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NFL Sunday Breaks it Down: The Pats O vs the Colts D

Nov 18, 2012|

The crew starts to get into the nuts and bolts breaking down how the Pats O matches up with the Colts D. The guys say with no Hernandez today and of course no Branch either, look for more Welker and Gronk. Price wants to see a consistent running attack as well. They discuss the ability of Freeney and Mathis on the other side of the ball.

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Our number two NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI broadcasting live from Topeka -- I love this -- -- it is. By the way the the -- who runs the place was Helen Doug earlier that they're looking holiday parties right now they've got a great. A great tag line to put your holiday party your Toby Keith -- come ride the mechanical bull for Christmas -- that's not they've got. Over there I see it over there in the corner whenever we walk in here every Sunday when the patriots are home I always wondered. What it would take to get and a frank that baby up for -- It's a question that's when can we do it. We -- live for their take a world -- mechanical wheel well why don't we just had this whole thing. That I -- that's where you want would like to see all of it. I got a feeling that probably rather see an athlete like you were Chatham and there is -- million they would wanna see you oh yeah. -- our number two of NFL Sunday it is time when we take a look at Patriots offense. Against the Indianapolis Colts defense and let's start with guys that we think are going to play. Wes Welker Rob Gronkowski. Brandon Lloyd all listed as questionable going into the weekend -- -- -- -- right yeah. Yes bush is especially Lloyd I know there was some question would earlier through Lloyd's been played it especially because of me. They are lacking in depth in the past there to here with you know and I'm talking about quote. -- sort of a running back and talk about I haven't talked about wide receiver it's not at all he of that -- deepening. You have to have guys out there in west at about Friday's new look wolf thing that the system here. If you go play well in fact if you look at the wide receiver position because Deion Branch is cut for the moment not. Not available so they've got Welker. Cattlemen. Lloyd and Slater as the -- healthy wide receivers on this roster right in gentleman has been slowed since. Part of the Baltimore team he hasn't been yet of the offense is that the offensive impact that he had over the -- couple games this season for whatever reason that you could commit themselves right. These units for the now righted it and it. Snow itself. That that might hear her voice data can be adjusted because someone has -- stuff from them roll it's either more -- -- -- -- some -- or back to last week's period didn't come through some portion goes -- more. Retired and stuff that we hadn't seen or they're willing to go 1211. Back two tight -- which is strong and change don't know which might be interested to see or felt. Beatles music player out there do that's been productive but his -- been reduced so this is that's not all hands on deck to right. But it's funny to watch a look at how it looks like we're little -- opted -- -- -- -- group would -- -- 45 via the team's best group that put forward. It's funny because we have so much clothes -- -- -- here you have to be aware of is that when one guy doesn't get. Those that touched that he yankees need to get we -- went missing -- we have to remember settlement has been hurtful a couple of weeks. And when you get hurt you try to get out of mix you got in the flow as a player. Hard to says the guy on the football field. Now he's getting back into the flow now he's going to be looked -- right now being that Brent is not going to be here and that they're bringing some self. And he's going to be a lot of guys that aren't going to be really. Look before because time those we can do yet -- -- even -- it is ability I want to feed available if we don't if you can run the ball consistently because. You Indianapolis defensive line is they're they're averaging excellent but -- like. That's their smaller than your average defense and everything why a lot of guys have not been getting the touches that. We -- we should -- do you mean the game how can help him you you look at the -- look at the statistical compared to this team. Nine games in 2011 thank you to write out what exactly you would have far greater -- -- and I did the exact same thing in. If you look at the passing game Tom Brady's passing yards per game and you books you know you can kind of compare being kind of make an argument -- Did I start thinking about OK where are running game -- where it has never been in a while. At this at this point time of the season. And all by the way the Indianapolis Colts are missing both quarterbacks on that yet on the and it gives -- -- theory you can see Gary's father -- Yet Darius Butler -- -- particularly no doubt -- Williams as you look let's let's preface that by things that need to get -- -- Bono and a lot -- -- -- Jacksonville and Clinton went there isn't ridiculous but they'll. While and so that's not an -- Jackson grew out of the had a problem is that they're losing their used to be a punch like -- what was used to be the punch -- and now it's completely -- via media. What I'm gonna tell him. I either Huntsman a merger as wacky as you mentioned that in view from there on new years you wouldn't like locking it wouldn't this like help but I tell you later. -- let's talk about Dwight Freeney for just a moment a great player in the National Football League there's no denying that and yet got the patriots have. Corral reasonably well over the years that -- I'm. I'm not gonna say -- I and I'm saying reasonably well to let me thank because he's been less less effective against the patriots and it's it's just that the statute that -- left. He's one of those guys he's one of those guys. There's -- players that know that mentally if his name was advancing. Budget. But it's -- at a time through the course of the week when we're waiting it was a -- at all but that's how much it is you have to put towards. Because that's technically using -- -- that he could say the course of football game in a specific. And that's not good about the guidance points out of what don't think he's going through revenue. He's not yet but that's that the guys in movies team really reasonable about. But I talked to Matt Light at his retirement ceremony this past spring and asked him who was the toughest competitor you let people of good for the reports critical period without. Second with institutional blinked you say exactly different. Canada -- reading was the guy who you got up for it for years was the premier. Opponent. The northeast over the course record you really need to -- guy. It I wonder. How successful with deep -- post because that would when we -- how successful bid to think we did you have to. They -- they're doing things bill talked about it this week there's there's certain similarities to what Baltimore's presented the oh unlit. -- broad brush but it wouldn't have been an. It was that way it's part of that to sort of pin them down if you look at the jets game against Indianapolis that was. Sort of freedom of yours -- you do kind of things they -- show that don't grow because its right to. Baltimore. Systematically is what to say what what players in what now. Know that they that you -- reports -- defense -- bloggers you're three down linemen we have four off tomorrow linebackers. What. They're 34 birth record those -- over -- through returned home as opposed to not a -- slightly lighter convinced that the yeah out oh yeah by about 71 a nine mile -- -- Usually -- -- Modano and he'd be used as the head coach who is no simple do it was in Baltimore who knew the Cleveland a lot of those -- keep -- there in Baltimore. You need you but here's what happened is that transition years you've got half personally B -- and Ringo don't and sold their their defense events or would put third they're maybe not the defense did they don't -- it's not. -- people in all often feel like chemo and the like you'll you'll big Pittsburgh you know not a held there all these guys it's not exactly the same guys -- sort of a transition year. You see you. Feel free media technically is a semi American free for what it's important note that if if the patriots go the route that they often you even if it's more than 6040 split that these defense that made the change in two. He will be it will be wonderful for him anyhow especially becomes the eleventh will be because. At that event that they typically at one and rely on she will -- twelve people but he's gonna have to -- -- -- role if not I don't think a lot of hopefully departs. From the. Patriots perspective you've got on the one hand. A secondary it's completely depleted with -- quarterbacks missing significant and I could throw against this team on the other hand. Got a team that can't stop the run so would you just off almost instinctively say. Ridley Marines would head gonna see a whole bunch of them all day. Today yeah I think so I think especially because because of the the body we think I think we saw. The bills first time around coming toward play small ball we did yesterday we saw the jets actually get to school three. And lineup at some point 22 backs two tight end one back to tie it and just go out of -- and see -- they -- -- -- -- that you -- -- -- -- -- -- What will be interesting to see is that they can -- If they can -- -- -- -- the other route of trying to let them have six remarks -- a little bit. You know six million boxes stop the run as well and that's what would global watch in the future to -- they've been able Juan rubio all personnel group so. Which way they want Iran is sort of your point build this team gets about which package you're gonna take it from them it'll be sort of with the people we look at things. For me is to figure out. How quick with a figure out which one is still the dominant update right right which one. We need to use to be to win this football game because that's the thing now you see it the all thievery can't stop the run. They're missing three quarterbacks so you wanna try to protect whatever they give you look at the same time that we that you see doing of course the game. Do you -- a level last couple weeks particularly they've been able to use would head an awful lot in the past. He'd green that extra dimension in the last week I think he had almost like our friend here exact -- -- pointed -- think it is this the guy who accounted for. More than sixty yards from scrimmage scored a couple of touchdowns ring to different dynamic to the -- the opportunity given what. I love this guy because he similar to me in the form of not playing wise which is. -- mindset and it doesn't mean it doesn't matter to him how many yards -- heads home -- Texas has over the next years. -- just -- to be a part of the offense can feel like he's done something to help this team work. Have this team we can definitely do it he's doing it David's absolutely if people start to realize what they've been realized but they really -- now. Tom has mentioned this past and it's. I used to think he would just do it just a week Rex Ryan and those guys but I think now he did he say. How could -- Jeff let this guy now you know I mean I look at it jets team that is desperate for offensive weapons in this guy brings so many parts to the card game weird. I think it's an easy answer they were you present position that we're using him as a wide receiver at the time they cut him through they have basically given up but I can bring about daddy's friend the -- -- of stuff where it was their careers with. -- -- I got to see him -- he's struggled a lot as a young kid in pastoral. He's a little guy yet she got to the point where we were a lot of practice to go against him you as a linebacker wasn't allowed because what's not fair parts are tempted to cut us. So you just have to -- -- soften them up and if you so you so but it's really progressed over the course of the we've gotten better stuff -- holed up walking just makes it an entirely different game but. We didn't have that element I think it was something -- like okay. This obvious disgust at half out north covered you know as is about. But there's those other -- of the role would not yet developed into what we gotta give a -- we'll try to -- wide receiver wasn't a great fit. A lot of it would it would Devin Hester for a few missed a lot of wide receiver has to look right I think that was part of it. The officer looked on the hope for not hanging onto because. Those other things are probably teachable but the reality is a pivotal play this what's amazing if you're gonna have a back in the that's kind of buy -- Core plays we like get the ball this isn't that going to be able to get it done. Stephanopoulos. -- another one of those meaty meaty stories that we have where you have real good football player on the football team. That doesn't give the credit he deserves. Gifts that go it goes to a real good situation for him. Right it felt perfectly data to come here because usually we pray for those organizations who. How to use that guy would that Steele said he doesn't have to be in the game all the time where he has to take the quarterback. We can help him out would that we can hide him in those situations. Indeed do that they've done that he's been a very so what does this person for this football team in town. Really has confidence in its -- -- -- deployed there what was the game when when. Just let's go in the duties for streaming got a nice big -- -- for the one below the colts game and at that it might -- -- I don't game attitude you know and everybody idea that -- what was obvious obvious it was good player and I think those positions that may have been deficiencies. They can't always -- You have to support your account -- -- great job.

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