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NFL Sunday Flips it Around: Looking at the Pats D vs the Colts O

Nov 18, 2012|

It all starts with rookie QB Andrew Luck for the Colts. It will be interesting to see Talib in the mix and if the Pats can stop the run. The Colts like to establish the run early to get play action working for Luck. A pass rush will be key today as well.

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He -- my two little organizations. This has put together very well even though locals -- rebuilding. Comes home with a different look what you've noticed -- -- -- moment and then -- went -- and all these teams have in common that. On the normal Wimbledon so. We have to be able to messed intensity just like us and Iran -- footprint -- purpose so -- we have been really the play comes our. Patriots nose tackle Vince Wilfork here on NFL Sunday brought -- my -- natural casing franks -- for the -- blue box. At your favorite -- KM celebrate something. -- let's start because you have to start here when you talk about the Indianapolis Colts with their quarterback Andrew Luck I found it interesting. That the -- The interim head coach of the Indianapolis Colts -- area and told south Allen Tony elf that. He thinks that a lot of people are taking cheap shots at Andrew Luck jaguars safety Dawan Landry. Really laid a -- Into the into the head of Andrew -- he got penalized for it according to Bruce area a lot of people are doing it even when he -- people are taking shots out of -- -- see -- at least anecdotally with my own eyes I don't see that -- force and other quarterbacks do you guys know nobody else. The gophers got. That it didn't accidents do you wanna protect the quarterback when you -- -- -- protected by the deadly accident but I don't keep. More than any -- as a coach you've seen it. He's too good morning within your coach so there's some sort some examples -- -- the same time I can say I think he's thinking -- -- -- with. Trying to give the -- them -- -- -- so that it. Wanted to -- because -- today. I yeah I actually heard this discussion on -- radio this week. Started screaming -- my radio when I heard. The absolutely idiotic. Sports Radio talk show topic of don't think it's great they're operating line a lot. Let me just say this OK as politely as I -- Tennessee. It that way beyond fantasy I think nightmare. Yeah look it's a good quarterback in the NFL right now I won't even take -- he's not even close is completion percentage is 57 point five. He's got ten touchdowns. And nine interceptions he's fumbled the ball seven times his quarterback rating for the year 79 point one. Now the colts are probably surprising people with their overall record and he's good. He's probably not even as -- as Robert. -- from the third right now. Here's the problem so I'm not sure who flew into I didn't hear I have a feeling I know this. That if you were to rip the name tag off take the number off make the skin color neutral not -- my team. People make those comments would pick in the lockout. They could except for that he'll be -- but does that -- yet so that was the point is. A lot of those comments come from where it was drafted from. You know what the future's -- -- what the staff. The stat line doesn't matter you a lot of this a lot of this comes from that to me that sort of handicap in the goes in the analysis of proof just look at what's on field. He's a good young quarterback he's got a lot of potential he was drafted in the right place the whole complexion of the -- Argument is so ass and I did such an outing of members of that opinion. It's amateur hour stuff I think we all understand that and I think it puts too much pressure on the -- that. He is he's a he's a player is going to be your mood to play in this league and he's a guy which we'll build -- and build a program. Why you have to take it that this sort of nonsense. Just you know I know this. It's just trying to get more of the post -- write notes that he's a very that he he doesn't play like a repeat what. Maybe that's the best compliment you -- you missed this deep thinker I like we when he does a lot of good things out there. He looks like a guy who's been in the league for a few years but he is not. He's the second best rookie quarterback playing right yes but I think Robert Griffin the third Betty Beth -- he's one of those guys that has happened up. He's one of Cordoba had the opportunity to play in the pro style offense that he was in college. It's really but Saxony right now in these bear the thought of his rookie season does that look at the start of his rookie season the first game he played he threw for over 300 yards. Through ball for what 35 times a game you know president and everybody throw for 300 yards in the NFL nowadays what here's here's it not as a rookie. I don't know. -- -- -- -- well when you watched -- -- -- -- what you see this sort of bothering him so it's better than the rest of the pack for most. It's his pocket presence and that's not just you know -- keeps us -- to look at stuff with what he does -- you what's the rush without. Without sort of we -- his progression. He keeps his size of fuel use and distracted by what's -- room. What's more so far less distracted less less than usual it and he keeps his eyes on the fuel and a lot of times you see him throat would suffer through progression that seems -- -- -- -- -- since thing but that's usually -- things sound like you -- we are caused by former NFL quarterback -- we have. Half and satellite and that makes that hasn't practiced. I think it's important -- -- -- you know this isn't -- pass and -- competition governor it's not forgot the provable or it's I think what's impressive about it. As these big strong you can make Wilson throws and didn't work. Works well within the pocket it's a -- of the one thing that we need to noticed I think fans walked out this today. There was there was one -- who threw downfield last week it's Jack's built from the truth to that. One that was called back from a penalty of -- the one that the Dodgers this time these children have been reports of household so. -- made -- wonder -- my column this week I think as much as any player maybe the Flacco that we saw over this year. Reflective of -- ultimately we don't know god what he's gonna give them as many opportunities in global issue that provable went out. Again it doesn't matter what kind of put into the -- years from now because we with a team that's very comfortable dependent it's going to be a lot of opportunities. You compared since that we heard time and again this week on fox marine who look first of all the team you today defeat quarterback. He can run he can keep plays alive with his feet. He can do some things outside the pocket and then the other -- it probably runs better than he gets credit exactly you know there's a couple I don't physical exactly he's a far better physical presence out there -- -- a lot of people realize -- one has been Roethlisberger there's some comparisons there Roethlisberger -- -- -- it's the -- kind of systems become offensive system that the way to Pittsburgh for the music theory for the Pittsburgh for a long long -- it and doing some similar things with. We've good luck that he didn't Roethlisberger against broad brush but it again those are two need to keep up an awful lot done fought for the people who look at for compares. What's interesting is that if you look at sort of those systems you wolf there was always if he knew where there was always there's always an -- work. Were running game outlet. He probably doesn't have going back to revolve the -- in the casket to tighten this down of the -- I think you know another young guy that's a rookie that's been pretty -- which one -- catches for them but it's interesting because that's sort of system is reliant on. Deep threat one what one option to the took that to one catch guys you know. When after the kept coming out and -- an outlet to go with the ball if we don't have the running game pass catcher. And they -- we don't have a tight and that's the kind of discussion with the injuries. So he's sort of handicap about it nor shall we -- similar -- -- -- -- -- -- we talked about week after week you kind of look for the times were with some situations where it's based on this particular report had this. With Russell Wilson it was a terrific shots in the crossed midfield whom touched on the billions of -- a group -- -- I think within a block I think he. He breaks the pocket with some of the move the pocket -- play action stuff. More so when they reach. When they've reached the higher rated -- and do some more deadly and definitely we -- -- it's less of the break the pocket and wanna make plays until we get that red zone they have a lot of conclusions were to hit a hybrid because he's the pocket scrambled for. Not a great big plays 67 yards for critical this isn't you know it's not victims not to run for thirty. What -- critical situations we'll we'll have to supply warehouse -- -- because. He has hired tendency brick apartment once the -- -- -- -- report. We talked earlier in the day about Reggie went and in the past. You know this is a cliche for -- reason Bill Belichick he usually take one thing away from. And if I look at the Indianapolis Colts I think it's Reggie White. The -- he leads the NFL in receptions with 69. He leads the NFL in targets with a 112. Second the NFL in receiving yardage with 9312. In the NFL in receiving yards per game a 103 point four. I don't think you're gonna ask that -- -- to take Reggie -- away so what he did. The seems counter intuitive but as much as if this is actions and idiotic but I think it -- exit -- for this. There's -- little yellow -- notified and equipment delays that out of I'm really hopefully you know political players look at the but it's the most important thing to stop the -- -- run so ridiculous right and that's obviously hoping that the most competent. What if there are any cracks there in the play action becomes an issue. And I think there can be no play action that is true but simply don't respect that aspect because -- -- that we. It you can just see who will be focused on maybe they'll leave the workforce in an outing Reggie Wayne. The issue because homes if the if there's a one game -- talking to a yard -- what a legitimate. First and four type -- you know the gonna get 45 yards for them -- now play action real. You're gonna give little by little linebackers and some of the separation of what would see -- originally some -- -- -- -- watches you know this is not. We've got to start Maurice Jones-Drew this is not just upward -- They do need to make sure that the or not cracks in the run game to play action is very real because that's the separation happens. And that's for some disputes in the matches in the old politics come up if there's no real play action to Google might buy it by mail -- -- -- spikes they're not. You know for the safety don't have a plausible for second and not able to -- about progression that's critical in the -- the colts in the run game is -- -- and north half we kind of guy the fact that make that perfectly. Illegitimate. And it makes all the -- coverage -- ironically it. Maybe the few problems the patriots had with the run game a week ago. If they leads me to believe they're going to be better today and that initiative because they write about -- -- that's really what caused a lot of due primarily a lot of winnable match up to their front seven this week about yes there is no doubt especially I -- but the one of the matchup that I looked at. Earlier this week was Sheila Jones gives the -- It again we talked about electability the right tackle that Dallas has now left tackle for a young. They don't it's it's not it's it's a good decisions Adobe chief for them -- it's it's tough to do with them and we talked about luck. He -- to keep plays alive with his feet but. It again is a different kind of quarterback but that's a Wimbledon to for the patriots a lot of would have -- that took the net front seven for -- we -- this week who went up against the. There you can say tournaments are no -- office. You know submissions here I think -- -- -- to be looked at some of the cracks and -- last week which. Was with the three game at running diplomacy has Ballard kid. Donald Brown bits of -- mix of backs recently. Will be back what these are not bound to cut back guys you can -- this case that we're taking them -- -- turn. We'll go all the way back to back we'll -- about five yards back. Big game James one and one man -- deserve what they do straight line killed you look at your. Through my duration for the country I think the precedent that would normally that's important. The other thing to note is because they have the tightening down. They're gonna have to sort of find that secondary option in the past game Donnie Avery then they're for weeks with them disappear for weeks -- -- efficiency -- -- -- that. But that the things that the that the dual rate over the patriots and I don't think that -- to build this will be offered to wind is not a -- -- this isn't a group of guys. And that's what to do that if she would pay you to tell how confident they are treated as athletic as workable space. Sometimes it's a situation where you can look at last two groups ahead they beat us up to mistreat him. My guys the scandal. You're walking Williams pre game space you were maybe not as though they've really have a lot of luck in the passing game with their backs we don't use our. Our -- -- not -- passed it back so although doable deal last week and say hey here's how they didn't hear the game plan for us. -- -- -- -- -- you -- your left with we just won't do well we're we try to replicate that will be downgraded to see him trying. At the B I think of trying to because if you right. The screen game with two successful. It was too successful in the meaning immediate difference between that buffalo than you and we fifteen -- it was too successful against the preakness before and so. I can't -- say that they're not going to try and Lisa cope with -- for his game to see speaking -- have few very few be pleased to see exactly. Big day and you know like I notice the cut -- in. This. The Patriots defense the product -- received the same thing they -- a couple of weeks ago on last week in the same formation. Have you adjusted to head you know you may -- correct exactly have you -- accurate to a fifth.

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