday Night Football tonight Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. The six and three Steelers without Ben Roethlisberger. -- the seven into Baltimore Ravens John Harbaugh says the ravens can't get caught up in the -- to Roethlisberger because the backups of experience they are. And I have to defend against their overall offensive scheme. Defend the offense they've got weapons all over the field. There either one arguably the most one of the most talented if not the most talented offenses in football. All those guys are gonna go out there playing and Byron Leftwich is fully or Charlie Batch is fully capable right now it's very well. I love you team. That's right now by the way Roethlisberger could miss as many as three weeks and I -- Tuesday that it -- Who did their bit left torturer yes. Charlie that still lingered around and after 75 years in a Bellwether produced. I know I kind of thought to got a hold together for two or three seem to do with so many times but it has been elected to a three year ever to -- since he's had to do it. Over the loss which we'll see our goals that this could really change the face justice last couple to talk about very closely -- -- also able Pittsburgh. One injury this to treat the entire face of this -- it if you're that last. Shall wild card team we have seen -- -- and after Cincinnati you will wherever it is out of this looking. This really changed the face of things left which scuttle off from. Provincial uses in game. This being the -- that allowed me if and speaking of backup quarterbacks Monday Night Football the seven went to Chicago Bears travel to San Francisco to take on. -- 62 and one 49ers it just sounds so weird even say that doesn't it. Jason Campbell says he's happy to be getting a chance to play quarterback but it's never a good thing for got to get banged up like Jay Cutler did. Definitely seen -- you've heard. Rory. -- Who have it our team -- definitely -- likely there would -- out and played both excellent. Fortunately. -- those days -- something. I would love to see these people over there I. I actually thought that was one of the cheap shots I -- that was that was a tough and we we're talking about that no one here gets you where it's awesome if at all or gag or yeah football as a mother you know pass -- as he led -- all right with the helmet right there as he -- stuck it right batteries and as usual and not Kessler let. The tackler Lindsay should just suck it right because that was passed and I'm not allowed to win this thing in your mouth and it's images runner don't you can't do that while running back -- can't hit his uniquely enduring LSU team. You're not gonna get called nowadays do you -- how -- it just keeps. Well there's that and that's why he's got to sit around this items that we can just talk to them tell them about how crazy it's another -- the right direction. Do we with your helmet on every evidence besides quarterback what you password he's run. And that's what this would how many times. You see linebackers get. Fine for leading with a helmet out wide receivers and guys like -- that's because they are defensive and that's different than running back. Running back running with the ball but don't get a -- he's running toward the defender let's just try not to get to -- -- actually train -- road in my time when every football if I have their defenders try to tackle me. I'm not going to stand straight up I'm going to try to -- -- -- several football is different situation now he was beyond the line of scrimmage but he was trying to throw the football it's not his fault what you just want isn't as -- defender on August -- Kevin's point about standings started out while he was trying to throw the ball truthful. Don't belong in this -- created a little bit I feel good runner but I'm take your point with valid in the event that we'll -- a pastor just wandered back to the runner. This the problem get it within four quarterbacks know your being here don't worry. You've got the other guy it's sort of momentum and that's why this rule we just and fair and never has been -- as soon as she gets -- don't want. I frankly think that they should have to -- I think you're not if -- if you have to make -- you're forced to not know. They should have to go to ground because he's literally at a full speed sprint with a guy coming at full speed for. On -- line and within one -- you can't touch him really your complete your head warm up legally. How could -- be that kind of dichotomy from that -- -- -- -- -- to force the game is just the work. Our biggest one million times. But the only people that make sense to the people evidently he had about Google -- what is Smart guys in one room notes for -- -- I'm not saying what are Smart enough. The very Smart. But no kind of common sense when it comes to. What happens on the fly at all I'll I'll I'll take it to the next step should Brandon Spikes it and find -- how bad -- guys -- know we -- don't know. United in my I didn't think Brandon Spikes it was anywhere near family you wonder how much you and Jackson wants friendship but see this happen -- times this year even though. Even the job -- earlier we lost we lost you know here you see the guy actually glance look just the face -- much. I actually believe it is -- -- -- -- into did not pets here later on he glanced off. And I think would you watch them play I am actually of the view that yes technically their heads -- he was -- it's almost impossible to miss was without blowing defined well. The thing to me that's the most irritating. I think if your helmet pops off you should be fun. Because quite frankly all that same place. There is a 340 pound nose tackle that the three -- you can't count gore with a hollow more forced the -- what's it like we're back in their helmets are coming off. So the reason is -- box office because he's not being safe so if you want it to blow that safety -- Find the guys. Who don't allow an up front but he's -- one -- probably to me that's been in the it's just like in his floppy. Basically the quarterback is. -- and just -- in Austria -- Graham believes that you have to find a guy you edit or today programs that you want to find or not we don't want my profit helped. Because sometimes you can't avoid doing -- profit off. If you -- into -- your game tackle -- guy you know. You can't avoid it that you keep adding on to their problem yeah I guess again I'm I'm -- -- -- -- much of the brother going to climb but if you're gonna find the other guy. I think it just didn't just because we're prickly toward an official and see the home of fly out to Richard Wright all committed just how it works. It's not fair -- -- for example which should not available. We'll take a quick break with that kind of -- there I'm sorry they have guys that I don't like your opinion on that -- -- I want you get me I I don't know what gave me my first hit. Affected both of you -- your hands around my programs that will take quick break we're broadcasting live from Toby Keith I love this bar and grill. Right here patriot place here on NFL Sunday brought you by -- natural basic rights look for the camp blue box picture favorite browser KM. Celebrate something.

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